Saturday, 29th October, 2022

This morning I was admiring the archives page on this site. It now covers a full year. There are gaps in the content, some of which was recorded in tiddlywiki and I do have a json file of those posts which I keep meaning to convert to markdown files here. It’s not hard, probably about 15 lines of python, but I just never get round to it.

Used the Fuji a lot today for a party. Enjoyable just to point and shoot and capture the moment. Although with digital it means I end up with 383 moments to look through. I took a single frame of B&W film today. Feeling like I want a little rest from film. Still got one more roll of B&W to develop and the two previous rolls to scan (one with the black lines and the other just fine). Makes me appreciate digital, and paying the lab to develop and scan. The colour ones I recently sent off, I did consider only paying for development and then scanning myself, but I didn’t and I’m quite glad. I like the lab for big trips when I come back with 4+ rolls (was 7 this time).

In a similar vein, I’ve been thinking about a digital M again. I have a circle of “the M10 is the ideal one, modern, but not too expensive (relative to the more expensive ones of course). Then I think, but I’d really like the -P for the upgrades and the look, plus, like today, when I look for used M10s, they’re quite expensive compared to earlier this year. Today there’s only one under £3700 and the typical price has been £3500 for a long time. If I’m at £3700 then I’m close to -P territory. Although M10-Ps are even more infrequently sold and their price can jump about a lot. So I think, “well just a bit more and I could get the -R”. But then I check with myself if I really want/need a 40 MP sensor and 50 MB files? I’m still not a fan of the red dot either. I also then focus my eyes on the price and realise I’ve added £2k to my starting point. Okay, back away. Now what? Am I going to only use the M for digital? Seems unlikely, I enjoy autofocus. So then is it sensible to spend this amount of money on what is potentially the secondary digital? (when really I enjoy film more…if I’ve not burnt myself out on it). So M240 or M-P typ 240 seems a good option. Cheaper, but still “recent” (in Leica history), and perfectly usable. Then I fuss about it being fatter than a film M and it’s still >£2.5k for what is quite an old digital camera, so I’m back at M10. Maybe M10 is the answer that I just can’t see for myself. I’m sure I can live without a level display and a touchscreen…

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