Tuesday, 11th January, 2022

Spent a bit of time getting snippets working in VS code so I can add a new day and it does the entry for me. It works well, I added Ctrl+n Ctrl+n as the shortcut to add it. Doesn’t do ordinals (got to love them!) yet. I guess with regex I might be able to do it…I did add tabbed options using ${1|th,st,rd} but this only works if you tab complete the entry and I can’t seem to get that working. Tab completion is on in the settings but it never seems to show up. Although I’d prefer the keyboard shortcut method as holding Ctrl and hitting n twice is very quick and easy. Probably someone on stackoverflow has the regex answer.

I saved the snippets as a project snippet file so it’s jus for this repo, but also means it should work when I visit github.dev on my ipad to write it.

I’ve annoyed myself sufficiently with where to write stuff in blogs or how to configure them. I’ve decided that to help myself I’ll keep using this site for daily commentary but then make a new blog in a more traditional style. I also like my fondoftea.com domain but now that I’m not using tiddlywiki as my daily notes and just as a wiki I want to reuse that for the blog and then put the wiki somewhere else. People might’ve linked to it and so I’m sorry when your links break. I’ll probably use very.fondoftea.com for the wiki as it makes me laugh. Others could be im.fondoftea.com or whoisnt.fondoftea.com.

Mac now has the 2TB drive installed, macOS reinstalled, apps installed, iCloud subscription engaged and now just to import and upload all the photos…I’ll try a year at a time…

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