2022 Entries

Saturday, 31st December, 2022

Everyone’s ill! Who knows what our plans are now. Not that I’d mind too much if we end up going home earlier. Although so much tidying and sorting out of stuff to do at home. Plus I have four rolls of B&W to develop.

I remembered I made a Shortcuts shortcut to sync and push this blog to GitHub for it to build. I added the button to the notification screen and so now (again) it’s very easy to write in it and I don’t even have to open Working Copy anymore.

Happy New Year! That arbitrary resetting of the calendar which makes you think you’re going to change your ways and make yourself a better person. I’ll have to make two new folders tomorrow for this site.

Friday, 30th December, 2022

All sorts of interesting things to poke about with on Tiddlyhost

Like this very well done Trello clone with TW. Not sure I need/would use it but I admire it.

By the time I write in DayOne and here I’m just about done with writing anything. In fact, if it’s been a busy day I’m done just thinking about writing in DayOne.

This sort of software is why I want a mac. You just don’t get unique and powerful tools elsewhere. Well maybe Linux but it can be hit and miss. This sale also marks the one year anniversary of me buying Tinderbox. I had a mac back then, but I stopped using it and sold it as I didn’t want another computer to use, plus it got a bit slow with all my photos in Photos.app. I did manage to sell it for more than I bought it for, so that was nice. However, one year one and I’m once again thinking about a mac. It’s a M1 mini in my head, and I’d have it sat on my desktop for alternative usage. Why though? I probably shouldn’t buy it.

Thursday, 29th December, 2022

I’ve setup my own private tiddlywiki on my server via node.js. I’m thinking of this being the centre of everything, even having these blog posts archived on it as well. It might be more than I can manage but I think it’s the best tool, the best interface, and one that can work for everything.

Not sure what I’ll do about my public wiki. Ideally it’ll become a subset of the main one either automatically or just manual drag and dropping of tiddlers. Alternatively, I’ll just scrap/freeze the wiki and write more here or in my other blog about things I find.

I chose node.js version as it means all the tiddlers are individual files, which means I could have some automation running on my computer to do stuff. Like make weekly tiddlers for me to fill in or add weather information or add these blog posts - pretty much anything. That’s for another day as I’m still figuring out how things should be structured in the wiki.

I also plan to have work things in it. That does mean I should probably move my logseq stuff into it. At least the important things. It made me realise that I don’t like putting notes in the daily page and linking to a topic as then when I look at that topic it’s just a bunch of dates. Going to follow along with GrokTiddlywiki, which conveniently is a basic work notebook.

Wednesday, 28th December, 2022

This post and all the links from it make very interesting reading. I’m in a “where are my notes going and I want them to be forever available, accessible, searchable” mood. Which also includes Journal notes. I’m jumping between tiddlywiki, Apple Notes, plain text files on various platforms and I just don’t know.

I want just a folder with a couple of files that I add to, it’s one big file but it’s all there and easy to browse. I also want an organised tiddlywiki with tags and magic to pull it all together (for some undefined purpose).

I have my public wiki which I add bits and bobs too, although tagging is a bit hit and miss, and my current way of reviewing things is hitting the random button or remembering about something and searching for it.

I have a note in Apple Notes from 2012. Not sure I’d still be able to find it, 10 years later, if it wasn’t in Apple notes. It’s always there, built-in and can do quite a lot. Obviously mac/iOS only. Maybe it’s better at remembering than me thinking I can backup plain text files /somewhere/ and then finding them later. I feel tiddlywiki can have similar longevity now, as I host it online and it sits on github and gets served from there.

Plus there’s a physical notebook, but I don’t think I can keep one for a long time and find stuff.

Tuesday, 27th December, 2022

I’ve been up since 6:30 am and all I’ve done are chores. Tidying, washing, clearing, cleaning. 😮‍💨

Reading through book one of Ansel Adams photography series. It’s mostly practical staff about cameras and lenses. I think I know about 80% already (except large format stuff) so I’m debating do I read it all for the final 20% or jump to book two. I should read it all as why not? There’s also no rush.

Took some XP2 yesterday. I even like the style of the logo.

I remembered I wrote something down last year (well this year in January) about my wife’s birthday. Things I should do better or not to forget. I couldn’t remember what they were, or where I saved them. I was worried it was on one of the various tiddlywiki’s that I’ve had over the past two years and if it’s not in the most recent one then it’s “somewhere safe”. I always have backups, I just don’t know where they are.

I was in 1Writer and saw WebDAV and remembered I’d made a plain text journal over WebDAV this time last year (exactly as it turns out), and there it was. The journal.txt with my notes in it. Now I have my notes, I just need to action them…

I like WebDAV saved files but it’s a tiny bit annoying having to move locations in 1Writer between this blog and the WebDAV saves. I mostly just want one app does one thing. This i my blog app, this is my notes app, this is xyz app… it’s not very efficient, but it does help me remember where things are or what I’m supposed to be doing.

Wondering if I move those files to Simplenote, which has become my default plain text notes app for notes I want to keep private, and just use that. Seeing multiple notes in the menu bar is fine to move between, but navigating up and down folders is annoying. Perhaps 1Writer has some shortcuts or something that can help. I should look up auto backup of Simplenote to my server, then I’ll probably be fine with it. Or I could look for another WebDAV compatible editor.

It also makes me not want to deal with two blogs in 1Writer…and the Wordpress app is quite nice on iOS…😅

Monday, 26th December, 2022

Making a new post here is pretty easy with 1Writer and things setup to automatically do the boring parts for me. I’ve not done that with my main blog and so when I come to think about adding a post I feel a large inertia and can’t be bothered or put it off and then never do it. I prefer maintaining a static site and it seems better but if I never add to it then maybe it’s not a good idea.

I could do with deleting pointless emails I have in gmail. I’m not at my storage limit but it’s getting close. There must be thousands of useless emails, from Amazon, ebay, shipping notifications, newsletters, pretty much anything from 10 years ago, etc.

Sunday, 25th December, 2022

Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅🏻

Interested in this mastodon lite thing. I’m wondering if I want to use mastodon more, as a general chatter site? I’d actually like to skip my Blog and use mastodon and keep this site…is that possible? Maybe that’s a better option? I’ve managed to add to this site pretty much every day for ages, and I like the text only style of it as a sort of journal. Pretty much most things I think about, I’m fine with publishing, and those that I’m not I have a text file on simplenotes. I struggle much more with writing a joined up blog post about something. I still have it in my head that it needs to be a 3,000 word essay or it’s not worth posting.

I noticed I joined Fosstodon in July 2020, but my first post is today’s! I don’t check social media and maybe I shouldn’t start…

I just like somewhere which makes posting images easy.

On second thoughts, I don’t want to maintain my own mastodon related service. Or posting to Mastodon.

No one bought me a Hobonichi for Christmas, so I ordered one for myself. They were selling on Amazon from the Hobonichi store for not too much, and so it means it arrives on Tuesday. It’s very expensive for a notebook but I really like the style.

Saturday, 24th December, 2022

Over the past couple of months I’ve been polishing my 2023 goals.

I’m worried it’s too many things. It’s remarkably like a list I found titled “2017 goals” and yet a lot of these things I don’t do. Some I do, so it’s not all new, and it’s more about maintaining a good cadence.

There’s also stuff I think about like simplifying, minimising, reducing choice, etc. These are things which make me wonder if there are too many things to try and do, or whether the focus should be about how to simplify across different areas. However this leads to lofty goals that are hard to define. Compared to reading in bed each night is easy to track.

Some of them are complimentary so 3 things might be accomplished in a single go.

Also wondered about a schedule of all this as it won’t just happen by itself.

My wife made some remarks about the rowing machine I bought in August…and haven’t used since October…

Friday, 23rd December, 2022

Finished work for Christmas at lunch today. The office tradition is just a half day on the last working day. Makes for efficient holiday usage!

Got a license for Microsoft Project on the web (the name is terrible but otherwise it gets confused with Microsoft Project the desktop app). It’s useful for what I need, and works nicely on the web and with Teams. It can do some basic maths with custom columns, although you have to do things the way it wants as there’s not much flexibility. Still doesn’t do exactly what I want, which I could do in a custom solution, but good enough for now.

Thursday, 22nd December, 2022

Almost the holidays now. Been looking for some software at work to track and manage everything. I want to try Microsoft Project web version, given we’re all Office 365 it makes sense to use a microsoft product. Even though I’d rather use something like Tinderbox, or Notion (but not Notion) or even a custom django setup, but no-one else will use it and I’d have to export to excel or some such.

I really want a columnar pad now.

You just need to have the courage to eliminate everything that doesn’t directly feed what you really want.

  • James Clear

Happiness is simply the absence of desire

  • James Clear

Guess what newsletter just arrived.

I feel Tim’s blog has become one of the greatest, unfortunately I think partially because of his terminal illness.

Wednesday, 21st December, 2022

absolutely no one but forums nerds give a rats ass about blown highlights or shadow details — Jack Baty

Using this crazy website, we saw the International Space Station fly over this morning at 7am. I was trying to listen to it but the frequency changes quite quickly when it passes over, due to doppler shift or whatever, so I was always one step behind. Seeing it was fun though. The boys liked it, although I think they were expecting a rocket ship, and not a bright dot in the sky move by.

Fortran is a relatively small language that is surprisingly easy to learn and use. Expressing most mathematical and arithmetic operations over large arrays is as simple as writing them as equations on a whiteboard. Fortran website

Sounds great!

Tuesday, 20th December, 2022

This looks like a really fun python project to follow along with. Render asteroids and calculate trajectories and all sorts. Add that to my list of things I’ll never do.

Monday, 19th December, 2022

Flipped the switch to the new Hugo blog after I copied over the old content. Turns out Hugo doesn’t like webp images (from my Wordpress days) but a quick Linux one liner with find and mogrify and they were all converted to jpegs. However, some images are rotated and my last post just will not appear. Have to look at that later.

These look fun

For a site that pronounces doting of tea, there is quite a lack of it around here. Been thinking about something like a random tea related quote at the top of the page. Like the little random Pokémon gifs (random on build, which is quite often as I commit a sentence here and there during the day). It does require collection them though.

Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world

  • Tien Yiheng

Sunday, 18th December, 2022

Writing this via a vscode.dev tunnel to my server at home. Was very easy to setup, install vs code, run code tunnel, authenticate, and then go. For me writing in static blogs it’s overkill, especially as I can just connect to the github repos in vscode.dev by pressing . when viewing the repo. However, if I was doing something more interesting and needed virtual environments or other things installed this is useful. Or if I want to edit files on my machine that I don’t want saved online and I don’t want to use vim over SSH, for example, then this is a nice way.

Given there’s all the plugins and so on I’m sure there’s a lot more I could do.

Went through a roll of HP5 at 800 ISO today whilst we were sledging. Was an overcast day, so felt appropriate. Just wonder if all the bright snow was too much for 800. It did mean that I could shoot f/8 at 250 and pretty much just point and shoot.

Saturday, 17th December, 2022

Christmas panto today. Always a little bit boring in the middle but the songs are fun. I have no idea what they’re saying when speaking Doric.

Finally setup my main blog with Hugo static site. It’s what I’ve actually been wanting to do for a long time, but just never got round to it. I’ve taken a detour through wordpress, ghost, tiddlywiki, blot, even micro.blog, but now it’s back as a static site. I do need to migrate old content over to it. It handles images much nicer than anything else I’ve had with static sites, so that’s good. Will it mean I write more on it? Probably not, but then Wordpress and Ghost didn’t make me write more and they’re the easiest ever.

Probably I only have enough time/effort to write in one place, and this usually takes it. It’s also a lot easier to write in. I just make a new page and type. No title, or tags, or summary or making a joined up post that makes sense. Here it’s just a new paragraph and that’s a new thought or item. Probably I should just migrate that blog HERE and be done with it. I worry about finding things again or other people’s impressions or thoughts about it. Why? No idea. But I do. I know it’s dumb, as no-one has bad thoughts about this site as no-one reads it 😅 I actually like regular blogs with categories and things for me to go back and look. But maybe that’s what the wiki should be for? Anyway the new ones is static, and that’s all that matters.

My half-sister will be 21 in January. Thought about trying to write some “life advice” that I wish someone told me when I was 21. But I worry I’ll be too boring.

I don’t do well reading non-fiction books. I’m on page 14 of my latest one that I bought a week ago. I keep having “so many other things to do”. Which is really just me making those things more important and reading it less important. I’m trying to read some more of it today by writing this on my ipad then PUTTING THE IPAD DOWN AND READING THE BOOK. 🙄

We’ll see how that ends out. Especially as I’ve had the thought about that letter and now I want to write out some notes for it, and then I wanted to watch the rest of that Russia documentary on BBC and then…………………

Friday, 16th December, 2022

A nice day working at home. Means I can have the radio on in the background, and proper cups of tea.

Having not worked at home in a while I don’t have an established setup. I tried using ticktick to make a list of things I should do today. Reminded me how I was all excited to use it, then never did. I ask myself “why can’t I be better at organising and managing work?”. But maybe that’s the wrong question. I feel like I’ve read something along those lines but now I don’t remember what a better question was. Maybe something like “what small action can I do that will help achieve this goal”.

Ticktick was easy to add stuff, and then if I don’t do it I can move it to later in the week or whenever. I just like seeing stuff in front of me on paper. But I can have a widget on my phone or tab open and then when I’m not in the office it doesn’t matter. I guess I should try harder…plus it’s almost the christmas holidays so why bother starting now :D

I did feel like trying to make a 2023 plan for work, but I like doing it with the team not just on my own.

Thursday, 15th December, 2022

Putting everything back into our kitchen makes me see how much stuff we have.

I had an inclining to setup a static blog for my main site. I then remember how much faff it actually is. In fact, doing anything with websites is a faff (except Tiddlywiki). So I’m just going to use this one as is and that’ll do for today. I still think I want a wordpress site, I just have to muster the energy to install it and then setup the theme and etc. Installing is probably the easy part.

I would like to use Tinderbox…but I don’t have a mac…

I’m thinking of doing a one month or maybe three months of “don’t buy anything” from January. Originally it was financially based but actually I think it’s material clutter. I also have a lot of things I’ve bought but not got round to doing whatever it is I was planning with it. Use what you have, or something like that.

I like the random tiddler button plugin. It’s like picking up a book and randomly flicking to a page. Sometimes you move on, other times you stop and read a bit and follow a trail. I sometimes miss having everything in tiddlywiki.

Our dryer broke last weekend and the repair man said he’s not a certified Beko repair engineer and therefore they won’t let him buy parts. So we have to get another to come out (who won’t take the other guy’s word for what’s wrong) and then they’ll order parts. Not hopeful that it’ll be working before christmas. Also how it is legal that only certified repairers can buy parts? No wonder people just buy new as it’s a hassle to get things repaired. Also it’s the control panel that’s broken, somehow it now automatically turns on the child lock when you turn it on so that nothing functions and the lock can’t be disabled. I did open it up and look but it’s just a chip and capacitors so not much to do. If only it ran linux.

I do really want to get rid of a lot of things. However, struggles include:

  • it might come in handy later
  • it’s perfectly functional so what am I going to do with it?
  • not remembering why I bought it in the first place

I have this pinned on my wiki

Stop buying the unnecessary. Toss half your stuff, learn contentedness. Reduce half again. List 4 essential things in your life, do these first, stop doing the non-essential. Clear distractions, focus on each moment. Let go of attachment to doing, having more. Fall in love with less.

Wednesday, 14th December, 2022

Another snow day and this time I worked at home. Finally got some things done that have been lingering for a while. However, it amazes me how many people suddenly have things that need to be done this week ahead of Christmas. I can’t read and comment and do whatever on multiple 50 page documents…😅

Was lovely light this morning. One of those hipster views of a blue sky, with two house roofs covered in snow but one panel has sunlight and one panel is in the shade. I thought about taking a photo of it but I just enjoyed the view and then continued on my way.

Our kitchen is finally done. Well a couple of tiny things still outstanding but we can move everything back in now. It’s only been a month…

Sort of want a Sigma DP2, not the Merrill or Quattro one, just the regular one. Looks like a nice compact camera but with the unique Foveon sensor. Can’t find any available in the UK though so that’s that. Probably for the best.

Lots of school concerts at the moment. I feel my videoing kit is not adequate. A micro four thirds camera with the 75mm f/1.8 or the 35-100mm would be perfect about now…

Tuesday, 13th December, 2022

This is a cool TW site.

Monday, 12th December, 2022

As I was cycling to work this morning I decided how I wanted to manage the various blogs I have. I concluded something and was very happy with that choice. Now I don’t remember exactly what it was. I think I did conclude I should install Wordpress as a nice looking, easy to use, “traditional” blog. This site stays as a “chat with a cup of tea” style blog. However, this doesn’t seem like the epiphany that it felt like this morning, but maybe as that was due to the cold weather.

I remembered my private tiddlywiki that’s running on node, and went and looked in it. Seems like I set it up about this time last year. I was using it for work mostly. I was reading some of the original journal entries I made. Nice to see what I was thinking back then, I’m not sure what use it is but I liked that I did it. It is making me rethink dokuwiki vs. tiddlywiki for private stuff. Ideally I’d write each day’s thoughts then summarise it at the end of the week in a single tiddler, then a monthly summary, etc. In theory this should be easier to do on tiddlywiki with transclusion and filters etc. It would also be good for me to solely use tiddlywiki in public and private as then I only have to learn one software, plus I can even drag and drop tiddlers between the two.

Am tempted to start from a blank TW for ~2023, with maybe a few mods…

Dynalist is so quick to add some thing to. I have a few core lists and there are so few steps to adding to it, regardless of where I am - phone, computer, ipad. I’m now wondering about if it should be the place for keeping information. One example of this is books I’d like to read. Everywhere else it’s multiple clicks, or searches and editing files. Dynalist, I just open it, click on the note, click the end, hit enter and paste or type. Maybe that sounds a lot but tiddlywiki it’s: open the browser, go to the tab, or enter the URL (wait for it to load), either click add a new tiddler, write/paste in the details, add a tag and accept. OR search for a book list, click the arrow and then edit, go to the end, enter, paste, accept. I could make an easier entry system for it in tiddlywiki but that’s just one item/type of item. I’m not really going to make multiple custom ones. If I’m doing TW properly I should have a tiddler with fields that I populate info in, which then isn’t a straight cut and paste. Anyway. Dynalist. Think about it.

Sunday, 11th December, 2022

Started playing in dokuwiki again. It’s so straight forward. I also like having big single pages on topics vs. lots of little pages. Lots of little ones are handy to drop stuff into, like tiddlywiki when I add a random site or bit of information, however, I’m not very good at making a system so I then see this information. It’s not the fault of the software but of mine. So single pages make me see stuff more often. I also think it forces me to organise information as I go. The only downside with this is then the hesistation I have with deciding the structure of the wiki or if something should go here or there. In theory I should put it in the first place I think of, as later it’ll be in the first place I think of.

Not sure about making it my blog though. Maybe just leave it as a random place for me, perhaps the wiki will migrate to it.

We went out to a nice castle grounds this morning. I should’ve taken my camera as it was brilliant sunshine and the snow on the grounds made everything sparkle. However, I was grumpy and didn’t take anything - then regretted it. After my rush of black and white home developing I’ve only finished a single roll in about 2 months. I should develop it and that might encourage me to use some more.

It appears on every leadership book recommendation, so I’ve started reading “Turn the Ship Around!” By L. David Marquet, former nuclear submarine commander. I sat on the sofa in the kitchen reading it but only read about 5 pages as everyone kept coming and talking to me. When I sit in the office on the computer (wasting my life away) no-one bothers me as I’m out of the way. I can’t read in the office as the computer calls to me like a siren luring sailors to destruction by the sweetness of her song.

I still visit ikiwiki with fondness (and consider setting up another site with it). I liked some of the neat features - such as showing the site’s git history, as a built-in recent changes.

Saturday, 10th December, 2022

Still thinking about getting rid of Ghost. Still between Wordpress and static site. Still wondering about static book style sites. Still done nothing.

Also running around my head is having a private wiki/journal that’s also part of my main site so that I’m “just in one place”. I like reading web sites, even for my own content. Not sure what it means in terms of architecture though.

Friday, 9th December, 2022

There are so many interesting things in radio that people have done, that I can also do if I invest the time to figure it all out. This one on aircraft scatter is interesting - use airplanes flying overhead to extend your radio transmission! This also led me to looking at making your own aircraft radar using software defined radio and picking up ADS-B signals.

The problem is, there are just so many I have no idea where to start first. I read and read and read stuff then confuse myself even more or don’t have any time to actually do anything as I keep looking at more stuff!

Thursday, 8th December, 2022

I seem to be getting loads of spam coming through to my inbox with gmail. Seems like something has changed on the filtering. I keep marking them as spam but no change.

Snow here today. ☃️ Not a frequent occurrence so lots of excitement.

Still thinking about Wordpress, but not done anything about it. Also still thinking about binning the other blog. I had flashbacks to drummer and slight twangs of “if only I could just use that”. I suppose I could add pictures here if I wanted.

I’ve been watching a lot of Radio Society of Great Britain videos.

The new VS Code CLI tool allows you to setup a connection to your device to then access it anywhere, including vscode.dev. This seems like it could replace hosted stuff. I’m also wondering if it can be somehow useful for blogging/wiki management.

Wednesday, 7th December, 2022

Passed my foundation ham licence exam this morning! 📻 Wasn’t pleasant. I was hoping for a lot more maths and electronics questions but it was all rules and regs and craftily worded questions on them. Anyway, did it. Now to figure out what I’m actually going to do with it once it arrives.

My friend passed his a couple of months ago and has just bought a nice radio, power supply and antenna. I’ve made a note of what he has and will see how he gets on with it. I just have a little handheld radio for now, which does pick up the local repeater but not sure anyone would hear me with the tiny antenna it has.

I get to pick my foundation callsign, it’ll be MM7xxx where xxx is what I can chose. Lots are already taken but maybe there’s something relevant that I can think of.

Tuesday, 6th December, 2022

This site uses flexbox to control the elements on the page. I want to make some changes but I really don’t understand it. I’ve read some guides but still not entirely clear how I make it do what I want. Teaches me for making it too complex from the start, and then not writing down what I learnt back then.

Monday, 5th December, 2022

The camera store replied to me about the lens. Very unhelpful tbh. They might still turn out to be useful but they offer zero information, also they couldn’t possibly do anything until after Christmas.

As it’s a fixed hood the lens would need to go back either to Leica or a Leica specialist to get this sorted

All it makes me want to do is buy the part in America, screw the single screw in myself, and then sell it. I’ll see what they say as maybe they’ll cover some of the cost under the “warranty”. Given there are no published terms for this warranty I suspect the answer will be nothing whatsoever. Maybe they’d pay for the hood to be reattached, but a new one would be on me. That I wouldn’t mind.

Leica themselves said it would cost £250 if they did it with a new hood.

More ChatGPT fun.

Debating about Wordpress or not. 🧠💭😵 but then that makes me want to go off and find some obscure blog/site generator thing on Github that a random has built. Or some weird service like kinopio.

I did find this. A way to push github content to Neocities via actions. I’ve thought about keeping a random site on neocities, and this could help with deployment.

Even better is a tiddlywiki saver to neocities!

This rabbit trail has led to seeing a mkdocs theme that even caters for blogging…

Snuday, 4th December, 2022

M10 refund being processed. Now just to sort out the 50mm lux’s front hood part. Weirdly just fell off and the screw was nowhere to be seen, although an absolutely tiny one. Seems strange how it can come out though? Emailed the store I purchased it from to see if they can get a replacement. The problem now is that I don’t really want to use the lens as there’s nothing around the front element, it sticks out a little and I know it’s going to touch something. Also the lens cap is held on by the hood so without that I can’t cover it either. Guess it’s staying at home unless I’m posting it off somewhere to be fixed.

Quite liking jupyter book for a collection of markdown pages. Can do a little heriarchy in the side bar and then just have various files. It can do a lot more with actual notebooks but don’t really have a need. Maybe redundant with the wiki, but I can navigate quicker to these things, and keep all the random other stuff away from it. Even found out you can set it so you can run code on the page without leaving via some javascript.

I like the look of dokuwiki, but also changing it is not straight forward. It’s also one of these older pieces of software where probably everyone who uses it doesn’t care what it looks like and are very content with the default look. This means the available themes are pretty poor or not mobile friendly etc. the top rated one is essentially a stock bootstrap, fine but I’d rather have the default. Anyway all this means I’m not sure I want to use it for everything. It shouldn’t matter but I like having a little bit of an influence on the look of my main website.

I’m thinking about Wordpress instead of ghost for the main blog. Not exactly sure why I need to. Even considered Wordpress.com hosting.

Watching someone play through the new steam version of dwarf fortress, together with the creators. It’s funny watching them discover the excruciating detail that df goes into. I also really like the new UI. It makes it so much more approachable than the original. I like the original, although play it with the lazy newb pack for some sanity. I hope the keyboard bindings are the same as the original though as some of them are hard to unlearn. It’s very much a modal game, with sequence of keys to issue commands and organise your fort. I’m excited to play the new one, and to get back into the game. So much detail. It reminded me that a friend and I used to play a year each and email the save world to each other. Whilst the other person was playing we’d write up a little story of our year on a tumblr blog. I copied all the entries from it and made it into a static site - which still exists. Wow it was a long time ago that we played.

Saturday, 3rd December, 2022

I like this set of questions to ask when buying things. There’s a lot of good stuff on that forum. I need to extract it into a usable fashion. I could throw it in the wiki but TW doesn’t surface stuff naturally unless I program it to, and that never happens. Maybe a simple one page of links to key tiddlers might do it.

Seems the whole family has a terrible cough. Including me. 😷

Started looking at static blogs last night. I like the Congo theme Jack uses, so probably use that (if I do anything) and just change the colour scheme so it’s different 😅

Thursday, 2nd December, 2022

Work christmas do today. Was 12-4:30 which is surreal when you get outside. The entertainment was this guy dressed as santa who could absolutely belt out songs. He was incredible. He looked like you or I yet had an incredible voice.

Imagine if I spent £4,000 on books.

Really need to finish my family’s Christmas presents so I can post them. Not sure what I’m getting everyone and end up just getting stuff. Although edible things, so at least not adding to the clutter of this world.

I berate myself for playing computer games, as they’re “a waste of time”, and yet what do I end up doing? I tell you. Finding a never ending list of things that I could buy, then watching videos on them to justify to myself why I need to buy them.

The fuji 60mm lens is clearly not popular as mine has been for sale for ages. No-one even makes offers.

Thursday, 1st December, 2022

It’s gone. At the post office waiting for Royal Mail to come off strike and pick it up tomorrow. There’s a tiny nagging feeling that the camera store is going to somehow reject my return. They’re not Amazon who’ll basically take anything, but I packed it up exactly how it came, and it’s identical to as I received it.

I don’t feel sad or happy about it specifically, just the same. I guess I never had it for that long.


Off work today…what should I do…

I actually did quite a few chores and a little christmas prep. So now I get to sit on the computer and waste the rest of the afternoon until it’s my daughter’s birthday tea.

Maybe as it’s the 1st of December and 2023 is about here, and I’ve been thinking of New Year’s resolutions and etc. but I am wondering about this article.

I’ve long been a fan of dwarf fortress. Next week a new version is being released on Steam. I’ll probably buy it to support the developer who’s been working on this for years and years. I just installed the free version again, can’t remember anything but I so want to dive into this and emerge in about 3 months time.

Wednesday, 30th November, 2022

The internal (eternal?) struggle of cameras continues. Mail strikes means I can’t post anything until Friday, which is good and bad. The M10 is packed up and ready to go. I fretted about the letter I put inside as I didn’t specifically call out the delivery date and the 14 day period is from that, and the purchase date was about 5 days before hand. It’s easy to fix, I just add a note to the letter I wrote, yet I still tossed and turned in bed thinking about it.

It’s on track to be sent back and unless I change my mind, my brief ownership of a digital M has ended. I think it boils down to: (a) value and cost. I get just as good photos from my fraction of the price fuji and lenses - I just can’t justify it to myself. (b) when I use film, I love it, and I should be removing barriers to using film more, not adding them.

On the cost side, I also realised I’m being hypocritical to myself. I silently cast judgement about my parents spending habits, after hearing how they want to pay off their mortgage and stop working, yet they buy expensive (and to me unnecessary) things. I, too, would like to pay off my mortgage and stop having the requirement to work, and then here I am buying expensive and frankly unnecessary things. Everyone is free to do what makes them happy. Turns out a M10P did not make me happy.

What would make me happy was if I could judge the lighting in a situation without needing a lightmeter.

Even if you’re not, or ever going to be, a CTO this list is interesting.

Found another bottomless pit of interesting reading in these financial/life journals.

Started watching this mini-series on the BBC of Russia 1985-1999, “Living through the end of communism”. Just seeing life then is eye opening. Also the Russians trained dolphins to attack underwater with deadly spikes 😵‍💫

Tuesday, 29th November, 2022

“We’re meeting on the 7th of December”. “Oh that’s ages away” “No, it’s next week” 😲

I like elements of Early Retirement Extreme (ERE). Such as living below your means, producing things vs. consuming things - i.e. not having to spend money for entertainment, or spending money on tools or equipment rather than final things. I’d like to be good at practical things: home repairs, gardening, other skills. I like reusing things, selling stuff on, buying used, getting value from products. I like cycling and taking public transport. I also like not having too many things, it’s a burden on my mind, it’s distracting, it causes unnecessary decisions, it’s not a good use of money, stuff begets stuff.

As we have four kids, I feel like we’ve missed the mark on this, and have ended up having a big, expensive house, which comes with big bills and upkeep, and having so much stuff. Of course, we have lots of fun as a big family, so I just need to apply it to the things that make sense within that. Equally, being self-sufficient in areas will be even more impactful as a family of six. We did move to a location to be close to school and work, so that the kids can walk to school and I can cycle, we paid for it in the price of the house but it’s more enjoyable, so whatever.

Think I’m at 60% send it back, 40% keep it. 🔴😓

Monday, 28th November, 2022

I was migrating all my data from the old server to the new server and found a dokuwiki site contents I had from 2016 where I was making a “life” website which included a journal. Has some journal entries from 2016. I might move them to this site for prosperity. I’m glad I previously used dokuwiki as it was just a bunch of plain text files that I could easily read. Still wondering about using that again…I like the idea of everything all in one place, the ease of use via a web browser, with media manager, etc., plugins that make a blog work, and then access control for secret sections or even other users to access.

I just like tiddlywiki a lot as a wiki as the nature of tiddlers works really well.

Thinking about emailing the camera store to clarify the return process…just to know… why? because I can take nice photos without £5k worth of camera gear, and I still want to encourage myself to use film. But, I do like the camera…I looked up the Canon R5 and that is a very expensive camera. Not that it makes anything right.

BBC Sounds Short Cuts about ham radio.

In my old journal I found my “what I should do in 2017” post. Looks an awful lot like what I’m writing in my “what I should do in 2023” list. Least my ambitions haven’t changed…

I emailed the camera store. Put in a story about how I’m not sure about digital M vs. film M. Probably TMI, and should’ve just asked what’s the return address to use. Friend told me that it’s already bought now so just get on with it. 😅

I get wanting an easy point and shoot film camera. I like the look but don’t always want the light and focus work. Shame such a thing is no longer cheaply available.

hmm I wonder in the monthly archive pages work better in date or reverse date order. Maybe date order as you’d be reading them one after the other not looking at the latest and going backwards?

Sunday, 27th November, 2022

Took the M10 out today for a walk. Photos are nice, using it is like the M2. Whilst it does weigh more, I don’t really notice it, just feels like the M2. Still want a new strap for it.

Yeah, great camera. So…

I read several reddit posts or forums where someone has finally got a M10(-x) and they’re so happy.

Saturday, 26th November, 2022

I make no apologies for my chronic indecisiveness 😅

Speaking of which…cameras…

I was going to write a long back and forth that I’ve been having in my head all day, but I don’t want to relive it. I’ve still not really used it that much. I was meant to take it to dinner tonight but forgot it. The absolute biggest hurdle is cost of it. Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.

These are the main factors which influence my decision:

  • Sometimes I can’t be bothered with photography. I like having pictures and just want the easiest possible way for decent enough photos. This is where the fuji, 35mm f/1.4, a few film sims to flick between, EVF for exposure, and I skip raws. I’ve pretty much been doing this since I got my X100F in 2017. I always shot raw+jpeg but have never needed a raw.
  • Film is better all round. When I can be bothered, I want film. It’s more work, but it’s engaging and simulating, and I love the output. Developing my own B&W is very time consuming but also a great experience and so rewarding.
  • One lens mount - for film and digital. It’s nice.
  • Small lenses - M lenses are that. The fuji’s aren’t much bigger but also APS-C.
  • Value for money / bang for buck and “can I even tell the difference?”. I don’t like having expensive things around me. I worry about them being damaged, lost, broken, stolen, etc. I like value for money. Probably I should’ve bought the Voigtlander 50mm or the Canon 50mm LTM lens instead of the lux. The lux does also feel nice in the hand but not sure I can really tell or would notice the difference. I’m sure I could tell side-by-side but that’s never going to happen. I have bought expensive things. I got the X100F new, the X-E4 new, just that these were 1/3-1/4 of the price of the m10p.
  • Simplicity in things. This one is mixed. The m10p couldn’t be a simplier camera, however, I can’t see it being my only digital camera and I sort of only want one.

There’s nothing stopping me from selling it in a few months time, it’s just super easy to send it back to the store within the next ~10 days and only be out by the return postage, and none of the hassle of selling a high value item. Interestingly I can only find 2 available across a whole bunch of stores, and those are £800 more than what I spent.

The m10 can never replace the x-e4, at best they are side by side cameras for different times. If I can get the joy from the m10 as I do with the m2 but then the convenience of digital then it should be a keeper. But then wasn’t I going all in with film?

Friday, 25th November, 2022

Finally got round to sorting out the new server. Migrating files to it from the old server and setting up all the services again. I will then install openmediavault on the old server and just have it as a backup device. Probably turn on once a week and run backups.

There are lots of little bits and pieces I need to move across. It also makes me very aware of some of the messy folders, like ebooks and random documents. I keep meaning to tidy them up and maybe migrate them to some cloud service as the master source, and backup from that.

Ideally I’d like to get a Terramaster NAS for my existing 4x4 TB ZFS array as you can easily install any OS on it and it’s a nice neat box. My current server is fine and is the cheapest solution, so this is really just a nice to have.

I’ve been wondering about dokuwiki…it could be my blog, wiki, private notes place all in one. The backend is plain text files.

I flit between return and sell the lot, go back to M2+35mm only, and keep it all.

I’m thinking the m10p could use a front grip, it’s heavy! That would make it very sturdy in the hand. So the keep it all, also includes buy a bunch of accessories!

Picked up an AppleTV today to replace the Roku in the lounge. Was going to go for Amazon Fire stick 4K max that is on sale but I’d rather the more neutral Apple interface and overpowered vs. Underpowered device. It’s much more expensive but I think nicer overall. Shame it doesn’t come with a HDMI cable though.

I set it up this evening and it’s so good. The Roku is a close second but the AppleTV just has a few nice extras. Plus photos being on it is good. I should add more to the photo stream so we see more things.

My wife is away this weekend and I quickly fall into bad habits of going to be super late, even though I’m looking after everyone this weekend.

Started looking at new TVs, OLED ones in particular. I decided not to get one and just wait a few more years for them to come down in price a little. I also looked at Xbox controller to play games on the new AppleTV with….but I’m never going to do that, so why bother. They’re on sale but still, just a waste of money and other plastic/electronic junk thing in the house.

Thursday, 24th November, 2022

Sister in law dropped her Apple Watch (that was for her birthday a few months ago) and it smashed. Apple will charge £190 to fix it. 😢 another reason why I like £10 Casio.

It arrived. 🔴 Courier was really late so I only fiddled with it for a bit last night. It’s heavy! About 100 g more than the M2, which was already a heavy camera. Now makes the M2 feel light!

There’s a big feeling of buyer’s remorse, and a strong desire to just send it right back. I’m pretty much on paragraph one.

It is amazingly simple. The menu is tiny compared to all other digital cameras I’ve used, and when you’re shooting it’s just the same as a film camera. I suppose I’ve been using an EVF for a long time now and the difference is noticeable.

I’ve taken two shots. One trying to focus the 50mm at f/1.4 with the rangefinder (I missed) and one using live view. Live view works really well though. Turn the focus on the lens and it zooms in and does peaking. A lot quicker than the same on my fuji. I don’t really want to use live view but it’s nice that it’s there.

I don’t like the leather strap it comes with.

I’ll take it with me this weekend and take lots of photos.

It also probably doesn’t help that I’ve been feeling a bit meh about photographing recently. Take the fuji, point and shoot, look at on computer then do something else. Not interested in editing, haven’t put them online, don’t really know what to do with them.

It looks good though 😅

Write by hand, and you’ll remember it better, I agree…until it’s 1/2/3…6…30 months later.

Federated book chatting.

I can’t decide what to do about my other blog. Sometimes I think about just deleting it. It causes me more angst than joy. I have some nice blog posts in it, but I never write in it. I much prefer writing here. I do like reading other people’s blogs and seeing all the things they get up to, so assume the same for mine. I just struggle to find the time or motivation to write things. I suppose I can just leave the blog and add to it whenever I feel like it. It’s not really going anywhere.

The M10P is a tricky one. I think a big part of what makes it tricky is that I’ve been taking a lot of nice photos of the kids with the Fuji X-E4 and the 35mm f/1.4. So then I ask myself, why not just use that? Instead of the …gulp… £5k I’ve dropped on the camera and 50mm lux. It is only day one, and I have about 14 before I can return it question free…the lens not so much, that I would have to sell. It is a very different camera. Very different, and I’m going to use it in different circumstances so maybe that’s okay. Let me try and write something positive on the blog - use it and get happy for this camera. Also taking photos of myself in the mirror in the evening isn’t exactly the test I’m looking for.

My kids like taking photos with the cameras and I’ll gladly hand it to them, but this? Now I’m not so sure. They’re generally careful but sometimes when they’re done they’ll “drop” it on the floor. It’s not quite a drop but it’s not placed down nicely. The upside to the silver m10p (and partially whilst I chose it) is that generally everyone will think it’s my film camera and so not worry.

I also tell myself that it’s not that expensive…some people buy Teslas or Porsches etc.

Wednesday, 23rd November, 2022

The third feature is the “DATA BANK function,” which permits the use of this computer as an “electronic memo pad.” Unlike a paper memo pad which requires laborious efforts later to put the individual entries in order or retrieve them, this computer performs such work quite simply.

From the manual of the Casio FX-730P, personal computer that I bought on ebay. Needs new batteries.

I know about this one.

Tuesday, 22nd November, 2022

I like TickTick’s task completion summary. I’m sure everything does this but this is the first time I’ve noticed it. I can set a date range and list or tags filter and it shows what I completed during that time. Makes a nicely formatted list that I can then copy and paste into an email for my boss each week. Today the CEO asked me to do something which probably took me 2 hours, so I added that task afterwards and ticked it off. Most likely by the end of the week I’d have forgotten about it, and there was only my sent email to remind me of it.

This could also be useful for myself at home and things I want to do. Should I ever write up monthly summaries or something.

The remote on our roku seems to have issues and drains the battery in hours. There’s nothing to do to fix it. I want to get an AppleTV to replace it, but they’re not cheap and 99% of the time it’s just playing Netflix or iPlayer etc. The Apple-ness is only really going to be Photos. Then that isn’t great unless I go for Apple storage as well to keep all the photos. Shared Albums are ok but photos are limited to 2048 pixels, which is perfectly fine when everyone is looking at them on their phone but not sure it looks that great on the TV.

I do have plex which has photos although not as good? Not sure, haven’t used it in a long time. I wonder how it would do if I pointed it at all my photos. I have it pointed at the folder with the photos for the static album. The web interface is fine, although sorting doesn’t work but I think that’s as I’ve processed some of the photos recently and so it gets confused on date taken? Pointed it to 2022’s photos and will see what it does….a lot of processing I suspect…

Anyway, in which case might as well get a device that the company is subsidising. Like Google Chromecast or Amazon fire stick as they can be had for next to nothing. Especially this week.

Amazon stick is probably even better as you can see Amazon Photos which I have backing up everything as it’s included in Prime.

However, the reason I’m on Roku is that it’s a nice independent system and doesn’t try and force paid for stuff on you. Which Amazon will most likely do. hmm…

Monday, 21st November, 2022

Had to get the bus to work today. Typically one went by as I was walking down to the stop - the road I come from is down from the stop. The next one was full…the next one was almost full. Then two stops later all the school kids get off. Now I know to go further down and get on after them.

Ended up getting to work an hour later than I normally start.

Started listing my 2023 things. Usual stuff of sleeping well, exercising regularly, reading more and journaling. For me the first one is what underpins it all. Not that I still won’t be tired at times but going to bed too late never helps me. I think I need to recognise when I’m tired better, and get off the computer and read a book or even watch a film or TV. In my head watching TV/movie is “a waste” of time, but spending the whole evening looking at nothing online is no better.

Thinking I want to make use of this site more. I like plain text entry and I’ve got nice ways of adding things on whatever device I’m on. Not sure exactly what I want to add, but maybe make a notebook page and then just link everything off that. See if I can remember how I did the flexbox CSS stuff to edit the “menu”. I remember it being a bit confusing and not working how I expected. This comes from not actually reading any docs and just fiddling with it in Chrome inspector then updating the CSS from that.

Another tricky thing for 2023 is going to be “spending less time on the computer”. Whilst wanting to do some programming projects at the same time…but maybe I’m suffering from trying to do too much.

Subscribed to lightroomCC. was on offer on Amazon for half price for the year. I also had some gift credit from returning the broken light box, so I only paid £5 today.

It’s good and I should like it. I just get exhausted thinking about editing photos.

The Fuji Acros sim and the 35mm f/1.4 are a cracking pair. I just want to use them all the time.

Added a little notebook. Not sure where/if there should be a menu to it.

Oh I also want to use the typewriter more, and generally write to people more.

Sunday, 20th November, 2022

I’m wondering if I can just use Apple Notes and Reminders instead of TickTick. Yes I can is the answer but am I missing out on anything? The most obvious is the TickTick web app is a lot nicer than the Apple web apps for when I’m at work or on my windows desktop.

TickTick has habit tracking (which I don’t need but it’s nice seeing run streaks) and 10 dimensions per task. Again, don’t need but nice know it’s there. Maybe if I was macOS at home I’d consider it more.

Now I’m wanting a 28mm elmarit! 🤷😵‍💫

Amplenote…🤔💭 Why do I need more options. Also watching videos about ticktick or Amplenote or whatever is a dangerous path into the world of Productivity🌈⭐

I stopped distracting myself and focused on learning/remembering ticktick’s features. I has a nice immersive note taking mode. Also stopping looking at endless “hacks and effiencies” and just writing in stuff.

Saturday, 19th November, 2022

I’ve either made a great decision or a terrible one. 🔴

With new iOS, TickTick has lots of great widgets and Lock Screen stuff (perhaps too many to choose from) which is appealing to use and I feel like will make things more maintainable. Some need premium subscription to use, which is fine, but feel like I need to watch some videos on using it to see it all.

I liked the app before and these just add to it.

Friday, 18th November, 2022

Started thinking about 2023’s goals and what I want to do. Mostly as I think everything I used to do has fallen apart and I don’t do anything. Mostly it’s me not sticking to stuff but there is an element of not having something to help me do it. I do this every time, and get sucked into software and tooling. I’d like to build a custom app to manage it, which would be fun, but not really the point. It makes me want to find a product that I just as is and don’t even have to manage self hosting.

So I come back to dynalist. I really like the app and you get a lot of functionality for free, plus if I do want it they usually have a Black Friday sale on the pro subscription. I started digging into the forums (which are very sadly quiet given the focus on Obsidian) and realised that task stuff in it is quite clunky. It has good functionality but I think more for projects vs. Daily habits. I do still use dynalist for a small selection of lists, like wish list etc.

One app I’ve used previously is tick tick. It’s a todo app but it’s quite extensive in features. Lots of lists and lots of dimensionality with metadata. I might kick start using that again as I think a todo app with list functionality is better than a list app with todo functionality.

No doubt things will end the same way as they always do. As in I start well but then it all falls apart. I think limiting my computer time will be a big improvement. My wife tells me she’s read 51 books so far this year. Not really sure how many I have read as I don’t know where I’ve been keeping my book list. Seems to have got lost in the blog migration. I think a dedicated books subdomain would be useful.

Thursday, 17th November, 2022

I spent too long looking at M10-R. I’ve tried to question myself on why I want the R. It’s hard to ignore all the threads where people say “if I were getting one now it would be the R”. Supposedly the sensor is better and has more dynamic range and blah blah. Plus the obvious 40 MP. I don’t think I’ll be able to tell the difference, or be shooting in situations where my pictures would be “ruined” by not having that extra. Thinking about my D40 last night did make me de/reconsider the R. It pretty much ends up being £2k more than the regular M10. Which is a lot for stuff that I probably won’t notice. Better off buying a 35mm lux for other improvements that I won’t notice 😅

I still do want the P, mostly for looks more than anything, but is that worse?!

I’m tempted by this one from the Mayfair Leica store. It’s got a few nicks on the body but it’s by far the cheapest M10 I’ve seen all year. I think there was one cheaper on eBay but that didn’t come with 6 months warranty. I don’t like the 🔴 but it’s not that bad, maybe I’ll cover it, or just embrace it. It might be my bias, but I’d think the Leica store would sell good gear, that’s been functioned tested and checked by individuals experienced with Leica cameras.

I worry that we’ll spend a fortune on the kitchen and I won’t care whatsoever. There are some features which will be nice to have but is it worth the price? But there’s no options on pricing so it is what it is. I think having moved and lived in 8 houses in 10 years has left me not caring about decor and furniture etc. It needs to be functional but don’t care about fancy. I just spend all my money on cameras 😎

A small ginger cat arrives on my terrace every afternoon, to curl up in the sun and slumber peacefully for a couple of hours.

When he awakes, he gets on his feet with minimum effort, arches his back and walks away as he had come. The same spot every day, the same posture, the same pace. There may be better spots—sunnier, quieter, frequented by birds that can be hunted when the cat is rested and restored. But there is no guarantee, and the search will be never-ending, and there may rarely be time to sleep after all that searching and finding.

It occurs to me that perhaps the cat is a monk. By this I do not mean anything austere. I doubt anyone in single minded pursuit of enlightenment ever finds it. A good monk would be a mild sort of fellow, a bit of a sensualist, capable of compassion for the world, but also for himself. He would know that it is all right not to climb every mountain.

A good monk would know that contentment is easier to attain than happiness, and that it is enough.
  • A Book of Simple Living: Brief Notes from the Hills, Ruskin Bond

Wednesday, 16th November, 2022

The kitchen planner measured our room incorrectly and so the design doesn’t fit. I noticed when I came home from work and a new false ceiling was being built and it only left about 1.5 ft between it and the wall. This would be mirrored by the units on the ground and so it was way to close. Ugh. Lots of stress last night, and we both slept badly thinking about it. The kitchen company were quick to edit it and order the right parts, our joiner does have some rework (which I guess we’ll have to pay for) but was very helpful in figuring it out. It changes the design and makes it smaller, which is disappointing as we’d seen the 3D renders of it bigger. Also question is it going to be worth it? Well too late now anyway as the old kitchen is gone! Big bonus is still going to be the new window which will make it all a lot lighter. Just close my eyes to the price we’re paying for the reshuffling of new units.

