Thursday, 21st July, 2022

But numerous events can be commemorated with a single picture. It just has to be a good one, and to tell enough of the story. How many pictures should the family aim to end up with? Consider the possibility that a reasonable number is eight. Why so few? Because life is full, and pictures accrue.

Seems very apt given I’ve just got a heap of photos to sort through. Also reinforces why I like film - I have 24/36 exposures, it’s a bit pricey, so I think more before using one up. Except when the event or day is done and I want to just finish the roll to process it!

My brother in law will be 40 soon, and his family are gathering photos for the party. I found out his mum has an album with a label each year and it includes a photo of her children’s birthday that year. It’s lovely.

I hadn’t visited my site in several days and only just noticed it wasn’t building… 😣

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