Wednesday, 20th July, 2022

Back home and back at work. So many errands to do this evening, no time for fun stuff. Only briefly looked at my photos from the holiday. I had three colour presets I’d setup on the X100V: a lighter, fairly flat, semi-portra style one, a more contrasty paler one, and then a yellow/green softer one. I liked them all. I didn’t take many with the contrasty one as it looked too washed out in camera but the ones I did take look good on the computer. The yellow/green is something that I would’ve said I hated if someone described it to me, however, I really like it in bright sunlight. I should post some pictures or something to show the difference but later… I did try out the grain settings in the camera. Can’t decide if I like it or not, but probably lean towards no grain.

All this reminds me that it’s probably the ideal camera for me, and not some 4X Leica. I have decided that I should use more film, even if it is expensive. I’ve ended up with a lot of random films that I can never use as too slow or just random ones that I have no idea how anything will turn out.

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