Wednesday, 6th July, 2022

I’ve been looking at HAM radio licences and what’s needed in the UK for them. It always seems like a fun thing to do, although I feel like I’d never want to say anything. Mostly I think it would just be nice to have the licence. I even thought about private pilot’s licence but that seems a bit much just now.

Been using the Fuji X100V. I didn’t like it at first as it has fewer buttons than the F did (and my XT2) but once I sorted out the function keys to be what I want it was fine. It’s strange not having a dedicated view button - I like to be able to turn the LCD off to preserve battery but also like to turn it on when I want to use the flippy screen for some shot. However, all the functions can be set to buttons. I think I might like it more as it has fewer physical buttons but enough for what I tend to use: View mode, custom colour profile, ND filter and auto ISO settings. There is always the Q menu but I like to keep menus to a minimum where I can. I am enjoying the additional colour settings for jpegs. The additional ones give quite a lot of extra adjustment but the best part is being able to save white balance settings to each profile. On my XT2 I pretty much just have a colour and a B&W preset and the other 5 are mostly unused. Now I can see having multiple ones for different lighting or scenes. Plus the camera as a whole feels small and light, and the lens hardly pertrudes.

The obvious question is, am I going to get one?! Maybe I should’ve gone from F to V as I sort of originally planned but instead went XT2. I’m not sure where it would fit in the camera line up. Would it be my every day camera? If photographing kids sports events becomes more of a thing then it doesn’t really cut it, but otherwise? Maybe it is fine for everything else. I do really like 35mm. It’s a lot cheaper than many other cameras I’ve considered, and I don’t get tempted to buy more lenses! Maybe the wide adapter but that’s about it. Just if I ever got a M10, then what? Seems too much of an overlap. I could see it replacing the XT2 and just keeping that body with a suitable zoom lens for the occasional use. Although if I was serious about the sports photography I might find something else is better suited - it would be driven by the lenses I’d think. Fuji does fast long lenses but maybe there’s something better if that’s what it’s purpose is.

I really like the simplicity of the X100V. I also enjoy the colour profiles, and the fact that I probably won’t need to do any post as I can change (and see) the different styles immediately. No post is something I really like. There are other Fuji bodies but they all have trade offs, and nothing is as small as the x100.

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