Thursday, 26th May, 2022

I think I should add search to this site. I could import them into tiddlywiki instead? Having done a little research on hobonichi’s in the past I went to my wiki last night to see where I’d previously found to buy them. I also had a look on Jack and Phil’s wikis to see if they had any other insights into the hobonichis. Next year will be Jack’s 10 years of hobos! I was reminded of how I liked the backlinks to references of them in daily notes. It wasn’t necessarily useful or impactful to my decision making, it was more of just a nice awareness factor.

Oh I was looking at this last November, maybe I should get one. – for example.

I think a search on this site would accomplish that also. However, I like the minimal one option menu, so will probably just leave it unlinked anywhere but will probably live in the rather obvious /search/ location. Actually, I could put it on the archives page.

I keep wondering about analytics for this site. I’m just curious as to whether or not it’s more than about 4 people. I might install it temporarily, or maybe my hosting has something I can use.

The lawn needs mowed again. It always feels like a chore beforehand but then when I’m doing it, it’s quite a relaxing activity. Strimming the edges can feel like the chore though.

When we moved house, I remember seeing a house for sale nearby that had an enormous garden. It would’ve been completely impractical and a huge amount of maintenance, plus the house wasn’t as convenient as where we live now, but having a huge garden would be fun. You could have so many different areas, and some many things for the kids to explore. You could have a decent sized vegetable patch that actually provided (or could in theory) enough potatoes and other vegetables to live off. A nice dream but not a reality for the time being.

Going to give my old computer to my sister who is returning from China and going back to university. I do need to get a GPU - either a new one for me or another for her. A new one for me is going to be expensive, there were some small signs of reducing prices earlier this year but that seems to have stopped. I’m better off getting something from ebay for hers. GTX 970 seems like a good balance in cost and performance. She likes playing games but they’ll generally be older ones, and that’ll be more than capable for 1080p. Maybe I should organise all that so I can give it to my dad who’ll be visiting soon. Need to reinstall windows and sort things out.

I wrote some code somewhere that converted tiddlywiki JSON export into individual markdown files for going from my TW journal to my previous jekyll static blog. Least I think I did. Now I can’t find where I wrote that code.😤

It’s getting close to the end of the month and for about the last 5 years I’ve told myself that I’d do monthly money write ups in a notebook or somewhere. So maybe I should start this month? So obviously I need a new notebook that’s dedicated to that 😅. I think I have a blank field notes in a box somewhere. That’ll do, even at only 32 pages that’s going to be plenty of months’ worth. I don’t want to mix it all in with everything else as it’ll be harder to find and compare and be nice for my wife to be able to reference it.

Feel like I need to plan out what I’ll put in it though. For example, is it just the month’s info or is it also year to date, and is it just expenses or looking long term? Probably just that month’s expenses would make sense. So categories and then top 10 items? I have a big money spreadsheet which has mortgage tracker and taxes etc. so this is more about building awareness of what gets spent. Probably want to split it into essentials - like mortgage and bills (or maybe omit mortgage) - and others (don’t want to call them non-essentials or discretionary as where do you draw the line? Perhaps controllables? Anyway I’m sure it’ll be obvious.

I did start this on my first wiki (dokuwiki) around 2016. I even made some templates that it would use when I made a new month (dokuwiki is really good…) and would fill in the details there. Think I lasted two months then stopped. Well I shifted to using beancount (a ledger-cli type) and fava for a web interface. I think in a physical book will be better though. Might go look for that notebook now, and then make a start on the lawn.

Written on my iPad looking out at the back garden 🪴 with a cup of tea ☕️

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