Sunday, 29th May, 2022

I forgot to put the dishwasher on last night. I put it on a 30 minute wash this morning and everything was clean. Normally we do the eco wash which takes 4 hours. Both cycles are 50°C, so I wonder what the trade off is. Presumably the 30 minute cycle uses more water and more electricity, but how much more? Perhaps the manual says, but I’m not going to look so I’ll never know. 🤔

Watched the first two episodes of Stranger Things. Oh how I could watch it all in one go but not when it’s 2300 when I finish the second episode! I remember either season 2 or 3 I’d watch in the morning on the bus into work even if I’d stayed up too late the night before.

I have quite a lot of things I want to sell online. I just need to get round to taking photos and listing. I am waiting for an eBay sellers discount but also I’m not sure I have enough packaging materials for everything. I should add up what I might get for it all…so I can decide what I’ll buy with the money!

Sort of thinking about a GR3. I like how small it is, and could take it everywhere. However I can’t quite decide between the x or non x, ie 40mm or 28mm eq. Probably the 40mm is better for me as I’m generally taking pictures of people rather than landscapes or views. My normal go to is 35mm so 40 is closer than 28! It’s just I feel like some of the features, or lack of viewfinder, make it more suitable as a 28 mm. You can guess the framing a lot easier with 28mm and the snap focus mode is easier as more will be in focus.

I started looking at vinyl and tape decks. I don’t even own any. So why do I need to spend a fortune on hardware. My dad has a massive vinyl collection and no doubt very fancy gear. I guess I’ll claim it when he dies? Isn’t that nice.

My grandparents died when I was a bit too young to have awareness or space to keep some of their things. Now that I am older and would appreciate the family sentimentality, it’s too late.

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