I knew it would be fine, but doesn’t stop us worrying about it.

Made lots of jokes with people at work about how we didn’t do design reviews, and now changing the scope in construction. All classic project management errors.

I have an extremely first world problem. A project I was working on did well, and we all got a little bonus for it. After tax, it’s probably the best part of a M10…but I still can’t decide if I should buy one. Aside from someone giving me one, I’m not sure how much closer I can get to buying one. I swing between “this kitchen ain’t cheap, put it towards that”, “don’t let it disappear, get the M10”, “put it towards a M10-P/R 😈”. Ugh. Why can’t I decide anything…

Actually I know, it’s because I’m not sure if the M10 is worth the price tag, regardless of if I have money for it or not. Although I do read no end of comments on /r/leica on how people started with film and then got a M10 and loved the combo.

I was also surprised to find the Leica Mayfair store was actually quite reasonable in used prices, and some models even came with 2 year warranty!

</ridiculous problems>

Tuesday, 15th November, 2022

An interesting HN discussion on the Twitter buyout.

Got my blog backfilled with all the old posts on Ghost now. What a lot of activity I did for it. Yet have nothing new to show. I’m also looking for a nice way to write posts from my phone, I’m sure some app must have a nice integration (that doesn’t require a subscription).

Our builders found the water pipes run right where we want the new window in the kitchen. They just nip to the hardware store, and come back in the evening and bosh it around. That sort of thing would take me two days to deal with. Hence I never do anything like that at home.

Monday, 14th November, 2022

Kitchen remodel has started today. So we’re living out of the other rooms and eating our way through the freezer meals prepared in advance. Builders are quick, old kitchen gone already!

Moved main blog to ghost. It’s lovely to write in and easy to do quick posts with pictures. Still worry about the longevity of it, but I suppose better to worry about future conversions of blog posts vs. maintaining integrity of nothing whatsoever.

Sunday, 13th November, 2022

I’m looking after most of the kids myself today, and wasted the free time I have whilst they watch TV/devices after lunch by watching Peter Kay on YouTube. He’s funny so I laughed a lot but not what I was meant to be doing.

Thinking of moving my main blog to ghost, although I think that’s just an excuse to mess about without doing anything.

Saturday, 12th November, 2022

So many interesting old radio related pictures and materials from the Cambridge amateur radio website.

Friday, 11th November, 2022

I’ve been away from blogs for a while and haven’t setup the ghost ghost blog. However, when I do look at the ghost one I have, I like the look and ease of use of it. I made a self portraits page and it was so easy. I spent some time looking for the photos but then just dragged and dropped into the editor. If it were a static I just would’ve bothered. It wouldn’t be much more work but enough that I won’t do it.

I have several draft posts in various states of draft in my current blog but they’re never getting written at this rate. Mostly as (to me) they rely on the photos to make them work, and so I just don’t do it as I’d always rather be doing something else.

At some stage I’ll sort it all out…

That M10-R on ebay sold. Now I regret not buying it? Before I had a choice, now I don’t and I don’t like tit (even if I’m never going to chose to buy it). I read too many “-R is so much better and worth it” posts. I should search for “M10 is perfect and all you need” psots instead. Still a sucker for the nice looks of the -P.

Need a new light table thing now. It’s hard not buying the same one, as when it worked it was great, but then it did fail so that’s not a good sign.

I respect technical excellence, clever solutions, details in design, efficient, smart solutions but bosses only ever want things delivered on schedule. You can craft great solutions or you could pay someone else to do something dumb but works and the manager would praise the one that happened first.

Had a rage into my work log today. There is a theme and I knew what it was. It’s just sad seeing it when I look back at what I’ve written.

Thursday, 10th November, 2022

I started making a jupyterbook online lab book but got distracted and haven’t done anything in a few days. It’s just a static book-style site generator. Does have some nice stuff for using jupyter notebooks but not sure if I will really use those. CI builds it all for me which is nice, so I just update markdown pages.

There is a “good value” M10R on ebay at the moment, also in great condition.

Hooked up our new smart electric and gas meters into Home assistant, and it’s cool to see it all together. I’ve not made suitable graphs to really see the correlations between things. Need to figure out Grafana and all that.

Tuesday, 8th November, 2022

I want the look of film but the speed of digital. Does that exist? Is it digital M? or is it just more patience with film?

Crappy lightbox overheated and killed itself. We did return a hand mixer to amazon that was bought nearly a year ago, so I’m hopeful they’ll take this back too. Other than it dying, it was a nice lightbox, where I could set the colour temperature, it had a battery and you could mount it too. Today I did turn it to 100%, so maybe that’s the learning.

Monday, 7th November, 2022

Spent ages last night trying to work out why my Caddy reverse proxy wasn’t working with Home Assistant (via docker). Turns out that each docker compose file sets up its own network between the containers. Historically, I’ve just used one docker-compose.yml file for everything but this time I thought I’d try multiple ones for different use cases, e.g. smart home things, games, web sites, etc. which does work fine except then I need to manage the networks between them if I want them to communicate. As that seems unnecessary complication, I combined them all back into a single one and now it works just fine.

There has been a lot of configuration of home assistant which I need to write down somewhere else I’ll forget what I did.

But now I can see my setup anyway, and continue fiddling with dashboards and other stuff no matter where I am!

Caddy is very easy to use too. Much more so than nginx and especially more so than Traefik.

Thinking of setting up another ghost blog as a “ghost blog” 😅 to my main site to help me decide if I want to go all in or not.

Saw a video of a guy with a Fujifilm XF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 lens on his X-E4. I’d have thought it would be ridicolus, but actually it wasn’t and now I want one. Fuji describe it as compact and lightweight, weighs 588g - not bad.

Saturday, 5th November, 2022

This video has reminded me why I wanted to get a M10 and nothing younger in digital. Probably a plain M10 is just fine, even if I want the -P… The guy also has some nice Voigtlander lenses. A 21mm f4 would be fun every now and again. However, he’s also gone for the classic Leica 35mm lux, 50mm lux and 28mm elmarit.

His summary is he has two cameras, one was purchased for logic (his X-H2S) and one was purchased for emotion (M10). This is exactly how I feel about them. Logically, my X-E4 is the best camera for me - amazing performance, great sensor, ISO, fast tracking, good lenses for reasonable prices, small, etc. etc. But emotionally, I want a M10. I want the joy of using the camera and then seeing the results I have with the M2, but with the convenience of digital. I want to get more use from the more interesting M mount lenses. I’m never going to be buying the M10 because it takes superior pictures, it’s because it’s the experience of using it.

I’ve been thinking about redoing the film simulation presets I have in my camera. I’ve used a lot from fujixweekly. It’s a good site and particularly if you’re trying to match films closely. I’ve found several rely on heavy grain and/or negative clarity. Whilst they do make nice pictures, in some situations, I don’t really want to be applying “defects” to my digital jpegs immediately. Now maybe some shots would be nice with it, but when it’s digital I quite like it being clean and crisp. So I’ve been looking for some others, well thinking about some others. I have a standard colour and standard B&W that I use most of the time. I now have a film scanning preset, so that leaves 4 slots remaining. What I’ve found is that I enjoy presets depending on the lighting (sounds obvious but only just realising). For example, in bright, harsh sun of summer holidays in France, I really like the bright colours with slight yellow white balance to them - made them like summer pop! Similarly when shooting on overcast, grey days, I like the fuji 200 film sim style (minus the grain etc.) as it gives some green to the scene when otherwise it feels bland, but at the same time being quite a low contrast look. So I think I’m going to find some presets that suit the various weather types or locations I often visit. I’ve got sun and rain, not sure what else I want but will try some others out and see.

If I want Portra 400, I’ll just use the actual film.

Why did I read this. I’d almost forgotten my wanderings down MFT lane.

Friday, 4th November, 2022

I still want to have an easy-mode Wordpress site that’s more photo based than my blot blog. But then I still don’t like it. Images aren’t that hard on blot but Wordpress does make nice galleries and auto do lots of things with pictures.

However, there’s nothing stopping me from having MORE blogs (although I don’t like that either).

The effort usually isn’t in the writing or sorting out images, it’s in starting. Once I start I’m not bothered about editing an image, resizing, or compressing it, and it doesn’t take that long.

I’d thought about doing a monthly write up for October, which I consider each end of month but then a few weeks go by and the month is too far away to remember. I could do it on my main site. I often wonder about sharing more information online. Why? Well I’ve seen some sites where people share almost everything about themselves and it is interesting but there’s still probably some balance. I enjoy personal finances and find it interesting to see what other people spend on stuff. I’ve thought about summarising that for me online. Partially to make me do it for myself. If I have this imaginary audience holding me accountable then I do it, vs. the once or twice a year I’ll have a look. However, that feels like a bit too much information.

I should setup a RSS feed reader server to keep places I find. Don’t need to necessarily always read them but a good place to store them and my preferred way vs. a bookmark service.

I keep forgetting that I have two Oracle free VPSs. They’re decently spec’d as ARM processors, and therefore you get loads of RAM and SSD for free? Anyway, as long as the package is in the repo it runs great. So a LEMP server it should be? There’s a risk they bin the free tier but so what if they do.

Installed Ghost, it’s nice but wondering if I’d prefer Wordpress instead…? Also thinking of making a super all in blog, vs. having separate ones. I’d still keep this one, but rather than having a photos one and another one, just have one.

Also thinking of doing more journal posts, with photos of things we’ve been doing. Mostly for myself to look at easily vs. browsing through folders of photos. Can add some commentary. Although now it’s starting to creep into DayOne journal space and I don’t want more stuff to have to write in. Maybe it should just replace my Photo album site with this instead, space for a few comments but not much. Not sure about EXIF but doesn’t really matter, can always just write in what it is myself.

This is neat

If I buy a Ricoh GR3, I think I’d go for the x as I do have a ~28mm on my phone which I always have.

Uploading photos via iCloud.com is painful. Always seems to drop 1-3 photos, which then takes ages to figure out what is missing. Also if I upload to a new album, it will upload all the photos but not all of them will be added to the album 🙄 if you go to recents then they’re all there and you can drag them to the album but it’s annoying. Puts me off going into iCloud without a mac desktop machine. I keep meaning to try the iPad but never get to it…maybe I’ll try now…

Wednesday, 2nd November, 2022

Leciaphilia is such a good blog. I’ve waned away from a digital Leica over the past few days again, as I feel like I’m throwing more money into it and not really sure why. Well one reason is that I spent £2k on a lens and using it with HP5 isn’t getting the most from it. lol £2k…my entire fuji setup is probably just about £2k. I took a nice shot of all of us trick or treating on Halloween with the Fuji (in B&W for the high ISO) and it’s lovely. However maybe I need to go all the way and actually get the digital M. Tim makes me think I should go for the M-P 240…

I was considering Wordpress last night, entirely for the ease of adding photos to the blog. This morning I remembered that I don’t like it, no matter how easy it is. Maybe I should find something that’s easy so I get a rest bite from the plain text efforts.

Shit just got serious.

I like this blog, it’s easy and I like the funny look of it. But I never put photos on it and that makes me sad a little. However, in some ways it’s meant to just be an online diary for writing in. Just text - it’s quick and I can do it anywhere. There’s no messing about with images.

I have my main site, on blot, which does make images easier, so maybe just use that? I’ve been tempted to move away to a static blog but then I still have the hassle of images. I’ve been tempted by Wordpress again for it’s ease. Just drag and drop images, write stuff and away we go. Blot isn’t exactly hard though. If I’m running wordpress then I’m paying somewhere - a VPS, wordpress.com, some other hosting or my own server. I don’t like running public stuff on my server as I want to take it down or do whatever I want to it. I run personal things on it but that’s it. I should just use Blot and pay the £4/month for it. I buy some sweets from the shop and it’s 4 quid. It’s not quite plain text but all my stuff is in plain text, which is a whole lot nicer than a wordpress database. I have 26GB of Dropbox storage for free, so that’s a lot of photos I can keep on it before I start having to worry.

I cycled home in the pouring rain and gales after work, made me exhausted and a bit run down feeling.

The new X-T5 is back to a small size, (although not as small as the X-T1 in width but generally similar to the X-T2 size) which is nice. What’s nicer is the screen is NOT flip out!! Now 40 MP like the X-H2, and IBIS. A great upgrade from a X-T2…if I had one and need unnecessarily large MP. But here’s me looking at a 10 year old digital Leica with zero features and a sensor that an iPhone can out do, which costs MORE than a brand new X-T5. Am I deluded?

I printed a few photos from our holiday, only a tiny selection and took out the large moleskin which I bought …January?…to make a photo journal. Still yet to put anything in it…😅 Each time I’m worried I’ll “mess it up”, but I know I just need to start. I want it to be photos I like, which often end up being ones that never get printed or in the album. They also, more often than not, end up being black and white. Which brings me full circle to considering a monochrom camera (but I can’t do it…just convert in camera or with software). When people compare photos side by side from a monochrom and regular I can see the difference (which I think is rare, as often I can’t see what people are talking about when comparing lenses or cameras), but without the comparison I still enjoy the photo anyway.

Stop watching videos about the M10M.

Looking forward to working from home tomorrow.

Tuesday, 1st November, 2022

The presentation at the conference went fine and in was much worse in my head. I just stood up and started talking. Probably at Lorelai Gilmore speeds but seemed fine. I don’t really know what the point was, of the whole conference. It was either suppliers peddling their wares, or operators saying how good they’re doing. The Q&A was terrible, at best they’d be two questions and zero discussion. One presentation was useful from a guy I know, but I could’ve just asked him over for lunch and got the same benefit. In fact I will still do that as no doubt get even more.

Maybe I’m not the conference type…to network…I just spoke to the people I already know and then ignored the rest. I spotted several people who looked familiar and no matter how hard to tried to discretely read their name tag I couldn’t. I could’ve introduced myself and found out but I was mostly interested in working out where I’ve seen them before. Most likely some online webinar thing. One lady looked really familiar but the company she was with made it seem hard to believe she’d been in any webinars that I would’ve as our work is so different. I looked her up on linkedin and saw she does painting and photography, film too, so I’ve seen her profile on flickr and random places. If I’d know we could’ve talked about that instead 😅

My spare reel arrived today, is used but in mint condition. It has a stamp inside that says 14 Feb 1977, and on the front Best keep. I still have one roll of B&W to develop and two to scan.

I can’t be bothered to do anything though. Need to pick up the home automation stuff again before I forget what I did and have yet to write it down. The new server feels like a hassle still. Not sure what I want to setup on it, was about to install a RSS reader but do I need it? I suppose there’s things I like to read but the more I aggregate the more time I spend reading stuff online. Whereas if I have to remember to go there then I spend less time on it…

Monday, 31st October, 2022

This guy documents.

Seems my work IP address has permanently banned from Ars Technica comments system for spam.

I’ve been clearing out my TV folder on the server. It went from 1.4 TB down to 769 GB. There’s probably more I can do but need to check no-one was in the middle of watching it, or saving it to watch. There was stuff on there that I’ve had for years, and no-one has watched it. I kept it for myself to watch but never have, and at this point I don’t think I ever will. So it’s gone. There are a few shows we’ll keep as we, mostly my wife, likes to rewatch them. I’ve yet to start on movies.

Doing this has made me reconsider physical media. I moved all our DVDs onto the server 10+ years ago and I don’t think anyone has bought a DVD/bluray in ages. My wife asked for a bluray player last year, so we got one. She still has lots of them, but I got rid of all mine once on the computer. I’m in two minds about it, I’m thinking I’d rather have the physical media as it costs nothing to keep, and generally it’s cheap to find used or in sales. However, it is nice to be able to watch things on any device and not just the main TV.

Giving a presentation tomorrow at a conference. I was meant to be figuring out what I’m saying tonight but instead messed about on the computer 🤭. I’m sure they’ll be time in the morning…

Sunday, 30th October, 2022

Oh clocks going back. Great if you don’t have young kids.

Went to bed thinking the M-P 240 is the right model for me. And now that I’ve slept on it? Oh I don’t know. 🤷

I installed the 4 TB SSD into the new server. But I’m still wondering how I’m setting everything up. Am I really getting rid of the 4x 4TB drives? I have trimmed data down a lot but is it not handy having the storage for…something. I had thought of putting it into a low powered NAS device for periodic turning on a backup stuff up. Mostly so that it was easy and I didn’t have to think about it, but all those things (synology, asusstor, etc.) are really expensive. Perhaps something with TrueNAS installed. Of course I have a computer which everything is already in! I think I’m struggling as the current server is just fine, and why I have bought all these things? 🙄

Probably I just need to start setting up the services I want and migrate the plex server. Then reinstall OS on the old server, TrueNAS is appealing as keeps ZFS easy. Then maybe look at how much I could get for selling mine and maybe trying to get a HP microserver or something, not really necessary but I’ll have a look.

I wonder if you can have plex libraries installed on other computers and then rig up something to turn them on on demand.

It does seem dumb constraining myself. Ugh. The new server does have a better CPU, DDR4 ram, and NVME so there’s that.

I trimmed down those ~400 photos to about 165 last night. Still seems excessive. Do I pick my favourite 38 and keep those?

Homelab podcast

I started on the new server. Setup home assistant. It detected everything which was nice. But I’m left feeling “now what?” with it. I want to log long term house temperatures so I think I have to setup an external database to do so. I actually like how it detected the HP Tango and now tells me the ink in percentage.

I realise I have documents and ebooks all over the place. Movies, home videos and photos are well organised but smaller files aren’t. I need to sort it all out, and make sure it’s properly replicated to the various backup locations. This is somewhat tricky over multiple devices and operating systems. In theory I should use something like Nextcloud and then mount that everywhere and then have Linux do the backup. But last time I tired nextcloud it was fine until I tried upgrading then it broke and I couldn’t be bothered to figure out why. It also does everything and I don’t really need it to.

I also realised that iCloud on Windows has improved quite a bit. This is encouraging me to go back to my 2 TB subscription and then keep everything on it. I wonder if someone has made an iCloud Linux interface….to the google/GitHub. Because if so that would make synchronising it easier. There is syncthing too, in fact lots of programs. The issue is deciding where and what structure.

I also remembered my thought about separating the services machine from the storage machine. Probably moot as all my computers are likely powerful enough to last forever but in theory the services machine might want upgrading sooner to run …stuff?… vs just file sharing. I think “low powered” CPUs can do a lot these days.

It has given me a chance to see what’s going on with Docker-compose, although I’m still not reading all the docs, and perhaps some better design practices. Going to split my docker-compose.yml into multiple ones for different purposes so that they’re easier to maintain.

Saturday, 29th October, 2022

This morning I was admiring the archives page on this site. It now covers a full year. There are gaps in the content, some of which was recorded in tiddlywiki and I do have a json file of those posts which I keep meaning to convert to markdown files here. It’s not hard, probably about 15 lines of python, but I just never get round to it.

Used the Fuji a lot today for a party. Enjoyable just to point and shoot and capture the moment. Although with digital it means I end up with 383 moments to look through. I took a single frame of B&W film today. Feeling like I want a little rest from film. Still got one more roll of B&W to develop and the two previous rolls to scan (one with the black lines and the other just fine). Makes me appreciate digital, and paying the lab to develop and scan. The colour ones I recently sent off, I did consider only paying for development and then scanning myself, but I didn’t and I’m quite glad. I like the lab for big trips when I come back with 4+ rolls (was 7 this time).

In a similar vein, I’ve been thinking about a digital M again. I have a circle of “the M10 is the ideal one, modern, but not too expensive (relative to the more expensive ones of course). Then I think, but I’d really like the -P for the upgrades and the look, plus, like today, when I look for used M10s, they’re quite expensive compared to earlier this year. Today there’s only one under £3700 and the typical price has been £3500 for a long time. If I’m at £3700 then I’m close to -P territory. Although M10-Ps are even more infrequently sold and their price can jump about a lot. So I think, “well just a bit more and I could get the -R”. But then I check with myself if I really want/need a 40 MP sensor and 50 MB files? I’m still not a fan of the red dot either. I also then focus my eyes on the price and realise I’ve added £2k to my starting point. Okay, back away. Now what? Am I going to only use the M for digital? Seems unlikely, I enjoy autofocus. So then is it sensible to spend this amount of money on what is potentially the secondary digital? (when really I enjoy film more…if I’ve not burnt myself out on it). So M240 or M-P typ 240 seems a good option. Cheaper, but still “recent” (in Leica history), and perfectly usable. Then I fuss about it being fatter than a film M and it’s still >£2.5k for what is quite an old digital camera, so I’m back at M10. Maybe M10 is the answer that I just can’t see for myself. I’m sure I can live without a level display and a touchscreen…

Friday, 28th October, 2022

Well I’ve been having “fun” with film developing the past two days. Can’t really explain what happened yesterday but the roll came out with regularly space black vertical bars on it. Virtually the same size as the shutter join, and most of what I could find online was telling me it was a shutter issue.

Today I got my colour rolls back from the lab. All perfect, and they were taken after the roll of B&W. I then developed another roll of B&W tonight and it was perfect too. Which is great, as it means the camera is working just fine. I spent some time today looking at various film camera repairs (this information is in fact something that I should definitely put in the wiki!) and pricing up a CLA/service. Good news that I don’t need one, although I think I might do one in the new year once the holidays are over. We’re having a Halloween kids party tomorrow and I was wanting to use the camera for that, so good on that front too.

I think the shutter was the issue but I think that there was some debris in the camera that was causing it to stick somehow. Then when I changed roll it got cleared out. Unless it was development but can’t think how the banding would occur. Maybe my rage of spending 45 minutes trying to get the film to load on to the reel, only to then realise it’s missing the ball bearings, irradiated the film and causing the banding!

Been thinking of an excuse to use Jupyter book, and thinking that it could be a nice online notebook/lab book. Maybe for writing up monthly summaries, or key information I want to save in an easily accessible way? The wiki is that but maybe things I want to save but refer to often? I’ll give it a shot and see how we get on. It’s a static generator so what’s not to love 😅

Swapped my Fiio Q DAC to USB 2.0 and that seems to have fixed it from disconnecting whenever the computer slept - which was so annoying. Only took me several months to do this.

I enjoyed this video about the new M6.

I did spend a while considering another camera if I was going to be sending my camera off for service. Most of these places have older repair men who’ve been doing this for multiple decades and they work to produce quality, not quanity. Which is exactly what you want, but it does mean that schedules are more of an indication vs. an actual target! With christmas coming up I was worried I wouldn’t have my camera for it. I had a fun ride looking at M3/4/5/6/MP/new M6! Maybe.

Thursday, 27th October, 2022

I’m really tempted to setup a jupyter book site to replace the wiki. I feel like it’ll make more organise stuff more/better by forcing thinking about putting stuff in it. Although it then may do the opposite and mean that I never add anything as it’s more work. hmm, perhaps I’ll just set it up and play about with it anyway. I like the idea of it having python notebooks in it, which could calculate stuff or retrieve APIs etc. However, liking the idea of it and then actually doing something is very different.

Wednesday, 26th October, 2022

This new iCloud web version is nice. Makes me actually want to go use it, having reminders, notes and calendar all showing on the one page is great.

I wish it had Apple Music tile or even a link that automatically logged me into apple music.

Tuesday, 25th October, 2022

Another cool looking techy computer thing that I want but would never use is now available for pre-order.

Monday, 24th October, 2022

My “essential film holder” has finally shipped. That means I can scan that roll of HP5 I developed a few weeks ago and actually look at the images. I should figure out the conversion tool I’m using tonight so that I can get straight on with it tomorrow.

I was going to develop the rolls I took on holiday, but the utility room where I do it is piled high with stuff, and I don’t want to tidy it…or get accused of spilling things on it. I think I still have a apprehension of developing, as whilst I don’t start, nothing has gone wrong. I don’t know why, it’s kind of easy if you just follow the instructions. I even left a little bit of leader out to make it easier to start rolling it onto the spool.

Maybe I will go and do it…

Got macOS running in a virtual machine on my server last night. The repo made it very easy, so not like I can claim to be smart about it. Tempted to use it for Photos.app, (and maybe even tinderbox! (unlikely)), to once again manage my photos on iCloud. I did like it when I did it. I just didn’t like have more computers. I’ve thought about getting a macbook to replace my laptop, so at least it’s not a net increase in computers. Just it’s quite expensive and I don’t really need or use a laptop that much. I could get a mac mini to sit under the desk and switch to it or even VNC into it. That is maybe better but still seems excessive just for managing Photos. I’m not ready to commit to just a mac as our main desktop. I have thought about an iMac for the kitchen as a “family” computer, but not sure my wife would agree that we need another computer and in the kitchen. Or I could try using the VM or my iPad. Technically I can upload from icloud.com too.

Trying to buy old Lego sets on ebay for daughter’s christmas present is a PITA. Why did I volunteer for this job!

Made my parents a financial spreadsheet with the aim of letting them see when they can retire and when they can move close to us. They say they want to stop working by 60 and to move near us, yet then do things which, to me, is the opposite of that. Like doing more remodels on their house, vs. cutting their mortgage by 3 years. 🤷

Sunday, 23rd October, 2022

Installing OS X on a linux virtual environment? Sure why not.

Not that this was on my freshly made todo list. The todo list lives in dynalist. I found my last big todo list from….July…I had done a few things on it, but several are still waiting.

Friend and I felt like a bit of minecraft. It’s been a while and there’s always something new that gets added. After the summer’s enforcement by Microsoft to convert our minecraft accounts to Microsoft ones, we now both own copies of the Windows version. You can still host a server using it, and that makes it compatible with multiple platforms, which is quite neat. It’s also not written in java so it uses next to nothing in memory and CPU for 2 players - unlike the java version. Probably explains how they can now host servers with 16,000 players on it and not need all of Azure to run it. It’s fun. We chat on mumble and explore.

Ordered a 4 TB SSD today. Samsung have a cashback promo and so it’s quite a good deal. Debated about getting a 2 TB NVME to replace the 1 TB one I have in the server to give me a little more space. Decided that it wasn’t quite worth it, mainly as I’ve just bought a 1 TB one and what will I do with that? I need to prune more stuff to migrate to this single SSD server but probably can leave somethings on the old one as archive.

Saturday, 22nd October, 2022

I’m easing off on the M10 (again again. again.). It’s the fact that it’s digital and expensive. Mostly expensive, but how interesting is it really? It’s nice to use the M lenses with a rangefinder but I’m not convinced. Probably just sticking with film M for now. £3k also buys a lot of film or even go towards building a darkroom…should I ever get round to doing anything.

I’d thought of so many good things I was going to do when I got home. Now that I’m here I can’t remember any of them and have just sat down on the computer and done nothing. Clearly I need more todo apps or note taking apps.

Friday, 21st October, 2022

Been having lots of fun with the M2 and 50mm. It’s a nice focal length for being outside. Baby bear’s focal length (not too wide, not too narrow…). Interested to see how the pictures come out. Got 3 rolls of B&W so far to develop myself and two colour which I’ll post off. Might do another one tomorrow. B&W at 400 would mean I can double up in the dev tank.

My Essentials film holder still hasn’t shipped. Can’t remember when I ordered it but when I emailed him on the 5th Oct he said hopefully next week…

Back on the M10 wagon again. Saw a good deal on one, would be by far the cheapest I’ve seen all year. I don’t look every day but a minimum of once a week I’ll look at prices. Not only is it a good deal, it’s also in excellent condition. Generally the cheaper ones before have “signs of use”. It is a silver one, and I had originally decided to get black. However, after visiting the Leica store, I quite like the silver one. Plus it sort of matches the M2. What would match the M2 more? The M10-P of course. However, that’s £1k+ more 😬. Doesn’t seem worth the money (although I do like level gauges) for most aesthetics. Yet I do think the red dot looks a bit out of place. There’s always the black dot or tape or sticker or something to convert/cover it.

I tell myself that the M10 is perfectly fine (more than fine) and maybe later I can get a P or R or something. Actually maybe M10M!

If you need me I’ll be on page 32 of “P or not to P” on a dozen forums. I’ll then decide and the bargain M10 will have sold.

Thursday, 20th October, 2022

The Leica store Manchester has a lovely Minolta CLE set, with 28, 40, 90 lenses, flash module, and a nice brown leather case. Looks absolutely mint. £2k though, which seems a bit excessive to drop on a nice, what will no doubtedly be, a shelf decoration. I would like a nice aperture priority rangefinder and the Minolta one is supposed very good, although if the electronics fail then I think it’s completely dead - can’t even use it manually. Although that part I might be wrong. Not many CLEs seem to come up here, not that I’m actively looking, but when I did they were few and far between. Seem to remember that the camera was £1k alone, so this could be a good deal.

Wednesday, 19th October, 2022

I heard back from the store and they reminded me that I have 6 months warranty on the lens, and can return it to them at any time for a free recalibration. This is good to know and I’d not really realised this when I bought it. I assumed I just had the 14 days. They also said they’d tested it on their alignment simulator (whatever that is), as well as on a M10 monochrom.

I also spent some more time with the adapter for my Fuji. I noticed that the 35mm CV has the same infinity focus misalignment as the lux. Where at infinity it’s gone past focus and is now all blurry. This most likely means that the adapter is to blame, and it’s positioning of the lens relative to the sensor is not quite perfect, especially given they both show the same effect by basically the same amount. Given this was a cheapo china/ebay job I’m not surprised. It doesn’t really matter as I’m always using focus peaking on the Fuji.

So I suspect that the lens is just fine, and perhaps my M2 is slightly out on the rangefinder mechanism that stops it lining up perfectly at infinity. This is something I can tweak, although not sure if I’ll do it just yet as then I’m not sure about the 35mm.

Overall, I’m glad about this. I still want to see the film results to confirm everything.

Joined the waitlist for Tana.inc. Not sure why…it does look good from what I’ve been shown but not sure I can be persuaded to pay for a note taking app (fancy as it may be). Anyway, it’ll be free to start with and maybe they’ll be a free tier. Overall, I still prefer a self-hosted tiddlywiki, or wiki or something to use instead.

The weather and having digital and film makes it hard to decide what to take each time we go out. I chose digital today and I think that turned out for the best. The kids were tired and so wanted carried a lot, and it was quite dull today. We also went inside the castle and it was very low light in there.

Tuesday, 18th October, 2022

Some buyers remorse is now setting in. The “can I even tell the difference” factor. Also is it sucking me down the ever more expensive M mount route! 😅

Was using the lux today at the coast and was taking several shots of the distance. I think this is the first time focusing to infinity on it, I have only taken two rolls of films so far. I can see that at infinity the rangefinder patch doesn’t exactly overlay the viewfinder - like it does on my CV 35mm. Now maybe it makes no difference whatsoever, and the lens still focuses just fine to infinity. I suppose that would be okay (even though this was still very expensive) but how do I know that it’s focusing correctly at all the other distances between 0.7 m and infinity… Unfortunately with only using film, then not as easily. Now that I’ve noticed this, I’m paying more attention to it and I also noticed that at the close focus, 0.7m, there’s a small amount of focus throw left past 0.7m even though the rangefinder window has already stopped. Now maybe that’s just due to my camera’s minimum focus of 0.7m, and checking with a friend that sounds like the norm.

I did mount it on the Fuji using the M-X adapter and found that at infinity it would go past being in focus and be blurry. True in focus at infinity was a few millimetres shy of the end stop. Doesn’t sound like much but when you have a rangefinder patch that doesn’t line up, how are you supposed to focus the thing? I guess I should try and test other distances to see if it’s in focus but that doesn’t necessarily help with the film M as I’m still relying on the patch.

I’ve contacted the store and will see what they say. Technically I’m within the return window but, as a small independent, I’m sure they’re not keen to just take it back without challenge. They might offer to look at it and fix it or something which depending on what they say I could take them up on it. However, I’m not sure I can be convinced and mostly hoping they’ll be okay with a refund.

If that does turn out to be the case, then the next question will be - do I get another? I suppose I’ll wait and see what the photos turn out like (assuming no glaring focus issue other than perhaps at infinity - if I can even tell on film). The long term plan is to get a digital M, and whilst I might get away with the lens not perfect all the time on film, I don’t think that will work as well on digital.

It’s just annoying and a chore. 😩

Monday, 17th October, 2022

The 18mm f/2 is becoming my favourite inside lens. It’s a bit slower than the 23 1.4 but I like the extra length and it balances nicely on the camera. Tempted to sell the 23 now.

Took another roll of HP5 at 800 today. It’s been overcast and it helped me shoot at 5.6 1/125s outside.

The 50mm is nice to use. I like the fairly short focus throw, the tab and the built in hood. It’s not light but it’s also not that big or heavy. I do worry I can’t focus it at f/1.4 on the M2. Is it worth it? Probably no is the real answer but it doesn’t matter. If everything is ranked as “is it worth it”, I’d end up doing nothing and having nothing.

These articles always make me want to find a laptop to put OpenBSD on. Maybe one day I’ll do I, but I suspect I’ll config it all then look at it, close the lid and never touch it again.

I wonder what I do on the computer each evening? Now that I’m away and just have my iPad I’m struggling to think of anything to do on it. This is probably not a bad thing, but it seems strange. I do want to write in my blog but the downside of blot and Dropbox is that on the free tier of Dropbox I can’t have the app installed on many things. This is generally manageable by using 1Writer but then images become a hassle. Thinking of moving the blog to a static site, probably just Jekyll as I know it and it’s good enough, and pretty much copy the blot theme. Then keep blot and make a photo blog. Mostly as I can use my phone to do everything if I wanted to. Although if it’s a photo blog that I’m paying for then maybe I should pay for Glass or something…the only thing is that I don’t really want a social media platform as I don’t care.

Sunday, 16th October, 2022

Setting up (slowly) my new server and I’m pleased that it idles at 7.5 W. This is versus the old one of 55 W. Admittedly there aren’t any hard drives in it yet, and that’s still something I’m debating about. Ideally I’d have one SSD as that would be lower powered than a mechanical drive. Does make it a bit pricy depending on what size I need. I deleted a whole load of stuff from my storage and it’s about 5.3 TB. Not all of it I’d need to have constantly accessible and so I could leave it on the array. I’m hoping for some sales which will help decide. I’m also sure I could tweak another watt or two with some cpu power management if I really tried.

The 50mm f2 I sold supposedly has the wrong lens cap. The only thing I can think of is that I swapped the 35 and the 50 around at some stage. Although I sold the 35mm a while ago. I didn’t really notice that it didn’t fit, although I only keep the cap on whilst it’s on the shelf and then just use the hood for protection whilst on the camera. The buyer claims it doesn’t fit whatsoever, but seems nice about it. I should probably just refund him £10 or something and let him buy a replacement. Anyway, he’s sending it back to me for me to look and swap back.

Took the Fuji out today with the 35 1.4. Probably best as it was raining on and off. Missed a good shot of this lady going for a swim in the loch. I took a picture of her but not the right angle with the hills in the background. It was raining, about 8°C and it’s a lake in autumn. She was in a bikini and had a Celtic tattoo on her back. Would’ve been a good Scotland promo photo😅

I also don’t want to use up all my film in the first two days.

I’m already nervous for developing the film myself when I get back. It’s quite straightforward but what if I mess it up and the photos are gone? I doesn’t really matter but I guess that’s another good reason for taking digital as well. Would be handy and simpler if I did have a digital M…although I like autofocus for when we’re out and about and busy with everyone. The moments are quick and the light always isn’t enough for f/8-16.

Saturday, 15th October, 2022

Took the M2, 35mm, 50mm and HP5, Gold and a roll of Portra 800. Digital was the tricker decision, ended up with 18 f/2 and 35 f/1.4. I sort of wanted to not take the digital camera but it seemed overly restrictive and if it’s really dark inside I don’t want to miss out.

Taking my first roll of HP5 with the lux. Trying not to rush through the roll because I want to see the results.

If you want some entertainment look up Jacob Rees-Mogg’s children’s names.

Friday, 14th October, 2022

Blurb have a 50% sale on right now (code: GETREADY5025) so ordered the big family photo album. £63 inc. shipping for 210 pages, hardback 20”x20” book seems pretty good value to me. Look forward to seeing that.

Should I go all film for this holiday trip? Would be quite fun, and stops me ending up with hundreds of photos to go through. The X-E4 plus a lens isn’t that big, and seems silly not to bring it. Perhaps just the 35mm? Although it’s the chunkiest…or the 18 with it…or….27…or…🙄

I’m feeling overwhelmed by having too many things at the moment. I want one thing of each, not multiple. But sometimes that’s hard. I was looking at more smart IoT junk today. Screens and little chips and random stuff. I love the idea of it but never follow through on anything. I have a 7 colour e-ink display sat in front of me. I managed to change the stock image it shows but never did anything else with it. I bought a load of thermometers to measure temperatures around the house. I’m part way through setting it up on the computer as I want to log longer term data, see how the house changes with the outside weather, but now I’ve got two servers and hard drive mis-alignment, and I’m not really sure what to do about it. Buy my way out of the problem? Always seems like the solution but then later I regret getting something else. I’m already doing it in my head. 💭I should get rid of all my computers and peripheralsand just have an iMac.💭 No, I don’t need to buy ANOTHER computer! What I need to do is spend less time on a computer. Maybe it’s good we’re going away for a bit. Should I not bring my iPad? But I want to write in DayOne…I’ll bring it.

I made a random mechanical keyboard a while ago. One key still needs resoldering to fix, but I’M NEVER GOING TO USE IT! Was fun to make. Maybe I should just fix that final key, then sell it.

Maybe I’m just like this as the kids have been in the office drawing and doing things and so there’s clutter everywhere.

I should focus on my server admin todos, and move closer to sorting it all out.

Or go to bed earlier.

Thursday, 13th October, 2022

Each morning I cycle to work I pass a guy who’s cycling in the opposite direction. He’s only wearing sorts and a T-shirt. Doesn’t wear a helmet either. How is he not freezing? I’ve got jacket, trousers, gloves and helmet. I don’t leg it the whole way but I don’t dawdle either I’m warm on the inside but my face and hands are still cold. I saw him on my way home today. Weird.

Installed Arch Linux on my new server last night. Think the CMOS battery is dead as when I unplugged it, it lost the time and so that upset the keychain in verifying GPG keys. Or it might’ve been that I hit the reset button on the motherboard when cleaning? Maybe I should look in the BIOS to see if everything is set okay.

I also had some weird issue with the boot loader. All my other computers I use bootctl that’s part of systemd. I already have systemd so why install extra packages? Anyway, it just would not find the boot image. I double checked things so many times but couldn’t see the issue. I was tired and maybe couldn’t see the problem. Anyway, I just installed grub, ran it’s configurer and all was good. I just setup SSH, installed Docker and added a user then it was time for bed.

I’ve flashed my zigbee controller for the computer and ready to set up the thermometers I bought. Need to figure out all the databases to store the info. Seems like influxdb is the one for long term data.

I’ve thought of a few website admin todos I have. There’s just never time to do them.

I quite like the look of the new Google Pixel Watch. Looks more like a regular watch compared to the Apple Watch. Probably would only be semi-good with an iPhone, and the “killer” features would only work with a Pixel phone. I haven’t looked whatsoever if that’s true. Maybe completely wrong as they want to break into Apple Watch wearers. Not going to have HomeKit support though.

HP5+ pushed 5 stops developed in 2 hours 20! 😅

This guy sniffers the API of the cat feeder and then hooks up a little python script with the amazing requests library to control it…best of all via his Elgato Stream deck. Now I want that stream deck. Not for streaming but for general controlling of stuff via buttons. Yes, I sure I could make something with a raspberry pi, but (a) that’ll never happen, and (b) will look a lot jankier than the stream deck.

streamlit is nice. I’ve used it a few times for a quick web app with data. Now you can have custom domains too!

Wednesday, 12th October, 2022

I’m unusually non-plussed about the lens I just got (from a financial standpoint, not optical!), even though it’s the most expensive one I’ve ever bought! It’s a solid unit of glass and metal, does make the M2 front heavy but it still feels fine to use with the camera. Only had a quick play this morning and not taken a single picture with it yet. A tiny voice in my head is wondering if the cron would be better from a size and weight perspective, but then I remembered that on film I’m always wanting as much light as I can get. Nothing is stopping me from getting it in the future 😅

Seeing Jack messing about in his tiddlywiki makes me want to go back into mine. I do like everything in one place. However, I like this site as it is for daily notes and it’s easier to write in that tiddlywiki on all devices. It does mean I miss the ease of adding interesting or useful things into the wiki whilst I’m writing this. I could still add pages to this site with useful snippets of whatever. 🤔

Monday, 10th October, 2022

I’ve spent so long looking and thinking about lenses I’ve forgotten what I was doing beforehand. I’ve bought one now so surely I’m done with all that… but I’d be lying if I said I’m not worried about making the right choice.

Still waiting for my film holder to scan in my developed roll.

I should get back on the rowing machine. I’ve slowly let it slip to just once a week at most. Even just 15 minutes is good.

Taking part in the Fujifilm weekly photo challenge. See if I can win anything. It’s a good excuse to go back through old photos. See loads of nice shots, wonder what lens I used, see it’s one I sold, think about buying it again 😅 But actually it was the 16-80mm f/4 fuji zoom that I bought really early on when I got my X-T2. Was in a great sale. Mostly used it at 60-80mm when we were on the beach.

When you submit on the photo challenge, they give you a code to get a free print from their website, even including postage. Limited to anything smaller than any of 10x15, 12x16, or 12x18. Found a random photo and sent it to my sister. I think I can just upload as many photos as I want and get more codes. It’s a little onerous as I want to upload decent pictures.

Sunday, 9th October, 2022

I spent too long trying to decide upon a 50mm M lens last night. The new voigtlander lenses are reportedly very good and offer good value for money…when comparing new prices. The problem with the new CVs is that as they’re so new there are very limited numbers in the used market. This makes the price differential between used Leica and new CV not that much. Of course, getting a new lens is nice but then I take the depreciation hit. Used lenses are some what of a gamble in quality, particularly as my search range is anything in the past 60 years!

Clearly I want the summilux APSH. If I just stay film, this is probably a little excessive. If I were to go digital M as well then this is a good option/maybe can maybe justify the additional expense? Maybe. 😅

So I think a summicron is the right lens for my M2…or maybe if I’m not going 1.4 then go even cheaper with an elmar (2.8).

50 seems like a focal length that you could have multiple lenses for different purposes. Somehow much more than other lengths.

I did see an absolutely mint v4 cron from nearly my birth year which I really want. It’s a little more money than the cheapest v4, as from a dealer vs private but it was absolutely perfect in the pictures. Thankfully? The store only does phone in orders.

That one seems like the right one….🙈🙉🙊

There’s then the Canon f1.4 LTM. It’s a ~60 year old lens, which is attractive as it’s a lens of the M2 era. I used to own one with the Canon 7 and annoyingly sold it for not that much. I only took one roll with the 7 and the lens but had some nice photos from it. The advantage is that it’s about 1/3 of price of the cron.

Wondering if I should instead install Proxmox on the new server, so I can host VMs as easily as services in docker containers. Although the only thing I really want to virtualise is an OS X environment, but not sure if that would work or really be useful.

Saturday, 8th October, 2022

I take back about what I said on python on my computer. I just installed python from the Windows App Store and start typing in VS Code and it all works just fine. I just need to ask IT at work to let me install the latest version of python from the MS store.

I have a lot of tabs open on my phone in a todo style nature. These are all things I plan on reading or trying out. I find them when on my phone at work or on the go, but then when I want to “do real computing”, I sit at my desk. However, not having a Mac (with Safari) means there’s no easy way to see these tabs until the next time I’m on my phone. I used to use push bullet to send stuff to my desktop. Perhaps I should look for something like that again. Or I could use Firefox on my phone.

This is one thing I was going to play with. Make some maps of home or various places. Even though about doing family houses, printing and framing it as a present.

I enjoyed tinkering with little things in python. I’ve spent too long not doing it and wasting my time on dumb stuff. I semi-quit YouTube a while ago but now I feel like I’m back in it and my bad habit of sitting down in the evening and watching videos is back.

I still want a 50mm M lens. Just impossible to decide which.

Friday, 7th October, 2022

There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do. – Freya Stark

NaNoWriMo is next month. For the past…7? years I’ve said I’d do it. Unsurprisingly I haven’t. I’m sure I must have a novel in me but not found it yet. It’s buried under “pointless, excruciating details of things no-one cares about.”

I wanted to make some kind of multicategory waterfall chart at work today. Obviously that can’t be done in excel and I started googling plot.ly and other graphing packages and they do have one. I’m not sure it’s exactly what I want, although I don’t really know what I want. It’s like a multi-scenario, two metric waterfall chart…🤔📊

Anyway, doing a quick thing in python is such a PITA on my work computer. Although my home windows computer isn’t much better. I wish I used Linux all the time, everywhere. I have a laptop, a thinkpad T490, that I bought mostly on a whim, which is running Arch Linux. Works great! However, it’s not ultra-low effort to have it run on my desk with monitors and keyboard etc. I did have a USB switch hub thing that could go between my work laptop and my desktop but that had persnickety issues and got annoying. It’s also that my wife and kids use the computer and don’t want various peripherals to not work. My wife also doesn’t like linux as it’s “not a normal computer” but my daughter uses an older laptop of mine for school work which is running linux.

I’ve already lost interest in building the new server. I’ve only turned it on to make sure everything worked. I have a new NVME sat waiting to be installed and setup linux on it. I even have 32GB of RAM en route as it was on sale. The old one wasn’t/isn’t really broken. 🙄 I also can’t really decide what I’m doing with storage. One big hard drive? Two large-ish SSDs? I think once I decide on that, then I can get on with setting it up. Could do with a day at home to sort out a bunch of things like this.

YYE Leica camera repairs. Don’t you just love it.

I’d like to make a wiki as deep as this one. Also the theme is cool.

Maybe this 2.5 hours video will help me decide upon a 50mm. Buy the lux and be done? If only I could but that’s too much money. The cron? ugh I don’t know.

Wednesday, 5th October, 2022

Listening to another Talk Python podcast episode about this guy called Rhet Turnbull and the little python mac app he made. The whole episode is great both technically and just listening to Rhet. I feel like he’s done what thousands of geeky girls and boys want to do - learn to program by tinkering about on computers as a kid, does engineering, then goes and works at Space Force! 🚀 But maybe that’s just me.

Also RUMPS for you mac users. (Ridiculously Uncomplicated macOS Python Statusbar apps in case you’re worried.)

