Friday, 16th December, 2022

A nice day working at home. Means I can have the radio on in the background, and proper cups of tea.

Having not worked at home in a while I don’t have an established setup. I tried using ticktick to make a list of things I should do today. Reminded me how I was all excited to use it, then never did. I ask myself “why can’t I be better at organising and managing work?”. But maybe that’s the wrong question. I feel like I’ve read something along those lines but now I don’t remember what a better question was. Maybe something like “what small action can I do that will help achieve this goal”.

Ticktick was easy to add stuff, and then if I don’t do it I can move it to later in the week or whenever. I just like seeing stuff in front of me on paper. But I can have a widget on my phone or tab open and then when I’m not in the office it doesn’t matter. I guess I should try harder…plus it’s almost the christmas holidays so why bother starting now :D

I did feel like trying to make a 2023 plan for work, but I like doing it with the team not just on my own.

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