Tuesday, 12th July, 2022

We visited Carcassonne. There’s so much potential for street photography. The lovely architecture, and busyness of the city, the French people, narrow streets, oh so much. I had forgotten my camera so had nothing and wasn’t going to bother with my phone taking pictures. Did make me wish for my film camera though. However, I don’t really want street photography photos. At most it would be a picture of the waiter who served us to remember him as part of our day. Probably I mean I only want a couple of scenery photos - and even then I’d rather it be with us or people I know in it, or maybe a cat sleeping somewhere amusing. Even if it (somehow) was a technically very good shot, or the “perfect” capture of light in some amusing or clever way, I’m not really that interested in it. Maybe if I had some social media or a public gallery I might post on to it? I’m not really that bothered or have time for that.

I used the search on this site this morning to find (surprise surprise) a camera model I’d been thinking of. I wanted to share it with someone else as they were looking for a small camera with 28-35mm lens that wasn’t that expensive. I suggested the LUMIX GX80 with the 15mm f/1.7 Leica lens. Anyway, the search worked well for me so squashes my nagging feeling that I need to have this content in tiddlywiki or somewhere with more search functionality.

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