I got my bill for my second month in with Blot today. I’m still really liking it. It’s hardly any different from this static site in terms of making new entries and saving/committing them, but I’ve not really had the desire to make my own site. I’ve not even bothered looking at theming on it, and I really love that fact. The default is plain but functional and I like the plainness. That extra little hurdle to learn how it’s put together and what I’d need to do to edit the theme is enough to keep me away, so that I have no choice but to accept the default. I tried that with static sites, just downloading someone elses and using it as is. I could never do it though, I always wanted to change something. I suppose my blog doesn’t have comments. I could easily turn on Disqus or commento from the admin panel, but I don’t like disqus and I don’t have or want to pay for a commento server. And you know what? I don’t care that there aren’t comments or that people can’t comment. I do like interaction and so I am making it harder for people if they have to go rummaging for my email and send me something but there we go. I have got a few draft posts I’ve started but not quite finished, and this probably reflects the one issue I have with blot, which is that dropbox is annoying for me to access from work. This means that during lunch or some downtime, I can’t really and easily edit my text files. I can still do it on my phone but I like using a keyboard. It’s not a big deal, and I’ve not especially researched alternative methods though. Plus I’ve been really busy at work that I’ve not had time to do anything.

My wife is at the Cher Show tonight. Say that a few times. Cher Show, Cher Show, Cher Show.

I feel like I’ve not been doing anything of note recently. Buying shit, or watching videos about more stuff to buy.

Yesterday was thinking about a new film camera to have for multiple films. I later realised I have another 35mm camera already…Minolta SRT100X with 45mm f/2…oops! Still want the Olympus RC 35 as it’s a tiny rangefinder, but finding a nice one is a hassle.

My wife has finished making a photobook that covers from about Feb 2021 until Aug/Sept 2022. Has about 210 pages and over 1000 images. Not sure how many but the app we use to make it defaults to 1000 images max - you just up the settings and it works. It’s a java app to build the photo book then you upload it to their website to print. I used them for my photo book of my grandfather’s slides. It’s not ordered yet, but looking through the preview online, it’s lovely seeing all the images from the past 18 months, and I can’t wait for it to arrive. We all sit round and look through it together. It’s my real driver for taking all the photos. I do like the gear and collecting and that aspects but to capture the moments of our lives and then enjoy them together is the best part.

I’m not really interested in taking photographs of randoms on the street, or light falling on doors, or landscapes. However, I have noticed that my wife will put in one or two pictures of the surroundings and they go well with the people pictures. This does make me think I should try and take a few more of wherever we are. Those are probably harder to take as compared to people photos = even a bad photo of someone pulling a funny face is a good photo. Things like the castle we visit, or the street or park etc. I’m going to try.

Tuesday, 4th October, 2022

I should buy some colour film now that some is in stock. Even though it’s so expensive. One roll of Kodak gold (24 exp) is £8. A 5-pack of Portra 400 is £82. I like B&W and I like that I can now develop it. My film scanner holder thing should be coming in the next week or so too. However, I do really like the Kodak colour film. We’re coming up on the mid-term school holidays and we’re going away so I’d like to have some to take with me.

I’m thinking I should get another film camera so that I can be more sparing with colour but then can still shoot black and white. I mean, any excuse rght :)

Monday, 3rd October, 2022

Phil shared this list of ten rules. I also noticed: “Save everything — it might come in handy later.”

I did delete over 1.2 TB of TV shows last night. Those definetly won’t come in handy later. Sitting at around 5.1 TB of stuff. Thinking I could easily get away with a single 8 TB drive for the server. That shouldn’t be too expensive. Found this handy site which compares prices, although 8 TB drives might not be optimal from a £/TB metric. 8 TB isn’t quite SSD terriority yet, yes you can buy them, but for a pretty penny. Maybe I could do 2x 4 TB SSD but think I’ll leave those for a while. Probably I could do one 4 TB SSD as I just got a 1 TB NVME for the boot drive. The SSD would be nearly max to start and that doesn’t seem sensible.

I used to chase bigger storage to keep everything. Now I want to trim it all down to bare minimum.

Saturday, 1st October, 2022

Cocked up our car insurance. I’d told my wife the letters from them probably weren’t anything important…tbh I’d forgotten which company we’d gone with and I assume it was junk. Turns out those letters and emails were telling us we had to submit information else they’d cancel it. Guess what? They cancelled, and they couldn’t possibly go back and sort it out - and they charged us a fee for the privilege of having no insurance. So now I had to buy it immediately. Costing way more and puts the no claims bonus at risk as it’s not normal continuous coverage.

If I’d paid more attention it would’ve been a 5 minute job.

Ugh. I’m so grumpy now.

Time to tidy up my Dropbox folder I think.

This video reminds me why I chose the X-E4. Also the video production of this guy is insane. Also introduced me to the Pen F (film) lenses.

Friday, 30th September, 2022

Now this is a great raspberry pi project.

Thursday, 29th September, 2022

Still debating if getting a dedicated 35mm scanner would be better than DSLR/mirrorless scanning. I think DSLR scanning is slow to setup but once it is you can zip through the film roll taking photos. Then maybe slow to convert one picture but apply it to them all. Compared to the dedicated where it’s fast to begin but 3-5 minutes per frame to scan and save.

I just worry it ties me to keeping a macro lens and camera around, although I’ve already got them so shut up and get on with it. Plus I still think that maybe I’ll shoot 120 or 4x5 again, even though the next moment I just want to stick to 35mm to save decisions.

I want to build an all SSD server, so I should just do that. It’s never going to be as economic on a £/TB basis as spinning hard drives and no amount of debating or spreadsheeting is going to change that.

Out for a work dinner tonight - I’ll like it when I’m there but beforehand I always wonder about skipping it so I can stay at home and waste another evening on the internet.

Yep, I had a great time. It was an engineering society dinner, which ends up being a real cross section of people. I like hanging around with the 50+ year olds as they always have great stories from the good old days. Plus they’re all VPs etc. and buy the drinks.

There was this keen university kid, who was really nice, and I remember being that keen. Anyway, he asked for any advice. We all said in unison - “don’t rush to get a job”. I’m sure people told me that when I was at university, but I really wanted money and the expectation was that you got a job. But now I know, and now I remember fondly the days of university where all you had to do was learn - learn your subject and learn your life. But now I’m burdened with responsibilities. Although I couldn’t go back now, yes it was great but I’m beyond undergraduate life.

Too many packages have been arriving at home and I’m being (probably rightly) accused of buying too much crap. Time to deliver to the offce 😅

I found an old wiki on my computer and there was an entry from 2017 where I’d short listed various film cameras that I could get. Wish I’d bought them all back then. I want a M10 for the ease of digital but all I look at are film bodies.

Wednesday, 28th September, 2022

This thread looks fun to explore.. Well look at this from Amazon.

Maybe I’m tired but I just spent the whole evening doing nothing. I always complain about not having enough free time to do everything I want, and then I just waste it all.

I also feel like I’ve forgotten what all those things are that I was going to do.

Bought a new server though. Prebuilt, ex-business machine - impossible to beat on price I feel. HP ProDesk 400 G7 I think it was. Current one is actually quite old, and this is a 10th gen intel, which supposedly idles at 5W. Be an opportunity to sort out my server and services on it. Feel like I’ve been telling myself to do that for ages. It’s not big enough for the 4x hard drives I have in the current one, which is maybe a dumb move but at the same time a suitable server is more expensive. Maybe I could’ve built one myself though, anyway, too late now. Seemed like a good deal…😅

Keeping my eye out for a suitable 4 bay NAS/server for the hard drives to live in. I can just keep the existing machine for now.

Tuesday, 27th September, 2022

After yesterday’s whirlwind mental activity on new cameras I’ve settled down and tried to only think about the actual problems I have, not the imaginary ones I might have.

I have a very good, compact camera, with a wide selection of good lenses. Things I “don’t like” are in my control to change. I always want fast and exotic lenses which will be “great for portraits, or great for sports”, but I don’t really take any of those, and if I did, any of my lenses would take lovely photos with the right composition and lighting.

I am thinking of selling the 50mm f/2 as I never really like any of the photos I take with it. This is entirely me, but I think it doesn’t suit what I want to do. I think swapping it for the 35mm f/1.4 might be a better choice - not that I need to get that lens as the 27mm 2.8 is pretty close in length to it. However, selling one lens and buying another is part of the fun. I’m actually thinking about the 14mm f/2.8 just for something really different. There’s the 16 2.8 but that’s too close to the 18, and on the roadmap there’s an 8mm f3.5 coming next year. That might be too wide for me. I also need to remember I have the 60mm macro, which I could use instead of the 50mm for whenever I take portraits, it’s a little slower (aperture and auto focus) but it’s also longer. AND there’s the adapted M mount. There’s no shortage even within the tiny selection I have.

The Ricoh GR is still an interest, mostly for the size. It’s quite an expensive toy though, and maybe I’d be better off spending £900 on a new phone which will always be with me and most likely good enough. Not that I want to spend £900 on a new phone.

M10 🙄 Oh now I’ve just gone and reminded myself of all the things and thinking about it again 😅

Developing the film was both stressful and fun. I need to scan the images. Sometimes I wish I’d kept that Plustek 35mm scanner with Silverfast. Yes it was slow, yes the software is weird and confusing, but it was a whole package that did the job. Now I feel like I need 100 things to do digital camera scanning: tripod, light source, mask arrangement, holder/feeder, camera, macro lens, remote trigger, conversion software…😮‍💨 I have most of that now as I’ve bought it all - still debating on software - but the setup feels like a chore, vs. Just get the scanner out, plug it in and start going. It was super slow scanning the slide film of my grandad but I could do it whilst just on the computer. Maybe once I do it a couple of times I’ll be slick at it and it’ll take no time at all.

So now that development has been successful…what am I doing? Just shooting B&W film every weekend?

Monday, 26th September, 2022

What am I like?

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for

I bought (although not technically due to a website issue) a Panasonic GX9 last night.

Why? ❓

I was watching some videos by Steve O’Nions (which I now notice is Steve Onions 🧅), and found myself agreeing with him on a lot of things:

  • Getting bored quickly with the same thing, so wanting variety
  • Finding older cameras more appealing - either film or older digital models
  • Micro four thirds sensors are perfectly adequate for printing huge photos
  • Loving film

He also seems like a genuine individual who is just taking you along with him on his photographic adventures. He’s not trying to get subscribers or sell stuff, he just wants to capture the trips and thoughts he has about photography. The photography is first, the vlog is second. I bet he likes going back and looking at his older videos of things he’s done to remember what he was thinking and doing. I think because of this, his views carry a lot more weight.

Speaking of weight, he really likes small 35mm cameras for going on walks. He talks about how the perfection of the image doesn’t matter (megapixels, sharpness etc) but the composition and lighting is key, and, as we all know, many great photographs come on grainy film from soft, imperfect lenses of old.

He also describes the numerous times he’s sold off gear, only to then re-buy them later on as he regrets selling them.

Ah yes, all sounds familiar 😅

If I’m being honest, it’s being bored that’s the biggest driver. There’s a little bit of wanting to get a fast telephoto lens that not gigantic. e.g. Fuji 50-140 f/2.8 is 1kg, Lumix 35-100 f/2.8 is 360g. The Fuji 100-400 is 1.4kg, the Leica 50-200 is 700g.

I’m also feeling jaded from the film simulations. I used to love them, but I think now that I’ve used film a lot more I find the simulations a poor substitute. It’s a fine balance as I do like nice colours, and contrast but done wrong makes it look like a stupid instagram filter. I do like not having to post-process images but I pretty much converge on just two simulations - a colour one and a black and white one. I want digital to be automatic for me, so I want it to expose and focus well. The fuji focuses just fine (although I’ve never used continuous focus on anything and my old Nikon D40 used to focus well…).

It is slightly unfortunate I only recently bought the X-E4. I’m not sure if I’m going to sell it. Long term I don’t think APS-C plus MFT makes a good combination. Most likely a full frame is a better companion. Although why do I need full frame? I have 35mm film 😉 If I did have an APS-C to complement it then the Ricoh GR series is the one that stands out, otherwise everything else is all the same. Maybe I keep the X-E4 to change things up, although maybe I go and find a X-E2 or X-Pro1 to shake things up.

I do find I like older digital cameras. I want the specs and numbers and features when I read or plan new cameras but when I get them in my hand, I don’t actually care that much. Often using only a fraction of the functions and enjoying the handling of it much more.

Guess I should call the store and try and sort out the order…then pick a lens…or 6 😁

Mid-afternoon, the camera store messaged me saying they had an issue and suggested I re-order it as they’ve cancelled my order. Now I’m doubting myself over the decision. Don’t got to the internet in hope of having someone help you make the decision. There are infinite posts giving both sides.

I just worry that I’m only doing this as I want change not because something is wrong or missing. My favourite post was on a thread were someone was asking if they should “move up” from MFT but at the same time they loved the small lenses and fast apertures. The post suggested they get a Leica camera 😅 Full frame, small lenses, fast apertures, excellent images. But something about price, and autofocus…

😵 Maybe best to step away for a while.

Did some film development tonight…and it worked!! Waiting for my holder to scan but I might try a couple of frames tomorrow with my camera and some bits of black card or soemthing.

Returned the 18-55mm lens. Yes it’s great for videos due to OIS but it’s actually quite heavy and feels unbalanced on the X-E4, even with thumb grip. Maybe the front grip would help? But the frequency of shooting video is so low and I also dislike short length zooms. Yes it’s nice to go from 18 to 55mm but I don’t like that. Maybe it’s nice being able to zoom into the kids running around somewhere, and now I wonder if I do want it but I’ve already decided to send it back and just use the lenses I have. I’m actually thinking of selling the 50mm f/2. The fewer things I have the better.

Whilst I was reading up on negative inversion, I started watching some videos about the X-E4…to remind myself why I wanted it in the first place! I’m still undecided about it all. Film developing was such a hassle but such a joy when it works.

I’m still interested in the MFT, the primes are tiny and the zooms are so small, but it won’t be what I want, as there isn’t really something specific that I want. I’m better off getting a GRiii (probably x) as it’s so different, just it’s £900. There is a GRII on some forums for £430, maybe could get it for £400? Doesn’t have IBIS, doesn’t have xyz, only 28mm but half the price. I wondered if I could get a GRIIIx and use it as my only camera? Seems quite extreme, but all this turmoil I put myself through is not enjoyable.

I’m an idiot.

Sunday, 25th September, 2022

My wife was on the computer a lot yesterday doing the annual photo album. It meant I had to do something else - which is probably good for me! Went on the rower, which, for various reasons, I’ve not been on in nearly a month! I’ve been watching Season 3 of Westworld whilst on it. It feels like a slow season but maybe it’s getting a bit better. Probably to revelations in it are more extreme than season 1, I feel that season 1 was more shocking.

I then just spent the rest of the evening on the iPad looking at servers and reading forums about stuff. So maybe not much better than sat in the computer…😅

If someone gave me a M10 or money for one would I keep it/buy it? Maybe easier to keep if I got the physical body but the money for it? I’m not sure.

I feel like I’m trying to buy my way back into liking the Fuji. Why did I get the 18-55? For videos. Why don’t I just use my phone? I don’t know. Feeling the whole “sell it all and start again”.

Saturday, 24th September, 2022

I’m looking for a server replacement. I’m also trying to decide what I want/need. I use my server for backups of photos, plex for our movies etc., and not much else. Occasionally I’ll run a game server on it, like minecraft or whatever my friends and I are playing. I could run more stuff on it but I find I’d rather use a vps than my home computer.

For plex, a reasonably modern intel cpu is the way to go. Quicksync can transcode anything with ease. A pentium gold can do something like 10 transcodes. Most likely a refurb Lenovo or Dell USFF box is ideal as they use about 5W on idle. One nvme is sufficient for services, the tricky part is storage of media.

If I find a SFF one, then those tend to have space for a 3.5” drive and I could just get a single 10TB hard drive to sit in it. I could keep my existing server and just have it turn on once a week to do a backup.

Alternatively I could get a USB 4 bay enclosure. I’m not entirely sure about them but people on /r/homelab seem to suggest they’re okay. That could fit with a USFF.

I also looked at HP microservers, which are nicely built but maybe overkill and having two computers perhaps defeats the purpose. A rpi might be a solution? I have an older 2B sitting about and a 3 running pi hole and unifi controller. I could add the hard drives to the rpi running pi hole and add a samba share. Although I think pre-rpi 4 share Ethernet and usb so it would be quite slow.

Reducing the amount of storage I need would help. There’s lots of junk on there that I could clear out and my friend is backing up to my server so I should honour that.

A HP ProDesk 400 G7 SFF seems like a good balance. Not super tiny so can have one drive. I think that plus a rpi with the usb on a weekly backup schedule might be the easiest way.

Friday, 23rd September, 2022

So many smart thermostats and TRVs are setup now! Infinitely customisable…it’s not quite cold enough for the heating to be on, so will see how it goes.

Ordered the Fujifilm XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4. There was a promo on ebay, and cashback and nectar points, and a nice one at a good price, so thought why not. Been thinking about having it for any videos, but also it’s supposedly a nice lens in it’s own right. Small too, so should balance well on the X-E4. Just the other day I was thinking of selling all the fuji and simplifying to something…X100V?… I don’t know. Not that long ago I was debating spending £4500 on a M10-R! I was insane. I still want one, but the fuji works for me. I like using it, I just need to remember to use it! Maybe I’ll regret getting more lenses and then having more choices, but I still think it’s a little like a tool box. I’ll try out the 18-55 for photos but I think it’s primarily going to be used for videos as I much prefer the primes anyway.

I think I should turn all grain off in the fuji jpeg settings. It seems wrong.

Loaded another roll of HP5 into my camera, ready to try the developing again once the chemicals arrive. Supposed to be today but next day stuff never arrives here next day, but they never admit it and just make excuses.

Still want a mac, and everyone else is buying Apple products!

I consolidated my public wiki down to a single site, with a single file html tiddlywiki version saved on github and hosted by vercel. Vercel means I can use multiple domains as some are blocked at work 😢

I find it interesting how much I like and then use blot. It’s not really that much different from this site. I write a page or post, and hit commit and the internet makes a new page on this site. Blot is: make a new post or page in dropbox, press save, and the internet makes the site. Yet why am I using it more than my previous static sites? PHotos are a bit easier, although my setup means I keep all images in a _img folder to stop them becoming posts, and then I have to write markdown to link to them. A static site isn’t anymore. Blot does some image compressor or something, although doesn’t seem that much and I’ll do it myself to minimise download time. I do like the stock template and theme, and I have no interest, because there’s no need, to create a theme or tinker with the existing one. So maybe that’s part of it?

Thursday, 22nd September, 2022

I cancelled LrCC as it seemed unnecessary. I have LrC and I don’t need the backup of photos. However, I did like the more library focused design of it. Lightroom Classic is very good for editing. I’ve been doing a little in it recently, mostly as I’m trying to use it as my library as well. However, I find the organisation features frustrating, even if it’s probably more powerful and has more functionality than LrCC. Faces in LrC is a bit rubbish. I’ve come to like filtering by people and events and date ranges. It makes it easy to find stuff. I also like all the memories and things that services like iCloud photos does. I am using Amazon photos but it’s quite limited in what you can get. Really I like (and miss) Photos.app. I can still subscribe to the higher tier of iCloud and I can look at photos on my iPad but without a mac I feel like I miss out on a lot.

I’d like one of those daybook files too.

Wednesday, 21st September, 2022

Not sure where my books list has gone. I think I’m about 5 books behind and I’m not a fast reader.

It was the school open day where parents get to see the class rooms and meet the teachers on a casual basis. As I walk around the school I think that a GRIII would be ideal in this situation. I wonder if other parents were thinking the same thing 💭

The Apple homepod mini is much nicer in quality and sound than the google home mini. It costs a lot more though (especially as I got my google home’s for free). However, the app and integration is so much nicer wit my iPhone than using the Google Home app. Probably if I had an Android the Google Home would integrate just as nicely.

I got 6 months free Apple music with it, but only an individual plan. I thought about using it on my wife’s account but it seems that it’s the Apple ID associated with the HomePod when setup, so that was going to be messy. You can’t upgrade the free trial to family by paying the difference, it would immediately cancel the free trial and start charging me. I guess I’ll just use Apple music myself for 6 months and then be ready to convert the house over. Gives me time to figure it out, and perhaps show it to my wife.

I went for the yellow homepod, mostly randomly and it looks nice on my desk.

Now that I do have Apple music I’d like my playlists from Spotify. A quick Google leads to the general consensus of installing SongShift and using that to sync between accounts. I did install it, but then realised I don’t really have that many playlists, and I’ll just make them again manually. It’s an opportunity to prune them a little. Other services include the web based Soundiiz, and desktop app, FYM (even includes a Linux app!). FYM (Free your music) can keep services in sync, so if you want to use multiple there’s that. Although you might have to pay for it.

I don’t normally like music lists, particularly from generic websites, but this one is quite interesting. Mostly as I like some of these recommendations, but haven’t listened to them in years (as if I don’t remember to play them then the millions of streamable songs don’t stand out like a CD on the shelf). So I’m listening to some on here I’ve never heard of.

All this apple stuff is making me want to scrap all my computer hardware and just get a nice new iMac. Maybe a yellow one to match the homepod. (AN upgraded one is half the price of a M10-R 😅). I’m not sure about the 24” screen though…do like a large monitor, although it’s very high resolution, 4480x2520 and great colours.

Tuesday, 20th September, 2022

In an effort to print more, or at least have more physical photos, I’ve ordered some storage boxes and more photo paper. My plan is to print the good ones each time I get some photos. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them other than put into the box but I think having them physically will encourage me to (a) look at the more (b) start thinking more about printing (c) make some physical photo albums or books for people as gifts.

Just ordered £100 of darkroom stuff. New chemicals but also some bits and bobs I think I need…they had some used Leica film bodies that I looked at for a while 😅

My sister has been staying for a while, so I’ve not really done anything I’d normally do. We played Wingspan board game tonight which was fun. The last time we played we played it wrong and it took forever, this time was much better. I called buying it for our dad for Christmas.

The first parts of my new smart heating arrived today, but other than open the box I’ve done nothing with it yet. Funnily the last piece I ordered arrived first.

I want to cancel Spotify and move to Apple Music. Just need to convince my wife it’s worthwhile. It does save £2/month, which I know is nothing but it goes towards one of the other subscriptions. I want to move to Apple Music as I suspect we’ll move to Apple One over time and this will make it easier to do so. I’d like to get the 2 TB iCloud but it’s only worthwhile if one or both of us have an Apple Watch and do the fitness+ stuff. My wife might do that, she does yoga from an app, but not sure she really wants an Apple Watch though. I sort of do, for voice control and messaging but I don’t really want more notifications and I like wearing my Casio watch. If I get an Apple Watch then I’d want to wear it all the time and my poor Casio would get relegated to the drawer.

Sometimes I wish I had just upgraded from the X100F to the V and never went into the world of interchangeable lens bodies. I’d been happy with the F for 2-3 years. I told myself I’d like the flexibility of different lenses, but really all that happens is that I want to buy more for various reasons. I’ve sold a couple recently to try and focus but it creeps back into my head. Like maybe I need the original 35mm f/1.4 as it “has character”, and as a small lens would fit well with the X-E4. I do have the 60mm macro for film scanning, and a zoom for kids football but do I also need a 50 f2, 23 f1.4, 18 f2 and 27 f2.8 as well?

I was watching some videos I took using the X-T2, and that reminded me I ought to get the 18-55 as that’s “great for videos with the OIS and minimal focus breathing or whatever”. After eyeing M mount lenses, these are all cheap, but it’s just more stuff and choices. Sometimes that’s nice to have the right tool or to change things up, but I did like the only decision being “should I take the camera? Yes/No”. I could easily sell it all and change, seems a little irresponsible given I’ve only just got the X-E4. Probably as supply is so limited I’d not lose very much selling it. I do like the compact size of the X-E4 and it does take lovely photos. It’s just boring…The X100 was fun, even though I only ever used the EVF. I used to find the D7000 fun to use, and now I couldn’t imagine taking that out with me. I’m just not sure what I want.

I also don’t like that I’m starting to think about a 50mm for the M2. Would mean I have the M2 set: 35, 50, 90mm and that doesn’t seem that bad. However, it’s then just another thing to think about. Probably the 50 would be more useful than the 90 though.

I have read a lot of comments today about one camera, one lens setup. I’m also feeling like we have too much stuff, and I need to get rid of things. Even digitally. I cleared out some movies and TV shows saved on the computer. I’d like to minimise the server, to save power and just to have less. The garage has so much stuff in it too. There’s a balance of getting rid of things and then keeping stuff for potential future use. I’m not throwing away a saw because I don’t need to saw stuff today.

Like when am I really going to use the TLR? But film cameras are harder/more expensive to come by so I should just keep it…

Remember back…June 19th,…I bought a year’s subscription to a piano learning app. I finally started using it this weekend. Was fun, started doing some boogie-woogie. I should do it more. 🎹🎶

Monday, 19th September, 2022

I forget about all the web servers and applications I have. I’m sure I setup a WebDAV server somewhere. One thing I do need to sort out is my collection of wikis. Need to consolidate down to a single tiddlywiki. I like having a wiki, although I like the idea of writing a short blog post about entries to make them more useful to both me and others. Perhaps not as easy to find in a blog post but makes me add more specifics to it.

Also tempted to make a structured wiki on the main website. Notionally to be able to find important things. However that does mean there are more places to look and what counts as important?

I found rtcwake on Linux let’s you turn a computer off and then resume at a specific time. Amazingly it even works with poweroff level. I ran it on my server last night to boot in the morning, mostly to test it. It worked which is nice. Then I made me wonder when does my server need to be on?

Sunday, 18th September, 2022

The weather seems to have turned and it feels a lot colder. Everyone is complaining about how cold the house is. I did turn down the thermostat one degree at the beginning of the summer but it’s one degree. We’re at 19 vs. 20, although everyone believed we used to be at 24! Crazy. Got some smart thermostats and TRVs coming, see how they can work. I think they’ll make very limited impact to our bill, but I’m hoping that the ease of adjusting it will mean we’ll keep the house pleasant when it needs it but not when we don’t.

Do I go overboard with the fuji film simulations? Sometimes I’m not sure about the in-camera grain. These are all things I could apply in post, but I don’t. If I shot RAW, most of the time I’d just hit auto and move on. Maybe auto plus some contrast curve adjustments.

I bought the HP Tango as I was sucked into “unlimited photos from the app”. I never print anything. I don’t find it a terrible printer, it’s fine for 6x4s or 5x7s. It’s also great for regular prints that everyone wants to do. I printed a wedding photo of my sister-in-laws and we’ve framed it and put it on the wall. Everyone likes it. It’s probably like those £1 develop and print post-away promos we used to have in the 90s. You’d get the printed photos back and they were fine. Nothing special but generally decent. I should print off some of the film simulation pictures from the Fuji. See what they look like, and that might help me figure out the grain.

Saturday, 17th September, 2022

I’ve come very close to buying a digital M. Very close, hovering over the confirm order button. (Even close to a M10-R!).

But I can’t help worrying that I don’t actually want it, and I just want to buy it. Then I have a small loop of thinking “well go M10 then as it’s ‘cheap’”, but that doesn’t really help.

I also think I should stick to film as it’s more interesting and enagaging.

I should buy a GRIII, probably have more fun with it…

Sometimes I go days or maybe 2 weeks without using a camera. Then I’ll pick it up and snap away and enjoy it. Today was one of those days. I’ve not taken any photos since ~28th August and today I took the X-E4 with me to the woods when I took the kids out to play. Also used it around the house with them. I do really like it. I was in a black and white frame of mind and had it on the Acros film sim. I have two B&W presets programmed, one uses clarity to sharpen it a little, which means it takes ages to save an image, and another that’s slightly different. I find exposure harder with B&W on the camera than with colour. I think the highlights are turned up too much, so that when exposing for the surroundings, people’s faces are too bright. Maybe I need one of the colour filters to help as I do like a little extra on the highlights for people on the fuji cameras. I know I can sort it all out in post, but I’d like to get it decent out the box. I’m also not really decided on how I’m dealing with photos. I have imported them into LrC but it’s not really a library for looking at pictures.

The X-E4 is such a nice size. Had the 50 f/2 on it this afternoon when we were out. Balanced well on the body and easy to do one handed shots. I need two to adjust aperture and things but it’s quick with the dials and my custom buttons.

Too many forums of people going: “I moved from fuji/sony/film to digital Leica. The M10 was perfect, etc., etc. You’d not notice the benefits of the newer sensor in the M10-R. BUT, if I were starting again I’d definietly get the M10-R”.

When I went out I did look at the M2 and thought about bringing it, but the thought of film was too tiring. It would’ve been a good opportunity to take some snaps on HP5 and develop myself. But I don’t have time or want to spend the time I have doing it. There’s somewhat of an inertia to overcome, as it’s not that hard but there we go.

Thursday, 15th September, 2022

We were at a funeral today. Puts things into perspective.

This sold cheaply, but also look how dusty it is. Maybe someone got a bargain…?

Tuesday, 13th September, 2022

Let’s just ignore yesterday 😅.

Last night I found a little photobook I’d made. It was a promo thing online for a free book, so I decided to make one with just film photos in it. Taking it off the shelf and looking through it made me smile. So many funny little moments of everyone that I’d captured. It reminded me I need to print more.

My (now) sister-in-law got married last week. She posted some photos on Apple Photostream and I printed one of them this morning. Just a 5x7” from the HP Tango, but it’s nice to stick on the fridge or put on the side.

I read up on the new iCloud Shared Photo Library. Its use case seems fairly limited, i.e. families wanting to see each other’s photos and have one master library. That does sound like a good thing, although it seems like you can only be a member of one Shared Photo Library. I worry that the bulk of users will get tripped up with it and not quite follow how it’s moving photos around or how anyone can edit and delete photos. I’ll make one for my wife and I, as she’s with the kids all the time and takes pictures when I’m not there. Means I can get those into DayOne more easily. Another little reason why I want all our photos in iCloud.

Upon reflection, I think that a new TV is excessive. Yes, the old one in the playroom uses more power, but we don’t actually use it that much. I’ve just got into an upgrade cycle:

  • get a new TV to reduce power consumption
  • oh it’s 4K. Maybe it should be the main TV
  • Get AppleTV 4K to stream stuff and photos.
  • maybe we need a sound bar too
  • if it’s the main TV then maybe it needs to be bigger. Or a higher spec model.

Before I know it, the cheap TV becomes an expensive TV, with several hundred pounds of accessories.

When they’re older, and if they want an Xbox or something, then that’ll be a more suitable time for the TV upgrades. I’d be better off building a low powered server to replace my current one. Which reminds me of my lunchtime walk today where I started wondering if a Mac mini could be my home server. But it mostly just turned into “I want to buy a Mac mini” even though that wasn’t the problem.

I could still get an Apple TV for the HomeKit hub. Seems a more useful box than their smart speaker. I could use it for photo viewing. Still seems excessive for just that. It has lots of cool features but I don’t need any of them. But is it less excessive than the smart speaker which we don’t need whatsoever. It would just sit in my office.

Think on that one. Anyway, found the smart thermostat on sale, so once I measure some stuff up to see if I need the back plates, I’ll order it. I need to find something suitable for the underfloor heating. Mostly as the current one is so annoying to program, it seems to reset itself and just isn’t very clear what it’s doing. No one (main brands) seems to make a controller though.

All this smart stuff has got me thinking about what else I could do.

Monday, 12th September, 2022

Restarted the recycle in my head about cameras again. Recently there have been quite a few M10s on the used market and prices have been pushed down a little. I was tempted. Then I left it and now there doesn’t seem to be that many and the price has crept up again - maybe +/- 10%. There’s one on eBay right now which I think the seller would accept quite a drop from the listing price based upon an offer they sent out to the watchers - it’s that dented one that I’m hesitant about though. I’ve also gone from M10 to M10-P to M10-R(!) back to M10.

I then think about film, and how I enjoy it and would it not be better to spend the money on development and film etc. vs. another digital camera.

Perhaps I should go back to my smart home pondering…

I’m wondering about (again!) uploading all my photos into iCloud for the memories and little things it makes. What got me started on that is power price. Bear with me… the old TV is a power hog and I was thinking of replacing it. Power prices have been capped by the government so the payback isn’t quite as good as it was but still. I don’t really care that much about TVs and I’m not looking to spend a fortune on OLED or whatever, but there is a nice one on sale that’s a good price. Has Roku built in to - that helps with the WAF. Then I started thinking it should replace the main lounge TV, then move that into the playroom to replace the power hog. Given I was doing that, it already has Roku built it, AND I’m looking at home automation stuff which I’d rather connect into Apple vs Google or Alexa. So an Apple TV can act as a hub for it. So if I had that then all my photos in iCloud would be viewable on the TV.

Phew! What a lot of justifying buying stuff. 😅

But sometimes I think I should buy first; deliberate later.

When I was looking at micro four thirds, I joined the M43 subreddit. Probably should leave as I read about people saying what an amazing system it is - capable of all situations with such an extensive line up, all for a good price and excellent quality. This includes professionals who get paid for their work. Why do I read these things. 😅

👆this whole random stupid conversation is why I keep this separate from the nice blog 🥲

Sunday, 11th September, 2022

I want to do home development of film, but it seems like too much to do. The price of development seems to be creeping up, and it seems like a waste when I could buy more film instead. I also should take some less important photos to develop first.

Saturday, 10th September, 2022

After a week of rain, it’s now a lovely sunny day.

The Queen died at her Scottish residence in Balmoral. Her coffin is going to drive past our house (not exactly but very close) tomorrow, seems like something we should go and see.

Was out last night on a work do. Probably drank too much. 🥴 It’s interesting seeing other people out who have chosen to go out together and drink a lot. That’s just not something I’d ever chose to do. It’s also really expensive.

Someone on eBay is selling a M10 which has quite a few dents and marks on it. They’ve made low offers to the watchers. It’s better value but there’s quite a few dents near the viewfinder and I’d worry the rangefinder mechanism has been shaken up. EBay is the cheapest, even mint condition ones, but can’t help feeling it would be better to get a camera of this price from a store. This is all very academical anyway.

Thursday, 8th September, 2022

Lots of new Apple things. Means I can upgrade my SE to the 2022 model…next year when I buy refurb ones in ebay sales 😅

Spent a lot of time looking at smart home heating stuff. Think I’ve finally decided on what I want. None of this stuff is exactly cheap, and what’s annoying is that it was all on sale on Amazon last week. I found a coupon code, so that helps soften the blow.

The government have now decided to cap the utilities bills for everyone. Waiting to see what the actual rate will be, then revisit my calculations on upgrades. Things will take longer to pay back but the bill won’t be horrendous!

Long live the King of the United Kingdom. 🇬🇧

Oh look, a new XF 56mm f/1.2 R WR lens.

Wednesday, 7th September, 2022

Migrated all my old blog posts to the new blot blog. Well not all the old posts, I have some from ages ago that I might move too. Not many, maybe 3 at the most.

I’m still thinking that I’ll keep this site for idle chatter and the other for more (slightly) coherent posts. I’m aware I talk about the same thing over and over and so I want to keep that here (for me) and not pollute the other site with it (just yet).

But blot is cool. The more I’m using it the more I’m appreciating that it’s more than just another static generator. A big advantage of using it with Dropbox is that so many apps integrate with Dropbox and that makes it really easy to do stuff. With the Dropbox app on my phone I can do everything on the go, including pictures. I’m also thinking about how to use the picture to post feature it has. I sort of want to make a gallery template that can bring all posts tagged with pictures into it but I also don’t want to spend ages faffing about with templates and config and just get on with writing posts and moving on. I’m on the default template and it’s perfectly suitable. The magazine one is quite interesting and I might switch to it but I’m trying to resist too much fiddling.

Migrating all my posts from tiddlywiki made me realise I still want a wiki. I could add pages with notes and things on in blot but I think a real wiki would be better. I have tiddlywiki site and dokuwiki site still running.

I’d like to find an online markdown editor for Dropbox files. So I can use a web browser to edit things when I have the need to - probably at work, as I think dropbox website is blocked. https://stackedit.io/ seems like one.

It’s my 12 year anniversary on reddit. Dread to think how much time I’ve wasted on that site 😅

Tuesday, 6th September, 2022

Maybe I won’t need to buy new things and turn everything off as the government are going to let energy suppliers borrow money for 20 years to pay for the increased prices. It’s fine now but just another debt on the mountain.

I’ve been diving into smart home heating stuff again. I was thinking that whilst it would be interesting, it wouldn’t save much money, as really all that needs to be done is turn it down. I then started looking into TRVs again as a standalone solution just to trim certain rooms that get a lot of heating from the sun on nice days, but that led me back to whole smart systems. It’s quite complicated figuring out what everything does and what you need or don’t need. I should investigate what we currently have, as it might be easy to replace the wireless thermostats…or it might not be. I don’t want to buy something that I later regret because I want to expand or change.

I suppose if everything I get integrates with Apple Homekit that makes it easier. I want to use home assistant and do it all myself but there’s a certain level of ease with it being in Apple. Homekit things seem to be more expensive though. Probably need to get an apple TV or homepod thing to act as a permanent home base vs. my iPad. The iPad generally stays at home but if we’re away I’ll take it with me.

We do have Google home’s and I think the voice control and recognition of them are better than Siri, but I trust Google less with smart home stuff.

Monday, 5th September, 2022

My goodness. I looked up what utility prices are expected to be. It’s insane, come 2023 electricity will be 5x and gas 10x. The heat pump dryer looks like a winner, even at £700 for it. Although then I started reading they don’t work well in ambient temps less than 10 degC, and we keep ours in the garage. It doesn’t get freezing in there but probably under 10 in the winter? Then I read someone saying the loop in the dryer will heat up, so it doesn’t matter. 🤷‍♂️

Sunday, 4th September, 2022

The new price cap will come into effect 1st October. For those that don’t know the UK system for gas and electricity price (and I’m not an expert) this basically means the “maximum” that can be charged by utility companies for gas and electric. Every 6 (or maybe it’s 3 now given the current situation) the regulator looks at wholesale prices and adjusts the cap accordingly. I say “maximum” because it’s defined as the maximum an average household would pay. It’s sort of like a maximum p/kWh, because if you use more then you’ll pay more. Most companies have a rate plus a daily fee, and they play about with each. So I’m yet to hear what our new electricity price will be. However, today it’s 27p/kWh for electric and 7.3 p/kWh for gas. Last time I had a fixed rate tariff (before all those companies went bust) it was 15p and 2.8p, and I thought they were bad. Supposedly this hike is the small one, January’s will be even bigger 🤢.

Whilst the UK doesn’t get much gas from Russian (or didn’t use to), Europe does a lot. Particularly Germany it seems. However, as we’re all one gas system then the price acts accordingly.

As it’s a rainy day and seems cooler than just a few weeks ago, I want to see what we can do before the winter to try and keep bills under control. I’m in two minds about smart heating controls, and as to what could we really save. I think moving the thermostat to the main room would be better, vs. the hallway where it is now, as that’s a generally colder area. Ideally controlling every radiator too would be good, but getting a TRV for each will be a lot of money. We have nine downstairs, and that would be £350 worth. Probably I could strategically place some of them, or just do one in each room and manually set the other rads.

I have ordered 2 smart plugs that measure usage. Plan to install them about the house then move them around to see what does what. At these prices (and increasing) older stuff starts costing more than buying a new one! We have a very old TV and on the back it says 260W, versus new ones which use about 8W whilst on. 4 hours of use a day is £106 a year, vs. £3 for a new TV (at current prices that will increase in 4 weeks!). I think the big user will be the tumble dryer. We only recently got one (well maybe 2 years ago) and I didn’t buy a heat pump one as they’re expensive - 2-3x - but supposedly they use half the power. The plug will help me see what’s what.

I also I think it might be time to reassess the home server too. It’s on 24/7.

Underfloor heating…that’s long gone now! I’ll take the fuses out so no-one can turn it on if they want to.

It’s sort of a fun activity, until I remember why I’m doing it. However, justifying new toys because they’ll save money is surely a win:win 😅.

This could’ve been a blog post…should’ve been? Once I do the measurement and sums it might be useful to other people. My main site’s main nag to me is that it’s not a “normal” blog and linking and finding stuff is different (tiddlywiki) and so would anyone find it? 🤔 Do I need something else. You know, a normal site, a static blog?, blot, A N Other…

Saturday, 3rd September, 2022

I should sort out smart home heating before this winter. I don’t think it’ll make a huge difference to our bills, but given the cost of gas and electric is about to go 4x then every small amount will be worth it. Plus our current setup does annoy me. I’ve found the right model and brand that I want to go with. I just need to figure out which radiators should get TRVs (controllable valves) to make the most of it. Going with Drayton Wiser products. Mostly as it seems they’ll work perfectly well with Home Assistant completely offline. I’ll probably just use their app to do everything at first, and maybe forever, but it’s nice knowing that if they shutdown their servers I can still use it. We only have one other smart thing, and that’s the garage door opener. I have it with Apple Home (running on my iPad) as it’s handy to ask Siri as I’m cycling home to open the garage. I’m sure it can be integrated with Siri, although not really sure heating needs to be. It’s mostly configure and then forget. Perhaps in the effort to save money, maybe it needs to be made less convenient to increase the heating 😅.

I might get some other smart home things, but not really sure what would be useful.

My friend has just about everything “smart’d” - every light, heating, cameras, power measurement, and EV charging. He has a variable power rate and I think it gives the supplier the ability to choose when he charges his EV overnight. Essentially makes it very cheap. It’s pretty cool. The other stuff seems a bit excessive. Some of the lights are nice, as it lets him group them together independent of the wiring circuit, where you’d want two sets or certain lights on together you can turn them on with one “switch”. I could see a few smart lights being useful for the kids at night or when we’re away to simulate someone is home.

Friday, 2nd September, 2022

I used this neural net website to try cleaning up some of my grandad’s slides from the 60s. Some were damaged by fungus and other issues, but this site does a nice job of making them look reasonable. They’re not perfect but much nicer for using it. Might pick out a few others and process them through it to tidy up.

All this blot chat is tempting me to try it, however, I quite like what I have here and I’m over 4 months of use of it. I have daily notes going back longer (nearly a year) but this exact setup is more recent. Images are still a hassle in this, although maybe the app I use to write in could help me with it, although image compression etc. is still something that needs to be done.

Looking at the slides gallery in Piwigo makes me want to make a static version of it. I’m not going to be adding new photos to it as I’ve scanned all there is. It’s also inundated with spam comments, all screened but unnecessary. It’s also hosted on my home computer and I’d prefer it to be external (and ideally on some free hosting!) I just never found nice AND easy static gallery creation tools. I was thinking of using Adobe portfolio, but now that I cancelled my LrCC subscription that’s not really an option. If I spend some time, I might be able to reuse the blot templates and a bit of manual work.

I’ve sold my X-T2, and 35mm f/2, but I’ve not bought anything in their place. It feels wrong to do so, as in my head that money then disappears into the general account and then if I buy something later it feels like an expense not a trade. However, I don’t just want to buy stuff for the sake of it. I’ve thought about the 35mm f/1.4 but I’m enjoying just using the pancakes with the X-E4 (18 and 27), makes for a nice setup and gets me using focal lengths I don’t often use. The 18 is proving nice for indoors, and 27 for outdoors - I then don’t notice the f/2.8 whatsoever. I’m quite liking a “vintage” style colour profile I have on it. I feel like it might be borderline tacky, and no better than a random instagram filter. I switch back to my “regular” colour profile but then find it so boring. I shoot raw+jpeg, so I can always reprocess it if necessary, but like most digital photos (that I take), they’re fine and more about a record of the event.

Thursday, 1st September, 2022

Welcome September.

Strangely a proposal at work linked this video in their documentation. I liked the video though.

Why your website should be under 14 kB

Wednesday, 31st August, 2022

Not sure what I’ve been doing.

Looks like we’re getting the kitchen done in a few months, and no doubt they’ll be scope creep and extra costs. So buying extravagant 🔴 cameras should probably be on hold. Possibly for a long time 😅

My Baofeng radio arrived. Turned it on, pressed some buttons and turned it off. I need to schedule my amateur radio licence test. I’ve done a training class and it’s fairly straight forward. Just have to remember some specifics. If I pass I have a feeling my usage of the radio won’t change.

Monday, 29th August, 2022

Waiting at airports is so inefficient. I can use the time to read or something, but wouldn’t it be nice to just show up 15 minutes before it leaves and walk straight on.

The Leica store was lovely. I only had 20 minutes before I had to get my train so it was such a short lived experience. All the staff seemed to be a real mix of photography enthusiasts. Some in suits, some in a “dirty white T-shirt”. Be a fun place to work and see such an interesting section of society. One that involves coming in and dropping £10-20k on camera gear.

They only had a M10-R available to look at, everything else was off in Wetzlar getting cleaned up. I complained that all their used gear was expensive, but if they’ve all been serviced by Leica then maybe it’s not so bad.

Anyway, the M10-R was great to hold and use. It felt identical to using my M2. I used the M10 with my 90mm both rangefinder focusing and live view with focus peaking. The viewfinder was nice and bright. Perhaps not surprising that I’d enjoy using one.

Obviously at the time I was ready to buy one and I’m still sort of ready but back to the “is it really worth it” decision. The one good thing is that I know I want a M10 or variant, not a previous version. Maybe I subconsciously knew that already but now it’s confirmed. I always wanted a black one but having seen the silver in person, I’m not fixed on black. I have noticed that silver is sometimes cheaper than black - although not always and depends on used stock online. I had wondered about a silver M10-P to match the M2. No one would know if I was shooting film or not!

The energy price rise is not pleasant and whilst we’ll be okay, it does make me question the timing of buying an expensive camera.

Sold the X-T2 - for more than I paid! The guy in the Leica store said he thought M10 prices would be low (current levels) whilst people upgrade to M11 but then at some point creep up a little as those that have upgraded have done so and then new people look for the cheaper M10 model. So another reason to buy now!? 😅

I’m now the old relative who goes “haven’t you grown, last time I saw you you were only this high 🫳”. That’s once I’ve realised who they actually are!

Phil’s new blog reminded me of what my blog used to be like, but has now turned into an online journal of daily chatter.

Sunday, 28th August, 2022

My friend’s brother came to visit yesterday. We were trying to remember the last time we saw each other. We’ve spoken online since then but actually in person? It was before he was married, and they have four kids now, so a good 10 years, if not 20. Neither of us could remember.

Playing Magic the Gathering with them all last night. That was fun. There’s a new (well since I last played…also about 20 years ago) format called Commander which is a 100 card deck but you can only have 1 of each card. You also have a commander creature which can be played. It’s a fun format. You basically stick together a whole load of ridiculously powerful cards and just see what happens. It makes replaying it fun and your deck isn’t just a one trick wonder, trying to do the same thing each game. Every time someone casts something (we were playing 4 players), everyone reads it and goes “omg that’s insane”, think they’re going to die next turn, but then they cast something equally insane and so it continues. Also the 4-player nature of it means you’re not quite sure who to attack or not, and risk leaving yourself open.

My friend had a dinosaur deck, which means getting enormous creatures and making them even more enormous and overwhelming you. His wife’s was a green creature (also equally large creatures) rapid spawning deck to overwhelm you, their daughter’s was a controlling, interfering deck that would make everyone else fight each other, and make it annoying to attack her, and mine was a annoying, make you discard lots of cards and take damage because of it.

I ended up winning by a very tight margin at the end, was just their daughter and I left. I had a sneaky card that you didn’t notice how much damage you were taking from it, until someone did a board cleaner and wiped out so many creatures. It was fun, and not just because I won 😅

It reminded me how much I like complex games like Magic the Gathering. The specific wording of cards is important, properly managing each step and turn, and then remembering to do everything and use all the abilities - that last one is particularly fun when someone forgets to do one of theirs!

