Thursday, 30th June, 2022

The end of the first half of 2022.

I’ve been sorting out the laptops for the local playgroup. They’re two Dell laptops which are OLD! One has a Core i3380…that was released in Q3 2010. It also only has 2 GB of RAM. The other laptop is more recent, and has more RAM. They were both running Windows 7 and the software for smart whiteboard they have won’t install on Windows 7. Upgrading to Windows 10 was quite the chore and had to make an external USB to install. Anyway, eventually all done for both, including endless windows updates and installed the software. I’m quite impressed with Windows 10 with 2GB of ram. I mentioned to installing Linux and my wife wasn’t sure that would be a good idea, but Windows seems fine for now so that’ll keep everyone happy.

I keep telling myself I need to write out what I want with my camera. I haven’t done it because I’m afraid I won’t be able to come to any conclusion. It’s too easy to jump to cameras and specs and models.

I’m still interested in the Lumix range - particularly the GX80/85 or the newer GX9. It’s super small, very well reviewed and some great lenses. It is micro 4/3rds sensor but includes in-body stabilisation, which is great for videos and long lengths. Being the micro-4/3s means you can get some good reach with small(er) lenses. The vertical EVF is weird on the GX9 - I suppose a bit like a TLR! The GX80 is really good value.

Then I jump over the Leica CL. Looks lovely and great lenses etc. But it’s super pricey.

However, I already have an APS-C camera with a bunch of lenses. The X-T2 is a bit bigger (maybe 100g or so than the others) and the lenses are slightly bigger too. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Although it’s interesting I’m drawn to the smaller cameras. 🤔

And then there’s the M10…🤩

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