Thursday, 22nd September, 2022

I cancelled LrCC as it seemed unnecessary. I have LrC and I don’t need the backup of photos. However, I did like the more library focused design of it. Lightroom Classic is very good for editing. I’ve been doing a little in it recently, mostly as I’m trying to use it as my library as well. However, I find the organisation features frustrating, even if it’s probably more powerful and has more functionality than LrCC. Faces in LrC is a bit rubbish. I’ve come to like filtering by people and events and date ranges. It makes it easy to find stuff. I also like all the memories and things that services like iCloud photos does. I am using Amazon photos but it’s quite limited in what you can get. Really I like (and miss) I can still subscribe to the higher tier of iCloud and I can look at photos on my iPad but without a mac I feel like I miss out on a lot.

I’d like one of those daybook files too.

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