Saturday, 4th June, 2022

It’s lovely and sunny but the air temperature is only 14°C. However, that hasn’t stopped the kids from wanting the paddling pool. 🏊‍♂️

In an effort not to be 100% lazy, I’ve decided to do a 1 minute plank a day. Obviously my first thought was that I’d start it tomorrow not today. Then I realised that was stupid, so dropped to the floor whilst putting away laundry and did my minute. I was shaky but managed the minute. Anyway, given the amount of time I waste each day, I hope I can spare a single minute.

Choosing a DAC for the computer is seemingly an impossible task. Or at least I make it so. Read reviews, read forums, read reddit. Decent on one that’s reasonably priced and for sale in the UK. Then look into more on that particularly model: “oh no, you really don’t want to pick that. The singsong 500 DAC++B 22.AF is want you really want. Ok internet, let me see….twice the price, not available…something else. Okay back to the list…

The iFi Zen DAC V2 was the top one but, ugh, I don’t know now.

Is it silly to want a new Fuji camera so I can get classic negative, or the additional colour settings in camera. It might be my method for avoiding figuring out my new photo management system now that I’ve sold the mac. (Obviously today I’ve been thinking how nice it was to have all my photos on iCloud and see them on the iPad - but to be honest it’s hardly been a huge benefit and I’ve only used it occasionally). I think I should give photoprism another go and properly investigate it. I may install Lightroom but I liked the light-weight editing of Photos App.

The problem with the new Fuji cameras is that I don’t like the articulating screens that rotate around. I don’t want it out to the side of the camera when all I want is to tilt it up a bit. So that rules out the X-T4 and the XS one. X-Pro 3 is “cool” but I always want t the EVF, and it has an inferior EVF (but a superior OVF). So that leaves the X-T3, which has the extra colour settings but no classic negative. Then it’s the X-E4. That’s quite a nice little camera, but not ideal beyond primes and the EVF is a bit small. I do mostly just use primes, and maybe I’d enjoy it. I should look at used X-T3 prices and then see if it still makes any sense to upgrade the X-T2 (I suspect no).

My daughter has been using the typewriter to write our her stories she does. She likes it. Seeing the words on the paper immediately. It’s full of typos and missing spaces but that’s just the same as when I write on it!

I like Working Copy and 1Writer, it makes static sites on Git so much easier. However, going back and forth between the two is annoying. I do have Siri Shortcuts to pull and push but still somehow annoying. I wonder if there’s some other way to make it better. I end up just writing inside Working Copy as it saves switching.

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