Sunday, 20th November, 2022

I’m wondering if I can just use Apple Notes and Reminders instead of TickTick. Yes I can is the answer but am I missing out on anything? The most obvious is the TickTick web app is a lot nicer than the Apple web apps for when I’m at work or on my windows desktop.

TickTick has habit tracking (which I don’t need but it’s nice seeing run streaks) and 10 dimensions per task. Again, don’t need but nice know it’s there. Maybe if I was macOS at home I’d consider it more.

Now I’m wanting a 28mm elmarit! 🤷😵‍💫

Amplenote…🤔💭 Why do I need more options. Also watching videos about ticktick or Amplenote or whatever is a dangerous path into the world of Productivity🌈⭐

I stopped distracting myself and focused on learning/remembering ticktick’s features. I has a nice immersive note taking mode. Also stopping looking at endless “hacks and effiencies” and just writing in stuff.

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