Thursday, 14th July, 2022

I’m conflicted between “one lens; one camera” and “the right tool for the job”.

But I also know I like researching and buying cameras and lenses, particularly when I think I’m “solving the problem”. I keep saying I should write what I want down - kind of like a project: frame the problem, define success, list alternatives, score them, pick the best. Do it and shut up. 🤐 But I keep procrastinating on it. I’ve started a new page on this site…somewhere 🤫

I’d previously dismissed micro 4/3 sensors and cameras but this was educational reading for me. The pixel density, the faster lens options, and many have IBIS which all counter any theoretical loss of performance due to the sensor size. High ISO is worse but with faster lenses and IBIS means you can keep the ISO lower and therefore there isn’t an issue(?).

I’ve dug out my GoPro Hero4 for the holiday. Taking videos of the kids swimming and messing about in the pool. Haven’t used it elsewhere even though I could. I enjoy having the videos as you get to hear everyone and get that extra dimension over photography. It’s just a massive post processing hassle. iPhone videography has come a long way since I bought the GoPro about 6-8 years ago. The kids like using it and I should let them take videos. Although they still prefer iPads and iPhones as you get to see the video so much better afterwards.

Maybe I should back to looking at 50mm lenses for the M2! Just spend all the digital cameras cost combined on a single Leica lens 😅 The summicron isn’t that bad but I may have been looking at the lenses too long and normalised to insane prices. Reading old forum posts seems like I missed out on the “cheap” era of used Leica gear. Stuff costing half or even less than what it does today. I probably wasn’t mentally or financially (even at half the price) prepared for Leica back then. I think spending £90 on my Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX was a big decision back then.

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