We also played a fun kids game called Machi Koro, which I’ve written down as I’ll never remember. Could be a good one for a Christmas present for ours.

Today I’m off to London, with the intention of visiting the Leica of Mayfair store, for “educational purposes”. The good thing about visiting there is that I’m never going to buy anything from there as they’re much more expensive than other camera stores (except brand new M11 - but that’s not even an option so I’m okay there!). Their used stuff is £500-£1000+ more than everywhere else so it would be silly. However, they have a lot, so depending on what I can do, I could have a play 😁.

Then off to the family party. I’m sure it’ll be fine, but I’d much rather stay here and play board games all evening. 🤓

Hopefully there are no more train strikes too.

Saturday, 27th August, 2022

When you have small kids and have been waking up at 6/6:30 for 10 years it’s then hard to have a lie in. Staying at some friends and I’ve been up and pottering about for an hour 😅

Friday, 26th August, 2022

I cancelled my Adobe cloud subscription. I have two days left of the free trial but decided I don’t need it. What I need is the habit of using something to manage my photos, rate them and then upload to my site. I don’t need LrCC, or the cloud storage. It’s nice but unnecessary. The adobe portfolio is nice too but I like my static site as it has all the old albums in it going back 6 years or so.

I also have LrC that I’ve paid for and can use. It does everything LrCC does and probably more, its UI is busier but I just need to learn what I want to use. It does the job and I should just not be so lazy.

Took my film through the airport security. I asked them to hand check it and they were fine, although looked at it strangely. Possibly he’d not seen film in a very long time! I don’t have much left (although 10 rolls of HP5+ in the post now) so just have three with me. I plan to use it all and may even just post it off so I don’t have to fly back with it. My airport is small and quiet but on the way back it’s from a London one and I worry that the busyness of it could be more of a hassle.

My suitcase was light with clothes but my hand luggage was heavy with cameras, iPad, laptop…! The M2 is a weight. I only have the pancakes for the X-E4 (27 and 18). I do have the adapter for the M mount lenses too, and it all fits nicely in a little lowepro bag. I only let myself take what fits in there, so I have to decide!

Does that mean I can’t buy anything to bring back? 😅

It’s going to be a busy weekend and absolutely zero time to debate blogs, cameras, websites, notebooks etc. Glorious! 🤩

Will be seeing family that I’ve not seen in…years…hopefully all good. I do get to see my cousin who’s 15-17? who I sent my Minolta X-700 to as she was supposedly starting a photography course at college. Sounds like she’s been having some difficulties in life, so I hope we can talk about photography and connect a little.

Wednesday, 24th August, 2022

Spent way too long reading, watching and thinking about Leica Monochrom cameras. Specifically the type 246 (which is the middle one of the three released). Why do I want it? Is it because I really want a M10 but that’s too expensive? Is it because I actually like the colours from the Fuji SOOC and so I don’t need another colour digital camera? Is it because I got several rolls of B&W film back and all the photos from them were so much nicer than the colour? (And so much nicer than all the digital ones I took). Probably all of those.

The M mount lenses are so nice and so unique and interesting. People say that some of the Fuji lenses are really nice and have character - like the original series (18 2, 23 1.4, 35 1.4, 56 1.2, 60 2.4) and then the 90 f2. I agree, they’re nice lenses and but character? They’re no different that other digital camera manufacturers lenses of similar length and speed. Maybe I just can’t see it. However, my CV 35mm f1.4, it’s so different. Maybe as I don’t use it very often as it’s on film that I notice more. Anyway it would be nice to use them more. I try to with adapting on the Fuji. Again, maybe I just need to get into the habit of using them more on it. I’m also interested as there’s just so many different lenses for such a variety of looks and styles, it makes it more appealing and changes things up.

Oh I don’t know. There’s no rush to get anything. I did buy 10 HP5 films as they were on sale. Made them £5.80/roll of 36 exp., which isn’t too bad these days. I should just enjoy those.

I’m been enjoying LrCC, but I am wondering if I really need the subscription. Could I not just use LrC that I already own outright, it’s not the very latest version but I don’t think it really matters. I just want to mark the better photos out of all the ones taken, and then export them into my static gallery. I’m again torn betweeen my static site and then adobe portfolio. The portfolio website is so effortless and yet looks really good.

I keep thinking about cameras with respect to making images for other people. What about taking photos for me. So take the monochrom. I enjoy B&W and other people do but I feel like they have B&W fatigue and quickly get bored and want colour. Now maybe this is just me justifying buying stuff, but watching T Hopper’s videos it made me think of this.

I’m wondering what to do with my photos domain. The root domain has been the site for years but as I wonder about making a more portfolio-esq site with favourite images in. Having said all that, most of my family look at Photos Apple stream, so if the site is just my top picks does it matter?

Tuesday, 23rd August, 2022

Life is short, shit can happen, does that mean I should buy a Leica now? I just worry that I want it as an object, not because it’ll be a great camera and let me take great photos. I think I will enjoy using it. Ugh. Will film supply shortages ever end and prices and availability will be “reasonable” again?

I like LrCC, but do I want to keep it forever and keep paying for it? I still don’t have a good alternative. I suppose LrC but I’m enjoying the simplicity of LrCC. It also stops me lying to myself that I’m happy doing all photo stuff on my ipad (in the scenario of Photos.app and iCloud). So there’s that. The problem is I want to replicate my website into LrCC’s ratings. I.e. have the past 7/8 years of albums trimmed to about 20 photos each. Really I don’t need to do that as we have printed albums up until about 2 years ago.

A camera store has a black M10-P and a type 4 50mm cron…been debating all day if I ask them what price would they do if I bought both. Whilst they’re lovely, it’s just such a huge amount to spend on a camera - for me anyway. I suppose no harm in asking but I also don’t want to mess them about if I’m not intent on buying. I do wonder if they’d take me more seriously if I was in-store vs. a random online. Whether a coincident or not, I will be visiting the town where this store is this coming weekend. I hadn’t planned to go in - it’s not really on my way or close to where I am but I could go. However, I’m still not sure.

Monday, 22nd August, 2022

I sold my Fuji 35 mm f/2. I cannot for the life of me find out how much I bought it for. Checked emails, paypal history, credit card transactions but nothing. At least nothing obvious. I thought I bought it almost effectively the same time as the X-T2 as it was going to be my main lens…and the camera came with none. I suppose it doesn’t really matter, I was just curious as to how the prices had changed. I sold mine for within current going rates so that’s all I can expect. However, I previously sold my 16-80mm for more than I paid for it. I did find that I bought that lens at the same time as the camera body, but I’m sure that was just by chance as there was a sale going on.

My phone is not plugged into the charger where I always leave it overnight. So now I have no idea where it is. I even think to myself that I remember plugging it in. Which can’t be true as it’s not there, yet I still keep thinking “but I’m sure I plugged it in”. Amazing how I can still be convinced even when the evidence is so plainly the opposite.

All of 2022’s photos are uploaded. I deleted some junk from the computer before uploading. Not sure why I’d kept them, literally things like accidental shutter release and nothing in focus etc., real obvious stuff. Think I should try the rating process and see what works well for that, and setup a new photo site.

I’m quite keen to make a photography blog site too. Although it might quickly die as I get bored of it. Even for myself be nice to document how I like and have found various film stocks.

I have some ektachrome 100 in my basket. It currently has a slight sale and I’ve never shot colour slide, and feel like I should at least once. It and its development are just so expensive though - even with the sale! Plus I’d be so precious about the shots that I’d probably keep it forever thinking I’ll save it for best. The family party the other week would’ve been a good place as we were outside the whole time and it was brilliant sunlight.

Sunday, 21st August, 2022

I can’t export lower quality JPEGs from the photos app on the iPad. I can use another program, like Darktable to do it. Although not sure saving to samba share via Files works as it comes up with some error. I looked into it before but the answer was either not obvious or required some faff. I know you can impersonate an Apple file share with samba which might work better.

Darktable app seems good, although you have to pay to use all the functions. It has a lifetime sub of £64 vs annual £20 charge. I like one off charges but am I really going to use it? It also doesn’t have an auto (at least one that’s not obvious to me). Which made me wonder if I need an auto. I like how it uses iCloud library and doesn’t require you to import photos into the app.

There’s probably many photo apps so I should look at them all first.

Jack suggested looking at Lightroom subscription. The one that appeals to me is the £10/month for Lightroom CC with. 1TB storage. That would fit all my photos, give me the ability to manage my library on mobile and desktop, plus have a very good photo editor. Now I don’t really do much editing but the syncing between devices including desktop is very appealing. Apple Photos.app only has favourites, whereas Lightroom has ratings. I generally only want two for maybe website plus printing but it’s handy to have. It’s a step away from iCloud photos so you have to import from photos app on iPad, however, I’m most likely to import on the desktop anyway. Having the desktop in sync is nice as then I can do the export from the desktop app and not have to worry about iOS persnicketiness. I could also export the good photos to my server for storage and then not worry about anything else. Really I should be deleting more anyway, if it’s not a good or great, why am I keeping it?

The 1TB is nice too. iCloud is £6.99/month for 2TB but of course no applications. I also don’t have a Mac desktop so it’s usefulness is limited. Other than photos I don’t really need to backup stuff that isn’t a few 100 MB (scans of documents etc). I do have some home videos but not many.

I think it’s worth giving it a go with the free trial. They do make you sign a 12 month contract regardless of if you pay once or monthly.

Here we are now in the evening and I’ve started the 7 day trial. It seems very promising. The one big hassle is importing my photos whilst maintaining a folder/album structure. Essentially I want to mirror my folder structure but with Albums in Lr. I might be able to do it if I first import into LrC then migrate it, but currently I have to make each album individually then import the photos. It’s pretty slow going…Once everything historical is in then it’s not a big deal going forward.

I like the organisation/library view and controls. It’s very minimal but with just what I want. I’ve only been importing so not tried any editing. I did a few of the tutorials built in that walk you though editing a photo and so far it seems like it has a decent amount of editing functionality. Some of the sharing features are quite nice, just a quick share of an album to people if they wanted to get a copy of the images. However, one thing I’m interested in is the blurb and the Adobe Portfolio integration. I used blurb to make a photo book for my mum using my Grandad’s slide photos and it was a nice tool to use and a reasonable price. With the integration I can send the highlights to a project to then load into a book, so I could add stuff all during the year as I go, and then the final build isn’t such a huge ordeal. I’m sure LrC had it and other programs but I never used them.

Adobe Portfolio is also interesting, and I’m considering using it to replace my family photos site. Mostly for the convenience of it all. I don’t even have to make albums in Lightroom, as all the images are in Adobe cloud I can just make a new one whenever and add the images I want. There’s a few built-in themes and they’re perfectly suitable. It’s like editing with Wordpress. I assume it either uses my adobe cloud storage, or if I’m using photos from my Lightroom library it doesn’t use up any additional space. Basically means I have up to a 1TB web library 😅. You can also use custom domains for free. Pretty much everything I want!

I might make a photography blog site with it too…

Or I’m just all excited and getting carried away with it. But now my workflow would be:

  • Copy photos to folder structure
  • Delete obvious duds
  • Import into Lightroom
  • Rate them
  • Edit if necessary
  • Upload to website
  • Add to this year’s photo album book
  • Enjoy all that extra free time to waste on something else 😂


I just opened the iOS app on my iPad. I need to check, but I think it has different/more features than the desktop one? Lots of AI stuff, which seem pretty neat for suggested profiles and masks etc. Maybe I will spend time editing on my iPad. Sort of conflicts with my desire to try and just use SOOC jpegs for mostly everything. So my brain is then “oh so you could get a MFT camera cos you’re not relying on Fujifilm anymore”, then I remind it that I LITERALLY JUST BOUGHT A NEW FUJIFILM CAMERA! Brain whispers “maybe the MFT could be used for sports photography”. 🤫🧠🤯 I’m just excited about it. I don’t really want to edit all the photos every time. Maybe 5⭐️ ones I might try something else out to improve it.

Saturday, 20th August, 2022

Oh lovely a burst water main. At least it’s not burst in our house. Only had water in the kettle for a single cup of tea. Not sure what I’ll do next!

Ordered a ham radio. A Baofeng BF-F8 Plus. Seems to be a recommended first one and pretty cheap - £30. The next step is upgrading the antenna, but that’s also only about £15. Still doing the foundation course and then have to book an exam before I can transmit. Probably still do nothing with it. 😅

Been trying to see if managing photos on my iPad is going to be possible and enjoyable. The first yes, the second, maybe.

What I’m thinking my workflow is, is the following:

  • Import photos on to desktop computer
  • Put them into the folder structure: YYYY/YYYY-MM-DD Title
  • Delete the obvious junk
  • Copy them to the server (maybe)
  • Upload to a new Album on icloud website

At this point I could ❤️ the best ones, or just leave them. My thought with this is that I often don’t have time to look through them when I remember to copy them from the camera, or don’t want to right then. So if I get them onto iCloud then I can look at them on the iPad at some later stage. From there I can delete, rate, and edit in Photos. I could even edit in something like Darktable on the iPad, or several other apps. I’ve been tending not to edit beyond cropping, as I’m fine with how they look out of the camera and to save time. Only unless it’s very under/over exposed might I bother. Oh yes, this is all just jpegs. Unless it’s something super critical - like a perfect moment or I don’t know what - I’m fine editing the jpeg. I’d like to think I can get it mostly right that editing a jpeg is enough 😅

I’m not sure about the saving to the server. Should those be the files or should I export from any edits I’ve done to the server? Or am I just going to keep everything in iCloud? When my wide makes photo books, she usually uses the photos from the server, so I should probably export them. Or maybe only the best ones? Have to think about that.

There’s then my website. Ideally I want to be able to export all the good ones to the website. So either that means a different website which can be exported to via it’s dedicated app (looking at you smugmug, Piwigo, etc.) or, in the case of my static site, I just export to my server and have some scripts do that business for me. That’s probably not too bad, although I used to export lower quality files to save on web hosting. I think if I do that on the iPad, it gives them huge UUID names. But maybe there’s some other app I could use to do that.

I really like the idea of managing photos on my iPad, mostly as then I can do it away from the desktop, it becomes an activity I do on the iPad and gets me in the mood for it. Plus I can even do some stuff from my phone if I really want to. I then get iCloud faces, and memories and all that, which helps me see old photos again.

Friday, 19th August, 2022

Went to the optician’s today. Not been since 2019 or maybe even 2018. I need new glasses, mine are all scratched up horribly. I usually buy my glasses online as they’re much cheaper but today I decided to buy them in store. I tell myself it’s to support local businesses…even if they are 2+ times the price of online…but I wear them everyday and it’s nice to see and feel them before I buy them. I don’t tend to deviate from my glasses design but this time I’m slightly changing. Only slightly mind. They’re also plastic body and titanium legs, so they’re super light, and the nose is just the plastic of the lens body, so sit very nicely on my nose. I really don’t like the typical glasses nose support things, they’re comfortable enough, but they just get so minging! 👓

They use Nikon to make their lenses. I didn’t expect to be buying Nikon lenses this month though 😅 Does that mean I need a F100 again?

Not a peep from anyone on the Fuji body and lens though.

Also find myself still looking at M10/10-Ps 🤫

And I should really stop reading about the M11.

I should also stop watching YouTube, as all it serves up are endless gear videos where I learn about new things that I suddenly need. I’m just bored and lazy so I turn on YT. I watched a video about the MFT Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens. It’s so tiny and a 150mm eq. for great teleportraits. I don’t need a MFT camera and that lens. Yes, it’s cool, and MFT is pretty nice and generally enough pixels for everyone but I don’t need another system. I Literally just bought a new camera. What am I doing?! I’m falling a bit behind on my ham radio training, so I should do that - it’s mostly videos anyway. But I can’t mindlessly watch it.

I miss Photos.app simplicity. It pretty much had everything I need from a photo library and editing tool. It was also simple to use. However, I don’t have a mac, and I’m not buying one to just use it. Although I did like having the dedicated mac which was for photos, as when I sat down on it I did photos. Not like my main computer where I sit down and do all sorts of random crap. However, I don’t want more computers. I mean, I do, but I don’t. I have been wondering if I could use the iPad Photos.app to manage everything, plus get the faces, icloud photos sync and simplicity.

Thursday, 18th August, 2022

RavynOS looks interesting. A bit like an open source macOS, as it’s built on FreeBSD instead of Linux, and using a theme that copies macOS. It’ll not be as seamless but a decent job. I used to run FreeBSD on my server for a long time and loved it. I moved back to Linux as I wanted some specific application that was too hard to get working on FreeBSD…I can’t even remember what it was. I’d be tempted to run FreeBSD again one day if I rebuilt my home server. Anyway, I’m glad someone is doing this. FreeBSD does make for a nice OS as it’s all built together and just works. Now I want to buy some old laptop to install it or even OpenBSD on…oh what a rabbit hole (that a periodically visit).

More macOS stuff…a cool CSS theme based on old mac OS: system.css.

Tuesday, 16th August, 2022

Somehow I’d not set the date and time correctly on the X-E4. I paired it with my phone and it asked to set the time from it, but I didn’t really look and assumed it was correct. Was some random time in Feb 2021. Had to do bulk EXIF editing to get the right date. The times are wrong but that’s not so bad, but the date would mess things up otherwise.

I made a few colour profiles on the camera and I quite like one of them…the only problem is I’m not quite sure which one it was and what all the settings where! Maybe I can see them in the camera when I inspect an image? I think the desktop fuji app allows you to save and load custom profiles from the computer? I also did some tests with Clarity on and off (with it on it takes the camera significantly more time to process the image). I sort of like it but undecided. It’s probably better to leave it off and apply in post if I really want it…Anyway I should figure it out and line them up. I’m not sure if I liked the pictures and colours because it was a lovely sunny day and pretty much anything looks nice with lots and lots of light.

I listed the 35mm and the X-T2. Annoyingly some scammer “bought” the X-T2 and tried to get me to send my paypal email or something but ebay had already blocked their account before I could even do anything…which is good…except my camera “sold” and whilst I can cancel the sale and not pay any fees, if I relist it then I don’t get the seller’s fees discount that I was getting from listing it yesterday. 😡 I’ll put it on a forum and see if I get any interest. I find it okay to buy something you want (if there is anything) but generally slow to sell anything. Plus everyone low balls all the time. eBay, whilst annoying, generally gets stuff shifted quicker and for a better price. Although I still don’t like it.

I’m way behind on my photos website. Probably have about 15 albums to go through and upload. I even think that my last set of films to be developed still haven’t had their exif data set. It’s just overwhelming…well a few too many steps. I was going to sort out something after Apple Photos but never did anything. I can’t tell if Apple Photos helped me, or I was just being good and sorted stuff when it came in. I want to share the photos but it’s a chore. I’d wondered about making a “high volume” apple photo stream, just adding a few people and then loading ~20 photos from each album. It’s not that many, maybe everyone else wouldn’t care, particularly if it was a single share…maybe I should’ve got a replacement mac mini to manage the photos! I should should Lightroom as I have it, and manage the photos in the library that way, even if I don’t do any editing, or minimal editing. I don’t know. I just can’t be bothered. I don’t want to use flickr or whatever as I want it to be my domain. I like the static site, it just takes a bit of effort. I’ve also been through this cycle before where I paid for hosted piwigo and uploading things there - the uploading was easy but the gallery and style weren’t great. Maybe I’ll spend the whole evening looking at the same things I’ve looked at in the past and not know what to do. I also miss a little the all photos in iCloud and all devices. Just felt £7/month wasn’t great value given I don’t have a mac and iCloud drive was a bit awkward.

This falls into the “if I had more time, I’d enjoying doing it, but now it feels like a chore and I resent it”. Unfortunately darkroom development currently falls into that bucket, even when I wince at the price to develop at a lab.

Bought an IUFOO hood from ebay for my 90mm Tele-Elmarit as it can flare badly in bright light. It’s an older model so hopefully still works for me.

Home Gallery seems quite interesting.

Monday, 15th August, 2022

Listed a load of Switch games that I never play anymore (some I never played once! 😅). I’m surprised at how quick many of them have sold, maybe it means I’ve under-priced them! Anyway, it’s good to get rid of them for a little bit of cash. I’m probably going to buy a couple of new games that are coming out (to then not play those!).

Speaking of selling things, I’m wondering about selling the X-T2 now. I’ve not looked at the photos from the X-E4 on the computer yet but certainly using it, I have no issues whatsoever. I could keep it as a backup or second body but the reality is I don’t need a backup. There’s an ebay sellers fee promo that lasts until tonight, so I should get it listed. I don’t like eBay but it is the biggest market place online, so you usually get the best price. I’m also wondering if I want to sell the 23mm f/1.4 and the 35mm f/2. Certainly the 35mm. The 27 is close enough that I’ll not use the 35, and the 35mm tended to be my outdoors lens, so the slight loss in speed from 2.0 to 2.8 isn’t going to make a difference.

I want to simplify what I have so selling the lenses will force me to do so and spend less time deciding…the 23mm is still spinning around in my head. Maybe I’ll leave that one for now and try using it with the camera and see.

Sunday, 14th August, 2022

I’ve not used the 18mm as much as I have now with the X-E4. The 27mm is a nice lens too. Don’t need the 35mm f/2, but still not sure if I want the old 1.4 other than just to have a 1.4. The camera with the square hooded 18 looks like a little Q2!

Saturday, 13th August, 2022

I was looking at the Fuji lens line up and noticed that a new 56 f/1.2 is due to be released this year. They have been slowly releasing replacements for the original line up. Except the 18mm, where they made a f/1.4. Admittedly the reviews say it’s amazing but it’s not the compact model. I also saw a compact 8mm f/3.5 is due for next year.

Friday, 12th August, 2022

Got the new camera. It’s lovely…but…is it what I was really looking for or is it just something to buy! My first reaction is to send it back right away, but I’ve not even used it. Maybe it was the honest fact that I don’t need it, the XT2 is fine, also getting the 27mm is now just another decision to make when picking a lens. It’s made me think “why didn’t I just get the X100V instead?”. I like the 23mm f/2. Although I never use the OVF, so that seems like a waste. Anyway, technically I have about 2 weeks before I have to decide and can send the camera back - as long as I keep it in mint condition… I’ll set it up tonight and use it at the family party. I had been excited to use the XE4 with M mount glass and the extra colour settings on it. A pseudo film camera.

Oh I’m insufferable. Please don’t read this 😅

Think I just ruined some film photo portraits by opening the back as I’d forgotten I hadn’t rewound the film already.

I think the question is, do I want the XE4 to replace my XT2. Because if so then that’s fine. I want a digital ICL camera. I might need to buy a grip if so for when I want to use tele-lenses.

It was lovely and sunny this morning, so I loaded some ISO 50 for this afternoon. Now it’s clouded over and I’m messing about between f2.8-4 and 1/60-1/125 try to get something decent and it’s annoying.

After my initial panic over the camera, I’m starting to calm down a bit. Been setting it up and handling it more with different lenses. Even the 23mm f/1.4 isn’t that bad. Although the weight of it does make me think a grip, either thumb or from or both, would make it much nicer in the hand. I’m always conflicted about grips. It seems silly to buy a camera that you then have to buy a grip for. The camera should have it by default. However, maybe it’s a small compromise given everything else.

And now I end the day loving the camera! The custom settings extend to pretty much every setting on the camera! So now I can also save ISO ranges, focusing, all sorts with all the colour settings. I don’t remember that on the X100V, and it means I don’t need all the dials.

I’m going to order a thumb grip as that seems to be the one that people like having the most vs. the body grip. I mounted all my lenses on it to see how it was. The surprising one was the 50-230mm lens - it’s a light lens which is nice. It’s a little slow (f/4.5-6.7), but the 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 weighs a lot more. As the X-E4 is so light, it balances really well and I can hold the camera by the lens in my left hand and it’s easy to use. All the f/2+ primes sit nicely on it. The 23mm f/1.4 is fine but, as I said before, a bit heavy. Wondering what I do with this. The 27mm is nice, and very close in focal length but slower. The 23mm f/2 seems a silly purchase, and probably one I’d actually never use. The old 35mm f/1.4 stands out as being the fast lens option for the X-E4. It’s about the same length as the f/2 lenses, but only weighs 187g. The 35mm f/2 is 170g and then 23mm f/1.4 is 300g. It’s narrower than I’ve been using, but for dark evenings in winter maybe it’s a nice choice. Tempted to buy it regardless. It’s always been on my wishlist, but with the 35mm f/2 I couldn’t justify it…I means, I still can’t really but I could swap 35mm f/2 → f1.4 and then the 23mm from f/1.4 → f/2…if I didn’t want to duplicate focal lengths.

Also need to find a suitable strap. The fuji one is fine but too many buckles near the camera which are annoying. The X-E4 has wide strap holes, so that rules out a lot of straps - at least I think so as then the connector slides up and down and scratches the body too much. I suppose the Peak Design or equivalent ones are maybe more suitable given the thread like connection. I just don’t like the bulk of the connectors. Anyway, will see. I’ll take some real photos with it tomorrow and see how I get on.

Thursday, 11th August, 2022

The other day I was mad with some things at work. I decided to write them down (in a plain text file called work with just a date heading) and it did really make me feel better. I now can’t even remember some of the things I was mad about. Nothing has changed but it doesn’t bother me anymore so I’m content again. It’s quite remarkable.

I’m hoping the camera arrives today but I’ve not received the tracking info yet so that’s not promising.

I did get the tracking and it was dispatched yesterday but Royal Mail didn’t deliver…now it’s coming tomorrow.

I’m not as fast as I used to be on the erg. But then I remembered that I’m thinking of 20 years ago! 😅 Anyway, it still feels nice to do something whilst watching TV. Been doing about 30 minutes and then I sit in the garden and finishing watching the episode of Squid Games. Not sure if I really want to watch it, was just the first thing that popped up when I opened Netflix. Then I have a weird situation where I think “oh not very time for the computer” but also remember how often I say that I need to get away from the computer. I make a cup of tea and sit down at it anyway. Not know what to do and do nothing - aimlessly search for something. YouTube, Reddit, camera forums, Discord channels. The computer is a bad habit for me.

I guess I could play on the piano or read a book or something instead.

Actually, it’s not entirely wasteful, I’ve been doing a ham radio training course. So far fairly easy stuff. Mostly it’s remembering facts. Which I think is a stupid thing to test. Remember rechargeable batteries are called secondary batteries. Remember 3-30MHz is HF. Call signs are xyz. Why? I can just look it up in a book or online. They do give you a 4-page information book you use in the exam with allowable frequencies and a frequency to wavelength conversion graph. So that’s nice.

I was telling my friend about it the other night. Think I got them hooked on to ham radio now. Even though we both agreed we’d probably not do anything and perhaps it was just an excuse to buy more things 🤣

Wednesday, 10th August, 2022

My new concept2 rowing machine (erg) arrived yesterday. I’ve wanted to get one for such a long time but always put it off as I thought it was too expensive. It is quite expensive - about £800 (and soon to be going up in price). It’s a good exercise for multiple reasons, plus I used to row at university so it reminds me of then. But I also like how the machine has a controller which does everything you need, connects to heart rate monitor, and has a phone/tablet app that is free. Also has a built in device holder too. What I’m trying to say is that “THERE’s NO SUBSCRIPTION!” 😁 Did my first row on it last night with the workout of the day and decided to watch Squid Games. I need to get some headphones for the iPad though. I have wireless ones I use with my phone but they’re cheap ones and don’t do multiple device pairing well, and I use them each day on my way to work so I don’t want to have to keep switching back and forth pairing. Probably just another cheap pair will do. The fan is a bit too noisy and my iPad’s speakers point away from me. I could mount the phone but it’s a small screen. Anyway, I like the setup and my biggest challenge is to build the habit to use it. (As my wife plainly stated to me yesterday with “and you better bloody use it!”).

Debating between early morning or evening. I’d prefer morning but it’s fitting it all in before going to work, and not that there isn’t time, it’s just I can’t make a 20 minute workout take an hour. The evening is fine but then I end up not doing much else, or when I do sit down at the computer it’s already 10pm and I stay up way too late looking at cameras.

But perhaps now I won’t be looking at cameras as I finally ordered one! The X-E4 with 27mm. It’s taken me a while and I’m still not 100% sure it’s the right thing to do - either the model or just a new camera in general. I go back and forth on it a lot. This was just the same with all the previous cameras (and in fact anything over about £200) that I’ve bought. Usually, when it arrives I start feeling better. I did send back the X-S10 camera when I bought that, but I think the X-E4 is more what I want. Fewer buttons, rangefinder style, smaller, and prime focused camera.

The Leica M10 is still on the desire list but it’s too expensive and I’m not sure it fits for me at the moment. But we’ll see. I’m still planning to go into the Leica store in London when I’m passing.

I’m hoping the camera arrives tomorrow for the weekend’s family party. No doubt my hesitation is going to mean it misses it.

So many people recommend the Fuji 18-55mm with the X-E series. It’s quite compact. Perhaps I’ll keep an eye out for a cheap one, as a kit lens that’s been around forever, I’m sure there’ll be lots. Although I don’t really like zooms, particularly these focal lengths as I’d rather just stick to one length in this range. However, I can see it being versatile if you just want one lens.

I’m keen to keep going with the M to Fuji adapted lenses. I think the small M lenses will fit well with the design of the XE4.

I really like this strap, but it seems nowhere sells it.

Tuesday, 9th August, 2022

Surprisingly warm today, and working from home in my little office makes it even more noticeable! Luckily everyone has gone out for the whole afternoon, so I can keep my door and window open and get a nice breeze through.

Weirdly used prices of X-E4 are more expensive than new 🤔 A few places are out of stock, so maybe just opportunistic pricing…

Monday, 8th August, 2022

I try and do too many things, and then waste time on pointless stuff. I also waste my life at work, but until I find a pile of money, I’m not sure I have a choice right now. I used to be so keen at work, but recently I’ve been questioning the point of my job. What impact am I having? It’s so abstract. I shouldn’t complain.

Nearly bought a X-E4, with the 27mm pancake - and the 16mm f/2.8 and 35mm f/1.4 as those were “ideal lenses” for the camera. The X-E4 is pretty much what I’m looking for, without excess stuff I don’t care about. So why didn’t I buy it? Well, I don’t really need it. I get a bit carried away with this sort of thing and I convince myself I absolutely need things, I then buy them and later realise I don’t need them. I’ll then go full minimisalist and wish I owned nothing, or just a single item.

The X-E4 is certainly a lot cheaper than the Leica, and that’s before even looking at used ones (which I keep meaning to do, just to see how much they go for).

Maybe I should try and rekindle my desire for home development. Last time it just felt like a chore.

Used my simplenotes app personal journal today. It’s quite nice just to dip into when I need.

Sunday, 7th August, 2022

Wow! What a busy day, been out the whole day and now I feel tired! And today is when I’m starting this foundational ham radio online course. I’m not sure why I’m doing this. Think I just like the idea of saying “oh yeah, I have a radio license.” Plus I’ll need something else to spend money on once I’ve bought all the cameras.

Saw the Lumix S5 is on offer now. £200 off and a free 50mm f/1.8. Makes the body £1300, or £200 more and you get the kit 20-60mm - which lots of people seem to like online. I really don’t need it. Interestingly though, it’s basically the same size as my X-T2. It’s deeper, but that’s mostly the grip. Weighs more, but probably not that noticeable. I see this and think 🤔💭 “I wonder if I should swap the fuji for the S5…” I then see it with lenses on and remember I came to the same conclusion last time I looked at it. With a bigger sensor, it’s impossible not to have bigger lenses. Unless you slow them down. The Sigma 45mm f/2.8 isn’t too big - and would be a great all round lens, especially outdoors. However, if I wanted a 1.4, 1.8 for indoors, then it’s a big honker. I’ve also been a fuji user for a long time, and it might be hard to get past not having the dedicated dials for everything. Prior to Fuji I used Nikon’s front nad rear wheels and buttons to change everything, so I can manage, but still.

I’ve been thinking about my home server for a while. It’s perfectly adequate, but I’m wondering if it’s overkill, or over power consuming “kill”. I’ve thought about swapping to a low powered pure NAS, plus a dedicated compute computer like a NUC. The NAS only serves files and the NUC does everything else. But with the raspberry pi 4 compute module and all the expansion now available I’ve wondered if everything could be combined. I saw this today, which reminded me of this fact. The only thing is, ARM can sometimes be a pain, least in my experience, with some software. Although I suspect most things have been compiled to it by now and the pi4 is 64bit ARM. The only thing is, it’s not exactly cheap. I could probably buy a used NUC instead. The main question, is how much storage do I really need. Right now I have 4x 4TB drives in ZFS RAIDZ1, so about 11.6 TB usable. Somehow I only have 2.9 TB free. I’ve not checked in a long time, so now I’m curious what’s filling it up. My friend does backup his server to mine (and vice verse) so maybe there’s loads of Tesla sentry footage that he likes to keep that’s made its way to my computer.

Nearly bought the M10-P last night. I’ve found a well used one that’s quite a discount over the going rate, in fact overlaps in price with mint M10s. I told myself that it’s a great bargain and who cares about the looks. It actually seems quite nice how it’s worn away on the camera straps. I do wonder if it’s got a lot of use if that means it’s somehow close to failure…I also thought maybe getting a good condition one might be more sensible in case I want to come to sell it later on. So now I’m back to wondering. I should probably just wait until I go to the store and look at them..just in case I don’t like them for some reason.

I’m not really interested in any other cameras. I have no interest in any of the Nikons, Canons, etc. They’re just boring. The S5 is boring. Even a fancy GFX, or SL are kinda boring to me. The only other cameras that I’ve been considering are the X100V and the X-E4. The X-E4 is more useful given I have lenses already, but the X100V is just such a nice package. I know I like it, so why don’t I just get it? Good question.

The Voigtlander Heliar 40mm f2.8 looks fun! Even in LTM!

Saturday, 6th August, 2022

I keep having the most ridiculous thought. So I’m excited about going to the Leica store in London at the end of the month and I start thinking “maybe I should just get a M11 when I’m there.” 🤯

It would buy a M10 and probably a 35 AND 50 Lux for the same price. It’s just I know I’ll handle a M10, really like it and want to get it. Except the Leica store has terrible used prices, so I won’t.

Today I’ve remembered about Tumblr. I like it. Probably resurrect my 10+ old blog on it. I thought about making it a photography or camera specific one but I’d probably get bored of that. Whereas a general everything one means it can follow with my whims. It might be too much having so many sites catering to my whims but there we go.

Several times I’ve remembered I bought a year of skoove app piano tutorial thing about 6 weeks ago and I’ve yet to even open it! Maybe the summer holidays wasn’t the best time but it was a 50% off sale.

Least it’s better (and cheaper) than Tinderbox…don’t even own a mac anymore 🙄 it’s the classic example of me thinking it would solve all my problems, I’d work myself up into believing it would be a great purchase, and then buying it (at least in a sale), only to then find out it’s not what I really want and then regret it. (I just hope the rower doesn’t also fall into that same category!)

In all seriousness, I don’t think it will. I liked the bike trainer but I hated paying for Zwift, as I didn’t care about most of it. Concept2, on the other hand, have lots of free resources to keep it interesting. Even just the daily workout they send out/include in the free app, which you can then see how you do vs. everyone else who did it that day. But maybe this is all my convincing myself it was the right thing to do.

I didn’t take the M2 with me today when we went down to the river together. I couldn’t be bothered with film and manual focus. Took the Fuji. Probably all very boring shots but a record of the occasion…but with all the cousins there were too many to watch that I didn’t have time for manual photography. Although would’ve been good to take a photo of the grumpy old game keeper who told us off for throwing stones and “upsetting the fish”.

Friday, 5th August, 2022

Got the cousins staying with us - lots of kids in our house this weekend! Good excuse to get some film through the camera. Although there are a few parties and things over next month and I’m not sure I have enough film for them all. Been hoping there were going to be more films sales, but so far I’ve seen absolutely nothing. There’s a “sale” on ektachrome but it’s still a lot, and not sure I really want colour slide. I mean, I want it, but I’ve never used it and processing is even more expensive 😢.

Trying to read Bernice Abbott’s biography. It’s hard work and so feels more like a chore than an interesting read. Maybe I need to get further into it.

My rowing machine has been dispatched and I had to choose a day for it to be delivered. Seems like they only give you one shot so a good excuse to work at home. Although still not sorted out the garage! But now it gives me something “productive” to research - training plans, and apps and log books etc.

I should add some more things to my website that I keep thinking about. Nothing super exciting but a few more info things. I definitely write a lot less in my wiki now that it isn’t the daily journal thing too. I worry about not using my wiki as it’s now my combo main site/blog/wiki. Well I don’t worry as such, but it’s a shame.

I’ve been doing “large circles” on cameras. By that I mean, obsessing over them and reading endless forums etc., to then not thinking about them whatsoever, then circling back round. But the frequency of these stages is quite long, in the region of two weeks. I wonder if I wait will they get longer. However, everytime I come back to micro 4/3s Lumix cameras. Probably getting notifications when used stock comes in mpb.com doesn’t help. There was one camera that was super cheap, but then I looked at it, and the screen was all smashed. Potentially a bargain if you don’t care about that, but what else might be broken. Also, it wasn’t that cheap.

Thursday, 4th August, 2022

My sister tells us she wants to get into data analysis/science as career, and has started learning python. Which I think is great. My wife finds it hilarious as we’re so alike, even though we’re half-siblings, a big age gap, and never lived together.

Reminds me of how I kind of want to go into the space, yet do nothing about it.

I’ve completely forgotten about new cameras and all that. Actually been having fun watching the commonwealth games each evening.

Sort of bored with everything.

What a great name for an app for Windows.

“I cannot control my opponent, but I can control my response.” But sometimes I still chose not to. 😅

Wednesday, 3rd August, 2022

The James Webb space telescope is amazing! 🛰🌌

Tuesday, 2nd August, 2022

My sister is staying with us. She’s just back from three years in China. The stories she tells shows me how little I know and understand of Chinese culture, and how completely and utterly different it is from the western world. I think I literally am unable to comprehend it as it’s so different. I suspect the majority of Chinese are the same way with Western countries. Probably why there are so many issues in the world.

Sunday, 31st July, 2022

Was browsing /r/M43 and thinking (again) that a MFT camera might actually be what I want. Of course the great photos on there are 99% the person and 1% the camera. So therefore I’m good getting one? 😅

I did think that for birds in flight it makes a good setup. My dad has mentioned he’s sort of interested in bird photography, so I think MFT would suit him. If my siblings are up for it, maybe we could get a setup for Christmas.

I just really like the tiny size but flexibility of interchangeable lenses. It complements a M10 well 😀

I started migrating my old blog posts from around the place - wordpress, old static site, etc. - to my new tiddlywiki home page. UGH. Images are so much easier in Wordpress…it’s depressing. I also think images make a blog post, and without it they’re “boring”. 🤷‍♂️

Saturday, 30th July, 2022

I removed all my old habits and tasks from habitica and started adding a few new ones. It reminded me of my want to “lose a bit of weight, and generally tone up / do some bloody exercise” ambition. Rightly or wrongly it lead to ordering the Concept2 rowing machine. In my defence, it was a returned one, so 5% off, and starting Sept 1st, the price is going up another £130. So it seemed like a now or never. It’ll also make me organise the garage.

I can see habitica being a fun thing to do with the kids - for their chores and homework etc. I think the self-hosted one offers more options (and less pay for items) which would probably be better. Would be nice to just switch accounts vs. Logging in and out of everyone’s. We’re doing the usual things like it already, e.g. everyone clear their dishes after meals and next week we’ll go to the cinema. Probably we don’t need a computer based version of it but maybe when everyone is older it might be some other motivation, at least for a period of time. There’s the element of “going on a computer” as well which they’ll like as that’s a rationed item! Or maybe I’m missing the point altogether.

As we’re spending all this money, I thought that maybe I should just get the M10 too 😂 It might mean I stop wasting hours and hours of evenings looking at videos and forums and rubbish going round and round in circles. However, I could just be wanting it as “it’s a Leica” and in fact I hate it…I probably won’t hate it as I like the M2 but that’s also film. So I’m still in a quandary. In about a month I will go to the Leica store and play with some cameras, so perhaps I should still wait for that.

Wow, there are whole communities and all sorts on habitica. I’m not surprised but I’ve never looked into it. According to my account, I registered in 2013, and I probably used it then for a bit, then maybe 2015?, but don’t think I’ve used it since around then until now…not that I’ve used it yet, but getting back into it. Might watch a YouTube video on some of the features as I’m not clear the purpose of them.

Come September my work schedule will change from 9 day fortnight (i.e every other Friday off) to one flexible day off a month. This does mean that I should work about 30 minutes less each day than I do now. I originally thought it would mean I’d finish 30 minutes earlier, but I’m now thinking I should start 30 minutes later. This would give 30 minutes more in the morning at home. Think I’d be more productive with that time in the morning vs. After work where I’d most likely just sit around and do nothing or go on the computer etc. I also don’t tend to go on the computer in the morning before work, so that also helps being more productive. Finally, it also means I do the thing for me first, whereas leaving work on time can sometimes be hard and 15 minutes easily slips by and now this extra time has disappeared and I’m worse off. Probably I think my morning row might be the thing.

There’s no race in life. It’s a choose your own adventure.

This looks fun. Although I’ve noticed how hard it is to find postcards now. Always used to be the thing when you went on holiday or visited some place.

Friday, 29th July, 2022

We ordered a new kitchen today. We don’t pay the full amount just now but spending all that money makes me feel like just spending more on other things 😅📷

Finally used my Cinestill 50 film today. It expires next month, which shows you how long I’ve had it sat around. ISO 50 is just so low that I daren’t use it unless it’s the most brilliant sunshine. Today was lovely blue skies so went for it. I’ve not finished it yet, and as typical of my M2, I didn’t set the counter so I have no idea how many are left.

Thursday, 28th July, 2022

I went to the dentist yesterday for the first time in an embarrassingly long time. Mostly due to moving then COVID then the waitlist to get a NHS dentist. He took some horrible photos and emailed to me. I then bought an electric toothbrush like he suggested. NHS dentistry seems to have changed since I last came to one. Unsurprisingly it’s worse. Basically turning into a bare minimum dental cover, and unless you’re in pain they ain’t doing nought.

Installed Habitica app on my phone. Logged in and saw all my old tasks. They’ve added so many things to the app since I last used it. Feel like I need to reset it and start again. HAbit tracking in a book just doesn’t work for me. Hoping an app will…guess the first task is to set the habits!

The back catalogue of the Leica society is hours and hours of lovely Leica reading. Looking forward to getting the hard copies. They also have some film M camera disassembly guides - including the instructions that once accompanied a US Army training course! However, after looking at them I’m not going to be trying it anytime soon!

Wednesday, 27th July, 2022

Ugh I feel sorry for my sister. She graduated Uni and then went to work in China in January 2019…🦠🦠🦠 She’s just returned because their zero covid policy actions are even worse than the original outbreak. So her family haven’t seen her for years and she’s back two weeks staying at home and already the “I’m very disappointed in you” speeches have come out. It’s literally the meme of boomer parents and Gen Z.

Tuesday, 26th July, 2022

Went on a boat out at sea today. Took some sea sickness tablets before we left. You never know if they work or not, but I wasn’t sick so that’s always good. I do have a splitting headache now and my colleague, who also took them, said he does too. Least it’s not my profession. Took my camera with us. Everyone else went on about it and why not use my phone. I told them I like to do things properly. We all laughed and it was fine. Used the 18mm lens too, could’ve done with wider actually.

I really want this game.

I keep getting all these notifications from mpb.com for various used cameras that come in stock. I don’t want one.

I found a book on the shelves that I’d asked for Christmas which I’ve not read (there’s actually many of those but this one is fiction so different from the rest). I said I wish I had it on kindle to read in bed at night when my wife is asleep. You know what, maybe I should sit in a chair during the day and read it as my activity. I have a trip at the end of August across country on planes and trains. I should take it then and read it versus dicking about on my phone/iPad/laptop.

Is having a personal blog worth it for you?. Ask Hacker News. Found in that post, montaigne. Montaigne is a simple tool that allows you to publish any type of website from Apple Notes. 🤔

Monday, 25th July, 2022

I still got sucked into looking at random cameras. The most random was the Pentax Q. Has an absolutely tiny sensor, but does have an interesting range of equally tiny lenses. The whole thing is tiny, which is partially why I was looking at it. However, why do I need this? A camera I take everywhere to do what? Take pictures of randoms I don’t care about?

I then managed to remember I’m supposed to be trying to get into amateur radio, so started reading about it. The foundation licence seems fairly easy to get. I’ll need to do some studying, and I signed up to a free online course - which is not classroom based but is scheduled at specific times, not sure I understand why - but the time element should help me focus on it. Although it doesn’t start until 7th August.

Before the holidays I was all set on ordering a Concept 2 rowing machine. However, the delivery timing was too close when we were leaving so I put it off. Now that I’m back I’m hesitant about doing it. I worry it’ll be another one of my “this purchase will solve my issue” and then I do nothing. There’s a gym at work which I can use for free…so why not use it? I miss working at home.

Maybe I should revalitalise my Flickr account…

Sunday, 24th July, 2022

The apps on my phone feel like a mess. When I had to reset my iPad I chose not to restore anything, and just added apps back one at a time when I needed them. Keep thinking about doing the same on my phone.

I’m starting to think the M10 looks nicer than the M10-P. I don’t like that big screw in the front. Although I still like the script text on top and I probably prefer no red dot 🔴. I’ve been considering it as it’s about £700 cheaper - and the only thing I care about that’s different is the quieter shutter. However, I don’t think the M10’s is particularly loud.

I (still) want to spend less time on the computer and do something else. It’s not going to happen unless something changes. Not sure what that is or should be though… 🤔

Saturday, 23rd July, 2022

Watched the finale of Stranger Things last night. Even though it doesn’t matter, I still think it would’ve been better as two episodes vs one big long one. Although not sure where you’d have split it. It was pretty good, the new characters always seem more special than the core group. It setup for the best and final season, in however long that’ll be before it comes out.

This has felt a weird week. Going back to work midweek. Plus generally tired that has carried over for the long trip home.

Friday, 22nd July, 2022

I’ve been taking my Hobonichi back and forth to work, but I’ve yet to write anything in it. I keep thinking about writing things in it but then never do. My half year one is entirely Japanese and whilst I thought it was okay, it’s a bit annoying for day names when I’m looking in the future. I’ll keep bringing it and maybe eventually I’ll write in it.

Spent a while looking at the Lumix S5 last night. It’s a nice full frame camera, but being full frame means the lenses are still huge, even when they’re small. I don’t need it.

Feel like I need to write a lot tonight. Lots of things buzzing about in my head. Also the office has become a tip whilst I’ve not been looking, so that doesn’t help. Needs tidying and stuff is laying around because “I’m going to do xyz with it”.

I actually want to watch the final episode of Strange Things. I watched the other episodes in part 2 of this season but the finale is 2+ hours long. That’s basically the evening.

