Wednesday, 19th October, 2022

I heard back from the store and they reminded me that I have 6 months warranty on the lens, and can return it to them at any time for a free recalibration. This is good to know and I’d not really realised this when I bought it. I assumed I just had the 14 days. They also said they’d tested it on their alignment simulator (whatever that is), as well as on a M10 monochrom.

I also spent some more time with the adapter for my Fuji. I noticed that the 35mm CV has the same infinity focus misalignment as the lux. Where at infinity it’s gone past focus and is now all blurry. This most likely means that the adapter is to blame, and it’s positioning of the lens relative to the sensor is not quite perfect, especially given they both show the same effect by basically the same amount. Given this was a cheapo china/ebay job I’m not surprised. It doesn’t really matter as I’m always using focus peaking on the Fuji.

So I suspect that the lens is just fine, and perhaps my M2 is slightly out on the rangefinder mechanism that stops it lining up perfectly at infinity. This is something I can tweak, although not sure if I’ll do it just yet as then I’m not sure about the 35mm.

Overall, I’m glad about this. I still want to see the film results to confirm everything.

Joined the waitlist for Not sure why…it does look good from what I’ve been shown but not sure I can be persuaded to pay for a note taking app (fancy as it may be). Anyway, it’ll be free to start with and maybe they’ll be a free tier. Overall, I still prefer a self-hosted tiddlywiki, or wiki or something to use instead.

The weather and having digital and film makes it hard to decide what to take each time we go out. I chose digital today and I think that turned out for the best. The kids were tired and so wanted carried a lot, and it was quite dull today. We also went inside the castle and it was very low light in there.

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