Friday, 1st July, 2022

A digital + a film M mount camera makes a lot of sense. I think that is my end goal. Although I’ve never uesd one so I’m still a little nervous about that. I love using the M2 so surely it’s just the same but no longer limited to a roll of film. I could rent one but there’s not many places and they’re quite a lot for a small time. I’ve yet to meet someone with one, let alone someone who’ll let me take a shot or two.

I still think another digital camera is needed to compliment it. However, nothing exception really. It’s more for those scenarios when I want auto everything, or a lower cost kit, or maybe I need a 200mm lens for the football match etc. Given I already have that with the Fuji X-T2 it seems the sensible option would be to just keep it. It’s going to be around a long time, and they offer a good range of lenses should I have some other need. Maybe I could get the X-E4 for a small body or maybe the X100V would be great. They would be, but they don’t really compliment everything else. The X100V could compliment the M bodies but it’s 35mm only, and the M+35mm isn’t that big. The GR3 is another I want, and it’s really small and fast. However, I’m not sure it compliments things either. It’s use case for me can probably be covered by my phone.

I can say that the Q2 doesn’t fit in anywhere, so I can stop thinking about that :)

Of course this is all just an elaborate plan to justify the M10 to myself. Although buying one is challenging. I have or can save the money but that moment of purchasing a camera that’s maybe 4x the price I’ve paid for any other camera ever. eek. That alone needs a plan for me to figure out how I get my head around it.

I love DayOne but I’ve noticed that the sync doesn’t seem to be perfect. There’s a few entries that aren’t in sync across devices. However, I found that the previous versions setting allows me to call up older versions and generally the most up to date one is somewhere in that list. So I can get things back in sync. The only thing is that I might not have noticed older entries, this only matters when I come to print of this year’s entries. I suppose I could remove the app and then re-sync it to make sure?

I’m traveling later in the summer, and will be passing through London, so it’s the perfect opportunity to visit a camera/Leica store and have a go with a M10. It might not help me decide but I feel like it’s a minimum thing to do. It may also be very dangerous as who knows what else they’ll have that I just have a quick look at! 😅

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