Sunday, 9th October, 2022

I spent too long trying to decide upon a 50mm M lens last night. The new voigtlander lenses are reportedly very good and offer good value for money…when comparing new prices. The problem with the new CVs is that as they’re so new there are very limited numbers in the used market. This makes the price differential between used Leica and new CV not that much. Of course, getting a new lens is nice but then I take the depreciation hit. Used lenses are some what of a gamble in quality, particularly as my search range is anything in the past 60 years!

Clearly I want the summilux APSH. If I just stay film, this is probably a little excessive. If I were to go digital M as well then this is a good option/maybe can maybe justify the additional expense? Maybe. 😅

So I think a summicron is the right lens for my M2…or maybe if I’m not going 1.4 then go even cheaper with an elmar (2.8).

50 seems like a focal length that you could have multiple lenses for different purposes. Somehow much more than other lengths.

I did see an absolutely mint v4 cron from nearly my birth year which I really want. It’s a little more money than the cheapest v4, as from a dealer vs private but it was absolutely perfect in the pictures. Thankfully? The store only does phone in orders.

That one seems like the right one….🙈🙉🙊

There’s then the Canon f1.4 LTM. It’s a ~60 year old lens, which is attractive as it’s a lens of the M2 era. I used to own one with the Canon 7 and annoyingly sold it for not that much. I only took one roll with the 7 and the lens but had some nice photos from it. The advantage is that it’s about 1/3 of price of the cron.

Wondering if I should instead install Proxmox on the new server, so I can host VMs as easily as services in docker containers. Although the only thing I really want to virtualise is an OS X environment, but not sure if that would work or really be useful.

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