Sunday, 26th June, 2022

Nearly sold all the random junk on eBay, which is nice. Still have the old Apple monitor but it’s a pain to post so probably will just keep it for now. I don’t think the stand separates either so it’s really awkward.

It’s a way off but already debating if I’m taking the iPad or my laptop when we go on holiday. I bought the laptop as I got annoyed with the iPad. However, since I’ve simplified the iPad then I like the idea of taking it just to limit what I do online whilst on holiday. Another silly waste of time but there we go. I thought about doing “projects” on it but the reality is I don’t do it. Plus it’ll be very hot and I won’t want to be doing that.

The Fuji 50-230mm XC is a remarkable lens. It’s a “cheap, plastic” lens but really it’s a lightweight zoom which is crisp and sharp. It has stabilisation too. It’s a little slow at the far end, think f/6.7, but if you’re outdoors and as long as it’s not night, then it’s excellent. Then considering the price, it’s a must for anyone with a Fuji. Other than wanting a faster zoom, I really don’t need one. Mostly as I only occasionally use it and I’m not an avid bird watcher etc. Using it today made me question why I’m trying to switch from Fuji. I still like (want) the Leica 55-135mm APO TL because it’s super small and very well liked by many. But spending a fortune to switch is plain stupid. 🫠

I’ve had Lightroom Classic open on the computer for several days with a load of photos imported but waiting review. I really can’t be bothered sorting out photos. At best I’ll view them and delete terrible ones. I like film and scanned (by the lab) as I just take them as they come and go with the flow. I like Fuji’s jpegs out of camera, for the same reason. The idea of sitting down in the evening and going through the photos and editing them 😴

Maybe I need a Panasonic Lumix GX880 (with 15mm (30mm eq.) f/1.7) to hold off my Leica Q2 obession! (AND then I can change lenses 😲)

The colours of the Q seem to pop.

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