Saturday, 10th September, 2022

After a week of rain, it’s now a lovely sunny day.

The Queen died at her Scottish residence in Balmoral. Her coffin is going to drive past our house (not exactly but very close) tomorrow, seems like something we should go and see.

Was out last night on a work do. Probably drank too much. 🥴 It’s interesting seeing other people out who have chosen to go out together and drink a lot. That’s just not something I’d ever chose to do. It’s also really expensive.

Someone on eBay is selling a M10 which has quite a few dents and marks on it. They’ve made low offers to the watchers. It’s better value but there’s quite a few dents near the viewfinder and I’d worry the rangefinder mechanism has been shaken up. EBay is the cheapest, even mint condition ones, but can’t help feeling it would be better to get a camera of this price from a store. This is all very academical anyway.

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