Saturday, 17th September, 2022

I’ve come very close to buying a digital M. Very close, hovering over the confirm order button. (Even close to a M10-R!).

But I can’t help worrying that I don’t actually want it, and I just want to buy it. Then I have a small loop of thinking “well go M10 then as it’s ‘cheap’”, but that doesn’t really help.

I also think I should stick to film as it’s more interesting and enagaging.

I should buy a GRIII, probably have more fun with it…

Sometimes I go days or maybe 2 weeks without using a camera. Then I’ll pick it up and snap away and enjoy it. Today was one of those days. I’ve not taken any photos since ~28th August and today I took the X-E4 with me to the woods when I took the kids out to play. Also used it around the house with them. I do really like it. I was in a black and white frame of mind and had it on the Acros film sim. I have two B&W presets programmed, one uses clarity to sharpen it a little, which means it takes ages to save an image, and another that’s slightly different. I find exposure harder with B&W on the camera than with colour. I think the highlights are turned up too much, so that when exposing for the surroundings, people’s faces are too bright. Maybe I need one of the colour filters to help as I do like a little extra on the highlights for people on the fuji cameras. I know I can sort it all out in post, but I’d like to get it decent out the box. I’m also not really decided on how I’m dealing with photos. I have imported them into LrC but it’s not really a library for looking at pictures.

The X-E4 is such a nice size. Had the 50 f/2 on it this afternoon when we were out. Balanced well on the body and easy to do one handed shots. I need two to adjust aperture and things but it’s quick with the dials and my custom buttons.

Too many forums of people going: “I moved from fuji/sony/film to digital Leica. The M10 was perfect, etc., etc. You’d not notice the benefits of the newer sensor in the M10-R. BUT, if I were starting again I’d definietly get the M10-R”.

When I went out I did look at the M2 and thought about bringing it, but the thought of film was too tiring. It would’ve been a good opportunity to take some snaps on HP5 and develop myself. But I don’t have time or want to spend the time I have doing it. There’s somewhat of an inertia to overcome, as it’s not that hard but there we go.

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