Thursday, 2nd June, 2022

70 Years! 👸💂‍♀️

Still went to bed too late! Setting up the computer for my sister.

Want to run Lotus 1-2-3 again? This guy did.

I feel stressed this evening. Too many things to do, or I want to try and do too many things. There’s an ebay sellers fees discount promo this weekend, so I want to get the lens and mac mini on it. They’ve been listed on forums but there’s so little interest I need the wider net of eBay to shift them. The mac mini pricing is quite low, it sort of seems not worth bothering with. It’s also quite a nice complete set with the monitor and things. However, it’s just going to sit in a cupboard or somewhere and do nothing. Maybe the oldest kid will get it for their room…in about 5 years, in which time it’ll be ancient and I’m not sure I like that it doesn’t get the latest OS. I think they still do security updates but even still. Well I’ll see what happens with it.

I’ve finished sorting out my old computer for my sister, so that’s packed ready for my dad visiting tomorrow so he can take it back and she’ll get it when she returns from China later this month. However, I want to write a little note for her about it, and add more to it that “plug in these cables”. Not started that yet. I did print off some photos for her.

I did at least cut the lawn for my dad visiting tomorrow. Ready for his inspection 😅.

I’ll write the letter but then feel like I’ve not had time off today, and so want to mess about but it’s already 2210 and I should get to bed…🛌

I’ve not even started my DAC research either…well not properly, I’ve looked at a few sites several times over the past few days. There’s so much. I think I just want one box to plug my headphones into that makes them perform well. I’m looking for the 80:20 of sound improvement, figuring ~£100 should let me see a step up in quality at a good bang for buck ratio. Maybe £150 max. but really £100. Also don’t want a DAC and a separate amp, too much clutter.

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