Saturday, 24th December, 2022

Over the past couple of months I’ve been polishing my 2023 goals.

I’m worried it’s too many things. It’s remarkably like a list I found titled “2017 goals” and yet a lot of these things I don’t do. Some I do, so it’s not all new, and it’s more about maintaining a good cadence.

There’s also stuff I think about like simplifying, minimising, reducing choice, etc. These are things which make me wonder if there are too many things to try and do, or whether the focus should be about how to simplify across different areas. However this leads to lofty goals that are hard to define. Compared to reading in bed each night is easy to track.

Some of them are complimentary so 3 things might be accomplished in a single go.

Also wondered about a schedule of all this as it won’t just happen by itself.

My wife made some remarks about the rowing machine I bought in August…and haven’t used since October…

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