Sunday, 11th December, 2022

Started playing in dokuwiki again. It’s so straight forward. I also like having big single pages on topics vs. lots of little pages. Lots of little ones are handy to drop stuff into, like tiddlywiki when I add a random site or bit of information, however, I’m not very good at making a system so I then see this information. It’s not the fault of the software but of mine. So single pages make me see stuff more often. I also think it forces me to organise information as I go. The only downside with this is then the hesistation I have with deciding the structure of the wiki or if something should go here or there. In theory I should put it in the first place I think of, as later it’ll be in the first place I think of.

Not sure about making it my blog though. Maybe just leave it as a random place for me, perhaps the wiki will migrate to it.

We went out to a nice castle grounds this morning. I should’ve taken my camera as it was brilliant sunshine and the snow on the grounds made everything sparkle. However, I was grumpy and didn’t take anything - then regretted it. After my rush of black and white home developing I’ve only finished a single roll in about 2 months. I should develop it and that might encourage me to use some more.

It appears on every leadership book recommendation, so I’ve started reading “Turn the Ship Around!” By L. David Marquet, former nuclear submarine commander. I sat on the sofa in the kitchen reading it but only read about 5 pages as everyone kept coming and talking to me. When I sit in the office on the computer (wasting my life away) no-one bothers me as I’m out of the way. I can’t read in the office as the computer calls to me like a siren luring sailors to destruction by the sweetness of her song.

I still visit ikiwiki with fondness (and consider setting up another site with it). I liked some of the neat features - such as showing the site’s git history, as a built-in recent changes.

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