Friday, 5th August, 2022

Got the cousins staying with us - lots of kids in our house this weekend! Good excuse to get some film through the camera. Although there are a few parties and things over next month and I’m not sure I have enough film for them all. Been hoping there were going to be more films sales, but so far I’ve seen absolutely nothing. There’s a “sale” on ektachrome but it’s still a lot, and not sure I really want colour slide. I mean, I want it, but I’ve never used it and processing is even more expensive 😢.

Trying to read Bernice Abbott’s biography. It’s hard work and so feels more like a chore than an interesting read. Maybe I need to get further into it.

My rowing machine has been dispatched and I had to choose a day for it to be delivered. Seems like they only give you one shot so a good excuse to work at home. Although still not sorted out the garage! But now it gives me something “productive” to research - training plans, and apps and log books etc.

I should add some more things to my website that I keep thinking about. Nothing super exciting but a few more info things. I definitely write a lot less in my wiki now that it isn’t the daily journal thing too. I worry about not using my wiki as it’s now my combo main site/blog/wiki. Well I don’t worry as such, but it’s a shame.

I’ve been doing “large circles” on cameras. By that I mean, obsessing over them and reading endless forums etc., to then not thinking about them whatsoever, then circling back round. But the frequency of these stages is quite long, in the region of two weeks. I wonder if I wait will they get longer. However, everytime I come back to micro 4/3s Lumix cameras. Probably getting notifications when used stock comes in doesn’t help. There was one camera that was super cheap, but then I looked at it, and the screen was all smashed. Potentially a bargain if you don’t care about that, but what else might be broken. Also, it wasn’t that cheap.

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