Tuesday, 1st November, 2022

The presentation at the conference went fine and in was much worse in my head. I just stood up and started talking. Probably at Lorelai Gilmore speeds but seemed fine. I don’t really know what the point was, of the whole conference. It was either suppliers peddling their wares, or operators saying how good they’re doing. The Q&A was terrible, at best they’d be two questions and zero discussion. One presentation was useful from a guy I know, but I could’ve just asked him over for lunch and got the same benefit. In fact I will still do that as no doubt get even more.

Maybe I’m not the conference type…to network…I just spoke to the people I already know and then ignored the rest. I spotted several people who looked familiar and no matter how hard to tried to discretely read their name tag I couldn’t. I could’ve introduced myself and found out but I was mostly interested in working out where I’ve seen them before. Most likely some online webinar thing. One lady looked really familiar but the company she was with made it seem hard to believe she’d been in any webinars that I would’ve as our work is so different. I looked her up on linkedin and saw she does painting and photography, film too, so I’ve seen her profile on flickr and random places. If I’d know we could’ve talked about that instead 😅

My spare reel arrived today, is used but in mint condition. It has a stamp inside that says 14 Feb 1977, and on the front Best keep. I still have one roll of B&W to develop and two to scan.

I can’t be bothered to do anything though. Need to pick up the home automation stuff again before I forget what I did and have yet to write it down. The new server feels like a hassle still. Not sure what I want to setup on it, was about to install a RSS reader but do I need it? I suppose there’s things I like to read but the more I aggregate the more time I spend reading stuff online. Whereas if I have to remember to go there then I spend less time on it…

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