Sunday, 23rd October, 2022

Installing OS X on a linux virtual environment? Sure why not.

Not that this was on my freshly made todo list. The todo list lives in dynalist. I found my last big todo list from….July…I had done a few things on it, but several are still waiting.

Friend and I felt like a bit of minecraft. It’s been a while and there’s always something new that gets added. After the summer’s enforcement by Microsoft to convert our minecraft accounts to Microsoft ones, we now both own copies of the Windows version. You can still host a server using it, and that makes it compatible with multiple platforms, which is quite neat. It’s also not written in java so it uses next to nothing in memory and CPU for 2 players - unlike the java version. Probably explains how they can now host servers with 16,000 players on it and not need all of Azure to run it. It’s fun. We chat on mumble and explore.

Ordered a 4 TB SSD today. Samsung have a cashback promo and so it’s quite a good deal. Debated about getting a 2 TB NVME to replace the 1 TB one I have in the server to give me a little more space. Decided that it wasn’t quite worth it, mainly as I’ve just bought a 1 TB one and what will I do with that? I need to prune more stuff to migrate to this single SSD server but probably can leave somethings on the old one as archive.

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