Monday, 10th October, 2022

I’ve spent so long looking and thinking about lenses I’ve forgotten what I was doing beforehand. I’ve bought one now so surely I’m done with all that… but I’d be lying if I said I’m not worried about making the right choice.

Still waiting for my film holder to scan in my developed roll.

I should get back on the rowing machine. I’ve slowly let it slip to just once a week at most. Even just 15 minutes is good.

Taking part in the Fujifilm weekly photo challenge. See if I can win anything. It’s a good excuse to go back through old photos. See loads of nice shots, wonder what lens I used, see it’s one I sold, think about buying it again 😅 But actually it was the 16-80mm f/4 fuji zoom that I bought really early on when I got my X-T2. Was in a great sale. Mostly used it at 60-80mm when we were on the beach.

When you submit on the photo challenge, they give you a code to get a free print from their website, even including postage. Limited to anything smaller than any of 10x15, 12x16, or 12x18. Found a random photo and sent it to my sister. I think I can just upload as many photos as I want and get more codes. It’s a little onerous as I want to upload decent pictures.

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