Monday, 22nd August, 2022

I sold my Fuji 35 mm f/2. I cannot for the life of me find out how much I bought it for. Checked emails, paypal history, credit card transactions but nothing. At least nothing obvious. I thought I bought it almost effectively the same time as the X-T2 as it was going to be my main lens…and the camera came with none. I suppose it doesn’t really matter, I was just curious as to how the prices had changed. I sold mine for within current going rates so that’s all I can expect. However, I previously sold my 16-80mm for more than I paid for it. I did find that I bought that lens at the same time as the camera body, but I’m sure that was just by chance as there was a sale going on.

My phone is not plugged into the charger where I always leave it overnight. So now I have no idea where it is. I even think to myself that I remember plugging it in. Which can’t be true as it’s not there, yet I still keep thinking “but I’m sure I plugged it in”. Amazing how I can still be convinced even when the evidence is so plainly the opposite.

All of 2022’s photos are uploaded. I deleted some junk from the computer before uploading. Not sure why I’d kept them, literally things like accidental shutter release and nothing in focus etc., real obvious stuff. Think I should try the rating process and see what works well for that, and setup a new photo site.

I’m quite keen to make a photography blog site too. Although it might quickly die as I get bored of it. Even for myself be nice to document how I like and have found various film stocks.

I have some ektachrome 100 in my basket. It currently has a slight sale and I’ve never shot colour slide, and feel like I should at least once. It and its development are just so expensive though - even with the sale! Plus I’d be so precious about the shots that I’d probably keep it forever thinking I’ll save it for best. The family party the other week would’ve been a good place as we were outside the whole time and it was brilliant sunlight.

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