Saturday, 5th November, 2022

This video has reminded me why I wanted to get a M10 and nothing younger in digital. Probably a plain M10 is just fine, even if I want the -P… The guy also has some nice Voigtlander lenses. A 21mm f4 would be fun every now and again. However, he’s also gone for the classic Leica 35mm lux, 50mm lux and 28mm elmarit.

His summary is he has two cameras, one was purchased for logic (his X-H2S) and one was purchased for emotion (M10). This is exactly how I feel about them. Logically, my X-E4 is the best camera for me - amazing performance, great sensor, ISO, fast tracking, good lenses for reasonable prices, small, etc. etc. But emotionally, I want a M10. I want the joy of using the camera and then seeing the results I have with the M2, but with the convenience of digital. I want to get more use from the more interesting M mount lenses. I’m never going to be buying the M10 because it takes superior pictures, it’s because it’s the experience of using it.

I’ve been thinking about redoing the film simulation presets I have in my camera. I’ve used a lot from fujixweekly. It’s a good site and particularly if you’re trying to match films closely. I’ve found several rely on heavy grain and/or negative clarity. Whilst they do make nice pictures, in some situations, I don’t really want to be applying “defects” to my digital jpegs immediately. Now maybe some shots would be nice with it, but when it’s digital I quite like it being clean and crisp. So I’ve been looking for some others, well thinking about some others. I have a standard colour and standard B&W that I use most of the time. I now have a film scanning preset, so that leaves 4 slots remaining. What I’ve found is that I enjoy presets depending on the lighting (sounds obvious but only just realising). For example, in bright, harsh sun of summer holidays in France, I really like the bright colours with slight yellow white balance to them - made them like summer pop! Similarly when shooting on overcast, grey days, I like the fuji 200 film sim style (minus the grain etc.) as it gives some green to the scene when otherwise it feels bland, but at the same time being quite a low contrast look. So I think I’m going to find some presets that suit the various weather types or locations I often visit. I’ve got sun and rain, not sure what else I want but will try some others out and see.

If I want Portra 400, I’ll just use the actual film.

Why did I read this. I’d almost forgotten my wanderings down MFT lane.

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