Thursday, 11th August, 2022

The other day I was mad with some things at work. I decided to write them down (in a plain text file called work with just a date heading) and it did really make me feel better. I now can’t even remember some of the things I was mad about. Nothing has changed but it doesn’t bother me anymore so I’m content again. It’s quite remarkable.

I’m hoping the camera arrives today but I’ve not received the tracking info yet so that’s not promising.

I did get the tracking and it was dispatched yesterday but Royal Mail didn’t deliver…now it’s coming tomorrow.

I’m not as fast as I used to be on the erg. But then I remembered that I’m thinking of 20 years ago! 😅 Anyway, it still feels nice to do something whilst watching TV. Been doing about 30 minutes and then I sit in the garden and finishing watching the episode of Squid Games. Not sure if I really want to watch it, was just the first thing that popped up when I opened Netflix. Then I have a weird situation where I think “oh not very time for the computer” but also remember how often I say that I need to get away from the computer. I make a cup of tea and sit down at it anyway. Not know what to do and do nothing - aimlessly search for something. YouTube, Reddit, camera forums, Discord channels. The computer is a bad habit for me.

I guess I could play on the piano or read a book or something instead.

Actually, it’s not entirely wasteful, I’ve been doing a ham radio training course. So far fairly easy stuff. Mostly it’s remembering facts. Which I think is a stupid thing to test. Remember rechargeable batteries are called secondary batteries. Remember 3-30MHz is HF. Call signs are xyz. Why? I can just look it up in a book or online. They do give you a 4-page information book you use in the exam with allowable frequencies and a frequency to wavelength conversion graph. So that’s nice.

I was telling my friend about it the other night. Think I got them hooked on to ham radio now. Even though we both agreed we’d probably not do anything and perhaps it was just an excuse to buy more things 🤣

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