Work has rolled out a new development planning module thing in the performance management tool. Started filling it in…I feel like it’s going to tell me I don’t want to work there any more! 😅 It’s good but not easy to answer the questions…I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.

I sent a letter to a family member a while back with a photo and a sticker I had made. They wrote a letter back. That was nice. I should write some more. I want to write them on the typewriter but it’s a bit loud and slow, so probably will still be pen. Problem is, this is then another todo which adds to the enormous list already….remember those projects from…Monday this week!…I can feel them slipping away already. That also reminds me of the habits I’d started before holiday which were going to be “easy to continue on holiday because I’m not doing anything”. Well this is me just remembering their existence now…and obviously I did nothing. The rowing machine I was going to buy when we came back is on hold as the garage has also exploded. I don’t really know what it all is, but I can barely find space for my bike now. Ugh. Maybe can sort all this out this weekend and feel content again.

Thursday, 21st July, 2022

But numerous events can be commemorated with a single picture. It just has to be a good one, and to tell enough of the story. How many pictures should the family aim to end up with? Consider the possibility that a reasonable number is eight. Why so few? Because life is full, and pictures accrue.

Seems very apt given I’ve just got a heap of photos to sort through. Also reinforces why I like film - I have 24/36 exposures, it’s a bit pricey, so I think more before using one up. Except when the event or day is done and I want to just finish the roll to process it!

My brother in law will be 40 soon, and his family are gathering photos for the party. I found out his mum has an album with a label each year and it includes a photo of her children’s birthday that year. It’s lovely.

I hadn’t visited my site in several days and only just noticed it wasn’t building… 😣

Wednesday, 20th July, 2022

Back home and back at work. So many errands to do this evening, no time for fun stuff. Only briefly looked at my photos from the holiday. I had three colour presets I’d setup on the X100V: a lighter, fairly flat, semi-portra style one, a more contrasty paler one, and then a yellow/green softer one. I liked them all. I didn’t take many with the contrasty one as it looked too washed out in camera but the ones I did take look good on the computer. The yellow/green is something that I would’ve said I hated if someone described it to me, however, I really like it in bright sunlight. I should post some pictures or something to show the difference but later… I did try out the grain settings in the camera. Can’t decide if I like it or not, but probably lean towards no grain.

All this reminds me that it’s probably the ideal camera for me, and not some 4X Leica. I have decided that I should use more film, even if it is expensive. I’ve ended up with a lot of random films that I can never use as too slow or just random ones that I have no idea how anything will turn out.

Tuesday, 19th July, 2022

“Your bag is too heavy.” Proceeds to watch customer take stuff out of bag, put into another bag. All bags go on the plane.

Airline logic. 🤦‍♂️

Monday, 18th July, 2022

Our holiday is drawing to a close. I have managed not to buy any domains, so that’s a plus on previous years! I spent a silly amount of time reading and thinking about new cameras, I haven’t made any decisions, I have a shortlist of potentials but we also started getting quotes for some house work and probably I’m better waiting until that’s all done as no doubt everything will end up being more expensive than planned.

I’ve been using the X100V for about 2 weeks and, as expected, it’s a great holiday camera. Feels small and light strung across my body, I’ve taken it everywhere, not really wanted for a different focal length. Had fun tinkering with the jpeg colours, used the 4 stop ND filter, battery life has been great. Never use the OVF, and that always seems like a waste. With my 100F I did very occasionally use it when I wanted to conserve battery if I’d forgotten to charge it before going out. 🪫 Like I’ve said before - maybe I would’ve been better off getting it when I sold my F vs the X-T2, and now I don’t know if it’s really a good compliment. Anyway I won’t relive it all again.

Projects that I’m supposedly going to start:

  • Get my HAM radio licence
  • Script to compute best price for Lego sets from individual parts
  • Explore the MOC (my own creation) tools and designs out there.
  • Build a Lego town with the kids. (A cousin is coming to stay for a week. Might be a good thing with him, need to find a good place to set it up)

So I don’t think those are too excessive and unrealistic. Maybe all this time thinking about cameras has paid off in other ways! 😅

Sunday, 17th July, 2022

I ordered a few little sets for the boys. I really wanted the Creator Ferris Wheel, but it’s expensive and still in being sold so there aren’t any used sets. Notice it was I want 😂.

It’s not surprising, but I hadn’t quite realised, just how extensive the custom Lego building “world” is. There are so many sites dedicated to custom builds, called MOCs (haven’t figured out what that stands for something original construction?), and so many programs to help you build, share and use other people’s creations. I’m curious to do something…

My friend and I have a common complaint that today’s Lego sets you buy have so many “custom” (they’re not strictly custom but they’re just so specific) pieces that it’s hard to do anything else with the set once you’ve build it. They go in for hyper realism and the whole set is 1/3 height tiny pieces put together. Back in our day 👴, there were still sets but the total number of discrete parts was much less and so you could rebuild more things a lot easier. I did have the classic pirate ship, which did have the custom boat pieces, but the cabin and other parts were just with normal pieces. My daughter likes the Harry Potter Lego, but they’re all just build once and sit on a shelf. Shop fronts or scenes from the movies. They’re not the best toys in my opinion. Maybe she does play with them when I’m not looking. But compared to the Lego Town or even Star Wars stuff, where it’s vehicles, planes, shops, etc. there’s more to do once they’re built. Of course, the building is the best part so what can I expect. Perhaps that’s why there’s so much custom creation online as people want to build more, and maybe all these hyper specific pieces makes the custom scene so much better.

I tried using on the github python scripts I found to compute the price of parts for the Ferris Wheel if you bought them separately. Unfortunately, most scripts I found (I didn’t look that hard) were quite old and various websites had changed their API or layout such that they didn’t work. I tried fixing them but doing it on an iPad, whilst SSH into my server, with split screen for terminal and the browser was not an enjoyable experience, so I stopped. I’m still interested though, and could be a fun project.

Looking at all this Lego makes me want to build my own “town” or scene across a table - like the Lego Movie! Get all the sets we have and build them and put them together. We just don’t have anywhere to keep it that the two year old won’t get to it. She’ll want to play with it but it’ll quickly get broken - and maybe that’s fine but the others would get upset.

I’m in a Q2 vs M10 circle at the moment. Although sometimes I step away from it and think they’re both hideously expensive and I should get neither.

Saturday, 16th July, 2022

Thinking of joining the Leica Society. I’ve wasted more than £30 in other ways before.

I joined. Looking forward to reading all the back catalogue magazines.

Been looking at used Lego sets for the boys as an entertainment option in the summer holidays. To bring out in case of emergency. There’s lots of good deals on bricklink.com. It’s not the easiest to find a seller that has multiple, decent and cheap sets though. There are several apps or scripts on GitHub which interface with Bricklink’s API to search and find stuff. One of which can help you find all the parts to a set. This is not something I’d considered but makes sense. You can often buy 95%+ of the parts for a set for pennies each and then just a few expensive parts. If you don’t care about mini figures then it’s perfect…we’ll potentially. Some may still be cheaper as the set.

I’d like to play about with the API. Find the sets which have the best £/piece ratio for instance.

Friday, 15th July, 2022

I knew the Q2 could crop with its bucket loads of pixels such that you can get 35mm 50 mm etc. but until I read this I didn’t quite realise how big those buckets where:

The four digital zoom modes are:

  • 28mm 8368 x 5584 47mp
  • 35mm 6704 x 4472 30mp
  • 50mm 4688 x 3128 14.6mp
  • 75mm 3136 x 2096 6.6mp

It’s insane 🤩 It makes 35 and 50 mm very useable though.

It’s been insanely hot here. Up to 40°C (104°F) 🥵 This morning there’s a nice breeze which is a relief. Wonder how long it’ll last.

I should add more photos to DayOne. They will, eventually, all get printed. It’s about the only way that my iPhone photos end up anywhere permanent. They do get shared on a shared photos album on iCloud.

Think I went a bit nuts on camera analysis. I have perfectly good cameras that take great pictures already. I am interested in MFT though. I hadn’t really thought about the 4:3 ratio but I was messing about with crops on a picture and tried the 4:3 ratio and it does give a bit more room on portrait orientation images. Of course, moving back physically or wider lenses will achieve the same. It’s pretty cheap, least the body is, so I may just get it to have a play with. I do think to myself it would be nice to give one of the kids a camera when we go somewhere to let them take photos of things they like, and I do only have one digital camera. 👈 look at that! What a great justification to myself 😅

I would like a nice collection of M glass, as I think it’s both great quality, and a sort of investment for the future. Not really one for making money per say, but retaining historic value. It will be a camera system that I’ll have forever, film certainly, and at some stage digital. Going on random digital goose chases is just wasting money that could go into the forever system. I keep wishing I’d wanted to and been able to buy it 10-20 years ago - and so as they say, the next best time to plant a tree 🌳 is now 📅 (Well July 17th by this emoji, which is just two days away!)

Been re-reading The Lord of the Rings. I’d forgotten Tolkein’s writing style, and I was reminded of how much I enjoy it. I also like the sound of a Hobbit’s lifestyle! The importance of meals, and writing books of events and history. Reminds me that I’ve left my Hobonichi at home and not written in it. Although I still feel like I prefer iPad and keyboard vs. Pen and paper at home. Pen and paper works well at work when I’m moving between meeting rooms and it’s not like a daily journal but more just tasks and workings.

Started looking at training materials for the foundation exam for amateur radio. Mostly seems straight forward at this level. Some stuff I may need to actively revise, like call sign syntax and other terms. The physics and maths are very basic and I’m already familiar with so that’s good for me. I suspect the latter stages are more involved with more things I’ve not been exposed to, so will take more learning. This has made me wonder about anki and even Soren’s zettle tiddlywiki arrangement. So that I can make my own notes and use the anki app to learn it.

Thursday, 14th July, 2022

I’m conflicted between “one lens; one camera” and “the right tool for the job”.

But I also know I like researching and buying cameras and lenses, particularly when I think I’m “solving the problem”. I keep saying I should write what I want down - kind of like a project: frame the problem, define success, list alternatives, score them, pick the best. Do it and shut up. 🤐 But I keep procrastinating on it. I’ve started a new page on this site…somewhere 🤫

I’d previously dismissed micro 4/3 sensors and cameras but this was educational reading for me. The pixel density, the faster lens options, and many have IBIS which all counter any theoretical loss of performance due to the sensor size. High ISO is worse but with faster lenses and IBIS means you can keep the ISO lower and therefore there isn’t an issue(?).

I’ve dug out my GoPro Hero4 for the holiday. Taking videos of the kids swimming and messing about in the pool. Haven’t used it elsewhere even though I could. I enjoy having the videos as you get to hear everyone and get that extra dimension over photography. It’s just a massive post processing hassle. iPhone videography has come a long way since I bought the GoPro about 6-8 years ago. The kids like using it and I should let them take videos. Although they still prefer iPads and iPhones as you get to see the video so much better afterwards.

Maybe I should back to looking at 50mm lenses for the M2! Just spend all the digital cameras cost combined on a single Leica lens 😅 The summicron isn’t that bad but I may have been looking at the lenses too long and normalised to insane prices. Reading old forum posts seems like I missed out on the “cheap” era of used Leica gear. Stuff costing half or even less than what it does today. I probably wasn’t mentally or financially (even at half the price) prepared for Leica back then. I think spending £90 on my Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX was a big decision back then.

Wednesday, 13th July, 2022

I’m building a shopping list of Leica lenses that I want. Not sure why as I doubt I’ll want to spend that much. I’m just curious about how people can expresss so much love of a certain lens.

Tuesday, 12th July, 2022

We visited Carcassonne. There’s so much potential for street photography. The lovely architecture, and busyness of the city, the French people, narrow streets, oh so much. I had forgotten my camera so had nothing and wasn’t going to bother with my phone taking pictures. Did make me wish for my film camera though. However, I don’t really want street photography photos. At most it would be a picture of the waiter who served us to remember him as part of our day. Probably I mean I only want a couple of scenery photos - and even then I’d rather it be with us or people I know in it, or maybe a cat sleeping somewhere amusing. Even if it (somehow) was a technically very good shot, or the “perfect” capture of light in some amusing or clever way, I’m not really that interested in it. Maybe if I had some social media or a public gallery I might post on to it? I’m not really that bothered or have time for that.

I used the search on this site this morning to find (surprise surprise) a camera model I’d been thinking of. I wanted to share it with someone else as they were looking for a small camera with 28-35mm lens that wasn’t that expensive. I suggested the LUMIX GX80 with the 15mm f/1.7 Leica lens. Anyway, the search worked well for me so squashes my nagging feeling that I need to have this content in tiddlywiki or somewhere with more search functionality.

Monday, 11th July, 2022

Finished my book series: The three body problem - by Cixin Liu. Was pretty good sci-if series. Reminds me I’ve not moved my read book list from wherever I last left it - possibly on a site not even online anymore! Now I’m not sure what I’m reading next. Looking through my kindle library there isn’t anything appealing.

Trying to not think about camera stuff for a while. Can’t do anything about it at the moment so I shouldn’t waste my head with it. Although I frequently get sucked into forums, subreddits, blogs, etc. about it, so not sure I’m doing a good job. I

As a distraction, started looking at Ham radio resources. There’s a big gear side of it…hmm…🧐📻

Feel like re-reading an old favourite that I’ve not looked at in years. Like Lord of the Rings. Just as it’s easy and I’ve probably forgotten a lot. Must be nearly 20 years since I last read it.

Sunday, 10th July, 2022

We met a lady in a wheelchair coming along a cycling/walking path. She started telling me about how the council had cut the verges last month and destroyed the wild flowers and the habitats of wild butterflies. She was mad about it and shared the story of her directing that rage at the council. They did apologise at least but they obviously can’t uncut it. She knew a lot about butterflies, at least could name a lot of varieties. She said she takes photos of all the wildlife along the track. The track is the old railway line that’s been made into a path for people to walk and cycle along. I briefly got a glimpse of the camera she uses. A lumix compact model with fixed lens. It was on a small tripod, maybe for her to hold with one hand whilst manoeuvring her chair. I did wonder if she set it on surfaces to take pictures but not sure how that would work, unless she waited a long time for butterflies and insects to land back on flowers again. Supposedly there’s a rare breed of moth that visits this area and the cutting down incident has been detrimental to its numbers. The council said they cut the verges “because of the cyclists”. Maybe they were really overgrown onto the path? The lady didn’t understand how that was a reason, when cyclists “aren’t looking to the sides but where they are going”. I’d also think that it would be nice to cycle along with flowers at the sides. My wife caught us up and the lady told the story again to her. I wonder where she keeps the photos. Does she print them out into a journal and write information about them. Surely there’s more to record than just a picture. Maybe she has a website. My guess is no, but only because she’s “of retirement age” and the probability is low - even if that is ageist. She might use some software on the computer to put the information together. She reminded me of the individuals I saw in the Tinderbox weekly calls. Majority were 50s+ and all doing some sort of project on the computer which they used Tinderbox for. They knew what they were up to but some had never seen HTML code.

To have a passion and purpose where the content is more important than the process, and to not have a feeling of embarrassment over doing it - in fact having the passion to actively complain to authorities. To do it for the reason that it’s the right thing to do, and probably that no-one else would do it.

Saturday, 9th July, 2022

An unnamed individual brought to light the Nikon F100. Not sure if I’ve looked at that exact model in the past, but I’ve looked at multiple Nikon film SLRs. It made me think that a Voigtlander 50mm (which is the bargain M mount compared to the Leica lenses) could pay for a F100 plus a handful of excellent Nikon lenses, including the 50mm f/1.4. Plus I get the benefit of autofocus, matrix metering and a whole host of convenience with the Nikon vs. the M2. The money saved could be invested into so many rolls of film instead. It’s probably not quite as small, although weight-wise is likely no more given the heft of the M2. Plus with Nikon F mount lenses there’s 1000s and they all work on the most modern DSLRs - and even the new Z mount with the adapter - although not sure how great that actually is - I assume makes it seamless?

So why don’t I get it? This is the question I’m asking myself. I like the look of film, the colour, the grain, the surprise. Do I like it because I’ve had to meter the light myself, and I’ve had to choose all the settings, and I’ve had to focus it? It certainly makes good shots more rewarding, but would I just enjoy everything anyway and have all the shots nicely focused and exposed 90+% of the time by the camera?

I’m not going to get rid of the M2, but maybe I should keep it as my 35mm favourite and everything else is the Nikon? Ugh…I still don’t want more cameras with more mounts to buy lenses for…although considerably cheaper.

Back when I used to have Nikon…My first decent (aka real DSLR) was a D40, which I paired with a 35 mm f/1.8 DX lens and probably used that for 2 years straight without getting another lens. I pined over the (optically terrible but mighty convenient) 18-200mm super zoom. My uncle had one and I would sometimes borrow it when I visited, however, it was far too big and heavy for the D40. When I upgraded to the D7000 I did end up getting the 18-200mm and used it a lot. Have a lot of favourite photos from that lens. I loved taking headshots at 200mm with it! At some stage I got a D7200, but when I moved to mirrorless with the X100F - chosen as we were travelling a lot due to living abroad and I didn’t want to carry a huge DSLR and lenses - I sold the Nikon. For a while I was fine with it but then 18 months later I had a hankering for some zoom lens action. So I bought another D7200. I then realised that I didn’t really want it, but I just missed the old times I had with it. Before getting rid of it I did acquire (or maybe never sold the first time, I don’t remember) a 50 mm f/1.4 D, a 135mm f/? Macro? (I forget) and I think the 85 mm f/1.8. The 50 mm was my favourite lens physically. I was mesmerised by the amount of glass and size of aperture in a tiny lens. I kept the lenses even after selling the Nikon body, but did finally sell the lenses about 2 years ago.

A bit later I started looking into film bodies, and then regretted selling the Nikon 50mm as it would’ve paired nicely with a Nikon SLR. I liked the idea of sharing lenses between film and digital bodies and did consider getting back into Nikon. However, at the time I felt it was silly to buy a lens I’d just sold and these were “expensive” lenses (HA! What did I know 😅). Eventually I ended up with a M2 and I love it. But I’ve had the same thought a couple of times since - wouldn’t it be great to share lenses. More recently that’s via the M10. But the final hurdle with that is, the price. The age old reasoning of, for the same price I could get …x, y, z, and 0-9 of something else.

Which also brings me to the X100V. I’ve been using this camera all week and I’m reminded of the joy I once knew owning the X100F of that of a fixed lens camera. It’s not just the fixed lens part, but what that means as a whole - the size, weight, ergonomics, I enjoy the Fuji controls, the custom functions, the ND filter is great on holiday in sunny climates to use f/2 during the day. It’s leaf shutter and flash were always great when I did finally succumb to flash. People like Leica for the minimal time you’re in the menus and I find that’s exactly the case with the Fuji. I like the images I get from it and I take it everywhere. It’s all the things I like so surely I should get one. But how does it fit in with everything else?

It probably goes with everything but then it just becomes another choice. So maybe take the parts I like and upgrade to the X-T4? I just don’t like the spinny screen…maybe that is better and then I don’t need to do an entire overhaul of everything and I’m still limiting myself to the choice of digital vs. Film. Not digital camera 1-3 or film camera xyz and lenses abc with everything.

This is all silly. 🫠

I found out there’s an amateur radio group in town and not too far from me, plus they meet in the evenings so I could make that. Maybe I’ll visit and see what it’s like. If I want to do anything I have to pass an exam, not looked at the training materials but I suspect the entry one isn’t that hard. The advanced one will probably be quite technical but let’s see if I still have interest after the first….or if I even get to the first. I may well be another bottomless pit for money…on radio stuff that I’m too shy to use.

Friday, 8th July, 2022

The kids love playing with SnapChat for all the funny faces it does. If there was an app that could do that without any of the social media stuff I’d install it. I’ve not looked but I doubt it exists. Some of them are hilarious though. There was a crying face one which no-one could stop laughing at. You still look like you’re crying whilst laughing so it just perpetuated. 😹

Got some film scans back today from the Kodak ColorPlus I’d used the past couple of weekends. They were reasonable pictures, some weren’t that exciting or of anyone looking or doing anything in particular. Sometimes having a fixed set of exposures means I just want to finish the roll in line with whatever event or thing I’m taking photos of. I suppose I don’t need to, but when it’s ISO 200 it’s not always practical to use it later on when I really need higher ISO. I had quite a few poorly focused shots with the 90mm, I was being lax with focusing whilst using it. It needs considerably more accuracy than the 35mm which you can go “close enough” a lot of the time. The 90mm also flares and so I should get a hood. I can’t remember if mine copy came with a hood, but if it did, it was the collapsible rubber one which looks like shit. There’s two metal ones I can get, the IUFOO cone-ish shaped one, or a more regular Leica metal hood. They’re both quite expensive for what they are. The IUFOO seems the cheapest, although turns out there’s two versions: one that’s all black, and one with a silver ring. The all black one is more expensive. I’ll keep my eye on ebay and see what pops up. I think the other one is usable on more lenses so might be worthwhile getting instead. All this makes me think a 50 mm would be a good compromise for when I’m out and looking for something a little longer. That is a massive research project - picking a 50 mm. Unless I just go all in for the 50 mm Summilux. Saves me a lot of time reading about lenses, just also costs a lot more! I do remember a big review article someone did comparing about 10 50mm M mount lenses. Various Voigtlander, Zeiss, and Leica ones. Maybe I’ll go re-read it. Although that will tell me to get the Voigtlander 50 f/2 ultron or whatever it’s called. As it’ll be 95% the Leica and about 10% the price.

I could get an older 50 mm to match the era of the M2. The f/1.5s often come up. Although they’re not exactly cheap.

A couple of domain names I have are expiring this week. Projects that I dream up whilst on holiday, buy the domain and then never do anything with. One I did do a little on it but never got very far. I’ve renewed them a couple of times but now I’m just letting them go. I should do the project first, then get the domain if it actually turns into something.

I had a moment where I remembered something from my childhood today and stopped to think about it. Things that you never noticed as a child are suddenly really strange when you think back as an adult.

This system is incredible. I’d like to have it but I know it won’t work for me as I never write things down. Not consistently anyway. I try to do it but generally get away without doing it so I don’t do it. I’m also not sure about having a notebook and pen with me the whole time. Seems difficult to manage. Phone on the other hand (or the main hand) is just fine. I’ve thought about carrying the Hobonichi with me to use that but so far have left it on my desk and partially forgotten about it.

I’ve had a few thoughts for blog posts running around in my head but even with the easiness of Tiddlywiki I still don’t write them down. Maybe I should get a cup of tea and start on one now. It doesn’t really matter so just do something. Although I was going to research 50 mm lenses…but probably that can wait…even if it is easier to do than write the post(s).

Think I’m coming up a year on having “this” site. (It’s changed 2-3 times since inception) but the daily posts aspect is still consistent. I keep meaning to bring in the old journal entries into this site for completeness, but it’s still on the todo list. I thought I had a script that could do it but I think it was the other way round - as in static pages to json for tiddlywiki import. I’ve prepared the json input file, just need to get around to processing it and writing out new pages. It’s quite minimal in scope - at least for the first 90%. There might be pictures and certainly links which are in the wrong format. But probably a find and replace in VS Code will be the quickest way to resolve those vs. Messing about with Pandoc or some other conversion tool.

I hope I’m more settled on the design and setup for this site now. I have a nice system on all computers and devices for adding posts with shortcuts for creation and front matter, and I much prefer a static site than anything else. The only slightly nagging thing is that the site is Jekyll and not Hugo. Although the hosting CDN caches builds so is very quick to render new pages because it doesn’t rebuild the rest of the site.

Anyway, all of this is to say I very much enjoy this style of blogging. It’s a pseudo-journal-blog site, and maybe it stops me writing in my own personal journal (as I’ve had enough writing by the time I’m done on here) but equally it means I write something. There’s not much else I want to write down that needs to be private. Maybe my personal grumblings about work or something but that’s usually something I can’t control or do anything about so why bother even thinking about it!

Thursday, 7th July, 2022

One thing I really enjoy on holiday is just sitting outside and reading a book. It’s maybe taken me a month to read half of this book and I’ll probably finish it in a few days. Then the question is what do I read next? I’ve been on a series (Chinese Sci-fi no less! Dark Forest is the middle one, I forget the name of the series or the first book) and so it’s easy to just continue. Can’t remember if I’d put some other books on my kindle.

Wednesday, 6th July, 2022

I’ve been looking at HAM radio licences and what’s needed in the UK for them. It always seems like a fun thing to do, although I feel like I’d never want to say anything. Mostly I think it would just be nice to have the licence. I even thought about private pilot’s licence but that seems a bit much just now.

Been using the Fuji X100V. I didn’t like it at first as it has fewer buttons than the F did (and my XT2) but once I sorted out the function keys to be what I want it was fine. It’s strange not having a dedicated view button - I like to be able to turn the LCD off to preserve battery but also like to turn it on when I want to use the flippy screen for some shot. However, all the functions can be set to buttons. I think I might like it more as it has fewer physical buttons but enough for what I tend to use: View mode, custom colour profile, ND filter and auto ISO settings. There is always the Q menu but I like to keep menus to a minimum where I can. I am enjoying the additional colour settings for jpegs. The additional ones give quite a lot of extra adjustment but the best part is being able to save white balance settings to each profile. On my XT2 I pretty much just have a colour and a B&W preset and the other 5 are mostly unused. Now I can see having multiple ones for different lighting or scenes. Plus the camera as a whole feels small and light, and the lens hardly pertrudes.

The obvious question is, am I going to get one?! Maybe I should’ve gone from F to V as I sort of originally planned but instead went XT2. I’m not sure where it would fit in the camera line up. Would it be my every day camera? If photographing kids sports events becomes more of a thing then it doesn’t really cut it, but otherwise? Maybe it is fine for everything else. I do really like 35mm. It’s a lot cheaper than many other cameras I’ve considered, and I don’t get tempted to buy more lenses! Maybe the wide adapter but that’s about it. Just if I ever got a M10, then what? Seems too much of an overlap. I could see it replacing the XT2 and just keeping that body with a suitable zoom lens for the occasional use. Although if I was serious about the sports photography I might find something else is better suited - it would be driven by the lenses I’d think. Fuji does fast long lenses but maybe there’s something better if that’s what it’s purpose is.

I really like the simplicity of the X100V. I also enjoy the colour profiles, and the fact that I probably won’t need to do any post as I can change (and see) the different styles immediately. No post is something I really like. There are other Fuji bodies but they all have trade offs, and nothing is as small as the x100.

Tuesday, 5th July, 2022

I’m on holiday 😎

So either means I write a great deal or nothing whatsoever!

It’s typically a time where I come up with great life changing plans or projects. 📡🔴

Monday, 4th July, 2022

We’re into July and so my half year, “avec” Hobonichi is now live. I’ve written one line in it and I don’t like what I’ve written already. I’ts a really great tool, but I’m not sure how I’m using it. I know I should just write whatever in it whenever but that feels too messy. However, we all know perfect is the enemy of good. Maybe I can track my thoughts of buying (or not) a Leica camera 😅. Then tally them up and see which one wins over the course of the rest of the year!

I didn’t realise the last episode of Stranger Things was 2.5 hours! Not sure when I’m going to watch that.

Posted off four rolls of Kodak ColorPlus 200 this morning. Look forward to seeing those and remembering what I even took photos off in a week or so.

Re-read our youngest’s playgroup “report” just now as tidying things up. Was overcome with a sense of …not nostalgia…but the feeling of time slipping away. Plus some nostalgia for the past year…if you can have that for a time so recent. Another school year done and everyone getting older. It seems like just the other day the boys were at playgroup. I remember thinking it was so good that they moved to nursery for longer hours. Life is so simple for little ones. It’s physically tiring as a parent but problems are small and quick to overcome. Just another parent “they grow up so quick” moment. 🥹

Sunday, 3rd July, 2022

I took a nice photo of my daughter using the Voigtlander 35mm Nokton on the Fuji which lots of people have liked. I can’t decide how much the lens plays a part vs. the moment, the light and the colours. It’s a combination of everything, but I wonder if I could’ve got the same photo with something else. It was at f/1.4 so the isolation is from the lens, but I think the colours make it look good too.

Back on film today. It’s partially sunny and we’re all outside so a good opportunity.

More people in the house ill now. Feel like it’ll be a long day.

Saturday, 2nd July, 2022

I’ve convinced myself that if I get a M10 then it’ll need a 50mm lux to keep it company. Within the endless videos and forums I’ve been reading, I’ve seen a lot of Silver M10s and it’s got me considering it. I was always set on the black one but now I’m not sure…it would match the M2…but plenty of time to decide.

The Leica Store Mayfair is open on Sundays. Looks like I have a stop on my journey later this year 🤩 Although there are many second hand camera stores in London that would be fun to visit. Like Camera City.

Unfortunately, a lot of these places are closed on Sundays and that’s when I’ll be there. Maybe for the best!

Start of the school holidays today! More family visiting this weekend - it’ll be fun but chaotic. I also seem to have a horrible cold.

Time for a bit of Part 2 of Stranger Things before everyone gets back.

Friday, 1st July, 2022

A digital + a film M mount camera makes a lot of sense. I think that is my end goal. Although I’ve never uesd one so I’m still a little nervous about that. I love using the M2 so surely it’s just the same but no longer limited to a roll of film. I could rent one but there’s not many places and they’re quite a lot for a small time. I’ve yet to meet someone with one, let alone someone who’ll let me take a shot or two.

I still think another digital camera is needed to compliment it. However, nothing exception really. It’s more for those scenarios when I want auto everything, or a lower cost kit, or maybe I need a 200mm lens for the football match etc. Given I already have that with the Fuji X-T2 it seems the sensible option would be to just keep it. It’s going to be around a long time, and they offer a good range of lenses should I have some other need. Maybe I could get the X-E4 for a small body or maybe the X100V would be great. They would be, but they don’t really compliment everything else. The X100V could compliment the M bodies but it’s 35mm only, and the M+35mm isn’t that big. The GR3 is another I want, and it’s really small and fast. However, I’m not sure it compliments things either. It’s use case for me can probably be covered by my phone.

I can say that the Q2 doesn’t fit in anywhere, so I can stop thinking about that :)

Of course this is all just an elaborate plan to justify the M10 to myself. Although buying one is challenging. I have or can save the money but that moment of purchasing a camera that’s maybe 4x the price I’ve paid for any other camera ever. eek. That alone needs a plan for me to figure out how I get my head around it.

I love DayOne but I’ve noticed that the sync doesn’t seem to be perfect. There’s a few entries that aren’t in sync across devices. However, I found that the previous versions setting allows me to call up older versions and generally the most up to date one is somewhere in that list. So I can get things back in sync. The only thing is that I might not have noticed older entries, this only matters when I come to print of this year’s entries. I suppose I could remove the app and then re-sync it to make sure?

I’m traveling later in the summer, and will be passing through London, so it’s the perfect opportunity to visit a camera/Leica store and have a go with a M10. It might not help me decide but I feel like it’s a minimum thing to do. It may also be very dangerous as who knows what else they’ll have that I just have a quick look at! 😅

Thursday, 30th June, 2022

The end of the first half of 2022.

I’ve been sorting out the laptops for the local playgroup. They’re two Dell laptops which are OLD! One has a Core i3380…that was released in Q3 2010. It also only has 2 GB of RAM. The other laptop is more recent, and has more RAM. They were both running Windows 7 and the software for smart whiteboard they have won’t install on Windows 7. Upgrading to Windows 10 was quite the chore and had to make an external USB to install. Anyway, eventually all done for both, including endless windows updates and installed the software. I’m quite impressed with Windows 10 with 2GB of ram. I mentioned to installing Linux and my wife wasn’t sure that would be a good idea, but Windows seems fine for now so that’ll keep everyone happy.

I keep telling myself I need to write out what I want with my camera. I haven’t done it because I’m afraid I won’t be able to come to any conclusion. It’s too easy to jump to cameras and specs and models.

I’m still interested in the Lumix range - particularly the GX80/85 or the newer GX9. It’s super small, very well reviewed and some great lenses. It is micro 4/3rds sensor but includes in-body stabilisation, which is great for videos and long lengths. Being the micro-4/3s means you can get some good reach with small(er) lenses. The vertical EVF is weird on the GX9 - I suppose a bit like a TLR! The GX80 is really good value.

Then I jump over the Leica CL. Looks lovely and great lenses etc. But it’s super pricey.

However, I already have an APS-C camera with a bunch of lenses. The X-T2 is a bit bigger (maybe 100g or so than the others) and the lenses are slightly bigger too. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Although it’s interesting I’m drawn to the smaller cameras. 🤔

And then there’s the M10…🤩

Wednesday, 29th June, 2022

So many things. Trying to sort out my parents finances, pensions, and mortgage. Almost buying cameras I don’t want but get a kick from doing so. Trying to fix ancient computers for the nursery. Not writing up DayOne journal of when the family were visiting and it’s getting further and further into the past. Adapting Leica/M mount lenses to my Fuji X-T2. Two months of photos to sort through.


Monday, 27th June, 2022

It’s nice having people stay. I don’t get my time on the computer and whilst that’s probably good for me, my monkey brain likes its habits and starts getting antsy. It’s so easy getting trapped in stuff, and the worse part is probably thinking that you aren’t.

A real addiction must be hell.

On a lighter note, we got some lovely school photos. The tricky part is deciding who gets one and which size, because the pack came with a whole range. They don’t give you the digital file, which seems a little stingy after you’ve bought a load of them, but I’ll probably just take a photo of the photo and then that’ll do as a digital copy.

Sunday, 26th June, 2022

Nearly sold all the random junk on eBay, which is nice. Still have the old Apple monitor but it’s a pain to post so probably will just keep it for now. I don’t think the stand separates either so it’s really awkward.

It’s a way off but already debating if I’m taking the iPad or my laptop when we go on holiday. I bought the laptop as I got annoyed with the iPad. However, since I’ve simplified the iPad then I like the idea of taking it just to limit what I do online whilst on holiday. Another silly waste of time but there we go. I thought about doing “projects” on it but the reality is I don’t do it. Plus it’ll be very hot and I won’t want to be doing that.

The Fuji 50-230mm XC is a remarkable lens. It’s a “cheap, plastic” lens but really it’s a lightweight zoom which is crisp and sharp. It has stabilisation too. It’s a little slow at the far end, think f/6.7, but if you’re outdoors and as long as it’s not night, then it’s excellent. Then considering the price, it’s a must for anyone with a Fuji. Other than wanting a faster zoom, I really don’t need one. Mostly as I only occasionally use it and I’m not an avid bird watcher etc. Using it today made me question why I’m trying to switch from Fuji. I still like (want) the Leica 55-135mm APO TL because it’s super small and very well liked by many. But spending a fortune to switch is plain stupid. 🫠

I’ve had Lightroom Classic open on the computer for several days with a load of photos imported but waiting review. I really can’t be bothered sorting out photos. At best I’ll view them and delete terrible ones. I like film and scanned (by the lab) as I just take them as they come and go with the flow. I like Fuji’s jpegs out of camera, for the same reason. The idea of sitting down in the evening and going through the photos and editing them 😴

Maybe I need a Panasonic Lumix GX880 (with 15mm (30mm eq.) f/1.7) to hold off my Leica Q2 obession! (AND then I can change lenses 😲)

The colours of the Q seem to pop.

Saturday, 25th June, 2022

Took the M2 out today for the first time in a couple of months. My ColorPlus arrived this morning so it was good timing. Shot two rolls. I really like the 90mm, although I felt I was “shooting from the hip” with it today, so not sure how well focused or exposed the shots will be. I do enjoy using the lenses though. Does make me wish for a digital M Mount, so I get to use them more often. People adapter them to Fuji but I feel like it would be slow to focus as you have to use focus peaking or zooming in on the EVF (other than zone focusing which really only works outside with the 35mm). Part of the reason I went down the Leica CL was because its supposedly better for adapted glass, but I’ve not actually researched it properly to know. Maybe a few YouTube videos of people actually doing it should help.

This all makes me think I should determine what I like and want from using my cameras, and then finding a solution that helps that the most. Rather than jumping between $100 and $10,000 setups and everything between every hour.

But not now. It’s too late. 😴

Friday, 24th June, 2022

Added comments to this site from cusdis. It’s a lovely little commenting system, very easy to get started with, and the simple look of it works well anywhere.

Watched the finale of Obi-Wan Kenobi last night. I enjoyed it, these mini series are high quality productions, and if you like the Star Wars universe then it’s pleasant to be in. Given the story is set between episode 3 and 4 of the films, you know who has to survive (because the storyline has already been set since 1977), but it still seems to leave big questions about why things do occur. I won’t be specific to prevent spoilers but I did ask myself “why are you doing this?” during it. It’s one of those situations where the answer is partially “well, if they did, then there’d be no story.”, so you just have to accept it and enjoy it for what it is.

The random things I’ve been selling on eBay has been going quite well. Most have sold, and I’ve received most of the money. Annoyingly, two packages’ tracking hasn’t updated and they should’ve arrived by now. I’m worried that these are also the two I just dropped in the post box vs. going to the post office or paying for collection. They were small and it saved hassle just going to the post box. However, now I wonder if that has somehow messed up the tracking as the bar code was never “initialised”? I guess I could message the buyers and ask them, then see if eBay customer services will do something. Or maybe it hasn’t arrived and something happened at that post box? Seems pretty unlikely, Royal Mail is generally well run and reliable. I’ll message the buyers and see what they say.

Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s a day you’ve had everything to do and you’ve done it. Thatcher

I’ve bid on some random compact cameras, like really low amounts, but now I think I should cancel my bids as I don’t really want junk, even if it is cheap. It’s fine but it’s just clutter and another thing to choose. Other than giving it to the kids to use, which might be fun…

My Colorplus films should be arriving soon. Hopefully they come tomorrow so I can at least use one whilst my parents are visiting for the weekend. It’s been a while since I used film and I can’t remember what I have in stock.

Every video or forum post I watch or read about a Leica CL always ends up with someone talking about the Q2 they got as well or instead or that they’ve moved to, and how so much better it is. They admit they lose the long end potential with the L mount CL, but otherwise say it’s so much better in every way. I’m sure they’re right. I’d happily take a Q2 but I don’t really want another choice though. Aside from paying for it, not sure I want to give up my camera and just go to the Q2. Although for years I had just the X100F. So that leads to keeping the Fuji too - coincidently there’s a lot of forum discussion around Fuji vs. Leica or Fuji + Leica. It’s not all in one direction though. Plenty of people praising Fuji - generally the value for money, the JPEG colour engine, auto-focus and nice styling. More recently the fact that APS-C is a core product line for Fujifilm. As any outside person would state to me, all this song and dance is really just about the fact I want a digital M mount. So shut up or save up.

Our neighbour’s lad plays the bagpipes and I can hear him practicing now. He’s pretty good. I wonder if he has been playing some other wind instrument first before moving to the bagpipes. It’s not the quietest of instruments.

Took the Fuji 18mm out (28 eq.). I couldn’t use it all the time.

Thursday, 23rd June, 2022

Jack wrote an interesting post today.. I was going to comment on his blog with this, but then I thought it would fit nicer here. Mostly for my own benefit to look back at it later on, but also because it’s how I feel about it. As it’s how I feel, it might not be the right answer for you. Also remember when there was this thing of replying to people via your own site? 👨

So Jack…:

I think there’s a difference between posting on social media and posting on your own website. One is like shouting at every car that drives by, the other is writing in a book that you leave on your front lawn and let people read it if they want.

You can still write in your book but keep it inside the house, either letting no-one read it or only certain people. That’s fine too. But by writing it and keeping it outside gives the opportunity for connections of value. Someone else who is actively looking for an answer may come across your book and find out that you have thoughts and commentary about the topic that they’re looking to answer. You might not have THE answer but it could trigger a conversation that leads to helping someone else out. Or at the very least you end up having an interesting conversation with someone about something you’re interested in.

I think writing it publicly puts this imaginary reader in your head which then encourages you to keep writing. Doing it in a private file removes this person and so you may lose interest in writing. The only benefit in the writing is for you but the fact of being public makes you keep doing it and therefore increases you’re own benefit. And being on your own website you’re not actively intruding on others, you’re just working with the garage door open.

This is what I find. I’ve really (and still do) enjoyed the daily blog style posts. I enjoy them for myself and I’ve never written so much in a long time. I do imagine someone else reading them and I imagine someone coming to my site each day with an interest to see what’s there today, so this encourages me to write things, and I get the mental benefit from the act of writing things. In reality, figuratively or literally!, no-one could visit my site, but that doesn’t change what I think. Because I never know (and I won’t install analytics as that’ll ruin it 😅), and even if it’s zero today maybe someone new will come along. I want to write these content and making it public makes me write it.

Finally, it’s nice to see “normal” life content. Social media is not normal life.

Back to my life ramblings… turns out it’ll be about £2.5k net to switch from Fuji to Leica CL with some lenses - the 18mm f/2.8, the 35mm summilux and the 55-135mm APO. Sort of want the 60mm lens too but think the 55-135 will be more useful. I don’t normally like zoom lenses but I do occasionally use my 50-230mm on the Fuji. The Leica is shorter but it is faster…but has no stabilisation…Another thing is that I really like the 35 mm equivalent, so 23mm, focal length. There is one for the Leica, an f/2 which is also very compact, but it’s not got the allure of the summilux. I suppose I could switch it out with the 18mm. Thinking about it now that’s probably the better option. Just that it’s my go to lens on the Fuji for indoors and the f/1.4 is useful. It’s all feeling like a poor decision, but if I wait until 11pm when I’m tired then I might change my mind and just order it all 😁

Wednesday, 22nd June, 2022

Spent way too much time looking at “cheap” compact cameras last night. Not even sure why I started - other than an excuse to buy more cameras. Concoct some scenario in my head that justifies it etc. Ended up believing that I need to replace my fuji gear with Leica CL and lenses. I still sort of think that now, even though it’s a dumb idea. It’s dumb from a financial perspective. I’ve yet (and maybe I should) work out what selling my fuji gear would be and then what the CL would cost with lenses. The camera is old, although slightly newer than my X-T2 by about 18 months or so. That doesn’t really matter, as the sensor is still good, still a 24 MP APS-C. Maybe the programming and autofocus and etc. etc. internal gubbins is out dated vs. a modern one. Plus do I really need all the magic of a new camera? Maybe in body stabilisation is nice for low light etc., but I’ve managed without it all these years. In fact I took many great photos on my Nikon D40, and that’s from 2006.

There’s a lot of value in the desire to use the camera, the ability to take it with you everywhere, and the simplicity of operation so you can focus on what’s important - the composition and the light.

Oh look, here I am justifying it to myself again. dammit. Doesn’t have a tilt screen and I do sometimes use it on my Fuji.

The whole APS-C Leica line us has been discontinued though. So no new TL lenses I guess. Maybe that doesn’t matter as it takes L-mount lenses, and I probably only need about 3. But buying into a dead system, just as it dies is probably not smart. Unless somehow it gets a cult following and used prices skyrocket. Or it slowly crashes over the next 6 years that Leica will be supporting CLs.

I do want a M mount system, but they’re very pricey, although I have two lenses already from my film camera. However, I am very unlikely to buy any more any time soon - maybe a plus, except when I want one then it’s £3k or something. I’m also not sure I want only manual focus cameras. I also have concerns over rangefinder alignment issues, marking/damaging it, and generally just carrying around a four thousand pound camera. Although when I take my film camera out, that’s a one thousand pound camera. More than twice that of my Fuji 😅 I have got used to that, and probably I’d get used to the M10. The worst part about buying an expensive camera is the day you buy it. Vs. The best part about buying a cheap one is the day I buy it.

I don’t want any other full frame camera as they’re too big, and the lenses are even bigger. APS-C is a nice middle ground. I should make a spreadsheet so I can see exactly how much this whim could set me back. Also I should look on Flickr at pictures.

Been so warm here today. 🌤

Jack’s link reminded/directed me of/to tumblr. Then I scrolled for 20 minutes 🤢

Tuesday, 21st June, 2022

I remembered about Amazon Photos last night - and how they offer free unlimited photo back up if you have prime. Might as well install it again and get it setup. The website/app is okay for looking at photos. It had people, memories, on this day and ability to create albums. These help me go back and appreciate older photos that I’d probably not look at.

I’m not satisfied that it’s the final answer but will be something. I looked at photoprism again and remembered the huge docker compose file to go through to install it. I’ve installed it in the past and did get it working, although then on an update it stopped and I just removed it. I should try it again.

I’ve installed Adobe Lightroom again. I’ve yet to open it. It’s a great program but I don’t want to edit all my photos and it feels like it’s more edit vs. Library. Although it has a very comprehensive set of library functionalities. Really the problem I’m trying to solve is to make it easier for us (and mostly my wife) to make a photo album at the end of the year. I’m thinking hit 3 ⭐️ or equivalent then just look through those and pick. The past method has been to go through all the folders and copy good photos to another folder then upload them all. Not terrible but it’s slow. I could be more ruthless when trimming photos so that later on there’s a smaller set. I do usually pick the best ones for my photos website (which is another folder on the computer), although historically I’ve not been good at keeping that up to date. I got better but now I think there’s a few months gap again.

Unfortunately I think the setup I had with Apple Photos was actually pretty good for what I wanted. Editing wasn’t the greatest but you could still do enough tweaks when necessary. Just a shame that the Mac mini ground to a halt once it had loaded all the photos into the library.

I’m not buying a Mac just for this…

Although I have thought that if we do remodel the kitchen, that an iMac would look nice in it as a family computer. If I want to avoid external devices (which I do) then I’d have to buy one with a custom SSD and that would be extortionate to be able to fit all the photos. There is always the option of adding from a network share but it would be slower. I could do a rotation system and move out old photos but then you lose the functionality of it. Or I pay for 2 TB of iCloud again and offload to the internet. Or I just find a small and neat looking external SSD and maybe one of those rear shelf things as plug it in.

This is all hypothetical and another part of me only wants to kids to know Linux so that they can enjoy their freedom. 👁‍🗨

Maybe I should watch some videos on library functions with Lightroom and just set it up.

It was fun looking at old photos and videos on Amazon last night. I did probably spend two hours doing so. “They grow up so quick!” 🥹

Monday, 20th June, 2022

I took a video with my camera of my daughter’s drama class over the weekend and finally got round to looking at it last night. After I’d installed the new PCI-e to USB card with front header and now the front USB ports work so it makes it easy to download from my SD card…anyway… the picture turned out reasonably well and the sound also. The only thing was the exposure. I’m going to see if I can correct it, but I think the highlights are well and truly blown so not sure I can get any detail back.

The convenience of a habit tracking app is that my phone is always with me. My notebook, however, rarely is. I suppose I shouldn’t fret about it and just go with the flow. The main point is that I do and reinforce the habits I want to build, not stress and faff over not ticking a box in a notebook. I not going to carry a notebook (and pen) with me at all times. I’m trying to track the time I go to bed, and encourage not being too late. This one is harder as I have neither phone nor notebook, but perhaps I should be recording when I go upstairs as that’s basically the same.

If I really want the paper grid view of Xs then I can always transcribe the digital habits into the tracker.

Went on a big eBay listing spree last night. Clear out some junk that I have which I never use. Old SSDs, keyboards, controllers, all sorts of bits and bobs. Nothing on its own is worth that much but all together it’s not insignificant. Of course, it has to sell, but surely at some price everything sells. The only hassle is posting it all. I still have the Apple monitor that I don’t really need, but that’s a big hassle to ship. Mostly as I never get a box big enough. I suppose I could try selling locally.

