Tuesday, 29th November, 2022

“We’re meeting on the 7th of December”. “Oh that’s ages away” “No, it’s next week” 😲

I like elements of Early Retirement Extreme (ERE). Such as living below your means, producing things vs. consuming things - i.e. not having to spend money for entertainment, or spending money on tools or equipment rather than final things. I’d like to be good at practical things: home repairs, gardening, other skills. I like reusing things, selling stuff on, buying used, getting value from products. I like cycling and taking public transport. I also like not having too many things, it’s a burden on my mind, it’s distracting, it causes unnecessary decisions, it’s not a good use of money, stuff begets stuff.

As we have four kids, I feel like we’ve missed the mark on this, and have ended up having a big, expensive house, which comes with big bills and upkeep, and having so much stuff. Of course, we have lots of fun as a big family, so I just need to apply it to the things that make sense within that. Equally, being self-sufficient in areas will be even more impactful as a family of six. We did move to a location to be close to school and work, so that the kids can walk to school and I can cycle, we paid for it in the price of the house but it’s more enjoyable, so whatever.

Think I’m at 60% send it back, 40% keep it. 🔴😓

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