Saturday, 30th July, 2022

I removed all my old habits and tasks from habitica and started adding a few new ones. It reminded me of my want to “lose a bit of weight, and generally tone up / do some bloody exercise” ambition. Rightly or wrongly it lead to ordering the Concept2 rowing machine. In my defence, it was a returned one, so 5% off, and starting Sept 1st, the price is going up another £130. So it seemed like a now or never. It’ll also make me organise the garage.

I can see habitica being a fun thing to do with the kids - for their chores and homework etc. I think the self-hosted one offers more options (and less pay for items) which would probably be better. Would be nice to just switch accounts vs. Logging in and out of everyone’s. We’re doing the usual things like it already, e.g. everyone clear their dishes after meals and next week we’ll go to the cinema. Probably we don’t need a computer based version of it but maybe when everyone is older it might be some other motivation, at least for a period of time. There’s the element of “going on a computer” as well which they’ll like as that’s a rationed item! Or maybe I’m missing the point altogether.

As we’re spending all this money, I thought that maybe I should just get the M10 too 😂 It might mean I stop wasting hours and hours of evenings looking at videos and forums and rubbish going round and round in circles. However, I could just be wanting it as “it’s a Leica” and in fact I hate it…I probably won’t hate it as I like the M2 but that’s also film. So I’m still in a quandary. In about a month I will go to the Leica store and play with some cameras, so perhaps I should still wait for that.

Wow, there are whole communities and all sorts on habitica. I’m not surprised but I’ve never looked into it. According to my account, I registered in 2013, and I probably used it then for a bit, then maybe 2015?, but don’t think I’ve used it since around then until now…not that I’ve used it yet, but getting back into it. Might watch a YouTube video on some of the features as I’m not clear the purpose of them.

Come September my work schedule will change from 9 day fortnight (i.e every other Friday off) to one flexible day off a month. This does mean that I should work about 30 minutes less each day than I do now. I originally thought it would mean I’d finish 30 minutes earlier, but I’m now thinking I should start 30 minutes later. This would give 30 minutes more in the morning at home. Think I’d be more productive with that time in the morning vs. After work where I’d most likely just sit around and do nothing or go on the computer etc. I also don’t tend to go on the computer in the morning before work, so that also helps being more productive. Finally, it also means I do the thing for me first, whereas leaving work on time can sometimes be hard and 15 minutes easily slips by and now this extra time has disappeared and I’m worse off. Probably I think my morning row might be the thing.

There’s no race in life. It’s a choose your own adventure.

This looks fun. Although I’ve noticed how hard it is to find postcards now. Always used to be the thing when you went on holiday or visited some place.

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