Monday, 13th June, 2022

Ah sold my Fuji lens. The guy bought it last night at 11pm, but I didn’t look at my emails until I was at work, so I won’t be able to post it today. Probably not a big deal but I think ebay will count that as being longer than I state. I don’t really like ebay but it’s the biggest marketplace and stuff sells. The used photography market isn’t that big here, least not anywhere that I’ve found - certainly not like Fred Miranda in the US. The question now is, should I buy something else 😁 I think I originally thought about the GRIII(x), at least when I was talking about selling this lens.

I looked at used X-T3 prices to see what an upgrade might be. They’re not exactly cheap. Think about £650. Although used prices of X-T2 seem to have increased since I bought mine, maybe looking at £400 (I bought mine for £360 inc. postage). So £250 to upgrade isn’t as bad as I initially thought, particularly as the X-T2 will have cost me nothing.

It took me a little bit to find out how much I did buy the X-T2 for. I search my email but there was nothing except the courier notification. I didn’t have the current wiki I have now when I bought it, so there was nothing in there. In fact I couldn’t even remember when I bought it. I knew I bought it from the talk photography forum, but they archive/delete older buy/sell posts so whilst I found my feedback with the link to the thread the original thread was gone. However, with the courier email, I knew the date and then I could look up on paypal to see how much I sent. However, without that email I wouldn’t have known as the paypal purchase didn’t include any information about what it was for, just who it was to. Made a note of it now in the wiki.

Does all that really matter? Not strictly, but it’s nice to know the effective cost of equipment. Although, I’m not sure I’ve captured everything (of interest) I have in the wiki.

The DAC arrived today. Installed the Windows driver and setup it up. The listing on eBay seemed very dodgy but it’s a brand new one and passes the online authenticity check, so good! Does it sound better? I think so. Everything sounds much more fuller. I have no idea how one describes sound but there’s more of it…🎧 I could do a side by side but for what? to prove it’s better. Maybe when I’m bored I will.

What I have been enjoying is digging out my old music collection on the server. I’d ripped all my CDs to FLAC and then I think I donated or sold my CDs. Maybe silly but that’s what I did. I didn’t have masses, maybe 30 ish. It’s funny looking back and listening to some old songs that I’ve not listened to for at least 10 years, if not coming up 20. As soon as they play I’m transported back to wherever I was when I bought it. The older ones I don’t quite remember where I bought it but I remember sippets of life when I used to listen to them. CDs that I’ve owned since ~1995. Now I wonder when I got my first CD player and what my first one was. I remember my CD rack I had, and a handful of CDs in it. Back then you’d get a CD for your birthday and that was the main present, especially if it was a double CD and cost nearly twice as much. I think I used to organise the CDs in a certain order as I recall whatever Now (that’s what I call music) being at the top on the rack.

I didn’t have to buy a lot of CDs as my mum had (still has I presume) hundreds and hundreds. She must’ve been buying them since the late 80s. I wonder what her first CD player was. She must’ve spent a lot of money on them. I do remember going into town with her and we’d go to Virgin or HMV, flick through rows and rows of CDs and she’d pick a couple out.

I feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of time that has past since then and how I remember so little of what we all did. I have so few photos, absolutely nothing written down and not much else to go by. I’ve thought about this before, but I should just try remembering things and writing them down then see what I can order. It’s one of those, go to your parents house, rummage around and pull out stuff that’s been put away and ask everyone what they remember of it.

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