Sunday, 24th July, 2022

The apps on my phone feel like a mess. When I had to reset my iPad I chose not to restore anything, and just added apps back one at a time when I needed them. Keep thinking about doing the same on my phone.

I’m starting to think the M10 looks nicer than the M10-P. I don’t like that big screw in the front. Although I still like the script text on top and I probably prefer no red dot 🔴. I’ve been considering it as it’s about £700 cheaper - and the only thing I care about that’s different is the quieter shutter. However, I don’t think the M10’s is particularly loud.

I (still) want to spend less time on the computer and do something else. It’s not going to happen unless something changes. Not sure what that is or should be though… 🤔

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