Tuesday, 14th June, 2022

Had a weird error with my new DAC last night. I was playing Horzion Zero Dawn, or I was trying to and it immediately crashed if the DAC was plugged in. If I tried to open it, it wouldn’t open. If I unplugged the DAC, loaded the game and then as soon as I plugged the DAC back in, the game would immediately crash. It was very apparent it was the DAC. Luckily other people have had this issue and, being an older game, meant there were people who had also solved the problem. It was either USB 2 vs USB 1 mode or the frequency/bit rate the DAC was set to. In my case it was the frequency and bit rate. If I set it to 24 but and 96 kHz in Windows sound settings then everything worked fine. 🙄

One of my favourite places to write is sat outside in the garden at the the table with my iPad and a cup of tea ☕️. The fresh air, the susurration of the trees and bushes, the birds messing about, and warmth of the tea are all so relaxing and make it so easy just to write about whatever.

The cat mint in our garden has flowered and is a huge bee magnet. When the air is still, I can hear the buzzing of bees. They just love it.

The lack of trees in and around our garden means it gets the sun all day, but I do miss not having some trees.

Royal Mail emailed me saying my Hobinichi is arriving tomorrow. It reminded me that I was looking for somewhere to write personal things, which I state to myself but then do nothing about. Repeatedly. Just like how I’m going to sort out my main website. I suspect the fact I do nothing reflects the need for these things.

I’ve realised it’s been 3 days since I last did my one minute plank exercise routine. Now I keep remembering but thinking that right now isn’t a good time and I’ll do it later. It’s only a minute ffs why can’t you just do it. (Well I’m writing in here just now, so you know, maybe later).

I saw some software that a colleague at another company was using - ThinkCel. It’s such a management consultancy tool but it looks so useful. I’ve asked our IT if we can get it - can’t tell you how long I’ve wasted putting together a “quick” gantt schedule in PowerPoint for an ad-hoc discussion. Or I wanted a graph of some numbers from an email to make a point, but have to take it into Excel and blah blah blah. No doubt it’ll take 3 months for IT to process the request and I’ll have to build a business case and etc.

Every day I check youneedastereo.com to see what interesting things Phil has been up to, but :sad face: the wireless just crackles with the silence of the background cosmic radiation.

My desire for the M10 is fading. Mostly as I can’t justify the amount to myself.

A female blackbird is running around my chair picking up detritus for making a nest. Maybe this isn’t a great place for writing as all I do is sit here and watch the garden. 🏡

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