Saturday, 1st October, 2022

Cocked up our car insurance. I’d told my wife the letters from them probably weren’t anything important…tbh I’d forgotten which company we’d gone with and I assume it was junk. Turns out those letters and emails were telling us we had to submit information else they’d cancel it. Guess what? They cancelled, and they couldn’t possibly go back and sort it out - and they charged us a fee for the privilege of having no insurance. So now I had to buy it immediately. Costing way more and puts the no claims bonus at risk as it’s not normal continuous coverage.

If I’d paid more attention it would’ve been a 5 minute job.

Ugh. I’m so grumpy now.

Time to tidy up my Dropbox folder I think.

This video reminds me why I chose the X-E4. Also the video production of this guy is insane. Also introduced me to the Pen F (film) lenses.

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