Sunday, 18th September, 2022

The weather seems to have turned and it feels a lot colder. Everyone is complaining about how cold the house is. I did turn down the thermostat one degree at the beginning of the summer but it’s one degree. We’re at 19 vs. 20, although everyone believed we used to be at 24! Crazy. Got some smart thermostats and TRVs coming, see how they can work. I think they’ll make very limited impact to our bill, but I’m hoping that the ease of adjusting it will mean we’ll keep the house pleasant when it needs it but not when we don’t.

Do I go overboard with the fuji film simulations? Sometimes I’m not sure about the in-camera grain. These are all things I could apply in post, but I don’t. If I shot RAW, most of the time I’d just hit auto and move on. Maybe auto plus some contrast curve adjustments.

I bought the HP Tango as I was sucked into “unlimited photos from the app”. I never print anything. I don’t find it a terrible printer, it’s fine for 6x4s or 5x7s. It’s also great for regular prints that everyone wants to do. I printed a wedding photo of my sister-in-laws and we’ve framed it and put it on the wall. Everyone likes it. It’s probably like those £1 develop and print post-away promos we used to have in the 90s. You’d get the printed photos back and they were fine. Nothing special but generally decent. I should print off some of the film simulation pictures from the Fuji. See what they look like, and that might help me figure out the grain.

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