Friday, 24th June, 2022

Added comments to this site from cusdis. It’s a lovely little commenting system, very easy to get started with, and the simple look of it works well anywhere.

Watched the finale of Obi-Wan Kenobi last night. I enjoyed it, these mini series are high quality productions, and if you like the Star Wars universe then it’s pleasant to be in. Given the story is set between episode 3 and 4 of the films, you know who has to survive (because the storyline has already been set since 1977), but it still seems to leave big questions about why things do occur. I won’t be specific to prevent spoilers but I did ask myself “why are you doing this?” during it. It’s one of those situations where the answer is partially “well, if they did, then there’d be no story.”, so you just have to accept it and enjoy it for what it is.

The random things I’ve been selling on eBay has been going quite well. Most have sold, and I’ve received most of the money. Annoyingly, two packages’ tracking hasn’t updated and they should’ve arrived by now. I’m worried that these are also the two I just dropped in the post box vs. going to the post office or paying for collection. They were small and it saved hassle just going to the post box. However, now I wonder if that has somehow messed up the tracking as the bar code was never “initialised”? I guess I could message the buyers and ask them, then see if eBay customer services will do something. Or maybe it hasn’t arrived and something happened at that post box? Seems pretty unlikely, Royal Mail is generally well run and reliable. I’ll message the buyers and see what they say.

Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s a day you’ve had everything to do and you’ve done it. Thatcher

I’ve bid on some random compact cameras, like really low amounts, but now I think I should cancel my bids as I don’t really want junk, even if it is cheap. It’s fine but it’s just clutter and another thing to choose. Other than giving it to the kids to use, which might be fun…

My Colorplus films should be arriving soon. Hopefully they come tomorrow so I can at least use one whilst my parents are visiting for the weekend. It’s been a while since I used film and I can’t remember what I have in stock.

Every video or forum post I watch or read about a Leica CL always ends up with someone talking about the Q2 they got as well or instead or that they’ve moved to, and how so much better it is. They admit they lose the long end potential with the L mount CL, but otherwise say it’s so much better in every way. I’m sure they’re right. I’d happily take a Q2 but I don’t really want another choice though. Aside from paying for it, not sure I want to give up my camera and just go to the Q2. Although for years I had just the X100F. So that leads to keeping the Fuji too - coincidently there’s a lot of forum discussion around Fuji vs. Leica or Fuji + Leica. It’s not all in one direction though. Plenty of people praising Fuji - generally the value for money, the JPEG colour engine, auto-focus and nice styling. More recently the fact that APS-C is a core product line for Fujifilm. As any outside person would state to me, all this song and dance is really just about the fact I want a digital M mount. So shut up or save up.

Our neighbour’s lad plays the bagpipes and I can hear him practicing now. He’s pretty good. I wonder if he has been playing some other wind instrument first before moving to the bagpipes. It’s not the quietest of instruments.

Took the Fuji 18mm out (28 eq.). I couldn’t use it all the time.

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