Monday, 19th September, 2022

I forget about all the web servers and applications I have. I’m sure I setup a WebDAV server somewhere. One thing I do need to sort out is my collection of wikis. Need to consolidate down to a single tiddlywiki. I like having a wiki, although I like the idea of writing a short blog post about entries to make them more useful to both me and others. Perhaps not as easy to find in a blog post but makes me add more specifics to it.

Also tempted to make a structured wiki on the main website. Notionally to be able to find important things. However that does mean there are more places to look and what counts as important?

I found rtcwake on Linux let’s you turn a computer off and then resume at a specific time. Amazingly it even works with poweroff level. I ran it on my server last night to boot in the morning, mostly to test it. It worked which is nice. Then I made me wonder when does my server need to be on?

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