Monday, 28th November, 2022

I was migrating all my data from the old server to the new server and found a dokuwiki site contents I had from 2016 where I was making a “life” website which included a journal. Has some journal entries from 2016. I might move them to this site for prosperity. I’m glad I previously used dokuwiki as it was just a bunch of plain text files that I could easily read. Still wondering about using that again…I like the idea of everything all in one place, the ease of use via a web browser, with media manager, etc., plugins that make a blog work, and then access control for secret sections or even other users to access.

I just like tiddlywiki a lot as a wiki as the nature of tiddlers works really well.

Thinking about emailing the camera store to clarify the return process…just to know… why? because I can take nice photos without £5k worth of camera gear, and I still want to encourage myself to use film. But, I do like the camera…I looked up the Canon R5 and that is a very expensive camera. Not that it makes anything right.

BBC Sounds Short Cuts about ham radio.

In my old journal I found my “what I should do in 2017” post. Looks an awful lot like what I’m writing in my “what I should do in 2023” list. Least my ambitions haven’t changed…

I emailed the camera store. Put in a story about how I’m not sure about digital M vs. film M. Probably TMI, and should’ve just asked what’s the return address to use. Friend told me that it’s already bought now so just get on with it. 😅

I get wanting an easy point and shoot film camera. I like the look but don’t always want the light and focus work. Shame such a thing is no longer cheaply available.

hmm I wonder in the monthly archive pages work better in date or reverse date order. Maybe date order as you’d be reading them one after the other not looking at the latest and going backwards?

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