Saturday, 20th August, 2022

Oh lovely a burst water main. At least it’s not burst in our house. Only had water in the kettle for a single cup of tea. Not sure what I’ll do next!

Ordered a ham radio. A Baofeng BF-F8 Plus. Seems to be a recommended first one and pretty cheap - £30. The next step is upgrading the antenna, but that’s also only about £15. Still doing the foundation course and then have to book an exam before I can transmit. Probably still do nothing with it. 😅

Been trying to see if managing photos on my iPad is going to be possible and enjoyable. The first yes, the second, maybe.

What I’m thinking my workflow is, is the following:

  • Import photos on to desktop computer
  • Put them into the folder structure: YYYY/YYYY-MM-DD Title
  • Delete the obvious junk
  • Copy them to the server (maybe)
  • Upload to a new Album on icloud website

At this point I could ❤️ the best ones, or just leave them. My thought with this is that I often don’t have time to look through them when I remember to copy them from the camera, or don’t want to right then. So if I get them onto iCloud then I can look at them on the iPad at some later stage. From there I can delete, rate, and edit in Photos. I could even edit in something like Darktable on the iPad, or several other apps. I’ve been tending not to edit beyond cropping, as I’m fine with how they look out of the camera and to save time. Only unless it’s very under/over exposed might I bother. Oh yes, this is all just jpegs. Unless it’s something super critical - like a perfect moment or I don’t know what - I’m fine editing the jpeg. I’d like to think I can get it mostly right that editing a jpeg is enough 😅

I’m not sure about the saving to the server. Should those be the files or should I export from any edits I’ve done to the server? Or am I just going to keep everything in iCloud? When my wide makes photo books, she usually uses the photos from the server, so I should probably export them. Or maybe only the best ones? Have to think about that.

There’s then my website. Ideally I want to be able to export all the good ones to the website. So either that means a different website which can be exported to via it’s dedicated app (looking at you smugmug, Piwigo, etc.) or, in the case of my static site, I just export to my server and have some scripts do that business for me. That’s probably not too bad, although I used to export lower quality files to save on web hosting. I think if I do that on the iPad, it gives them huge UUID names. But maybe there’s some other app I could use to do that.

I really like the idea of managing photos on my iPad, mostly as then I can do it away from the desktop, it becomes an activity I do on the iPad and gets me in the mood for it. Plus I can even do some stuff from my phone if I really want to. I then get iCloud faces, and memories and all that, which helps me see old photos again.

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