Thursday, 16th June, 2022

I was probably over enthusiastic about the hobo yesterday. It is still very nice but it’s not going to change me. I have to do that! Oh I was meant to write a letter for Father’s Day yesterday so I could post it in time. Oops! Maybe I’ll go to the shop near work and find a nice card.

When you buy something cheap and bad, the best you’re going to feel about it is when you buy it. When you buy something expensive and good, the worst you’re going to feel about it is when you buy it. — Source

Hello Leica.

X being done is like a lawn being mowed.

If I close my eyes whilst listening to Blue Monday ‘88 by New Order, I’m back at home with my mum wearing faded jeans doing the ironing listening to this on 11.

I updated the calendar in my hobonichi with important things from the family calendar. Added some habits to track in the yearly index and generally handled it. It’s not “started yet” being 1st July-31st Dec avec model. However, I’m not sure what I’d write in it. It feels like a planning tool vs. a logging tool. So I guess that’s what I should do…

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