Monday, 21st November, 2022

Had to get the bus to work today. Typically one went by as I was walking down to the stop - the road I come from is down from the stop. The next one was full…the next one was almost full. Then two stops later all the school kids get off. Now I know to go further down and get on after them.

Ended up getting to work an hour later than I normally start.

Started listing my 2023 things. Usual stuff of sleeping well, exercising regularly, reading more and journaling. For me the first one is what underpins it all. Not that I still won’t be tired at times but going to bed too late never helps me. I think I need to recognise when I’m tired better, and get off the computer and read a book or even watch a film or TV. In my head watching TV/movie is “a waste” of time, but spending the whole evening looking at nothing online is no better.

Thinking I want to make use of this site more. I like plain text entry and I’ve got nice ways of adding things on whatever device I’m on. Not sure exactly what I want to add, but maybe make a notebook page and then just link everything off that. See if I can remember how I did the flexbox CSS stuff to edit the “menu”. I remember it being a bit confusing and not working how I expected. This comes from not actually reading any docs and just fiddling with it in Chrome inspector then updating the CSS from that.

Another tricky thing for 2023 is going to be “spending less time on the computer”. Whilst wanting to do some programming projects at the same time…but maybe I’m suffering from trying to do too much.

Subscribed to lightroomCC. was on offer on Amazon for half price for the year. I also had some gift credit from returning the broken light box, so I only paid £5 today.

It’s good and I should like it. I just get exhausted thinking about editing photos.

The Fuji Acros sim and the 35mm f/1.4 are a cracking pair. I just want to use them all the time.

Added a little notebook. Not sure where/if there should be a menu to it.

Oh I also want to use the typewriter more, and generally write to people more.

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