Trying out Simplenote for my personal notes. It does everything I need. I’m just paralysed by trying to define a process and file names and if I should use tags, and what should those tags be, etc. Just write stuff down 😵

Blog posts look much nicer with photos in them.

Ordered 12 months of Skoove for the piano. All these app courses have downsides but the progression aspect of it will keep me going. Seemed reasonable value anyway at £50 for the year. The good thing is I already spent the $600 back in 2014 to buy the piano. Plus I sold about £50 worth of stuff on ebay after fees and postage, so that works out nicely.

Sunday, 19th June, 2022

I’m about to sign up to a year of Skoove, as today is 50% off. I’ve not quite done it as I think it may just be my wish to play the piano vs. my desire to learn. I did a year of another app back in 2020-2021, and I probably did about 6 months out of that year, in two 3 month blocks. I did like it and got better at the app - now whether I got better at playing the piano is debatable. I can’t remember anything from doing that though and can’t play a song by heart. For a while I could remember a christmas piece - a very simple We three kings. I did learn that I liked playing classic music, which I didn’t expect.

So should I buy it? It’s about £50. Given yesterday I spent £25 on a PCI-e to USB 3 card for my computer as I don’t have many ports and I think the onboard motherboard USB 3 header doesn’t work, it seems like a lot better value. The big problem is will I use it? I’m all for getting away from the computer, so I should like it. However, will I just get bored after 2 weeks and then not bother? Probably/maybe…

If someone offered to buy it as a gift I’d say yes. Even if the alternative was they gave me £50.

I’m also worried as I’m going to be buying a rowing machine after our holiday, and that’s also a thing to take up time that I’ve promised myself I’ll do.

I suffer from wanting to do too many things, organising myself poorly, and agonising over tiny decisions that make no difference whichever way I choose.

Saturday, 18th June, 2022

Trying to setup my main site in Tiddlywiki. Generally it’s nice. Adding new content is so easy, and it does look quite nice out of the box. I’m still not sure about blogging with it. Tagging should be good but I can never decide if I’m doing a few high level category style tags or go all in with multiple ones. I lean towards a few high level categories, i.e. target one tag or maybe two per post. The only other thing is that bringing in old blog posts. The tiddlers have a creation date of when I make them, and tiddlywiki isn’t suited to editing these. It’s better to make a new property to assign a post date. This is what I did, but then that means I need to do that for every post I write.

Maybe not too bad, as I might take a day or two before I finish a post - although who cares if it’s out by one or two days. Tbh this isn’t a bad thing, but just looks a bit weird if there are lots of posts on one day. I suppose I could always just migrate old posts across one a day. Anyway, I’ve gone for the properties route. I use it for adding a one line summary to put into the Blog archives list.

I feel this is a half way house to a full static blog, vs. Wordpress. I hope it’s a good compromise, and encourages me to add to it. Particularly as it’ll end up being my main wiki too. I should get it in order (it’s pretty close) and then just move the domain.

eBay has a 80% sellers fees discount promo at the moment, could be a good time to sell the X-T2 and upgrade it to the X-T3. It does add a few things over the 2, although is it worth the extra? Tricky to say. I do like the extra jpeg colour adjustment settings it provides in camera. Maybe I’ll list mine and see what happens.

Daughter had a theatre club performance today which we got to go to - finally! It was more like watching a class vs. a show they put on. It was good fun. I took some photos and even a video of her singing. Not looked at it yet to see if it’s terrible or not. The 50mm was an ideal lens - a bit of reach but not too tight and the f/2 was good inside. Getting the right exposure was tricky and I think the videos will be bad. The dark surroundings and then the spotlights on their heads made it hard. Particularly as our daughter has blonde hair and was in the second row. Her head is very over-exposed. However, I didn’t have time to be fiddling around trying to sort that out,so see if I can fix it in post.

Using the camera to video vs. a phone was nice as I’d turned off the back screen so I could only look through the viewfinder. This meant I just held the camera but actually watched with my own eyes, not via the screen! Just occasionally checking that I had the framing right. Not quite sure what the protocol is, but no-one said anything or they didn’t notice. Perhaps they might if next time I come with an external mic and a f/2.8 zoom! (Not that I own any).

It reminded me that I like taking videos and we don’t have that many. We do take some with our phones but they’re not that interesting. I mean multiple videos that then get assembled together into the “we went to the beach” clip. I used to do it more, particularly when I got the GoPro. It took ages to make a short video. Easy to make a really long one, but no-one would watch it so trying to make it short and sweet was the hard part. It takes even longer than processing photos. I still have the GoPro but the battery doesn’t last that long. Maybe I should sell that. I was keeping it for the kids to play with but they’re rather have the phone or ipad as then they get to see it instantly. Heck, maybe I should just use the phone and then make a little clip with iMovie and export it to the server. I have a home movies plex library so we can watch them on the TV and family can see them too (also there’s the Apple Photo Stream for family).

Anyway, the audio visual combo you get with videos really captures the children, much more so than compared to photos. However, the physical manifestation of videos later is harder to do - and therefore they don’t really get looked at. At least photos on the fridge, or wall, or photo book get looked at again. I guess they’re on my computer, for when everyone has left home and I’m reminiscing.

Been curious about Joplin. I’m still undecided on personal, private notes. The Hobonichi seems like a good spot, particularly as it’s small and I can bring it most places. Just wondering about longer term info that I want. Whilst looking at Joplin (as I was wanting a note taking app that is on all devices and syncs and ideally is self-hosted), I remembered I’d setup 1Writer with WebDAV on my server. Last entry was 4th January 2022. I’d written in it about something to remember for next Christmas/new year. Now the question is how is writing that there going to be useful. Really I should write it in December 2022’s page or something, or if I’m in Logseq then add a link to a future date. Or make a new textfile called “Things to remember” or something. All this just reinforces the point that the app or writing daily notes is only half the battle. The other part is then being organised with it such that I can find useful things later.

I recall around late December talking about setting this 1Writer and WebDAV up. Thinking that a file for daily journal, a file for annual summary and maybe something else was the way to go. So one file for the daily unload, one for the highlights of that day, and then one for future reference or reminders to myself or something. Maybe with some headers, like people or places or events.

Whilst the 1Writer thing is nice, I use 1Writer for this site and so using it for something else means navigating away from the folder structure, and so a hassle. This can’t be write as people must use it for multiple things. Maybe I’ll look into that and see what others do. Anyway, the dedicated nature of a app for certain tasks is another reason why I’m liking the idea of Joplin. My simple iPad setup pretty much has one app per situation and maybe I should continue that. I’m not very good on the computer as there’s unlimited “apps” (the browser plus stuff) for everything, and so I do nothing. Now when I sit with the iPad (again outside in the garden with a nice cup of tea ☕️), I open up DayOne and write in the family journal about what we all did today, and things the kids did etc.

Joplin is free, and open source, so it’s not like it’s hard to use it. I’ll add it to my list of computer admin I have to do.

Friday, 17th June, 2022

We went to look at new kitchens this morning. So many choices of things. The design looked very nice, but nay cheap.

I’ve been tinkering around with a new tiddlywiki file in anticipation of replacing my main site with it. It feels like it could be perfect but when I look at it I’m still not sure. However, I still think I prefer it to a static site. I should probably just put it live and then tinker with it in situ as it’ll never be perfect and if I wait until it is then nothing will happen. I also have to remind myself that the purpose is to admire fish, not construct a fish tank. 🐡

I bought some washi tape and cutesy cat stickers with the hobonichi as I couldn’t resist. My wife asked if they’re a present for someone…lol

Thursday, 16th June, 2022

I was probably over enthusiastic about the hobo yesterday. It is still very nice but it’s not going to change me. I have to do that! Oh I was meant to write a letter for Father’s Day yesterday so I could post it in time. Oops! Maybe I’ll go to the shop near work and find a nice card.

When you buy something cheap and bad, the best you’re going to feel about it is when you buy it. When you buy something expensive and good, the worst you’re going to feel about it is when you buy it. — Source

Hello Leica.

X being done is like a lawn being mowed.

If I close my eyes whilst listening to Blue Monday ‘88 by New Order, I’m back at home with my mum wearing faded jeans doing the ironing listening to this on 11.

I updated the calendar in my hobonichi with important things from the family calendar. Added some habits to track in the yearly index and generally handled it. It’s not “started yet” being 1st July-31st Dec avec model. However, I’m not sure what I’d write in it. It feels like a planning tool vs. a logging tool. So I guess that’s what I should do…

Wednesday, 15th June, 2022

Another annoying thing with this DAC (well the computer and it together) is that Windows doesn’t seem to see it when it returns from sleeping. I have to unplug it and plug it back in again…ugh why. I wonder if I connect it via USB-C directly if that’ll help? Not sure why as all the other USB peripherals work after sleeping. Haven’t checked online to see if there’s some other setting or something to fix it.

Friend who got married back in April sent us some of the official photos from their wedding. Not really the greatest. I wasn’t going to say anything but my wife brought up that mine were much nicer - and she’s not one to compliment without warrant…often the other way around! “You didn’t take any nice ones this holiday.” I’m not being a photography snob, just some weren’t even in focus, or terrible framing, or not good moments. Whilst it’s easy to criticise, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the wedding photos, so I’m relaxed and there’s no consequence of poor photos - other than my own disappointment.

There is something to be said about film and manual cameras - you (well I certainly do) pay much more attention to the scene as I don’t get many chances.

The money from selling things is still burning a hole in my pocket, but rather than another camera or computer device etc. I think I’m going to buy the Concept 2 indoor rower (erg). I’ve wanted one forever and I should just get it. I’ll get rid of the bike trainer as I never want to use it as I cycle to work everyday. It was fine during lockdown but not now. I’d also like some diversity in exercise. I was excited that Amazon sell them and you can make use of their 0% installment payments (why give up cash now when I can give it up later!), except they don’t deliver to our address. I guess it’s a special delivery item and the wilds of Scotland aren’t important. Not a big deal, I can just get it from Concept2 directly for the same price. However, they only do discrete shipping dates, and the next one is too close to when we go on holiday. Probably it would be fine and arrive in time, but given the wilds of Scotland I don’t want to risk it. So I’ll just wait until we come back from holiday. Plus even if I did order it now, I’d not get any time to use it. I just hope it’s not a monthly dispatch they do. But if it is, then maybe gives me time to organise the garage where it’ll live.

The Hobonichi arrived today. Oh my! It is lovely. I never thought I could like a notebook so much, or understood why everyone raved about it. But now I understand. I also thought it was too small but when I put it in my pocket to go into the kitchen with it I realised it was the perfect size. It has so many sections that I’m overwhelmed and worried I’m going to “use it wrong”. However, I’ve been taking my time to look at each section and do a bit of chatting and googling about using one and now I see some good ways to use it. In my head it becomes the perfect life organisation notebook. I may be over exaggerating it and the honeymoon period is getting me all excited and it might go the way of many other items and projects. We’ll see.

I’ve used field notes in the past and whilst the size is convenient the plainess required some thought or prep. e.g. writing out calendars or whatever, which is perfectly doable, but the fact that the hobonichi comes prepopulated makes it very easy to jump into. I’m still not quite sure how much I should use it for work. I feel like work info will “ruin” it and I should keep it for personal life. But it’s not work vs. life it’s all life. I guess I can try it out and see how it goes. This half I have doesn’t start until July 1st, so I can think about it for a while. I hope it works as well as I’m thinking as it would be nice to get the full year one and use that.

Tuesday, 14th June, 2022

Had a weird error with my new DAC last night. I was playing Horzion Zero Dawn, or I was trying to and it immediately crashed if the DAC was plugged in. If I tried to open it, it wouldn’t open. If I unplugged the DAC, loaded the game and then as soon as I plugged the DAC back in, the game would immediately crash. It was very apparent it was the DAC. Luckily other people have had this issue and, being an older game, meant there were people who had also solved the problem. It was either USB 2 vs USB 1 mode or the frequency/bit rate the DAC was set to. In my case it was the frequency and bit rate. If I set it to 24 but and 96 kHz in Windows sound settings then everything worked fine. 🙄

One of my favourite places to write is sat outside in the garden at the the table with my iPad and a cup of tea ☕️. The fresh air, the susurration of the trees and bushes, the birds messing about, and warmth of the tea are all so relaxing and make it so easy just to write about whatever.

The cat mint in our garden has flowered and is a huge bee magnet. When the air is still, I can hear the buzzing of bees. They just love it.

The lack of trees in and around our garden means it gets the sun all day, but I do miss not having some trees.

Royal Mail emailed me saying my Hobinichi is arriving tomorrow. It reminded me that I was looking for somewhere to write personal things, which I state to myself but then do nothing about. Repeatedly. Just like how I’m going to sort out my main website. I suspect the fact I do nothing reflects the need for these things.

I’ve realised it’s been 3 days since I last did my one minute plank exercise routine. Now I keep remembering but thinking that right now isn’t a good time and I’ll do it later. It’s only a minute ffs why can’t you just do it. (Well I’m writing in here just now, so you know, maybe later).

I saw some software that a colleague at another company was using - ThinkCel. It’s such a management consultancy tool but it looks so useful. I’ve asked our IT if we can get it - can’t tell you how long I’ve wasted putting together a “quick” gantt schedule in PowerPoint for an ad-hoc discussion. Or I wanted a graph of some numbers from an email to make a point, but have to take it into Excel and blah blah blah. No doubt it’ll take 3 months for IT to process the request and I’ll have to build a business case and etc.

Every day I check youneedastereo.com to see what interesting things Phil has been up to, but :sad face: the wireless just crackles with the silence of the background cosmic radiation.

My desire for the M10 is fading. Mostly as I can’t justify the amount to myself.

A female blackbird is running around my chair picking up detritus for making a nest. Maybe this isn’t a great place for writing as all I do is sit here and watch the garden. 🏡

Monday, 13th June, 2022

Ah sold my Fuji lens. The guy bought it last night at 11pm, but I didn’t look at my emails until I was at work, so I won’t be able to post it today. Probably not a big deal but I think ebay will count that as being longer than I state. I don’t really like ebay but it’s the biggest marketplace and stuff sells. The used photography market isn’t that big here, least not anywhere that I’ve found - certainly not like Fred Miranda in the US. The question now is, should I buy something else 😁 I think I originally thought about the GRIII(x), at least when I was talking about selling this lens.

I looked at used X-T3 prices to see what an upgrade might be. They’re not exactly cheap. Think about £650. Although used prices of X-T2 seem to have increased since I bought mine, maybe looking at £400 (I bought mine for £360 inc. postage). So £250 to upgrade isn’t as bad as I initially thought, particularly as the X-T2 will have cost me nothing.

It took me a little bit to find out how much I did buy the X-T2 for. I search my email but there was nothing except the courier notification. I didn’t have the current wiki I have now when I bought it, so there was nothing in there. In fact I couldn’t even remember when I bought it. I knew I bought it from the talk photography forum, but they archive/delete older buy/sell posts so whilst I found my feedback with the link to the thread the original thread was gone. However, with the courier email, I knew the date and then I could look up on paypal to see how much I sent. However, without that email I wouldn’t have known as the paypal purchase didn’t include any information about what it was for, just who it was to. Made a note of it now in the wiki.

Does all that really matter? Not strictly, but it’s nice to know the effective cost of equipment. Although, I’m not sure I’ve captured everything (of interest) I have in the wiki.

The DAC arrived today. Installed the Windows driver and setup it up. The listing on eBay seemed very dodgy but it’s a brand new one and passes the online authenticity check, so good! Does it sound better? I think so. Everything sounds much more fuller. I have no idea how one describes sound but there’s more of it…🎧 I could do a side by side but for what? to prove it’s better. Maybe when I’m bored I will.

What I have been enjoying is digging out my old music collection on the server. I’d ripped all my CDs to FLAC and then I think I donated or sold my CDs. Maybe silly but that’s what I did. I didn’t have masses, maybe 30 ish. It’s funny looking back and listening to some old songs that I’ve not listened to for at least 10 years, if not coming up 20. As soon as they play I’m transported back to wherever I was when I bought it. The older ones I don’t quite remember where I bought it but I remember sippets of life when I used to listen to them. CDs that I’ve owned since ~1995. Now I wonder when I got my first CD player and what my first one was. I remember my CD rack I had, and a handful of CDs in it. Back then you’d get a CD for your birthday and that was the main present, especially if it was a double CD and cost nearly twice as much. I think I used to organise the CDs in a certain order as I recall whatever Now (that’s what I call music) being at the top on the rack.

I didn’t have to buy a lot of CDs as my mum had (still has I presume) hundreds and hundreds. She must’ve been buying them since the late 80s. I wonder what her first CD player was. She must’ve spent a lot of money on them. I do remember going into town with her and we’d go to Virgin or HMV, flick through rows and rows of CDs and she’d pick a couple out.

I feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of time that has past since then and how I remember so little of what we all did. I have so few photos, absolutely nothing written down and not much else to go by. I’ve thought about this before, but I should just try remembering things and writing them down then see what I can order. It’s one of those, go to your parents house, rummage around and pull out stuff that’s been put away and ask everyone what they remember of it.

Sunday, 12th June, 2022

Still thinking about the M10 option. Still seems a lot to spend though. I could wait…3 years…then it’ll be a little bit cheaper! Probably not, as it’s pretty much the sweet spot of most things, and is going to age well I think.

Busy day with the kids today. Did get a bit of quiet time to myself, but unless I’m organised I just waste it doing nothing in particular.

We bought some gin from Raven distillery for the school fair raffle thing. It’s a local brand. We ordered ages ago but because of the Jubilee they were very behind on schedule. Anyway, one of the main guys ended up hand delivering a bottle to our door as we were going to miss the school fair! (and then the shipped one arrived later that day 😅). Also it’s not raven, it’s Hrafn (you just say Raven 🐦).

Saturday, 11th June, 2022

Thinking about Leica M10(-P) again. They’re still expensive as hell. The weather is pleasant today, but there’s quite a wind. I thought I’d sit outside and write somewhat but the wind is a bit too chilly. Plus I’ve only mowed half the lawn and it’s hard to look at the rest without it nagging me for a trim.

My phone and iPad seem very slow to retrieve websites whilst on the wifi. Not sure if it’s DNS or the wifi itself. I did a dig on the pi-hole and it returned the address in 46 ms, so I don’t think it’s that. Maybe I just need to power cycle everything? I don’t notice it on other devices as they’re all wired but perhaps I can test it out on a laptop. My wife hasn’t said anything, so somehow just my devices? :/

I remember deliberating for a long time over a film Leica. Best part of a year I was on and off about getting one. Some models (M6) shot up in price over that time, but luckily the M2 stayed about the same…which was the one I wanted, or a M4, but I like my M2 now. When I did finally buy it, it was a little bit of a heat of the moment purchase (even though I’d been thinking about it for a year), as one appeared on a website and was a little cheaper than normal and looked in excellent condition.

The next month or so I was really stressed about buying it, and considered sending it back or selling it on. “How could I spend so much on this box!” It certainly took until I got my first roll of film back before I started to come to accept it. Now I’ll never sell it and keep it forever. The M10 is not quite the same, being digital, but I suspect I’d go through the same thought process. The M10 is quite a lot more than the M2 was though.

I’m pretty much like this about buying anything. The past 5 years I’ve been “upgrading my computer”. Only a few months ago did I actually do it.

Maybe reading this will help me. thanks Jack…😅

Friday, 10th June, 2022

Bought some colour film today. 6 boxes of Kodak Color Plus 200 (24 frames) - it was on sale for £6 each which is pretty much the cheapest colour film has been in ages. Only 24 frames but nevermind. A single portra 400 is £17.50. If I never buy any film, I’ll never be able to shoot it. I do like black and white but as it’s the summer time, it’s nice to make use of colour stocks - I also like colour too and the grain and look are unmatched. Color Plus isn’t the greatest but it’s not that bad.

I have taken some photos with my digital camera, although still haven’t even transferred them onto the computer let alone figured out how I’m processing them. I’ll just save them to folders on the server for now. Btu I’ve not really been in the mood to take many pictures, certainly not with film. Although nothing “special” has happened, which is why I’ve not even reached for film. This is a shame. Past 2 years I’d take it with me just going to the play park with the kids. Oh well.

Sort of thinking of setting up a static site for my main site. This is a reoccuring thing which ends in wasting 3-5 evenings looking at themes thinking I can just pick one and be happy with it. Turns out I can’t “just pick one and be happy with it”. Doesn’t stop me looking at all the same theme web sites again, hoping that something will be different this time.

I like this guy’s website/blog. Very simple style and format. Also has a daily element as well as main posts. It’s not quite clear what the daily entries are of - they seem to be links to other sites and a summary or copy/paste of the other site. Maybe just items of interest. I also like the archives by year in the footer. Very efficient use of the page. His site is powered by django but could easily be a static site, which is interesting why it’s a django site, but maybe because it has been for years and years - django pre-1.0.

I got a notification that my 2H 2022 Hobonichi has shipped. I’m intrigued to see what the paper is like, and the book as a whole. Not sure if I’m using it for work or for home or both? Both is unlikely as I’ll either forget to bring it back and forth or won’t really want to whilst cycling. I haven’t been writing in anything at home on a daily basis, so could be good for that, but that also risks just never being written in. I’ll see when it arrives.

Work was a bit meh today. In fact this whole week has been bleh. So good job it’s over, except now that it’s over I’ve realised I wasted a lot of time - well it wasn’t wasted, I was doing stuff that needed to be done, but it just wasn’t what I wanted to do. Although some of my todos have been on my list for 3 months now. I still want to do them but are they ever going to get done?

Speaking of frog eating, I did write up a little summary of May’s expenses. It’s funny how once you start doing something you realise that you didn’t exactly know what you wanted when you set out to do it. Least I found that. I’d thought a layout of the month’s expenses would be obvious but I’m not sure what I want. But I did something. Top ten expenses, excluding bills like mortgage, utilities etc, and groceries made the list more interesting to make. I did it on a wiki I have and was going to make it one page per month, but now I’m thinking it should just be one page. Or maybe it should be both. I could make a list of the top ten expenses of the year, and a running total of income vs. Expenses, something like that. I previously said I’d write it in a Field Notes I have so I could flick between the pages to compare months. This flicking is not really present online so that’s why I might duplicate the info (transcluding even). But maybe I just want a graph for the year, and the top ten list. Not quite sure. 🤔

With my filtering, the top ten purchases captured the essence of the month quite well. I didn’t compute it exactly, but those ten probably made up about 70-80% of the non-essential spend. We did buy some furniture and I bought a new GPU, so maybe months without those will be more interesting to look at. Although I feel that every month there are some “one offs” of some form or another…mostly me buying things…

I use Money Dashboard aggregator to collect transactions - now the UK banking system is required to provide APIs to your accounts, so that “fin-tech” companies can make new products. Okay they sell my transaction lists to people who’ll try and sell me credit cards etc. but it’s convienent and importantly safe. It’s a lot more practical than typing them into a plain text file or GNUCash or something. I can just assign categories on my phone (if it gets it wrong) and then look at the summary or download a CSV each month. I am wondering about downloading all the transactions and keeping in something for my future reference. Or at least some script or something to process the data for my top ten filtered and other items. It’s not a huge amount of effort but maybe useful later on. It’s not going to replace the hand written/typed effort as that is what actually gets me to think about it and realise what’s going on.

I feeling a bit anti-computer at the moment, and thinking “if I hadn’t just bought a new computer I could’ve got rid of mine”. Which is a bit silly as the computer is a useful device.

Wednesday, 8th June, 2022

I’d forgotten Obi-Wan was out. Only a few episodes right now so guess it’s the slow release method.

Messed about with my current dokuwiki setup, think it could work well. Also thinking that maybe I should just delete the other blog, as I don’t really care and it just wastes my time.

I keep getting reMarkable ads. I want one, but I don’t need one. I like buying notebooks, and with a reMarkable I’d “never need a notebook again”. It’s £358 for the cheapest options - pencil without eraser and no folio (probably lots on etsy for less). That’s not a light decision. I’d need to be sure I’d use it…a lot…I don’t even know why I’m talking about it. I don’t need it. The End.

Tuesday, 7th June, 2022

Not sure what to do. Want to do website stuff but also cba. I sat down at the computer first, which generally means I end up doing nothing. Still debating about using DayOne as private journal. The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t access it on a computer…now that I don’t have a mac. Not sure if this is a real issue or just an imaginary one.

I don’t know how to discover new music, without spending a lot of time. Although I found the best named playlist on Spotify. It’s called Scotify: The best new alternatives sounds from Scotland! Not necessarily any good but the name made me smile.

What am I talking about. Just play this year’s Eurovision songs. 💶🎶🎷

Monday, 6th June, 2022

Know all the memes. Interview with creator of know you memes.

Finally bought a DAC…went for the FiiO E10K TC. It was fairly cheap and gets good reviews, ideal to sit on my desktop and not get in the way. Perhaps it’ll be a pointless thing that I’ve bought, to go with many other things I’ve bought in the past that I didn’t really need.

Logged into my dokuwiki and poked about with it. Still thinking I’ll like using it, particularly as it can have private sections for stuff to fiddle about with. I should just rejig the one I have and then change the DNS but I can’t decide how to “lay it out”.

Sunday, 5th June, 2022

I still don’t like Wordpress as my “official” blog. I really just want plain text. However, I’m not sure I can be bothered with Hugo or another Jekyll etc. site. I partially thinking about Dokuwiki…it uses plain text files underneath. Seems silly to have two wikis though, however, it’s more structured - or requires more structure than Tiddlywiki. Which makes me think it’ll be a good format for a “main” site. It also has some good blog plugins that make it pretty normal with regards to blogging. I do also have a soft spot for it. It might also be good to have a wiki integrated with a blogging site again.

There are probably other plain text CMS out there, which I might look into. Although I know I like Dokuwiki so why bother spending time looking for something else? The only thing is the format isn’t as easy to customise. So it tends to look like all other Dokuwikis. That doesn’t really matter - I quite like the look of it. It’s not zero effort to set it up though, so it may not happen.

I was using the X-T2 at the beach today, and I do enjoy the ease of auto focus, auto everything. Taking photos is the secondary activity to whatever we’re doing and I don’t have time to fiddle and faff. I have my presets ready and everything configured. Makes me think an upgrade of this is a much better investment than some full frame, or unnamed manual focus digital rangefinder. I know I can do it, as I’ve taken the film cameras with me but I don’t always want to have to do it. I also like value for money.

Speaking of which, I’ve spent a while looking at DACs, or DAC/Amp combos for the computer. Watching the Jubilee concert on TV last night whilst looking at endless reviews and forums on the iPad. It’s hard to choose. Even get to the stage of thinking “do I even need to bother?” The answer can easily be no. I’m still watching he Sony NW-A45/55 models on ebay - although this week they seem to sell for even higher prices than last week. The one I missed during the day as I’d clicked on the wrong link was a real bargain…oh well. Not actually sure I’ll listen to music elsewhere that’s not just Spotify on my phone and then streamed to a Bluetooth speaker (e.g. on holiday) or my Bluetooth headphones, and so then a dedicated player is pointless. Also I could just load FLAC onto my phone, get some app and a dongle and do it that way - probably a much better way and given the price and scarcity of dedicated players suggests that is what everyone else is doing.

I have some Nectar points, and ebay vouchers, so I want to buy it there, but that just adds another constraint to choosing. Particularly when there’s a listing which is half the price of the others - so seems suspicious - yet lists exactly the model and specs, BUT the other listings are much cheaper than buying direct from the manufacturer and show the same picture and details…all suspect. Ugh. Another thing to waste hours on. ⏰

Saturday, 4th June, 2022

It’s lovely and sunny but the air temperature is only 14°C. However, that hasn’t stopped the kids from wanting the paddling pool. 🏊‍♂️

In an effort not to be 100% lazy, I’ve decided to do a 1 minute plank a day. Obviously my first thought was that I’d start it tomorrow not today. Then I realised that was stupid, so dropped to the floor whilst putting away laundry and did my minute. I was shaky but managed the minute. Anyway, given the amount of time I waste each day, I hope I can spare a single minute.

Choosing a DAC for the computer is seemingly an impossible task. Or at least I make it so. Read reviews, read forums, read reddit. Decent on one that’s reasonably priced and for sale in the UK. Then look into more on that particularly model: “oh no, you really don’t want to pick that. The singsong 500 DAC++B 22.AF is want you really want. Ok internet, let me see….twice the price, not available…something else. Okay back to the list…

The iFi Zen DAC V2 was the top one but, ugh, I don’t know now.

Is it silly to want a new Fuji camera so I can get classic negative, or the additional colour settings in camera. It might be my method for avoiding figuring out my new photo management system now that I’ve sold the mac. (Obviously today I’ve been thinking how nice it was to have all my photos on iCloud and see them on the iPad - but to be honest it’s hardly been a huge benefit and I’ve only used it occasionally). I think I should give photoprism another go and properly investigate it. I may install Lightroom but I liked the light-weight editing of Photos App.

The problem with the new Fuji cameras is that I don’t like the articulating screens that rotate around. I don’t want it out to the side of the camera when all I want is to tilt it up a bit. So that rules out the X-T4 and the XS one. X-Pro 3 is “cool” but I always want t the EVF, and it has an inferior EVF (but a superior OVF). So that leaves the X-T3, which has the extra colour settings but no classic negative. Then it’s the X-E4. That’s quite a nice little camera, but not ideal beyond primes and the EVF is a bit small. I do mostly just use primes, and maybe I’d enjoy it. I should look at used X-T3 prices and then see if it still makes any sense to upgrade the X-T2 (I suspect no).

My daughter has been using the typewriter to write our her stories she does. She likes it. Seeing the words on the paper immediately. It’s full of typos and missing spaces but that’s just the same as when I write on it!

I like Working Copy and 1Writer, it makes static sites on Git so much easier. However, going back and forth between the two is annoying. I do have Siri Shortcuts to pull and push but still somehow annoying. I wonder if there’s some other way to make it better. I end up just writing inside Working Copy as it saves switching.

Friday, 3rd June, 2022

A very busy day. Sold the mac mini on eBay which is nice. A little sad but it was a bit slow and I don’t need another computer. It did let me have quite a nice photos system which I now need to figure out. Haven’t really done anything yet on that.

Thursday, 2nd June, 2022

70 Years! 👸💂‍♀️

Still went to bed too late! Setting up the computer for my sister.

Want to run Lotus 1-2-3 again? This guy did.

I feel stressed this evening. Too many things to do, or I want to try and do too many things. There’s an ebay sellers fees discount promo this weekend, so I want to get the lens and mac mini on it. They’ve been listed on forums but there’s so little interest I need the wider net of eBay to shift them. The mac mini pricing is quite low, it sort of seems not worth bothering with. It’s also quite a nice complete set with the monitor and things. However, it’s just going to sit in a cupboard or somewhere and do nothing. Maybe the oldest kid will get it for their room…in about 5 years, in which time it’ll be ancient and I’m not sure I like that it doesn’t get the latest OS. I think they still do security updates but even still. Well I’ll see what happens with it.

I’ve finished sorting out my old computer for my sister, so that’s packed ready for my dad visiting tomorrow so he can take it back and she’ll get it when she returns from China later this month. However, I want to write a little note for her about it, and add more to it that “plug in these cables”. Not started that yet. I did print off some photos for her.

I did at least cut the lawn for my dad visiting tomorrow. Ready for his inspection 😅.

I’ll write the letter but then feel like I’ve not had time off today, and so want to mess about but it’s already 2210 and I should get to bed…🛌

I’ve not even started my DAC research either…well not properly, I’ve looked at a few sites several times over the past few days. There’s so much. I think I just want one box to plug my headphones into that makes them perform well. I’m looking for the 80:20 of sound improvement, figuring ~£100 should let me see a step up in quality at a good bang for buck ratio. Maybe £150 max. but really £100. Also don’t want a DAC and a separate amp, too much clutter.

Wednesday, 1st June, 2022

I finished Stranger Things last night, it meant that I stayed up too late to finish the last one. So end up being tired, so I should go to bed early tonight…right?

Simply put, the burden of converting a digital signal, all those 1s and 0s, into an analogue one will be lifted from the rest of your kit and taken on by a component specially designed to do the job. A bit like having someone do your tax return for you so you can focus on more important things like going to the pub. What Hi-Fi on DACs

I’ve been thinking about a Ricoh GR3 for a long time. But then I remembered, I really like the deal aspect of buying used cameras, so why not get the 2013 GR model? Because then I look at the specs of the GR3 and go: “oh but it would be really good to have xyz that it has, and surely I can’t live without those…”. But the reality is, it will just end up being another box that sits on the shelf and then the pain of choice will grow even more. I guess not buying it would stop that pain of choice (because having it as my only camera doesn’t make sense - I think only ever the X100 series could do that, because I’ve done it, and it sits quite centrally in the various dimensions I’d use to make a decision.). It actually turns out to be an annoying camera to search for on the used market. Not everyone labels it with the year and you have to be careful not to find another model that’s the wrong one. I’m not sure exactly which model shows up but generally if it’s significantly cheaper then it’s an older model that I don’t want. Maybe the difficulty of it is also a sign.

I wonder how all these signs I see come to be. Natural phenomena, like separation of beads through shaking, or Gaussian distributions, or the seemingly convenient outcome of multiple items at the same time.

My audio journey also continues. This one is terribly framed. I don’t even know what I’m trying to do. Well not entirely true, I want to listen to more music that I like. I generally terrible at remembering artists and song names, but I remember album covers from 20 years ago. Even album spines from the CD rack. I can picture a favourite CD of mine that my mum had, I can hear the music in my head, but I can’t describe it or sing or hum or replicate it in anyway and the album cover is hazy when I try and concentrate on what it was. Perhaps that really means I don’t remember it but I remember the feeling of listening to it.

I think this is another “perhaps physical is better after all”, like paper, and books, and photos, and seeing people in person.

I want to see more pictures of inside people’s houses. Is that weird? Like a picture of their lounge, or room they hang out in. To see all the little trinkets and pictures, and sundries they choose to keep. I think it’s fascinating. I want to see them, but I’m nervous of posting pictures of my house.

Back on audio, I don’t want a big CD or otherwise collection of music though. It’s too much stuff, so that means digital files, and remind me how that’s better than Spotify? I suppose I own it forever and can freely move it around between devices etc. I can see it in a list that’s not 40 million songs.

Tuesday, 31st May, 2022

I’ve had this new site design for a month now. I like the design, if I do say so myself. Haven’t quite got the search working yet, not sure why the javascript seems to do nothing. Not really sure how to debug JS. I’ll be happy once I get all the old TW entries into here too. Didn’t work on that last night as still watching Stranger Things. Two more episodes left of this half, then wait until July 1st for the second half.

Today’s soup is brocoli and cheese. I thought it sounded horrible but it’s actually quite nice. 🥣 I ate all my snacks this morning and so this afternoon is going to be disappointing. Plus it’s pouring with rain, so I can’t nip to the shop.

I didn’t bid on the Sony NW-A45 that was ending last night. I don’t really need it…I should stop looking. An A55, with headphones, is ending this afternoon…I’ll look at it, although it’s more expensive still, but includes headphones so there’s that.

I asked my dad about his casette tape last night. Turns out his deck broke about 5-6 years ago. He says he might still have the tapes in the attic or he threw them away (he never throws anything away). Could’ve got him a player for christmas if he still has them. 🖭

I got looking tinto DACs for the computer, it’s been a while since I’ve looked. Ended up deciding that I don’t want it in the office and should get a portable one, so I can sit anywhere…outside, another room, etc. I don’t want to sit on the computer to listen to music, because I won’t listen to music, I’ll dick about on the computer with music on in the background. The question is do I need more headphones? I have some comfy Beyer dynamics DT770 Pro (I think). I use these on the computer. If I’m elsewhere then does that mean I need another set? I’m not going to travel with them that’s for sure. I guess some in-ears is really the better option.

What a great ending to Volume I of Stranger Things 4, can’t wait until 1st July for the next one! 😃

Monday, 30th May, 2022

Spent a lot of time down the rabbit trail of high definition audio last night. It started with looking at tape decks as there was one for sale near me. Then I was curious about vinyl, and there’s still many new models of players being sold. Given I don’t own any tapes or vinyl it seemed like a silly way to approach this. Also what exactly is this? I think it’s the desire to actually own the media I have and not just rent it. The price of netflix and other streaming services only seems to go up. There’s competition but prices aren’t coming down. At what point will I stop paying for it? Also, they may decide to stop providing certain shows, movies, albums, songs etc. due to whatever licensing agreements they have. We’ve actually seen it on a particular song that our youngest daughter really likes. We had to make do with a cover by someone random. I have noticed that it’s come back now.

For a lot of things, I don’t really care that we just rent it. Especially TV and films - a lot of them we watch once and then never again. There are some films we do like to watch multiple times. e.g. family traditions at Christmas time or the kids like watching some Disney films many times (I’ll watch them many times too), and we do own copies of a lot of them, for this very reason. Also before Disney+ it was hard to find them on streaming services…and now we have to pay for Disney+ if we want them. I used to be more “hoardery” and want to keep copies of everything. I spent ages copying our DVDs to the computer. Then I realised that it wasn’t all of equal importance and started clearing out the rubbish that we’d never watch again - even if we did have the DVD.

Anyway, I also like the idea of choosing music from a small subset of music that I have. I can stream “every song ever” online but generally listen to two playlists of the same songs. The algorithms don’t work for new stuff as the kids listen to so much crap it ruins it (I’m looking at you ‘fart song’.). So I never find anything new. I also forget about old things that I used to listen to and used to like. Back when I had CDs, many would sit on the shelf and never be listened to for ages but then one day I’d suddenly want to play it and the fact of its very own physical presence allowed me to remember it and play it. Today I don’t have that. I have to actively think and decide what to play, and that’s too much effort, so I don’t bother.

So having, and building a collection of albums and songs gives me the hope that it’ll help me enjoy all the music I used to. This led to looking at high definition players - mostly after seeing Phil’s note about his Sony from 2019. Up until that stage, I never really knew they were things to be had.

And so I ask myself, are these files on a hard drive/device really any better at fixing this than the search function of a streaming app - or spending some time making playlists on it? Is this just a huge song and dance (gettit?) to result in me doing what I like most….researching some new area or tech. Investigating how I could unlock a Japanese import with some custom firmware. Buying something. Particularly buying it on eBay with the thrill of auctions and finding “good deals”.

So what am I going to do? probably still buy something ;)

I’m getting my old computer ready for my sister - cleaned out the dust, and make sure everything is working and reinstalling Windows. I found an old hard drive inside the case. I think it’s my very first “large” hard drive I bought ages ago. It’s 1 TB and used to be where I kept everything - my music, DVD rips, backups, documents, etc. I stopped using it once I setup the home server and it’s just moved from computer to computer. Not sure why I’d disconnected it. It might’ve been when installing Windows in the past and I didn’t want any mistakes, so just disconnected it. Unless it was broken? But then why disconnect and not remove it? Anyway, I’m curious to see what’s on it. Maybe full of hidden gems I thought were lost to time! Pictures, movies, bitcoin wallet with 1000s of ฿…Probably not. I did know of bitcoin in around 2009-2011. I even CPU mined some…feel like it was 0.000xxx with a lot of zeros. But I don’t think I ever bought any, so probably not going to discover anything exciting. Now I might find some old music.

I used to have a lot of music on the computer, but generally poor quality of stuff that friends shared whilst we were at uni. Might be fun to trawl back through though.

I’ve not used my new laptop in nearly two weeks…so much for that. However, I’m using it now as I’m at home and my daughter is on the computer. Plus I wanted to fiddle about with converting tiddlywiki to markdown files to then import everything into this site. This seems promising to do what I want. Well, certainly to handle the conversion to markdown. I’ll still need to setup the correct naming of markdown files but should be fairly straight forward with python to use the tiddler date to generate it. There’s not much documentation with this package but hopefully I can figure it out.

The tiny keyboard is looking at me and I know I should at least finish soldering the M key so that (hopefully) it keeps working. Likewise the raspberry pi zero, I should redo the soldering on the GPIO pins so that I can use it with the inky screen. It’s sat by my little reading/writing area and so I could put something interesting on it. Maybe some quotes or questions to myself - e.g. have you journaled about today? When did you last call your mother? etc. It has buttons on the side, so I could have a few screens and flick between them. If I was super keen I could embed it into a photo frame so it looks nice. Maybe some random art work or whatever too. The possibilities are endless. So I’ll do nothing.

Look at all these notebooks! 😍

This site is very much an online journal. I really don’t care about typos or spelling or nonsensical sentences. It’s for me to write about stuff to a (most likely) imaginary reader.

Sunday, 29th May, 2022

I forgot to put the dishwasher on last night. I put it on a 30 minute wash this morning and everything was clean. Normally we do the eco wash which takes 4 hours. Both cycles are 50°C, so I wonder what the trade off is. Presumably the 30 minute cycle uses more water and more electricity, but how much more? Perhaps the manual says, but I’m not going to look so I’ll never know. 🤔

Watched the first two episodes of Stranger Things. Oh how I could watch it all in one go but not when it’s 2300 when I finish the second episode! I remember either season 2 or 3 I’d watch in the morning on the bus into work even if I’d stayed up too late the night before.

I have quite a lot of things I want to sell online. I just need to get round to taking photos and listing. I am waiting for an eBay sellers discount but also I’m not sure I have enough packaging materials for everything. I should add up what I might get for it all…so I can decide what I’ll buy with the money!

Sort of thinking about a GR3. I like how small it is, and could take it everywhere. However I can’t quite decide between the x or non x, ie 40mm or 28mm eq. Probably the 40mm is better for me as I’m generally taking pictures of people rather than landscapes or views. My normal go to is 35mm so 40 is closer than 28! It’s just I feel like some of the features, or lack of viewfinder, make it more suitable as a 28 mm. You can guess the framing a lot easier with 28mm and the snap focus mode is easier as more will be in focus.

I started looking at vinyl and tape decks. I don’t even own any. So why do I need to spend a fortune on hardware. My dad has a massive vinyl collection and no doubt very fancy gear. I guess I’ll claim it when he dies? Isn’t that nice.

My grandparents died when I was a bit too young to have awareness or space to keep some of their things. Now that I am older and would appreciate the family sentimentality, it’s too late.

Saturday, 28th May, 2022

The new graphics card arrived today, which was very fast. I didn’t even pay for weekend delivery, so that’s nice. Fitted it into the computer. Nvidia to nvidia is easy from a drivers perspective! It doesn’t have DVI output and my second monitor is setup with DVI from the desktop. However, I did find a DP to DVI cable in my box of endless cables, so that was fine. Probably GPUs haven’t had DVI in a long time. Also makes it easy for giving my old card in my old computer to my sister. I’ll need to format and sort it out for her.

I’d been saving some good story games for the new card, so I can enjoy the eye candy of them. Just letting them install now whilst I start on Season 4 of Stranger Things.

Friday, 27th May, 2022

Modern vaccinations and other drugs are using machine learning to develop them. The patent system and laws are all written assuming a human has developed it. How is this going to work when breakthroughs and IP are derived from computers? 🧬🧪🖥

Stranger Things Season 4 is released in an hour. Shame I have to go to work today!

After deciding I wouldn’t bother upgrading my GPU since I bought the new computer a month or so ago, a good deal popped up today and I went for it! So a 3060 Ti is incoming. Guess I’ll have to play all those games I’ve collected now!

Neighbour wrote a letter to us to cut the hedge…It did need cutting but seems excessively formal. I cut it though.

Thursday, 26th May, 2022

I think I should add search to this site. I could import them into tiddlywiki instead? Having done a little research on hobonichi’s in the past I went to my wiki last night to see where I’d previously found to buy them. I also had a look on Jack and Phil’s wikis to see if they had any other insights into the hobonichis. Next year will be Jack’s 10 years of hobos! I was reminded of how I liked the backlinks to references of them in daily notes. It wasn’t necessarily useful or impactful to my decision making, it was more of just a nice awareness factor.

Oh I was looking at this last November, maybe I should get one. – for example.

I think a search on this site would accomplish that also. However, I like the minimal one option menu, so will probably just leave it unlinked anywhere but will probably live in the rather obvious /search/ location. Actually, I could put it on the archives page.

I keep wondering about analytics for this site. I’m just curious as to whether or not it’s more than about 4 people. I might install it temporarily, or maybe my hosting has something I can use.

The lawn needs mowed again. It always feels like a chore beforehand but then when I’m doing it, it’s quite a relaxing activity. Strimming the edges can feel like the chore though.

When we moved house, I remember seeing a house for sale nearby that had an enormous garden. It would’ve been completely impractical and a huge amount of maintenance, plus the house wasn’t as convenient as where we live now, but having a huge garden would be fun. You could have so many different areas, and some many things for the kids to explore. You could have a decent sized vegetable patch that actually provided (or could in theory) enough potatoes and other vegetables to live off. A nice dream but not a reality for the time being.

Going to give my old computer to my sister who is returning from China and going back to university. I do need to get a GPU - either a new one for me or another for her. A new one for me is going to be expensive, there were some small signs of reducing prices earlier this year but that seems to have stopped. I’m better off getting something from ebay for hers. GTX 970 seems like a good balance in cost and performance. She likes playing games but they’ll generally be older ones, and that’ll be more than capable for 1080p. Maybe I should organise all that so I can give it to my dad who’ll be visiting soon. Need to reinstall windows and sort things out.

I wrote some code somewhere that converted tiddlywiki JSON export into individual markdown files for going from my TW journal to my previous jekyll static blog. Least I think I did. Now I can’t find where I wrote that code.😤

It’s getting close to the end of the month and for about the last 5 years I’ve told myself that I’d do monthly money write ups in a notebook or somewhere. So maybe I should start this month? So obviously I need a new notebook that’s dedicated to that 😅. I think I have a blank field notes in a box somewhere. That’ll do, even at only 32 pages that’s going to be plenty of months’ worth. I don’t want to mix it all in with everything else as it’ll be harder to find and compare and be nice for my wife to be able to reference it.

Feel like I need to plan out what I’ll put in it though. For example, is it just the month’s info or is it also year to date, and is it just expenses or looking long term? Probably just that month’s expenses would make sense. So categories and then top 10 items? I have a big money spreadsheet which has mortgage tracker and taxes etc. so this is more about building awareness of what gets spent. Probably want to split it into essentials - like mortgage and bills (or maybe omit mortgage) - and others (don’t want to call them non-essentials or discretionary as where do you draw the line? Perhaps controllables? Anyway I’m sure it’ll be obvious.

I did start this on my first wiki (dokuwiki) around 2016. I even made some templates that it would use when I made a new month (dokuwiki is really good…) and would fill in the details there. Think I lasted two months then stopped. Well I shifted to using beancount (a ledger-cli type) and fava for a web interface. I think in a physical book will be better though. Might go look for that notebook now, and then make a start on the lawn.

