Friday, 25th November, 2022

Finally got round to sorting out the new server. Migrating files to it from the old server and setting up all the services again. I will then install openmediavault on the old server and just have it as a backup device. Probably turn on once a week and run backups.

There are lots of little bits and pieces I need to move across. It also makes me very aware of some of the messy folders, like ebooks and random documents. I keep meaning to tidy them up and maybe migrate them to some cloud service as the master source, and backup from that.

Ideally I’d like to get a Terramaster NAS for my existing 4x4 TB ZFS array as you can easily install any OS on it and it’s a nice neat box. My current server is fine and is the cheapest solution, so this is really just a nice to have.

I’ve been wondering about dokuwiki…it could be my blog, wiki, private notes place all in one. The backend is plain text files.

I flit between return and sell the lot, go back to M2+35mm only, and keep it all.

I’m thinking the m10p could use a front grip, it’s heavy! That would make it very sturdy in the hand. So the keep it all, also includes buy a bunch of accessories!

Picked up an AppleTV today to replace the Roku in the lounge. Was going to go for Amazon Fire stick 4K max that is on sale but I’d rather the more neutral Apple interface and overpowered vs. Underpowered device. It’s much more expensive but I think nicer overall. Shame it doesn’t come with a HDMI cable though.

I set it up this evening and it’s so good. The Roku is a close second but the AppleTV just has a few nice extras. Plus photos being on it is good. I should add more to the photo stream so we see more things.

My wife is away this weekend and I quickly fall into bad habits of going to be super late, even though I’m looking after everyone this weekend.

Started looking at new TVs, OLED ones in particular. I decided not to get one and just wait a few more years for them to come down in price a little. I also looked at Xbox controller to play games on the new AppleTV with….but I’m never going to do that, so why bother. They’re on sale but still, just a waste of money and other plastic/electronic junk thing in the house.

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