Wednesday, 14th December, 2022

Another snow day and this time I worked at home. Finally got some things done that have been lingering for a while. However, it amazes me how many people suddenly have things that need to be done this week ahead of Christmas. I can’t read and comment and do whatever on multiple 50 page documents…😅

Was lovely light this morning. One of those hipster views of a blue sky, with two house roofs covered in snow but one panel has sunlight and one panel is in the shade. I thought about taking a photo of it but I just enjoyed the view and then continued on my way.

Our kitchen is finally done. Well a couple of tiny things still outstanding but we can move everything back in now. It’s only been a month…

Sort of want a Sigma DP2, not the Merrill or Quattro one, just the regular one. Looks like a nice compact camera but with the unique Foveon sensor. Can’t find any available in the UK though so that’s that. Probably for the best.

Lots of school concerts at the moment. I feel my videoing kit is not adequate. A micro four thirds camera with the 75mm f/1.8 or the 35-100mm would be perfect about now…

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