Written on my iPad looking out at the back garden 🪴 with a cup of tea ☕️

Wednesday, 25th May, 2022

Went for a walk at lunchtime. Was lovely and sunny when I left, then it absolutely poured with rain and I got soaked. Tried drying my shirt in the hand-dryer at work but no good. It’s now lovely and sunny again. 🥺🌞

Thinking about printing all these entries into a book - my web journal. Mostly so I go back and read them one day. They’re all markdown in this site, although I do have some in Tiddlywiki I’ve not migrated across, but those are JSON structured files (or can be). I think this is just figuring out a layout and CSS and then using something like pandoc to create a pdf or epub and finding a website to print it. I could even just export to DayOne formatted JSON and get them to print it! Although that’s probably a bit expensive.

It’s hard not to want to buy little trinkets to sit at my writing area. Really they should be things I’ve acquired from distant relatives, or a trip somewhere interesting, or has a funny story behind it. Not some junk from Amazon, or eBay, or Etsy.

I hate to admit it, but last night I did some work at home. Managed to get some item that’s been dragging a long time out of the way which was satisfying. It’s just not satisfying to be doing work after hours. But being productive is good, right? I say this as now I’m tempted to do something else work related.

I’ve just noticed that as I sit in the office, the background noises consist of birds outside, the occasional person or car going by, and by far the loudest of the lot, the hard drives in the server doing various reads or writes or whatever they’re doing. Little chirps and burrs coming from under the table. Like the snoring of a slumbering beast. Occasionally it’ll turn over and there’ll be a sudden garumpff of hard drive writing and an unknown job kicks into action and decides it needs to write a bunch of data. Most like my friend’s server deciding to synchronise some unimportant data between our machines.

Searching my password database led me to remember this blogging site.

Bought the Hobonichi July-Dec half book in A6, and a few stickers and tape from Suteki stickers. Gets posted out 20th June. It was a bit pricey but people seem to like them and the half book is…half the price… so will be a good starter to see if I like it. I should’ve got the full one for Christmas but I decided to go with the Rocketbook - the wipe clean, scan it, OCR, thing - which I’m afraid to say I’ve never used yet. Oops.

Tuesday, 24th May, 2022

I just noticed I have emacs installed on my work computer…💭🤔🤨🧐🧙🏻‍♂️🧠

I eventually printed off a few photos last night, wrote a small letter to my mum, who’s been ill, and posted it to her. I just wrote with a pen rather than the typewriter. It’s just quicker and quieter, although my handwriting is terrible. I should try and make that better. I also watched some more Gravity Falls.

Monday, 23rd May, 2022

I built the Ferris Sweep last night. Was fun to do, and it all works except the M key. I’ll check the solder joints tonight, either on the switch or maybe the controller - unless the switch itself is broken, but that seems unlikely. My goodness it’s going to be a challenge to use the thing though! 😅

I’ve added the DayOne widget to the Home Screen of my ipad. Now I get to see the “on this day” without having to open up the app, which is nice. I’ve entered into it on and off over the years but never really looked at old entries, so having this is nice. I did get two books printed out, which are really nice and great ways to actually look back at what we did. It definitely encourages me to keep using it.

I used to get hung up over missing days and thinking that I needed to go back and fill them in. Then that would feel overwhelming so I wouldn’t enter anything and that made the situation worse. I learnt that when I come back to read the entries, I don’t really care that I missed entries but that I really enjoyed when I did make them. So if I miss a day, a week, a month etc. then don’t fret and just add today’s. That usually helps build up the rhythm to keep adding to it everyday.

I’m currently a little like this with a photo album I was going to make. I was planning on printing off some photos and sticking them into a large notebook. This was planned in time for the new year and I have still yet to do anything. Now I’m wondering if I go back to 1st Jan and print things out or just start from today. Adding photos is fine but I wanted to write a little commentary to go with it, and maybe make it into a present. Now I’ll struggle to write anything worthwhile - either it’ll just the be obvious: “here we are at so-and-so’s”, or I’ll just copy DayOne entries, which is just a duplicate. I guess by my previous logic I should just start now…but somehow I’m not convincing myself enough. 🫠

In case you haven’t seen it: The first eight minutes of Stranger Things Season 4 has been put on YouTube by Netflix.

My daughter was using the typewriter today. She enjoys seeing the output immediately on the page and the noise and feel of it. Carriage return has a new (original) meaning now! She was amazed at how to do ! too. It’s very loud though. Speaking of loud, the neighbour’s boy is learning the bagpipes. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I can hear it well through two sets of double gazed windows, so it must be absolutely deafening in the house! Let’s hope he masters it quickly, for his family’s sake!

There’s lots of things I could do. But I think I’m too tired to do any of them. Is that okay?

I kinda like sitting at my new writing area and…er…writing. It’s mostly been on the iPad rather than notebooks or typewriter, but I think that’s okay. I’m still using a computer but it’s slightly better. I did try to tidy up the apps on my iPad so I wouldn’t just wonder off and look at random things. I did find myself scrolling through Amazon Prime video list. I’ve barely watched anything on Amazon Prime, and scrolling through it didn’t encourage me to watch anything. However, what was I doing? I then opened up YouTube and started scrolling. I even opened a video but then closed it immediately. Everything is 20 minutes minimum and I don’t want to commit to that. I could watch it at 1.5 or more speed but still. It’s mostly about buying something. Least that’s what I get recommended: new cameras, computers, stuff. It doesn’t help. I’m too tired to do anything but seemingly not too tired to buy things!

What could I be doing?

  • Fixing the keyboard I made last night
  • Fixing the GPIO headers on the pi zero I soldered a month+ ago, and then finally getting it working with e-ink display.
  • Printing photos for myself or others
  • Write a letter to someone
  • Do all these JavaScript and etc. tutorials I’ve saved for myself.
  • Read some of the endless non-fiction books I buy
  • Go for a walk, run, cycle

Listen to music. When was the last time I just listened to music as the activity. Not have it on in the background or whilst I do something else? Probably about the time I last bought a CD.

I remember as a boy, before we had a computer in the house, that I had a desk in my room. There was nothing on it. I presume I used it for drawing or colouring or maybe reading. I do remember getting a telephone (from somewhere) and running an extension cord to the socket and then having the phone on the desk. I’d put it on the top, or in the drawer or on the keyboard drawer and generally move it about. I didn’t call anyone or get any calls - although I probably took calls from my dad on it. I’d admire the phone and felt the desk was whole and proper now that it had a phone. I really wanted a computer but that was never going to happen. Least not for another 5 years. Now I look at my desk and I can’t find a surface for computers and other stuff. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just how things are. I’m probably not looking back on them as the good ol’days. I do wonder what I did with all my time as a kid. I wish I had a photo of my room. I remember having some shelving which kept all my books and things. I just don’t remember what was on it.

I like looking at Google Streetview and house listing archives to see inside and out of the houses we used to live in when I was a child. I could make a record of it all, but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Sometimes I think about trying to remember as far back in time as I can and then writing it all down, and seeing what does come back to me. Sometimes I’m not sure I should though.

Sunday, 22nd May, 2022

HTTP Cat, a cat for every status.

I’ve fallen off every system I’ve had. I thought they weren’t worthwhile, but now I’m thinking that perhaps they are. Given every evening or piece of free time I have no idea what I should do, and end up just looking at random things online or creating reasons why I need to buy things.

For a while I was thinking I should sell all my Fuji gear and get a X100V. Now the X100V is a very fine camera, and I could be perfectly happy with it. I used a X100F for three years and had no other camera. The V even has some upgrades over the F which I think I’d like - such as the fold out screen and supposedly improved lens for focusing at f/2. In many ways it would be nice to have a single camera, no need to look at lenses, and just focus on using it to improve my photography. I also really like 23mm on APS-C, the 23 mm f/1.4 is my most used lens on the X-T2 I have. I’d also like the classic neg, and the extra jpeg options in camera that the X100V has. This is actually one of the biggest pluses for me. I’ve really come to enjoy using the colour management in the camera to then avoid having to do any editing on the computer. At most I do is cropping and very, very occasionally fixing the exposure on a shot. Usually the shot is fine as is or it’s nothing that interesting to waste my time correcting. As I write this I’m tempting myself more with this idea. 😅

Why wouldn’t I change? Well the hassle of selling everything, the fact that all the lenses have probably depreciated, and the lack of flexibility. It is nice having an ILC body so I can switch from the f/1.4 for indoors, to the 200 mm zoom for kids sports or wildlife, the macro for scanning film negatives. Doesn’t that all sound great? Well the reality is whilst I have those lenses and could do all those things, I don’t. I don’t scan negatives, I did one but home developing isn’t something I’m doing much of as it feels like a chore, and whilst my daughter does play football, I’m usually at home with the others. She does a lot of swimming but photography isn’t allowed, and I’m also at home as before. So whilst that flexibility is great, I don’t really use it. The most I get out of it is picking between 23, 35, 50 mm lenses for when we’re in the garden or out and about. I have the 16-80mm f/4 zoom but it’s too big and heavy that I stopped using it. I prefer the fixed length primes give. Now as the children get older I might do these things more (maybe) so there’s that.

It may be just an excuse to buy new things (and maybe it be cash neutral once I sell the other stuff). I’m also very much in a simplify and minimise mood. I have been guilty of buying new (used at least) lenses over the past 6 months, which I probably don’t need but somehow (rather easily no doubt) convinced myself to buy them.

After taking lots of film photos at the wedding a few weeks back, I’ve not really taken any photos. So all this talk of buying and selling, I decided I should get the X-T2 out and start taking pictures. It reminded me that I enjoy doing it, but it didn’t really help decide if I should keep the X-T2 or not. The cameras are really tools, and like a good tool box you tend to try and gather the right ones for when the job comes along. So whilst you might not use something for a long time, when you do come to need it, it’s nice that you have it. This is another reason for keeping the X-T2. It’s also a reason to keep everything but sometimes having too many things is annoying.

If I took more film photos then I’d probably be happier moving to the X100V, however, the price of film has become insane. A single B&W HP5 is now £7. Colour can’t even be found, except a 5-pack of Portra 400 for £82! £16.40 for one film 😭 Not sure what to do about this. I have some film still in stocks but when am I going to buy more? Ugh.

Saturday, 21st May, 2022

The PCBs for the Ferris Sweep arrived today. They’re a lovely shade of blue. Not sure when to build it. Tonight?

Trying out DigiKam for photo organisation. It looks like software that you need to watch several videos about to understand how it all works. There’s a big manual but it’s big… I left it detecting faces but I think that I should’ve limited it to a small subset of the photos. It also seems like you detect faces (as in here be a face vs. a plant), name a few, then re-run it or I suppose retrain the model. We’ll see how it goes. It’s certainly not lacking features, just it might be overwhelming.

Another glorious day here. 😎

I want to go back into my journal and see if there’s reasons why I bought the mac mini in the first place. Perhaps I just “wanted it” but I think there was some reason. There was certainly having another computer to use when my daughter is on the main one. It also might’ve been my thoughts of learning javascript (and how I couldn’t do that with just an iPad - actually I could). Funnily enough buying the computer did not result in me learning JS… 🙄

Why is it so easy to think of new things I want to buy? It seems impossible just to be without having to buy something.

Gravity Falls is hilarious.

Friday, 20th May, 2022

Turning off smart punctuation stops the em and en dash thing in iOS. Finally. Conveniently the . with double space is it own setting.

It’s a lovely day here. After school drop off I sat out in the garden with a cup of tea (of course) and just listened to the birds and shooed away a cat looking to use the veg patch as a litter box. I could sit and write a novel out here.

I ought to tidy the garage and do other things but…maybe later. 🕰

I cleared out the mac and made space for the typewriter and notebooks/paper writing. Removing one of the monitors for the mac did make a big difference and I was tempted to keep it just like that - think iMac look. Whilst it did look much better, it still wasn’t going to help with doing more actual writing. So I’ve removed the mac altogether. The space works well for typing on the iPad too, although that’s not much better than going on the computer. I wrote a little in my notebook and it was nice. I want to write more letters and send mail with photos etc. or just write on paper. Can’t decide if I should sell the Mac and monitor or just keep it all. Either I might change my mind, or maybe it’ll be useful later? I should probably just sell it…I’ll see how it goes.

I now immediately want to buy some desk organising thing or something to stack paper and pens and other writing junk. I don’t need it, I just want to add it! I have the date stamp somewhere so I could use that. I also have Mario Pipe mug that I’m using as my pen holder, so that’s good enough. Perhaps a little tray might be nice to keep a few tiny items. Putting everything out does risk the kids getting it, especially the 2-year old, and then drawing/stamping/using/breaking whatever it is over everything. So maybe it’s best that stuff stays out the way.

One week until Stranger Things Season 4. Feels like an eternity since the last ones…maybe I should rewatch them…? 🧑🏾🧑🏻👦🏻👧🏻🩸🙃🧇🚴🏾‍♀️👩🏻‍🦰

Thursday, 19th May, 2022

It annoys me that it’s a pain to type --- on iOS without it making em or en dashes. Think I complained about it last time I used the ipad to add a post here. What’s especially annoying is that the JavaScript in 1Writer to add the frontmatter also messes up the dashes. Wonder if there’s some raw or ignore ability.

It rained a lot yesterday and now it’s glorious sun and warm, the garden is going to explode with plants! 🌺🌳 Which will be great.

Off work tomorrow, will I do anything constructive or will I waste the whole day on the computer doing nothing 🤔🫠

I could do the mac move about, as I’ve still not done it.

I did install nocodb,and it’s nice, although features are a bit limited. It’s pretty much a nice front end to a database to add and edit tables. Does a few other things but not the full functionality of table joining etc. that I’d like. A useful place to store tables, so I know where they are. It does have an API so you can query the tables. I logged into Airtable and was immediately reminded of the full functionality that I was really looking for. Except I don’t want to pay for Airtable. Nocodb is also a little buggy, it’s not broken but there are quite a few things that need work around or you have to repeat a process for it to actually stick. 🐞

Daughter and I have been watching Gravity Falls. It’s a great show, I could easily watch it without her! ⬇️🌎🌲❓

This is a nice site.

Wednesday, 18th May, 2022

NocoDB looks fun. I’ve installed it before but never actually used it. I should do so properly this time.

Later on last night I realised I could use gedit’s external script feature to make a bash script (or python) that creates the new file, with correct name and front matter, all with one shortcut key.

Imagine if I could use Linux at work. It would be utopia. 🦄🔮

Tuesday, 17th May, 2022

I’ve yet to do anything whatsoever, and I will just move the mac mini temporarily, but I still feel that the better option is to sell the mac. I don’t want more choice, and more scope for distractions. Yes, iMessage, and Photos and safari handoff are nice but I think I made them out to be more beneficial that I thought. The biggest challenge will be photos. But even that isn’t really much of a challenge. I already store them in organised folders on the computer, I back these up to my friend’s server. There’s no face recognition, or auto memory generation, though but I could install DigiKam or Lightroom or something and use that. I don’t want to pay for Lightroom subscription, but I do have a key to classic or whatever the standalone version is called. Apple Photos has been nice but I’ve not really used much of it. Sometimes I open it and look at what it suggests, or I’ll find a photo from the library on my phone to show someone. But nothing that I could easily do without.

Printed photos is what I really want, and Apple Photos hasn’t helped with that…

The hardest part will be unwinding iCloud subscription to the 50GB tier and removing all my photos. The 2TB tier is only £7 a month but I have a lot of only £<10 month things and they do add up. I should do a subscription list and see what it is.

I won’t be selling the mac mini until an eBay seller offer comes along but I should be ready as it could be any weekend. I’ll sell the Apple Cinema 23” HD too, that’s going to be a pain to post but I don’t need it cluttering the house. Also the mac mini is a little slow, likely Photos app’s fault, and it’s stuck on some older version of macOS.

But I do worry that once I’ve sold it, I’ll miss having a mac for some reason. Probably the trackpad.

Finally setup the ThinkPad with the dock on my main monitors. Bluetooth and figuring out the sequence of power button pressing of the dock was a bit of a pain. Still not sure I know what it’s doing, especially when the screen doesn’t come on to enter the decrpytion password. GNOME handles it all well, except I think there’s probably an optimum power/wake/power button setting combination to make things smoother. One thing I can say though…


I’ve been trying out using gedit for editing this blog. It’s by no means as fully featured as VS Code, but it does still have a lot of tricks up its sleeve. There are a lot of plugins for it, and you can set custom scripts to run on a shortcut - basically any bash code you want. I have a quick git commit and push one. So with a simple Ctrl+Shift+p (for push) all the new posts are pushed. Good enough for me, and quicker than VS Code’s GUI.

Monday, 16th May, 2022

For starters, I can relocate the mac mini to under my desk and plugged into the main monitor. This means I can clear the area where it was and setup my analogue space. This means I can test the theory and the decision is reversible. I’m not sure it’s a long term solution as it doesn’t help get rid of computers, it just adds choice…do I log into the windows machine, the mac or the linux laptop? There’s also the edge case that my daughter likes to play multiplayer games with her friends when they visit…but this is rare and they can do something else. The weather is meh but time for a lunchtime walk. 🚶

Weather turned out to be more than meh

`、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ(ノ><)ノ `、ヽ`☂ヽ`、ヽ

Sunday, 15th May, 2022

I did finally install Arch Linux on the T490. I like GNOME and it makes things very easy once you’ve got the bones of the install done. I used to hate GNOME and say it was too bloated, and the lack of choice was poor etc. I’d run XFCE if I wanted a DE or i3 if I just wanted a WM. i3 is very nice but unless I had it on all machines I use, I’d forget the shortcut keys and it would get annoying. I also found that on a laptop all I use is full screen single app, or two side by side, and pretty much every DE does that out of the box. I just need to install gnome, gnome-extras, and networkmanager and then everything is done! GNOME is also nice with integrated apps for accounts - much like Apple. I sign into Google account once, and then email, docs, calendar etc. are all configured.

The hardest part of the install (or that takes the longest) is the partitioning and drive setup and boot loader. I like to do LVM on LUKS, so that I have an encrypted drive with LUKS, and then an easy way to enable hibernation with swap as part of LVM volume. It might not be entirely necessary but it’s the way I’ve found works and generally easy to do. Boot loader wise, I like to use systemd-boot, as I already have it installed, vs. the other option which is GRUB. GRUB might be easier but I like having systemd do it.

Of course the Arch Wiki covers all of these in great detail, but it can be confusing to piece everything together, or work through all the documentation because there is so much. I have my own cheat sheet which has all the commands but also links to the wiki pages - in case stuff changes between installs.

Gnote, an app for GNOME, is remarkably well featured and quite honestly could be used for PKM. It’s got wiki links, daily journal, todo, table of contents, and can sync with various cloud systems (the ones configurable in GNOME accounts), or webdav, and you can export to HTML. I’m pretty impressed. If only I used GNOME everywhere…supposed the notes are in Tomboy format (some sort of xml) so maybe usable elsewhere.

Thinking of selling my mac mini setup, so that I can have an analogue area without computers - for writing or typing on typewriter etc. Could have a little lamp and pens and paper stack or something.

Very surprising the UK won 2nd place in EuroVision song contest. 🇬🇧🥈

I feel the tide turning. I want to change things up (well in the usual way but the desire to do so is back), including:

Simplify stuff.

I have too many computers and things. I want to get rid of the Apple Mac Mini, and use the space for analogue activities. Journaling, typing, note-taking, letter writing, book making. Things are too difficult to write and it’s impossible not to sit at a computer. I’ve thought about having something else around the house where I have my analogue station but I’d need to buy more furniture - a desk or table - and don’t want to. I could use the kitchen table but that’s not permanent and not sure I like that idea. I ahve been thinking about rearranging the garage to make a work space and I could write in there.

However, I do like the Apple Photos setup I have. Given I have all our photos in it, and ones from my phone sync with the computer it’s very convenient. I don’t really need it though but it’s hard to undo it. The good thing about selling a mac is that they don’t really depreciate much once quite old, and I think this model (the 2012 i7 with 16GB of RAM) is still very popular. I’m still torn about getting rid of it as it might come in handy? Or the money will just get lost and I’ll not get anything meaningful in return - although I could buy a lot of paper stuff for the same price. Sometimes I regret selling things as I’m too hasty to get rid of it then later wish I hadn’t. The only counter to it, is that I do want to get an iMac at some point for the house - probably kitchen if we do a redesign - to use as a family computer. Although that’s more I just want to get something and if I thought hard enough I’d realise I don’t need it.

I bought a new computer recently, and I didn’t really need it. Although I’m now thinking I can give my old one to my sister, who likely just has some ancient laptop and she’s going back to uni so will have lots of time and not much money so it’ll be better to play games on. Plus I’d get nothing for it on ebay so she might as well use it. Will need a new graphics card, and at this rate I’m never going to buy one for myself, so might have to pick up an older one on ebay for it.

I’d possibly miss DayOne on the mac but actually I’ve not been using it that much - on the mac or in general - so probably not the end of the world. I have the iPad with keyboard that I like typing on so can always use that. It’s still a nice thing and when I print the books it’s good. Debated about stopping using it and handwriting but I think that’s putting it at risk of ever doing it. I do have the big moleskin I’m meant to print out pictures yet not printed anything in ages. Partly why I want to setup an analogue area, so I write stuff and improve the habit.


I need to do some. My work trousers have not shrunk in the wardrobe. I do cycle to work which is something at least but it’s hardly the work out. I deliberately don’t go too fast so I don’t need to change or shower at work, as that’ll take ages. However, I have a hard time separating wanting to buy things with doing exercise. Nothing is stopping me from using the bike trainer I have, or going for a run or doing HIIT or push ups etc. at home. I don’t need to buy anything. Yet I still want to buy a rowing machine. I think that will make me do something. Really though I need to refer to simplify stuff, I need to habit track it (oh, let’s install habitrpg and that’l…no it won’t) and then do it. I should make it part of this blog or something. Metres rowed today, can even back it into the front matter and make it look nice. It’s 4 years worth of Zwift subscription. I was considering buying a GR3 or a X-E4 camera…they’re both about the same price and I don’t need them. A GR3 would be nice, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I need to sort out the garage. Maybe do some cycling to get into the routine THEN think about buying one. Or use the gym at work (when it gets built).

Use computers less

They’re not bad. I’m just bad at using them. I waste so much time on them. It’s impossible not to get sucked into looking at stuff that I don’t need or want. I should be doing other things. See above two items. Not sure the best way to do this. It’ll require active work to make it happen.

Feel like I have a lot to write today.

Saturday, 14th May, 2022

Lovely weather this morning. ☀️We were all out in the garden. I fixed the wigloo (willow igloo) as all the top branches had come away and everything was open at the top.

The lawn needs mowing again but the garden waste bins are full as they wouldn’t empty them as we haven’t paid another fee to the council 🙄

I need to re-jig the server so I’m running nginx as the proxy not traefik - mostly as I just want to post a static site or some non-docker thing. I’ve been saying this to myself for ages, yet I never do anything. I was sort of going to rebuild the server or reinstall it or something but I’ve done none of those, and I don’t really need to build a new one. I’m also meant to be installing linux on my laptop but yet to do that either. The time I spend thinking about doing it, I could’ve just done it.

Also lots of other things I’m meant to be doing. I forget them just now.

Friday, 13th May, 2022

Cycling to work this morning was enjoyable. The weather was mild, everything is green, some little birds flew out of the hedges and flew besides me for a while. I was listening to talkpython podcast - such a well done, interesting and motivating podcast.

The financial world seems some what negative at the moment - inflation, interest rates, utility prices, declines etc. It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in it and feel negative towards life. So much of that is not controllable by me, it does me no good to stress or fret over it, so I should clear it from my mind. This is easy to say but can be hard to do.

It helps putting things in perspective. There was a news article about how kids’ playgrounds aren’t suitable for disabled children. I’m grateful that I’m well-abled, and my family all are too.

Do something constructive, do something outside, spending time with people face to face. ⬅ That’s me telling me.

I refreshed my memory of QMK, and now trying to figure out a layout for the Ferris Sweep keyboard. The stock layout is hard to find…well it’s not obvious in the github repo. There are several others if I search Github, some are simple and some are complex with all the advanced QMK things that my familiarisation didn’t cover. What I really need to do is print out some layouts and write in them to see what makes sense.

Turns out I’ve used keybr in the past (2016).

Thursday, 12th May, 2022

I’m amazing. Amazing at spending so much time looking at web frameworks, CSS, layouts, themes, static generators, blogging software, and yet making no progress whatsoever in regards to any changes or, more importantly, writing anything. 😫

My parts for the keyboard I’m building arrived. They included a nice little stroopwafel and sticker in with it, which was fun. The PCBs have just been shipped, although I picked the cheapest and slowest shipping method, so it could still be 2-4 weeks before they arrive. The new heads for my soldering iron arrived too. I could look at the firmware and start thinking about the layout and getting those files ready - in fact I can even flash them to the controllers has I have them now. That would be a good use of time this evening, getting the code and familiarising myself with QMK again….with the noobs guide I think.

The key to the success of this new keyboard, the Ferris Sweep, is going to be in the layout. It needs to be efficient, learnable and as simple as possible. Sounds easy. Some guy on youtube seemed to have a good approach to it. Need to go back and look at what he did, but the main approach seemed to be using the two thumb keys to always navigate back and forth between the layers and not rely on holdoing down keys. It’s better to tap a key to change a layer, enter the letter, then tap the opposite thumb key to return, vs. holding a thumb key or other key as a modifier. It’s more key presses, so seems a little counter-intuitive but he says the motion is more memorable as it’s a frequent pattern and therefore more practical. But we’ll see…

Wednesday, 11th May, 2022

The Terra UST and Terra LUNA collapse makes for an interesting read. (If you don’t know UST is meant to be a stablecoin, i.e. pegged to US dollar, but maintains the peg via an algorithm with the LUNA coin). After huge demand saw it rise to top 10 coins/tokens, various manipulation by big boy institutions or owners has made it collapse. I hope it does recover the peg, because I feel that for crypto to be a true decentralised financial system it needs a stable coin that is independent of the traditional system. It does work as a stable coin but when people take advantage of situations to make more money for themselves at the expense of everyone else I wonder what the real problem is. However, if you saw an opportunity to make money via “a clever way” would you not take it? Especially as you don’t see all the people who lose out as their mysterious online entities.

You know it’s bad when reddit starts pinning suicide hotlines.

For anyone who does hold UST, then I’d suggest just sitting tight. You can’t control anything about it and the mechanism to hold it stable is still there. You just have to sit through the fear of everyone else whilst they sell out. LUNA holders…I’m sorry, who knows. Of course, Warren Buffet tells us to be greedy when others are fearful. This could be the greatest money making opportunity this year in crypto. Buy a dollar for 35 cents? Why wouldn’t you 😅.

I think I’ve concluded my endless search for a new blog layout. I just need to make it now.

I need to find something else to do in the evenings. Maybe even do some exercise! No, I should plan out the garage rearrange…I still really want a rowing machine.

Tuesday, 10th May, 2022

I still wasted the whole of yesterday evening looking at web site design things. I thought I’d found a nice CSS to use but later decided I didn’t like it. I ended up looking at random things on codepen.io thinking that I could combine various stuff together to make a new site. It was just doom-scrolling in another form.

I did come across lots of nice little personal blogs, that were all custom built and reflected what the author wanted them to. That is what I want to do, and in my head that’s not wordpress. I now just need to figure out what I want. Also considering merging this with the main blog, but I do like this as a standalone page with a dedicated purpose.

More notetaking software.

Did sell my old laptop screen, for about 60% of the price of the new 1080p, so that’s nice.

Monday, 9th May, 2022

Managed to distract myself enough from endless blog debating and order a Ferris Sweep PCB and parts. Was a bit more expensive than I thought it was going to be. Mostly as I couldn’t find a lot of the parts in the UK and had to order from Europe. I last made a keyboard in December 2018, and later sold everything I had as I didn’t use them and just wanted a normal keyboard. I think I’ve lasted remarkably well, three and a half years, before making a new one. Probably as I’ve been into film photography and other things in the interim. After I ordered it, I did wonder if it’ll end up the same as the previous times: Fun building it 🥽🛠 but then less fun actually using it. In my head I have that I’m going to learn Colemak or some random layout with the multiple layers and it’ll be…great? Plus as the minimum order was 5 PCBs I’ll make one for home and one for work and just use it all the time. 🙄

Well least I could sell the remaining PCBs to make a little money back - and you never know, it might be amazing…

I’m an “Enthusiastic Github User”.

I remembered I wanted some AfterShockz bone-conducting headphones for cycling. Although I just use one ear headphone on the inside and that seems fine. I should do a life stack page. This guy has lots of stuff I want…I don’t need more stuff..

I changed the wiki just to show the most recently created tiddlers: [all[tiddlers]!is[system]days:created[-7]!sort[created]].

Less 🪶

Sunday, 8th May, 2022

It’s been a week of this site. Could do with a quick way to add the small frontmatter to a new page. 1Writer has JavaScript actions that could probably do it.

Oh iOS annoying replaces two dashes with an en-dash or em-dash. Makes writing the front matter very annoying.

Setup a Wordpress blog which is really nice for writing and adding photos but I can’t get past not having a static blog. I don’t know why it matters so much to me. I just look at Wordpress and think bloat and excess. It probably isn’t but I can’t get past that.

Managed to sort out the front matter entry with 1Writer. Should make things easier. I even have an Apple Shortcuts that commits everything and pushes it to the repo. So I can ask Siri to sync blog and away it goes. Siri does announce the path and name of the file which is a little long and unnecessary but not sure there’s any options to turn that off.

Saturday, 7th May, 2022

I fell into my bad habit of spending the whole evening looking at blog themes and yet doing nothing whatsoever in regards to making progress. I ended up thinking that I should just make one myself, but I was meant to be avoiding that as I didn’t want to spend the time doing so. I then thought I should just go hosted, like Wordpress or micro.blog or Write.as etc etc. Then I remember I don’t like those as backup isn’t straight forward (although maybe it is and I’ve just not looked into it).

Anyway, it just means the whole evening was a waste and I regret not doing something better - even playing a game or watching a movie would feel better.

The sad thing is, once I finally make this site - am I actually going to write in it? 😑

Wealth is not an absolute. It is relative to desire. Every time we yearn for something we cannot afford, we grow poorer, whatever our resources. And every time we feel satisfied with what we have, we can be counted as rich, however little we may actually possess — Alain de Botton Status Anxiety

One typed Page

Friday, 6th May, 2022

Tidied up the office a little bit today. Does make it feel better, although there’s still too much stuff. Not sure what I’d get rid of though. I think dual monitors for the mac takes up too much space, perhaps a bigger single one would be better…(or a new imac 😅). The typewriter is mostly a decoration and doesn’t quite fit, but again, that may be the second monitor. Ideally I’d have a dedicated work space for each. I don’t read or write (typewrite or handwrite) as everything is setup to use a computer instead. Be nice to have a separate bureau or writing desk to do that, or …a library 🙄.

I’ve also been thinking about setting up a workbench in the garage - for soldering, general repairs, projects etc. Just somewhere that it doesn’t matter if you make a mess on the top or I can open the doors to get some ventilation etc.

I’ve finally taken the new screen for the T490 out of the box and watched some videos on changing it. The videos only last 3 minutes and it’s done…why do I think it’ll take me an hour…It’s quite a lot of glued stuff or clipped on bits.

I successfully managed to replace the screen, now in glorious 1920x1080. Looks much better. Now just to install linux.

Tried making the new blog but didn’t have much luck with Hugo, perhaps I wasn’t in the right mode. also kind of just want to go with jekyll as I’m comfy with it.

Should’ve cut the lawn 🏡🟩 this evening instead of wasting hours looking a rubbish online. ▶️

Thursday, 5th May, 2022

Nanogallery looks nice, but I couldn’t be bothered to figure it out or build the HTML for it, and just threw the photos into my personal photos site. I might come back to it and make a python script to build a version. I’m surprised there wasn’t something on github already, or if there is I didn’t find it. I’ll add that to the projects list and then never do it. 👶

I do enjoy when my wife looks at my film photos and says with a surprised tone: “there are hardly any duff ones”. Thanks love 😅.

Editing film photos is just straightening a few that look bad, e.g. water or horizons, and cropping here and there. I never need or want to touch colour or even exposure. The only exception is where there’s a nice one and I tried to push my luck in the evening and it’s come out under exposed. However, one of those ones from this last batch was one of my wife’s favourites and I hadn’t even adjusted it.

Wednesday, 4th May, 2022

Didn’t make the new blog as I was speaking to my mum and dad last night. Probably been a month since I spoke to them on the phone/facetime. I’ve also just paid for my films being developed so I should be getting the photos soon. That means I’m now looking at static gallery generators to put something together for the wedding we were at. I’d prefer static so I can just throw it up online and forget about it. I’ve got my own static photo album site, which I do like, but that’s more for multiple albums, whereas I think I’m just going to want a single page. I took quite a few photos but I suspect there’ll be a limited number, plus people get bored about about 30 photos.

Some ones of potential interest:

Also on the wiki. (oh the pain of it being separated…)

Most interested in Nanogallery. Will have to investigate that more. Also has a php app that just makes the site, and an online builder.

I finished Picard last night. I understand a series ending such that there’ll be another one but I thought the gap left is too big. It was fine, nothing super-exciting to write home about and the story is only decent because of the characters and their history. If you swapped the characters to just random new people it would be pretty poor.

The 10 types of blog posts.

I like writing here (as in VS Code) at work because no-one knows what it is, and it’s definitely not a browser. Of course 100% of my time at work, I’m working. 😇

Tuesday, 3rd May, 2022

Spent way too long last night playing Dark Forest. Once I’d explored more of the map I found lots of good planets to go after. I really wanted to get a bigger planet before I went to bed so it could recharge whilst I was asleep. It was a lot of shuffling energy between smaller planets inching my way towards the target. Whilst I was waiting I continued watching Picard on Amazon Prime. I’d watched up to episode 5 or 6 a few weeks ago and then was waiting for the new ones to come out. This meant after watching one, I wanted to watch the next and so with this and the game it was a late night! 😴🌙

The other person who took my other planets has now captured the level 9 planet. Hopefully I can hide in the shadows because that thing will annihilate anything! I have spied a level 8 planet but I suspect so has this person.

In case you’re wondering the wiki is now here. It’s also here and has been ever since I switched to node.js version, but I don’t use that URL as work blocks mine domain. 😓 I’ve thought about having it generate a static version to host at wiki.alexjj sort of as a backup, but I’ve not got round to it yet. The question for myself is how do I change or use the wiki? I suppose use is the same, just fewer or no-journal entries (or maybe backing up entries from here?) and keep adding links and notes of useful things I find or stuff I’m working out. It’s probably more the home page, what tiddlers should be displayed, do I need a landing page tiddler or a welcome or something? Or do I go “I don’t care, it’s my wiki, it’s online as convenient for me, and it’s accessible because why not and maybe it’ll occasionally be useful to someone”. Tiddlywiki is great, and probably the best wiki, but I do struggle with the landing view of Tiddlywiki. As I don’t need a defined hierarchy to build notes and entires I don’t have a natural progression to find things. I still have my dokuwiki instance running, and I like the automatic structure of having sections and pages within those sections. Occasionally I’ll open it up and poke about and wonder if I should go back to it vs. Tiddlywiki. I’m reminded of my previous debates about it. It’s easy to keep both but I then only put in a fraction of the time to make things better.

I’m now reminiscing of my dokuwiki I had from 2014 until 2018(?), it dutifully ran on a €3/year ipv4 NAT mini VPS with 128 MB RAM. One upgrade broke it or maybe I did something and it stopped working. I have all the data (plain text entries - that’s why I love it!) but I’ve not restored it and only imported some of the older materials. I didn’t even look for other software or tools in that time. I think I’d come across tiddlywiki during that time but didn’t understand it (after 2 minutes of using it) so never continued with it.

We have a nice kitchen at home but the layout could be better and some cupboard/drawer combinations could be better. Just no-one wants to “edit” it, and just want you to buy a whole new one.

The Mac mini I bought somewhat recently hasn’t lasted long without slowing down or having various crashing issues. Unfortunately I suspect it’s the OS, as I used to have the exact same model back in 2018-ish. I sold it back then as the quad core i7 minis were going for a premium as they only sold slow dual core intel ones. Not sure if reinstalling will help, it’s hardly got cluttered. If it’s not the OS then it’s Photos app with all my photos in it. The photos app doesn’t seem slow but when I have needed to restart the machine, Photos won’t quit and I have to force quit it. I sort of planned to upgrade it to a new Mac mini at some stage. Although I’ve been thinking an iMac might look nice and keep things tidy in the Apple corner of the office.

The office has gotten out of hand and is messy and cluttered. I’ve tried to sort it out and apart from tidying up bits and bob there still seems to be loads of stuff. I look at each piece individually and there’s some reason why I need it but as a whole it seems excessive and messy. Perhaps I need to be more ruthless.

Using Working Copy on my phone to add to this. Don’t need to even bother with another app as it has a plain text editor built in, and honestly, that’s all I need. I like the ease of tiddlywiki but this actually works better as I don’t have to worry about the server syncing or logging into it, and can even write without internet (for those few minutes of the year!).

I’m torn between playing more Dark Forest tonight or “doing something useful”, such as redoing my main blog. The game is pointless and this round will end in 1.5 days. I’m unlikely to get my score to be above 27,777,777 where I’d win a share of $1,000, so why bother in the first place? I’ve got one more Picard to watch, so I suppose I’ll have df on the other monitor.

Some df group, dfdao has started developing an alternative version that uses another layer for even cheaper and faster transactions. That would be good.

Monday, 2nd May, 2022

Fixed a bunch of things on this site this morning. The next big thing I want to do is change the archives page. Think I want monthly archive pages where it has the whole content on the page. e.g. a 2022/May/ page with the full post content listed. I think a link to each page isn’t useful as there’s so much clicking. Seems like you can’t do what I want out of the box with jekyll but this plugin can probably do it all. Unless I add a search page…I might make a secret search page… 🔎👀

The only other thing I’ve been thinking about is randomising the little pokemon gifs at the bottom of each day. I’ve a whole host of them ready but debating between random on build or random on visit. Random on visit would be via javascript, that makes it more ‘fun’ but unnecessary javascript. Random on build is maybe not bad as I’ll update it most days, although could add to the build time? Currently running on vercel and it caches everything so after the first one taking a long time, now it’s pretty much instant once I push the updates.

Bank holiday here in the UK, but work only enforces three holidays in the year - Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day - the rest we get as flexible, so that means I’m at work.

Time to flip the switch and push this out!

My goodness the archives was a bit of a challenge. The jekyll-archives plugin only makes the pages for me, the layout was for me to figure out. Which is obvious in retrospect but I just assumed I could install the plugin and it was all done as if by magic 🧙‍♂️. With various for-loops and group-bys I managed to make what I think is a more useful archive arrangement. There are actually whole year archive pages, e.g. this one, where every post will be listed, but they’re not linked anywhere just yet. Might change it, or remove them or just leave as other hidden pages.

What else? I could import all my old posts from the last time I did a static site for this and from tiddlywiki. I’ll see how it goes for the next few days before doing that though.

I figured out how to setup a GPU miner for Dark Forest and I’m now exploring the map at about 50x faster. After losing my good planets to someone else I’ve since discovered that a level 9 planet is right next to where I was. This is the highest level planet in the game and this person is going to get it 😢. I have found a nice spot with some more planets that I can claim, they’re a little far away so it’s going to be slow going but hopefully I can get established and fortify myself a little. It’s interesting that you don’t actually get any points for capturing someone else’s planet. So it sort of doesn’t matter, but to expand further and find silver or artifacts to prospect etc., it helps to have a big planet resource base in which to have a lot of energy.

Sunday, 1st May, 2022

Testing out the new blog with the minimal journal style. Decided I don’t need most of the stuff I put on the site and the journal is pretty much 99.9% text. This gets rid of a lot of stuff to look after. I can add images into here without them looking terrible but they’re only just not terrible.

Not sure if I’ve got all the templating correct. I’ve not setup pagination, still deciding if I want it or just leave with two weeks of posts and then look to the archives. 14 posts might be a bit much on the home page? We’ll see. It’s late now and I should be asleep. I’ll fiddle with this more tomorrow and hopefully I can flip the domain too.

Then it’ll be sorting out my main blog. Think I’ve found a theme I like. 🤔💭

Thursday, 10th March, 2022

AmpWhat is the place to explore the characters and icons underlying your browser, computer and phone. http://www.amp-what.com

Sunday, 27th February, 2022

Almost the end of February and I think it’s time to rejig things with my sites. I’ve fallen off using this site, and mostly not used any site this month. However, I think I want to move to just the wiki for daily notes and then make this site a bit more of a traditional blog. It does risk that this site becomes a silent lot. I’m mostly motivated by the ease at which I can add to the wiki. This site isn’t hard but the wiki is still easier.

I also want to migrate this daily-stuff to the wiki mostly as there are no expectations over there and I don’t care if I repeatedly talk about buying the same thing for 6 months and still not buy it, or how I should do something but then never do it.

So perhaps as March is about to appear I should do the big of sys admin work to sort things out.

Friday, 11th February, 2022

It’s been a while since I’ve had a morning off and all the kids are in school. I don’t know what to do with myself! Tidied and dusted the camera shelf and the office. It’s not noticeably tidier but it’s better. I looked at my list of potential projects or things that I started but never got very far. Such as learning javascript, and website readjustments or using that e-ink screen. None of them are really that appealing to actually do.

Been playing Path of Exile with a friend. The game is quite old now, 2013 release date, but still holds up well. It’s often referred to as the truer sequel to Diablo 2. There’s a lot more customisation possible compared to Diablo 3. We played it in May 2020 and each time I think it’ll be a great game to play as there’s so much end game content it’ll keep us entertained for ages. Yet I’m sure we’ll get there then realise it’s just infinite grinding for incrementally smaller and smaller improvements. So we stop. The journey is fun though.

Thursday, 10th February, 2022

Enjoying my first Leica lens, the 90 mm f/2.8 Tele-Elmarit. It gets categorised under Tele-Elmarit-M, but the eariler ones, like mine from 1973, doesn’t have M at the end. It’s so light and small. I compare it to other camera systems and I’m not sure there’s anything that even comes close. Okay, it doesn’t have autofocus motors in it but just the glass is so compact. Looking forward to seeing what I can manage to take with it (what I can get in focus 😅).

Leica 90mm f2.8 lens on M2 body

Family are visiting this weekend, so will be good to get the 90mm out. Even just getting the cameras out again would be good. Hardly picked them up since New Year’s.

I guess I wasn’t as busy back in January, and so I spent more time writing on here. Or perhaps I got out of the habit, as it doesn’t really take that long to write something.

My daughter told me she found me online. I was curious as to what she meant. She’d google image searched me and found my Github profile and looked at the site. She called it Jithub - perhaps she’ll call them Jifs too…She liked my fond of tea repo. Least she didn’t comment on my custom CSS. I’d actually wondered if she’d found this website

I’ve taken to logseq at work. I’m not writing huge amounts in it or documenting everything that happens that day - maybe I should but I do need to also do some of the TODOs I capture! It’s very nice for capturing notes on things as well as TODOs as I’m writing. The simple effort of Ctrl+enter to make a new TODO helps prevent me from getting distracted by going somewhere else to write it down, or trying to keep it in my head. I need to look into listing out all the TODOs a bit better. Perhaps some query tweaks or figure out how to use the Table view so that it’s useful. I’m not sure it’s great for me managing all the actions I capture, but least they’re not forgotten.

I tried out Microsoft ToDo at work as well. That’s a pretty nice todo app. Not quite a feature rich as ticktick or others but has enough. The integration with Microsoft 365 is nice in a work environment. I also like the Today view where you add tasks from your list into today to do. I’ve not used it but I like the idea of it. Thinking perhaps I need to move todos from logseq into MS todo and then manage them.

A colleague was interested in logseq when he saw me typing in it. Perhaps I should’ve also sent an apology with the link to download it and a youtube video to watch as I send him down the rabbit hole of note taking apps.

We did agree on the uselessness of the new Onenote compared to the 2018 Office version.

I did start wondering if I could use logseq to manage this blog. It’s nice just opening it up and typing. It makes markdown files. Some processing and then a blog could appear. All these things are just excuses not to do something and just mess about.

Sunrise over a field

If only I had something more than my iPhone on the way to work to do this view justice. Perhaps an 8x10 with colour positive film.

Monday, 7th February, 2022

I spent much of the weekend away from the computer and that means I can’t really write on here. Nothing that wrong about it but made me think about Tiddlywiki again. It’s perfectly suited for daily journalling, it has a dedicated button and setup for it. I just don’t love the look of it.

Friday, 4th February, 2022

Bought my first Leica lens! 90mm Tele-Elmarit f/2.8. Looked in mint condition and seemed like a good price…for this lens. Be excited to try it out.

Been using TW a lot for work but feeling like a need something more. Finding I have so many random ideas or tasks or things that I’m not capturing somewhere. Always find this with new roles, everything is new it feels like so much to take in and I’m not used to it. Whereas something I’ve done for ages I can just listen and I know what to do without issues.

Tempted to switch to Logseq, for inline tagging and todos maybe. Although there’s quite a lot of functionality with Loqseq that I feel like I need to learn before I start using it else it’ll be somewhat messy.

Last time I thought about this, I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle and I’ll just keep using tiddlywiki and a notebook. Maybe I should stick to that thought.

Thursday, 3rd February, 2022

Oh I’ve been neglecting this site. I’ve actually been really engaged and motivated at work, so not even used lunchtimes to write, and we’ve been watching the Witcher or playing Pokemon cards in the evening so no time there either. Has meant the family journal has been neglected too.

Not sure about the Witcher season 2. I think it doesn’t help that I’ve completely forgotten everything that happened in season 1. There’s just weird bits like how someone can escape when there’s 10 wizards and witches standing by and then just random monster things attack and that’s somehow part of the story?

I have been using tiddlywiki at lot at work and really enjoying it. I struggle with knowing how much to break things down into smaller tiddlers. I wrote a long note which had headings and I suppose I could’ve broken it down but I also like to keep it all together. I also don’t want tags of other tiddlers. I suppose it doesn’t matter but once I start getting too many then I find it annoying as it’s hard to see what I should pick. There’s always fields but I feel like they’re more effort than tags. Anyway I’m also trying not to make it too complicated. It has made me realise there’s value in tidying up and organising notes afterwards. I thought I had some stuff organised but I kept losing it, so might do a bit of organising tomorrow.

I’ve kept a OneNote at work in the past. It’s useful for keeping screenshots from Teams meetings and sharing with others. Not shared much in a while, but am wondering if I should be using OneNote instead of TW…But TW is a superior tool, plus I occasionally put in personal things to remember and can easily access it at home.

I’m liking the idea of having a M10. But it might just be the thrill of buying things that’s making me think this. I love it but film can be tiring, least for me it can be, and digital requires much less cognitive energy. But digital doesn’t spark joy, more like just the satisfaction at capturing some memories of that day for future us. I’m thinking (hoping?) that the digital rangefinder, with manual focus will bring the same joy as using film but with the benefits of digital. It would also be nice to share lenses between digital and film. Still a lot of money whichever way I persuade myself.

For a long time I wanted to write a technical blog to “show off” in case I wanted to change career to software engineering or data science. I’ve never managed to do it as I think that career change will never happen. I read an interesting thread on /r/datascience from some hiring managers who said they never look at personal blogs like that. Mostly as they don’t know if it’s legit or copied. Plus some other reasons, although later slightly contradicted themselves with suggesting someone finds a problem of interest and solves that and writes about it.

