Wednesday, 22nd June, 2022

Spent way too much time looking at “cheap” compact cameras last night. Not even sure why I started - other than an excuse to buy more cameras. Concoct some scenario in my head that justifies it etc. Ended up believing that I need to replace my fuji gear with Leica CL and lenses. I still sort of think that now, even though it’s a dumb idea. It’s dumb from a financial perspective. I’ve yet (and maybe I should) work out what selling my fuji gear would be and then what the CL would cost with lenses. The camera is old, although slightly newer than my X-T2 by about 18 months or so. That doesn’t really matter, as the sensor is still good, still a 24 MP APS-C. Maybe the programming and autofocus and etc. etc. internal gubbins is out dated vs. a modern one. Plus do I really need all the magic of a new camera? Maybe in body stabilisation is nice for low light etc., but I’ve managed without it all these years. In fact I took many great photos on my Nikon D40, and that’s from 2006.

There’s a lot of value in the desire to use the camera, the ability to take it with you everywhere, and the simplicity of operation so you can focus on what’s important - the composition and the light.

Oh look, here I am justifying it to myself again. dammit. Doesn’t have a tilt screen and I do sometimes use it on my Fuji.

The whole APS-C Leica line us has been discontinued though. So no new TL lenses I guess. Maybe that doesn’t matter as it takes L-mount lenses, and I probably only need about 3. But buying into a dead system, just as it dies is probably not smart. Unless somehow it gets a cult following and used prices skyrocket. Or it slowly crashes over the next 6 years that Leica will be supporting CLs.

I do want a M mount system, but they’re very pricey, although I have two lenses already from my film camera. However, I am very unlikely to buy any more any time soon - maybe a plus, except when I want one then it’s £3k or something. I’m also not sure I want only manual focus cameras. I also have concerns over rangefinder alignment issues, marking/damaging it, and generally just carrying around a four thousand pound camera. Although when I take my film camera out, that’s a one thousand pound camera. More than twice that of my Fuji 😅 I have got used to that, and probably I’d get used to the M10. The worst part about buying an expensive camera is the day you buy it. Vs. The best part about buying a cheap one is the day I buy it.

I don’t want any other full frame camera as they’re too big, and the lenses are even bigger. APS-C is a nice middle ground. I should make a spreadsheet so I can see exactly how much this whim could set me back. Also I should look on Flickr at pictures.

Been so warm here today. 🌤

Jack’s link reminded/directed me of/to tumblr. Then I scrolled for 20 minutes 🤢

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