Friday, 28th January, 2022

The kids have got me sucked into Pokemon TCG! There’s also an online game which is reasonable to play, plus any real boosters you buy you get a code to get an in-game one. It’s also well done as you can’t buy cards in-game so more kid (parent’s wallet) friendly. Opening up boosters is very addictive though! Feel like it’s a slippery slope to buying booster boxes! Reminds me of my Magic The Gathering days. Pokemon isn’t as advanced or complex as MtG but it’s still reasonably complex. It’s also possible to make a simpler game for the little ones to join in too. Ordered a battle pack online, which contains two decks, so we can just play.

This evening we played Wingspan boardgame. Was a bit confusing to get going but I quite liked it. Plus I always enjoy birds’ names.

Willet bird from Wingspan game

Willet. Won’t it?

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