Monday, 31st January, 2022

By chance I happened to notice the boys passports are expiring in a few months. Good job I did as our next attempt at going to France wouldn’t have been very successful if they aren’t renewed. The slickness of the online system, even online photo codes from a passport photo store is very nice. No more forms or waiting or messing about.

Recently I’ve been wondering about this site, and whether or not to continue it. I suppose I’ll just leave it up and add to it whenever, but recently I’ve felt like there’s nothing much to say.

Sunday, 30th January, 2022

Stupid house alarm. The battery in it seems to have gone flat or maybe the charging hasn’t been working and now it needs to beep every 3 hours. You can acknowledge it but then it likes to remind you. So that was fun last night. I dislike house alarms. I’m fearful of trying to do anything in case it sets it off. All we were given was the code when we moved in. I’ve found a manual online, but it talks about manager codes and engineer codes - the fact that you might have to call someone out to reset it is absolutely disgusting. I guess I should tackle it at some point.

Constructed a version of Pokemon cards that the boys can play. We just have pokemon and energy cards, and ignore evolutions. They like it though. I’m sucked into the online version and have no time for anything else 😅

Saw some Ektachrome 120 on sale and wondered about buying it. I’ve never used colour slide film before but I know it looks really nice from scanning my Grandfather’s slides. 120 would be pretty neat given the size of it. Not that I have a projector though. It was a 5 pack for £60-odd, so not quite impulse buy prices, although I doubt it’ll be for sale for these prices again. Not sure how much development would be either, but least I could scan it myself if necessary. Also not sure I really want FIVE rolls…One might be fun but not really been enjoying 120 for a long time. Maybe the 6x6 square format of the TLR doesn’t help.

I think a M10 is the current sweet spot for a digital Leica. In terms of performance, price, size, etc. Older ones are big chonkers (slightly exaggerated) but that puts me off. Newer ones, -P/R, are more expensive. Occasionally there’ll be one for a similar price, but when I look closely it’s more like a beat up -P/R is the same price as a mint M10. It can be easy to dismiss £500 when the camera is £3-4k but that £500 is 1/4-1/3 of a nice Lecia 35/50mm that I’d like (and think worthwhile) to go with it. Probably pick the 35 mm first, although I have a 35mm M mount so that seems silly but it’s probably my favourite focal length so why not. Plus I couldn’t possibly be swapping lenses between film and digital bodies! It’s still quite (too?) expensive, so unlikely to happen soon. Soon enough I should hear if we’re getting bonuses at work. Given the talk from the CEO at the 2021 wrap up I’d be betting on no but the management probably want bonuses so may talk themselves into one for the company. Anyway, we’ll see. The tax on it is disappointing and most likely I’d just put it into my pension pot, but maybe I could get a camera…ah, maybe I should wait a few more years, wait until the kids are older and it can then be my new baby. I suppose nothing is stopping me from getting any lenses.

I’ve not picked up a camera in about 3 weeks. Aside from the large format testing, which, unfortunately, wasn’t that great and more scientific testing is needed for that. We’ve been ill or doing nothing so I’ve not taken one out. We’ve been outside this weekend and I thought about taking one out or even about the house but didn’t do anything or just forgot until it was too late. I suspect I won’t get one out until the half term in a couple of weeks.

Found a store that sells damaged Pokemon decks. It’s only the packaging that’s damaged but means it’s not collectable anymore. However, I don’t care about that and it’s just for the kids to play and we’ll be opening it immediately. It’s a cheap way to get a deck, although I then added some boosters to round it up to get free shipping. These cards are more additive than drugs! Get the kids hooked on them and they won’t have money for alcohol or drugs 😅

Friday, 28th January, 2022

The kids have got me sucked into Pokemon TCG! There’s also an online game which is reasonable to play, plus any real boosters you buy you get a code to get an in-game one. It’s also well done as you can’t buy cards in-game so more kid (parent’s wallet) friendly. Opening up boosters is very addictive though! Feel like it’s a slippery slope to buying booster boxes! Reminds me of my Magic The Gathering days. Pokemon isn’t as advanced or complex as MtG but it’s still reasonably complex. It’s also possible to make a simpler game for the little ones to join in too. Ordered a battle pack online, which contains two decks, so we can just play.

This evening we played Wingspan boardgame. Was a bit confusing to get going but I quite liked it. Plus I always enjoy birds’ names.

Willet bird from Wingspan game

Willet. Won’t it?

Thursday, 27th January, 2022

On the list of cameras that I’d like to get but possibly never buy is the GR3 or GR3x. Well I may buy it but probably not until we go overseas somewhere. I thought I’d want the 40mm equivalent lens of the X, but I’m not convinced this type of camera works well with that focal length. The features like snap focus, macro and shooting from the hip in bright light are much more suited to the wider 28mm equivalent. I typically tend towards 35 mm equivalent, I often pick the 23mm on my fuji, and 40mm is closer to 35mm. However, 28mm isn’t really that much further away. Given the heritage of the GRs, it seems sensible to go with the 28mm eq. Plus it’s still APS-C 24 megapixel so you can crop!

But then would I use macro (no) or snap focus? Snap sounds good but I’ve never had a camera with it so not sure I’d learn or remember about it. Well I’ll add this to the list of decisions that I don’t really need to make but will still occasionally waste time thinking about it.

Speaking of decisions about buying things that I may not end up buying is a 90mm lens for the M2. The 90mm seems to be one of the few options where decent Leica lenses aren’t eye-wateringly expensive. The Elmarit-M, and the tele-elmarit-M are nice options. Not that many for sale and the prices seem to vary quite a bit. I’m not sure getting a 90mm is a good idea, as I may rarely use it but I think it could look good on film.

Whilst I’m on this subject there’s the ridiculous want to get a digital rangefinder…! But that’s just that. Ridiculous.

Wednesday, 26th January, 2022

One application I enjoy coming back to and lightly use is Dynalist. I did try using it for daily logging, and todos, and various things, but most of them didn’t stick. The main use that has stuck around the longest is lists of things, typically longer timeframe lists. Such as gift ideas for others, gift ideas for myself 😁, a list of things I want to buy, and occasionally a big list of work topics. Each time I use Dynalist, I think that I should use it more as I do like it, it has mobile apps, and the free tier has plenty of functionality. I also like the look and style of it.

The list that gets updated the most is my list of things I want to buy. It is good to write them all down and see everything at once. It helps me pick what would be most beneficial to get first given everything. Also helps me think about if I really need it or not. I can also keep results of any research I’ve done with makes and models, or approximate prices etc. The outline nature of the list is nice to be able collapse things I’m not interested in anymore but don’t want to throw away the information.

Using it also reminds me of my effort to find a self-hosted alternative. I still prefer web apps for their use across all platforms and locations. I’m still yet to find anything that’s as nice or good. So Dynalist will do for now. I think it’s pretty reliable. I’m sure there’s still plenty of paid subscribers. The developers have mostly left dynalist and are working on Obsidian. However, as obsidian is proving very popular and there’s paid subscriptions for it, I hope that this means dynalist lives on given the developers are still making money and can cover the costs of both services.

If anyone knows of a nice outliner like Dynalist that you can self-host I’m all ears…This is my list. Although I’ve not broken it out into web hosted etc. Maybe I should install Vimflowy this time.

Tuesday, 25th January, 2022

Tripod mounted camera for film scanning

This is much better than that arm I had. It’s much more stable and finely adjustable. Maybe I need one of those hot shoe spirit levels but I feel like I’ve bought enough stuff for this film scanning…

I hope the 4x5 development is enjoyable…because if it’s a chore then it defeats the purpose of all this. I should try 35mm development as well - although I still need something to mount the film in to take pictures…There’s home built solutions or there’s the Essential Film Holder that everyone recommends. That’s another £90…🙄

I’ve been a bit bored of the computer recently, and haven’t have much interest for using many applications. Spent a while watching YouTube one night this week which was probably a big waste of time. Videos were split between cameras and lenses, and then random TV clips from various shows. Swapped that out for watching The Expanse, so at least it’s quality TV instead.

I have a Curve card, partially out of curiosity, but also because I thought I might be able to get more cashback on things. However, after investigating it more, I don’t think it’s worthwhile unless you need/use the travel insurance, or if you have lots of credit cards with specific benefits you want to move expenses to but want the convenience of one card. They invited me to join their new Flex product. This is a buy now pay later system that lets you take any transaction and split the payment into installments. Quite a clever idea and implementation, as you can even go back in time up to 12 months to split previous expenses, but horrible for encouraging debt. Particularly with a 13% APR 🤯 I don’t think these companies (like Klarna) are regulated like other loan services. People are going to get themselves in trouble…

Monday, 24th January, 2022

I’m procrastinating on developing the 4x5. Not sure why. It should be better this time with the SP-445. The new tripod did arrive today, so that should help mounting the camera to photo them. It was also greeted with another look from my wife and “buying more things?” 😅

Started watching the 6th season of The Expanse.

I felt ashamed of myself today at work, some sort of wisdom or proverb no doubt has warned me of this situation yet still I did it. I spent so long focusing on how others did a bad job that I didn’t prepare myself and also ended up doing a bad job. Probably even worse than theirs. I don’t think other people would’ve said any of our work was bad, but when people ask you to do things that you thought you’d already done, it’s still not great.

Sunday, 23rd January, 2022

Two threads talking about if Leica glass “is worth it”. Focused on M mount glass. I like my Voigtlander 35mm f1.4 II MC and don’t think I’d notice the difference with the Leica equivalent. Still trying to pick up at least one Leica lens, just because, and the 90mm seems the most likely. Although I may give up given the limited availability of nice ones in the UK, and just get the new CV 90mm!

Everyone has tested positive now, so it’ll be a fun week of all the kids at home.

YouTube keeps reminding me of all the Tinderbox guide videos I’ve not watched. Is it trying to help me or taunt me?

I’m enjoying my old, revitalised static gallery. Been looking back at all the old photos. Also makes me want a X100 series camera again. Some of them I noticed where I’d put the files through Lightroom vs. just straight out of camera. Usually it was Auto, then maybe medium contrast curve or some setting like that. Back with my Nikon I used Punch preset a lot. Not sure if I still like the look but it does help prevent the images looking flat. I’ve noticed that Apple Photos Auto doesn’t tend to do very much. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Saturday, 22nd January, 2022

We watched Howl’s Moving Castle last night with out daughter. She’s reading it as her school book but not getting on with it particularly well. Thought the visuals of it might encourage her. I’ve not read the book but have seen the film before, although such a long time I’d mostly forgotten what happens. She says there’s quite a few differences from the book. Makes me want to read it now though. Funny that the book’s author is an english woman, because of the film I assumed it was a Japanese book.

I had planned on doing some more 4x5 development last night but after the film was done it was too late to start that. I shouldn’t leave it too long, but I also should practice loading the SP-445 first. I still need to find something to mount my camera on to take photos of the negative. I guessing I’m looking for the £50 copy stand. That’s the amount I think they’re worth and willing to pay but they don’t exist. Or at least not readily available ones. I should look at that now and try and find something. Plus maybe some clips to hang drying negatives.

Thursday, 20th January, 2022

Can’t believe it’s the 20th already.

Hmm the down arrow on my ipad smart keyboard doesn’t reliably work. Guess it means I’ll need to switch to Vim.

I really like The Expanse, and have just started watching season 6. If only I could remember what happened in the previous seasons. I do remember some things but not sure of the order and probably large gaps in between.

I’ve been running my dad’s email off Google Suite for years, now someone is going to have to pay…or we move it elsewhere. iCloud+ would be ideal, but think his Apple ID would need to be part of my family, which isn’t ideal. Maybe I can add it for myself and then let him change the password or something but I’m sure it’ll all be linked to iCloud accounts and likely to be a pain. I haven’t actually received an email from Google myself so maybe my account is later or something…

I can now spend a never ending amount of time pruning, trimming, re-arranging and generally faffing with my Photos library now. It’s fun because I get to rediscover old photos and remember previous times. Like all those SoCal beach trips when we lived there 🌄

I want a new computer but I really don’t need one. So I’m now considering the home server. That is also just fine as is, but I think (or talked myself into) the fact that a newer gen CPU would be better for transcoding HEVC files, and so storage could be optimised. Also it would be nice to have some NVME storage to run services off…for reasons…and a general excuse to sort out all the services. They’re running off an ancient docker-compose file and traefik 1.7 (as the new version syntax was confusing). I think I’d move to a similar model as my VPS, which is docker to run the services but then nginx on bare metal with the virtual servers configured. It’s much more convenient that way if I want to run things outside of docker, like just static files. I have been wondering about separating storage from applications. Maybe some low powered storage solution, e.g. This Asustor, and then a small PC (like a NUC but not necessarily one, perhaps even a Dell refurb etc.) for the server. That way upgrading in the future is compartmentalised and likely that the storage will last a long, long time. But maybe this is all my subconscious trying to get me to buy more things.

Or maybe the Pro version…but they both do H.265 transcoding…without looking I know a custom built will be cheaper…

Wednesday, 19th January, 2022

I finally got COVID.

My expensive colour film arrived. Would be nice if I didn’t have to save this for best but I guess that makes it even more special.

A stack of four Portra 800 boxes of film next to an old Minolta SRT100 film camera

Tuesday, 18th January, 2022

Last year during lockdown I bought a bike trainer, and subscribed to Zwift. It was quite fun for a couple of months but I didn’t like paying for Zwift. Particularly as there were a lot of features I didn’t care about and several that I did that were missing. I just want to know how far left on my ride!

I cancelled it and haven’t sat back on the bike in about 9 months. I also don’t like that it’s heavy legs and nothing too much on upper body. I’d like an even workout. Also now that I’m back at the office I cycle to work each day and not really interested in doing more cycling at home.

So I want to buy a Concept 2 Rowerg. Amazon sell them and offer their free installment plan so it makes it less obvious you’re sending money. They were out of stock and I’d set an alert and told myself when it comes back in I’ll buy one. Well now that it is back in stock I’m agonising over the decision on whether or not to buy one.

Careful readers will point out I’ve not used my current equipment for 9 months so why would I use something else. Spending £800+ on a rower might not be the solution to the actual problem.

Other people would’ve just seen it in stock and thought “great, let’s buy it”. Then 10 seconds later they stop thinking about it until it arrives the following week.

Cool old computer history.

Apple Photos to my static site is a bit of an ordeal but I’ve figured out all the steps and settings:

  1. Mark photos worth with keyword tags (still not sure how to apply without having the keyword manager open)
  2. Filter to those tags
  3. Export - medium quality and full size jpeg. Tick box for keywords and title (actually means keep all EXIF as well)
  4. Rename jpeg to jpg 🙄
  5. Run build script
  6. Rsync to server
  7. Phew!

The last 3 can be put into a script that I can just run when I’m ready to upload. Save me remembering the commands. This is instead of picking the photos and dragging and dropping them into Piwigo webUI…but I like the look of it better so there’s that.

Watched a little of this video, showing what it was like to go on the computer and internet in the late 90s. The modem sound will never be forgotten. Don’t know how I was so patient. Guess I didn’t know any better. The first computer I used (and went online) was actually at my friend’s house. His dad worked at AWE, and came home with a CD-R that was a deep blue on the dye side, and written in marker was Cappuccino 95. This was a disc loaded with pirate software, including Windows 95, Office (whatever it was called), Lotus, games, all sorts of stuff. We used to think it was secret technology as I’d never seen a blue CD-R before. However, I just think he nicked it from work and they used blue as they were meant to be durable! When we drove past the AWE site, we’d ask my friend’s dad what was in all the buildings. He’d just say they were boiler houses. We figured on top was boiler houses and then underneath it was SAM silo. There was also the story of his dad putting his glasses in some water and shining a laser through it to clean them.

I moved my photo gallery back to the static site. Now I just need to upload some recent photos!

Boy #2 might need glasses, maybe not quite now but probably soon. As a glasses wearer since age 8 I’m sad for him. He was excited at the opportunity to get glasses, but I don’t think that’ll last.

I better not buy a Q2 given all these Q3 rumours now 😅

Writing up my family journal in DayOne on the iPad and thought I’d have a look at the gallery site. Oh I love it so much. It’s so clean, and has nothing extra than what’s needed, and the subtle EXIF data is perfect. I’m not sure I love the font, I might change that. It’s a little hard to read. Thinking of making a film only version where I group photos by emulsion or maybe camera. Camera is probably silly as it’s really lens plus film but camera is mostly a proxy for lens for me. Hopefully this will encourge me to add more albums (although I’m not going back 2 years worth to add them 😅).

I got a cold head cycling this morning and has made me feel terrible all day. I should get off the screens and go to bed!

Monday, 17th January, 2022

Not come across this site before it seems like a sane place to get opinions.

It’s taken me several months to realise that if I paste a URL in VS Code whilst highlighting some text, it makes it a markdown link automatically 😅 Perhaps I should learn more about it as it’s become my main tool for writing this site.

I am wondering about switching to textile instead of markdown. Mostly so I can use paragraph formatting and add custom ids without a song and dance (Tinderbox 😙). If I want one I can just write p(#id). If I don’t then just leave it blank and the default is a paragraph. Does mean I have to come up with the id name. Does also allow for more customisation of individual blocks with styles. Not sure if I really need that though, or just think I need it.

Snapshot Handheld 4x5…interesting…also not just 4x5, multi system.

Sunday, 16th January, 2022

Sometimes I think life (I?) would be better if I didn’t have a computer. It wouldn’t be there for me to go and sit on automatically and mostly waste away time. I know people at work who have no computer of there own, except their smartphone. They have a work laptop that I suppose they probably use for bits and pieces, but likely just admin stuff or things that can’t (or just nicer) be done on their phone. I struggle to understand that. No computer is probably annoying though. You can do pretty much everything on a phone, just sometimes the screen is so small it’s annoying. Not sure how you’d deal with paperwork, but I guess you use an app or service from someone else? Although maybe iCloud or Google docs makes things easy to download or scan from your phone. You could even write a blog from your phone.

When I go on holiday I don’t miss not having the computer. I usually have my phone and recent years I’ll take my iPad, but perhaps I shouldn’t as it now just fills the space of the computer. Stuff that’s annoying to do on the phone is fine to do on the iPad as the screen is bigger. My wife remarks how strange it is that I can go from sitting on a computer all the time (work and then my free time) to then nothing whatsoever whilst away.

Like today. It’s a lovely sunny, although chilly day. I did spend the whole morning with the kids at a soft play and then the beach (so I did go outside 😅), but now that I’m home and everyone wants some quiet time, I’m straight on the computer. I could’ve taken my cup of tea and sat on a sofa in the sun, and read one of the books I have. Although I’m writing this (and thinking about Tinderbox, photo galleries, Hugo, …) vs. watching YouTube or something.

WellI’m not going to sell or get rid of the computers so that was a nice set of words with no purpose.

Was still looking at Hugo themes. CodeIT is a nice one, fairly simple looking but loads of features. Probably don’t need them all but feel like it’s nice to have just in case. Although I still can’t help the desire to build it myself.

When I import photos into Photos app and kept the folder structure (which I like as it helps narrow down on photos when I see the event) it makes a folder and then within that an album of the same name. I don’t need that first folder and just want all the albums under the year folder. Not sure how to change that without manually moving them all up a level. This applescript is one solution - although not to my current problem - for new imports.

Saturday, 15th January, 2022

I did remember/find Lektor static site generator that allows you to make a page up from blocks. This could then replicate the tinderbox/drummer style blog, whereby each paragraph can be its own entry. I used this about 6 years ago for my blog. Think it had just come out and seemed like a novel way of doing static sites. It comes with it’s own admin user interface that you run. I remember it taking me quite a while to figure out how to piece it all together, and now that I look at it again, I have no motivation to try and reconstruct something.

This was after I spent all evening messing about with YAML and JSON structures to see how I could construct the site. Again, all possible, although finding a nice way to enter posts might be the tricky part. YAML is probably the cleanest to type into but it’s still a bit funny with longer text. Then I remind myself that (a) this is mostly pointless, and (b) I already have Tinderbox that can do it all. I just need to figure out the exporting part and then it’s good to go…I assume. Then I return to wanting to type elsewhere and the circle continues.

I did come across people’s little projects on Github making static sites from config files which were all interesting to look at. It’s still an option but not for today.

It’s a lovely sunny day. I should be getting the 4x5 out again. I was meant to practice loading it in the dark bag this week but was watching Lost in Space. Finished that now so suppose I could do it. Or I just leeroy jenkins it and load new film and take some more pictures.

Now I remember what I did last night…looking at static gallery generators. Got 1 day until I have to decide if I’m keeping my SaaS instance of piwigo. Someone wrote an article about using nanogallery2 with Hugo. Not quite a how to but maybe enough to get started. I tried Fussel which was nice but it sorts alphabetically. This is probably the route I should take but the thought of yet another static gen site to configure isn’t filling me with joy. It’s only €39/year for piwigo. I don’t love it but requires zero effort…I guess I’ll renew and then next week I’ll be super keen to make my own and regret renewing.

I find it baffling how many static gallery generators don’t have any screenshots or a demo site with them. Literally that’s the whole point.

I bought 4 rolls of Portra 800. It’s not going to be this cheap again, and means I can use some for birthdays and the wedding. I also was one review away from enough points to get £10 off, so that helped. Made them just over £10 / roll.

Why am I looking for a new static gallery generator? The one I use is just fine. Well python2 isn’t ideal, but as long as I can install the python2 libraries then it’s usable. Not sure if I should start a new one

Way back when I was interested in scrolls, but it wasn’t really obvious how it worked. The author has made a try it site. I’m still a little confused where stuff is actually defined but I want to try it out.

Been collecting resources and ideas for my inky impression.

Friday, 14th January, 2022

Baby Shark is the first YouTube video to exceed 10 billion views. When there’s something funny or catchy that my kids want to see, we do have to watch it a minimum of 10 times. So I can see why this and all the recommended kids videos in the sidebar have millions and billions of views. More top videos.

Tweaked my snippet so that it puts my cursor at the end of the day (using $0) so I can just type the ordinal. I think it could be done automatically but requires a whole host of regex and replacements and so much that I don’t think it’s worth the effort of figuring it out.

So much film now! Ordered 4x Portra 800 last night as Analogue Wonderland has a promo on, £8 per roll including development. Makes it the cheapest colour film available!

lol - I got confused…it’s actually £8 for development, and £12 per roll. So cancelling my order and will reconsider. Maybe just pick up a couple of rolls as cheapest price there is.

Price history of Portra 800

Those increases.

I was looking at Gold and Ultramax too but I’ve got a lot of film at the moment. I do see people in forums who’ll stock up when sales occur and they’ve got a whole separate freezer for it. I’m not at that stage yet… AW also have a competition on, to submit Portra 800 photos. Conveniently I just used a roll of it at Christmas, so might put in one or two in that. Not sure I’m going to use my 800 until a special occasion…perhaps kids’ birthdays coming up or the wedding we’re going to later in the Spring. Maybe I should’ve bought more than four…but then I remembered I’m meant to be using the B&W I bought and doing home development. Which then reminds me I don’t have a tripod or mount system. I did ask in talkphotography forums about using enlargers - which seems to be the trend as they “can be found cheaply” - and then mounting the camera on it. I like that idea as then it’s a nice fixed vertical system. I’m just yet to find any of these “cheap” ones. People suggested some model numbers to look for, so I’ll keep an eye out and maybe setup some eBay search notifications. If that fails I’ll be back to tripod. It’s just that’s a minimum of £100. Ideally I’d befriend a local film guy (min. age 65) who has heaps of stuff that he doesn’t really use. In exchange for listening to him at great lengths, he’d offer me something 😁 Actually, I’d enjoy listening to him, and he’d probably have some great development setup and things from decades gone by. There is a film club in the town, maybe even two, plus the college. Just everything is all shut-up due to COVID and they’re not exactly convenient to get to from my house.

Thursday, 13th January, 2022

My Spearman SP-445 arrived today. So hopefully that’ll make 4x5 development easier, improve the results and be more consistent. I’ll need to practice using it in the dark bag. Along with practicing loading the film holders too. Not entirely convinced I managed that correctly the first time.

Mirrorless camera film scanning setup

Sent the angle-poise arm for film scanning back. It wobbled and was annoying to position. I should probably just get a tripod as that’ll be useful for several things.

This is a nice overview of using Apple Photos app, including ideas for smart albums. I’d say mostly obvious but a few good ideas you might not have thought of. I should use the keywords for tagging pictures to upload to my website….if only I could decide what to use for it. I guess a static gallery should be easy now:

  1. Import photos to NAS
  2. If film - use exiftool to set EXIF data
  3. Import into Photos app
  4. Pick/edit photos
  5. Filter to those and export

Can even export large or custom resolution so it’s all ready for the website. Or use ImageOptim to resize in place. Then run the generator and upload!

Still not made my new blog. Of course I actually already have one…but think I’d rather have a static gen one. I have written down a few ideas for potential posts. I’m too busy watching Lost in Space in the evenings to do it. Perhaps once I finish that I might get round to it.

Wednesday, 12th January, 2022

Now each day I get the joy of using my text snippet to insert the front matter.

I installed the 2TB SSD into the mac mini last night. I did manage to forget to include the drive mounting screws. When I put the new drive in, it did wobble about a little which I thought was strange but continued re-assembling it. I only noticed once everything was back in. As it has two drives installed the screws aren’t actually needed, so I decided to screw them onto the drive I took out and store that somewhere. If I ever sell it, I’ll put that drive back in and keep my large one. I don’t need to replace it, it works just fine for everything I do on it (it is the quad core i7 model) but it is now capped on OS version, iPad screen extension doesn’t work with it, and max monitor resolution is 2560x1440 via displayport. Most of these things don’t concern me but the draw of a new mac might be hard to resist. Either if they release new models this year, M1X Pro etc.?, or the current M1s go on fire sale. The sales are mostly for the 256GB model and occasionally the 512GB model, but never anything larger.

Reinstalling macOS over the internet is great, albeit a little slow. Weirdly cmd+r didn’t work but cmd+option+r did work. Seems like it might try and install the original version with cmd+r and then the latest possible with cmd, option R. I didn’t have much installed and quickly got everything back on. Started importing photos into Apple Photos to use as my master library.

It was quite quick to import them. I was worried it would be the spinning colour wheel for hours. I also purchased iCloud and all the pictures should be syncing. There’s no clear indication of progress or status though, so will have to trust it’s uploading. I’ve logged into icloud.com and the photos are there, so guess it’s working. It doesn’t appear to sync Albums though. Well it has ones from my phone but not from my mini.

My iCloud subscription includes Hide My Email and private relay (VPN). I should look into that and maybe use hide my email for any new services I sign up to. I wonder how quick it is to make a new address though.

VS Code has a settings, extension, keyboard shortcuts and probably other things sync option. It saves to github or somewhere so all installations are the same. This seems ideal although every time I add a new VS Code install it complains about the settings file. I think it’s just checking I want to overwrite the stock one it sets up on install but it’s still unnerving and gives me doubt each time I do it.

Oh it seems I also have Custom Email Domain service too with iCloud. I may actually use a personalised domain email address now…! I’ve had a domain for >10 years, and even one on the old Google business account thing when you could use it for free with 5 users. But I still find it hard to move away from my gmail. Everything goes there and it’s easy. Plus my address is reasonable.

I think this is a good theme for my “normal” blog. I’m not quite sure I like the front page but probably can tweak that. The rest of it is nice, and I like the footnotes being asides.

Adding all my photos to Apple Photos is great. Don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner, and by it I mean just any library management tool.

Tuesday, 11th January, 2022

Spent a bit of time getting snippets working in VS code so I can add a new day and it does the entry for me. It works well, I added Ctrl+n Ctrl+n as the shortcut to add it. Doesn’t do ordinals (got to love them!) yet. I guess with regex I might be able to do it…I did add tabbed options using ${1|th,st,rd} but this only works if you tab complete the entry and I can’t seem to get that working. Tab completion is on in the settings but it never seems to show up. Although I’d prefer the keyboard shortcut method as holding Ctrl and hitting n twice is very quick and easy. Probably someone on stackoverflow has the regex answer.

I saved the snippets as a project snippet file so it’s jus for this repo, but also means it should work when I visit github.dev on my ipad to write it.

I’ve annoyed myself sufficiently with where to write stuff in blogs or how to configure them. I’ve decided that to help myself I’ll keep using this site for daily commentary but then make a new blog in a more traditional style. I also like my fondoftea.com domain but now that I’m not using tiddlywiki as my daily notes and just as a wiki I want to reuse that for the blog and then put the wiki somewhere else. People might’ve linked to it and so I’m sorry when your links break. I’ll probably use very.fondoftea.com for the wiki as it makes me laugh. Others could be im.fondoftea.com or whoisnt.fondoftea.com.

Mac now has the 2TB drive installed, macOS reinstalled, apps installed, iCloud subscription engaged and now just to import and upload all the photos…I’ll try a year at a time…

Monday, 10th Janaury, 2022

Amazing animations only made with CSS and HTML!

First day of work of 2022, and a brand new Leuchtturm notebook.

Someone at work said we’d talk about the topic next week. I looked at the calendar and thought “that’ll be more than half way through January!”.

As I’m back at work I started using my work tiddlywiki. It reminded me of how nice Tiddlywiki is. I’d forgotten I’d made a button to add a work journal entry which is slightly different from the normal journal entry as it has other tags and fields. Just a shame that making new themes and layouts isn’t as easy as just configuring a few html and CSS files like static site generators. Admittedly, I’ve not put in a lot of effort to try and do it. It’s some of that but there’s a lot of parts/divs to figure out. I did read an article of someone using Tiddlywiki to render static sites. It’s an interesting use of it, and allows easy implementation of a custom design. It’s another thing I’ll add to my “maybe I’ll play with it pile” (and then do nothing). But thinking it through a little:

  • Can host node.js version of TW with password protection at some random place to add content
  • Construct the static config like the doc explains. I wonder how much TW logic can be used to construct things.
  • A combination of committing to Git and having Github build the site or build the site and commit the html to github, for whatever github pages/vercel/netilfy to host
    • Be good to trigger this build on the website, although not essential at the start.

Why I can’t just be content with this site as is I’m not sure. I keep thinking of ever increasingly minute and slightly complex arrangements I’d like to do which just can’t be done (or I don’t think it can be) in Jekyll. Solving for non-existent problems may be a problem.

I may be done with Tinderbox before even starting with it. However, there’s no rush and I can always return to it. I might try another project that doesn’t involve exporting and is all contained within it.

My 2 TB SSD arrived for the Mac. Probably leave fitting that until the weekend. The 2012 model is user serviceable, which is nice, but it’s not quite as easy as a regular desktop tower. There’s still a variety of tiny, misshaped screws and the application of spudgers to separate stuff. I’m tired from my shift in schedule going to work so maybe not sensible. Plus watching the OS reinstall isn’t how I want to spend the evening. I’ll double check there’s nothing I need to save tonight so that it’s all ready.

10 years and two months ago, I bought my first SSD. It was a Crucial M4 128GB, and it cost £150. Yesterday I bought a 2000GB Crucial MX500 and it cost £150. 😅

Made a new DayOne journal to use for archiving entries that I’ve printed so I can more easily see how many new ones I have. The question is at what point to get a new book printed. Lots of little ones or one big one again? Probably I should do annual ones 1st Jan-31st Dec but my entries were quite sporadic between 2020 and the latter part of 2021 so I’d have to start from this year. Well it’s not a decision that needs to be decided now, and easy to check how big/expensive a book can be uding the app.

Sunday, 9th January, 2022

Ordered the 2 TB SSD for the mac. I debated not buying it as I might upgrade the mini to a M1 one at some stage but that’s probably a way off, I can just remove the 2TB drive if I want, and 2TB SSD on custom M1 is an extra £600…At which point I’d probably get an external house for the 2 TB SSD.

I’ve replaced hard drives in mac minis in the past and it was okay, lots of bits and connectors to deal with but manageable if done slowly. Annoyingly my current 256GB OS drive SSD is the lower one, i.e. the one that’s most easily accessible. This means if I want to keep the current OS installation I have to remove everything to get to the upper bay to replace the current storage SSD. Wondering if I should just replace the top one and then makes it easier in the future if I want to remove it to sell. Does mean reinstalling macOS…which is easy just takes some time.

Actually, I should just replace the OS drive with the 2 TB, reinstall macOS and then everything is on the big drive and I don’t have to worry about locations or anything. I’ve not installed a great deal on it so far so not much wasted. Just a few config things.

Started tagging posts again. It’s still not ideal. I like tags in tiddlywiki as then even if there ends up being lots, it autocompletes so you can see if you called it mac or macOS or whatever.

Started thinking about Tiddlywiki again this morning. I could do what I want with it, having entries tagged or fields for that day, then adding other attributes. I could then use node.js to export it to a JSON file for something (Hugo - think it can read JSON) to build into a website. Just remembered some new feature which will allow builds to be trigger from the TW web app. The only thing is adding new content might be painfully slow, unless I can figure out a nice add new entry which populates everything automatically. I might have a play with it…🤔

I found Drift (again), and it does have a lot of nice features. The interstitial journaling isn’t quite what I want, although the page does have a lot of nice features and plugins that I might borrow.

This blogging malarkey sure is eating up a lot of time. 6 months ago I barely wrote anything for months, now I have 300-1000 word posts A DAY! I should be happy with that for myself. But now my nature kicks in and I want to optimise it…often for scenarios that don’t happen or will never exist.

To remind myself about Tinderbox vs. the rest I wrote nearly all of this post on my iPad in the kitchen whilst the little one did stickers.

Skipped all this nonsense, and started watching Season 3 of Lost in Space.

Saturday, 8th January, 2022

Trying to take better pictures of my 4x5 film with an angle-poise stand, light table and Fuji X-T2 with the 60mm macro. It’s a lot harder than I expected! The angle-poise arm is annoying and wobbles way too much. Tempted to replace it with a tripod. I looked for a copy stand but they’re either super expensive, or cheap and nasty, or if I did get one it’s not a convenient thing to store anywhere. I feel like a tripod that can go horizontal or allow me to point the camera down would be more stable and having another tripod is probably useful in the long run.

Been trying out some free negative convertors. One of which is built into RawTherapee. Now it doesn’t help I’ve never used RT but the one tick negative convertor seemed decent enough. Auto levels makes the film too constrasty, so I need to play with things to figure what’s best.

Here’s my best result so far:

My first development of 4x5 sheet film, in fact of any film

DarkTable has the negadoctor module. The manual makes it sound very complicated but perhaps just good advice to get the best image. I might install it and give it a go.

After quite a slow but productive effort with Tinderbox yesterday, I’m not feeling it any more. I’m still yet to tackle the export configuration and maybe I’m procrastinating on that. I found myself reading Hugo docs and looking at Hugo themes.

I do really like Tinderbox as a piece of software. I love applications that give you lots of tools, that are simple enough individually, but then allows you to build complex systems (if you need complex). I suppose like Excel. However, there’s something that is making me hesitant to use it. Maybe I just don’t want to be constrained to just macOS and one piece of software. The underlying file is supposedly just xml (I’ve not looked), and my license for this version lasts forever so as long as I keep an installer and the key I should be fine… hm still not sure what I don’t like. The whole thing feels hacky but that’s just how it works. Am I just so normalised to keeping all my files on Github and having various services do everything for me?

I do occasionally want to write from my iPad. Sitting in the kitchen or somewhere, or when we’re away from home. I can still write stuff in other apps and then move it into Tinderbox later (there’s lots of syncing stuff it does too). But I don’t want a delay or further effort. Although, the delay is meaningless as it’s just this site.

Hugo is quite complex and I think it can do what I want, the hardest part might be figuring out how to structure the data and then how to most easily type it out. I worry this’ll rely on me remembering a bunch of front matter or writing various scripts or text expansions to manage it. Maybe that’s not that bad.

I should finish the tinderbox blog and see what it’s like before I change course. Maybe I just needed a break from it. Plus it’s not like I wouldn’t need to dig into Hugo docs and web searches to figure it out and spend a lot of time on that.

Think I’m going to try using Apple Photos as my main photo organisation. Found using keywords with nice shortcuts pretty much fixes the ratings shortcomings. I can just press 4 on a photo and now it’s got a keyword 4⭐️. I can use smart albums to filter out all those images. Plus it has facial recognition, good enough editing tools for me, Shared Albums and great integration with everything. Seems silly not to try and use it. I just need to decide upon iCloud storage. If I’m going with the 2TB option, then I need to import all my photos into it. This then means the Photos Library needs to sit somewhere with enough space, and currently the SSDs in the mini aren’t big enough on their own. iCloud would mean everything is sync’d across devices, and with family plans would mean my wife has a lot of space for her photos. Really I need to buy a new SSD for the mini, then I can make a new library on it, then add everything from the NAS. The alternative to iCloud is to also get the new SSD to house a copy of the photos local to the machine, and then just reference them there in Photos. The conclusion is…need a new SSD regardless!

This guide is just what I need to sort out the 2TB drive and iCloud etc.

Friday, 7th January, 2022

So much Tinderbox fiddling today! Getting the hang of things in it now. Got working prototypes, agents, functions, autonaming things. Pretty nice. The two big items left are templates and export config. Templates I can mostly copy from this site and then figure out the export code. Probably a full evening job for this weekend. Once I get the basic site working I’ll tweak stuff but then return to the videos to pick up on more things.

Everyone is very helpful in the forums which is nice.

Finally did my first film development today! Took a bunch of photos of the setup and everything but too late to sort that out now. Bought a light table thing and an arm to mount my camera so I can take a better photo of it and convert it on the computer. Supposedly Rawtherapee has a decent negative convertor.

My first development of 4x5 sheet film, in fact of any film

At least the image could be seen but seems like there were lots of light leaks. Some where during development. The dark bathroom wasn’t actually that dark, but also on the bottom it seemed like the flap maybe got lifted up or perhaps during loading I let light in? Or maybe when in the camera? I’ll try loading again in the dark bag. Thinking of getting the SP-445 4x5 developer tank. It’s pricey at £100 but tray development was a pain. I could probably make the room darker - at least do the development at night and hang some towels or something over the door, but it would be much nicer doing it in the utility with a decent sink and standing space vs. kneeling on the floor for 15 mins counting beeps on my phone. The Dev IT app was ideal…apart from trying to start it. I guess I could’ve added more wash time for turning off the light etc.

Overall I’m pleased and am looking forward to doing it again. A few HP5 arrived today so might try 35mm next. Although scanning those will be much slower…unless I spend another £90 on some film holder thing.

Leaked Leica 11 photos and specs

Thursday, 6th January, 2022

It’s good to get the typewriter out and try my new stationery.

blurred typewritten letter

The DayOne books I ordered arrived. They’re great! I’m glad I went with the hardback cover. They’re a nice size and were very easy to make. I think that fact alone is why I should continue using DayOne for our family journals. Not that it’s hard for me to make a book like it from writing in some other format but it’s so easy that means I’ll actually do it. I hadn’t realised but I wrote 86,000 words over a 3.5 year period. Seems pretty crazy to me. Virtually all of those words were written in the DayOne app on my phone. As much as I love using a desktop computer, keyboard, mouse, multiple monitors, I think these are another 86,000 reasons are why I need to keep using something that I can add to on my phone. I’d pretty much come to this conclusion and now the books have sealed it.

I do think I should include more photos in them though. Having a mac again makes it easy to add photos from my cameras. Although photos from cameras get treated better and likely end up printed or in the web albums at least. Probably I should get my wife to add photos from her phone as she’s around the kids when I’m at work, so probably has some good ones.

Feel like I’ve gone a bit over the top with family journals. I bought my wife the Leuchtturm line a day for 5 years book, and the large moleskin notebook arrived today too. The Moleskin is for a photo journals. The photos in the day one book aren’t great quality (maybe partially as they’re on old phones at the time) but it doesn’t really matter. Printed photos will look nicer, however, is it just going to be duplicate info? Nice photos sure but do we need them twice? I’m thinking that perhaps they can be presents for my parents for Christmas 2022. Do the originally planned 1 entry a week or thereabouts. Hah, now I’m reminded of my thoughts of the weekly (yeah right…) letters I was going to write with photos to them. Maybe monthly letters are doable. I’ve certainly not been getting my usage out of the printer.

Sometimes I want to just get a shoe box (or maybe buy a specific box) and print out every semi decent photo (like the ones I’d put on the website) and just keep them in the box. Just for people to rummage though randomly. That sort of printing is probably better online just because it would eat all of my time.

Interestingly every seems to love kosmos mono 100 film photos I took. I should get some more.

My final tray arrived today, so I have no more excuses left as to why I can’t develop the 4x5s I took. I think I’ll watch a few videos tonight, make a note or two so it’s fresh and maybe attempt it. Or do it tomorrow morning when the kids are at school. Ordered some HP5 rolls to just use about the house and for whatever, nothing special, to try developing myself.

Keep thinking about Tinderbox but as of yet, have done nothing with it. Keep getting distracted with other things in the evenings when I plan to watch some of the videos and start doing stuff. I keep looking at other things, and trying to construct what I plan in TBX but in them to see if I really need to learn Tinderbox. Each time it ends up seeming likea very complicated arrangement to replicate what I know TBX can do. For example, yesterday I was looking at Strapi and Gatsby. Strapi allows you to build your own API “very easily” and Gatsby can then read said API and renders a static site from it. Seems like if any system can do it, this can as you can model any sort of structure with it. I didn’t do very much with it, just poked about and tried some demos. They’re both open source, popular and well maintained pieces of software, so that’s a plus. However, I feel like it might get quite complicated or take me a long time to figure out exactly how to do what I want to do. I’m not really looking to learn React just a make a static website either. I’ll get to it eventually 😅

Wednesday, 5th January, 2022

Hacker laws explained.

Nothing like opening the back of the film camera when you thought it was fully rewound but then realise it wasn’t…🤦‍♂️

Tuesday, 4th January, 2022

Sloe gin drink

Dad bought me this for christmas. Can’t remember the last time I had sloe gin. It’s quite tangy and sour. I think I need actual bitter lemon tonic, and not just normal tonic with lemons squeezed into it.

I do remember picking sloe berries in my nanna’s garden. They had a huge garden and kept ornamental waterfowl. The trees were down one of the duck runs and I’d climb up, pick the berries and collect them in big buckets. As well as gin, she’d make a lot of sloe jelly, which was very nice on toast. Ate many a jar of them.

Cat birthday cake

The kids and I made a birthday cake for my wife. My annual cake baking didn’t turn out too bad, although next year I need to remember a few minor things which would help. I suppose I should write those down somewhere 😅

Speaking of writing things down, I did think my plan to unify everything might not actually be what I want. The family journal should probably be kept separate, and probably still within DayOne, as I do want it to become something that everyone can write in. Be nice for the kids to write in it what they want to remember or what stood out to them that day - no doubt silly and random things but will be nice to look back on. They don’t want markdown or a bizarrely complex system. Plus the ease of integration with photos is nice.

The printed journal’s from DayOne haven’t quite arrived yet - looks like they’ve just cleared customs in London - so still yet to be determined if those are worthwhile. If they are then that’s a nice add, but if not then I’m sure exporting and messing about once a year isn’t that much of a big deal for me to do.

So that’s that.

I also ordered an A4 Moleskin and photo corner things to make a printed journal. Make use of all these free photos I can print (because I’ve only wasted 6 months of free printing already!). Thinking maybe start with 1-2 pictures a week that I like. Basically write in it once a week. I’m sure at the start I’ll print off 10 photos then by January 17th I’ll have put it on a shelf somewhere. No, hopefully one photo a week should be sustainable. Maybe make it a Wednesday/mid-week routine to do.

Work stuff is going in a private Tiddlywiki, generally weekly reports. Daily stuff and tasks is still bullet journal. Although I did get a RocketBook for christmas. I’m already regretting asking for it as I feel like it’s a bit of a gimmick that I’ll get annoyed with. In theory a notebook you can take a photo of and it’s automatically named, filed, and OCR’d should be good. It’s likely the ink situation (slow drying) and then having to wipe it clean (spray with water and wipe down). Might be good for certain things like writing up something that I want to save later. OR maybe I could setup some elaborate system to blog with it 😅

That just leaves personal notes, and blog(s). Blog-wise, think I still want a [very] traditional blog with posts by title, and categories. If I want (or ever) write up my first experiences with large format and developing, it would be nice (for other people?) to have it as a dedicate post not stuff buried in a random day. I could make this site better for finding things so you could see it but it’s not likely to be all together. Or if I do any of these 10 projects I’ve set myself, would be nice to wrap it all up in a single post. So I should make that site, which could be part of this one, or another one to give me an excuse to play with and setup something else!

This daily notes site: It’s a candidate for rebuilding in Tinderbox (should I ever get round to learning it). Mostly as I think I can get more out of it that way. With the raw content more organised for me in the tool, and (I think), the ability it gives me to make it more useful to readers though constructs I can make that aren’t possible with the current setup. Although I have to admit I’ve been thinking about editorjs a lot. It’s a nice web based block editor (like Roam or Loqseq) makes JSON files of the output. So you could compartmentalise all the content - like an outline in Tinderbox - but then the convenience of it being web based. However, that’s more of a project than a useful thing, unless someone has made something that works how I want already. I think that’s going to become a canditate for my project list for this year, at least something fun to play about with. It’s a nice editor to write in. Tinderbox would be perfect, and may still be. I just think I want to be able to add to it from anywhere - work, ipad, windows machine etc. However, maybe when I start using it more then I’ll shift everything else around it!

Finally, there’s personal journal and notes. Notes, public, can go in tiddlywiki. Private stuff…doesn’t really have a home. Could go in Tinderbox (but again the macos limitation thoughts), or could go in these text files I have in WebDAV on my server. Quite liking 1Writer, although that has made me use WebDAV and not sure I’d pick it all the time. I do like git and github private repos for syncing and then distributing across machines. As I’ve told myself previously, Working Copy solves it. However, there is of course…paper notebooks.

Oh I got some lovely headered notepaper for my typewriter for christmas. Quite possibly my favourite gift. Sister-in-law designed it and had them printed out. Time to get the typewriter dusted off again I think.

Oh yes, I contribute to open source 😜

Monday, 3rd January, 2022

All my aspirations to unify various journals and things into a single place has resulted in writing nothing so far this year. Paralysis by analysis.

I’m not regretting buying Tinderbox. Honestly. 😅 Actually, I just haven’t had time to look into it - although is it just a distraction from other stuff I wanted to do…?

Sunday, 2nd January, 2022

Family visiting so not much time on the computer so far this year.

We’ve been making a family video reenactment of Peter Pan for Granny’s birthday. I’m on videography and post-production. I do enjoy making and putting it all together. The kids all have fun too. We should do more of it as a family. Although it takes a lot longer than photo editing! I ended up picking the iPad to record everything. It’s okay but likely better on my XT-2. However, with the kids I have one opportunity and I want to make sure I capture it, and not be messing about with settings and focus etc.

If I ever make my own blog engine thing, I’d use this editor.. Obviously someone already did.

Saturday, 1st January, 2022

Was strange writing 2022…plus had to make a whole load of new folders 😅

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