Saturday, 16th July, 2022

Thinking of joining the Leica Society. I’ve wasted more than £30 in other ways before.

I joined. Looking forward to reading all the back catalogue magazines.

Been looking at used Lego sets for the boys as an entertainment option in the summer holidays. To bring out in case of emergency. There’s lots of good deals on It’s not the easiest to find a seller that has multiple, decent and cheap sets though. There are several apps or scripts on GitHub which interface with Bricklink’s API to search and find stuff. One of which can help you find all the parts to a set. This is not something I’d considered but makes sense. You can often buy 95%+ of the parts for a set for pennies each and then just a few expensive parts. If you don’t care about mini figures then it’s perfect…we’ll potentially. Some may still be cheaper as the set.

I’d like to play about with the API. Find the sets which have the best £/piece ratio for instance.

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