Wednesday, 21st September, 2022

Not sure where my books list has gone. I think I’m about 5 books behind and I’m not a fast reader.

It was the school open day where parents get to see the class rooms and meet the teachers on a casual basis. As I walk around the school I think that a GRIII would be ideal in this situation. I wonder if other parents were thinking the same thing 💭

The Apple homepod mini is much nicer in quality and sound than the google home mini. It costs a lot more though (especially as I got my google home’s for free). However, the app and integration is so much nicer wit my iPhone than using the Google Home app. Probably if I had an Android the Google Home would integrate just as nicely.

I got 6 months free Apple music with it, but only an individual plan. I thought about using it on my wife’s account but it seems that it’s the Apple ID associated with the HomePod when setup, so that was going to be messy. You can’t upgrade the free trial to family by paying the difference, it would immediately cancel the free trial and start charging me. I guess I’ll just use Apple music myself for 6 months and then be ready to convert the house over. Gives me time to figure it out, and perhaps show it to my wife.

I went for the yellow homepod, mostly randomly and it looks nice on my desk.

Now that I do have Apple music I’d like my playlists from Spotify. A quick Google leads to the general consensus of installing SongShift and using that to sync between accounts. I did install it, but then realised I don’t really have that many playlists, and I’ll just make them again manually. It’s an opportunity to prune them a little. Other services include the web based Soundiiz, and desktop app, FYM (even includes a Linux app!). FYM (Free your music) can keep services in sync, so if you want to use multiple there’s that. Although you might have to pay for it.

I don’t normally like music lists, particularly from generic websites, but this one is quite interesting. Mostly as I like some of these recommendations, but haven’t listened to them in years (as if I don’t remember to play them then the millions of streamable songs don’t stand out like a CD on the shelf). So I’m listening to some on here I’ve never heard of.

All this apple stuff is making me want to scrap all my computer hardware and just get a nice new iMac. Maybe a yellow one to match the homepod. (AN upgraded one is half the price of a M10-R 😅). I’m not sure about the 24” screen though…do like a large monitor, although it’s very high resolution, 4480x2520 and great colours.

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